I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 159 – The Will of the Devil Sword

“Not bad, your strength is not bad!”

Shiqi praised the three geniuses in a flat tone, but the three geniuses couldn’t feel any complacency by preference.

“Meng Fei, let’s set off!”

“Yes, Lord General!”

Meng Fei looked at the three geniuses’ depressed appearance, and he was straight happy in his heart. Any genius was an ordinary person in front of their general!

Shiqi mounted the Fire Dragon Horse and walked in the front, followed by four hundred men running.

Zhou Zhenyong, Chen Xudong, and Chu Tianning gave ‘a looked at me, I looked at you’ expression, and finally, they all followed their general with a bitter smile on their faces.

The Fire Dragon Horse was a fine horse with the bloodline of a demonic beast, said to have the bloodline of the demonic beast Fire Dragon, and its strength was comparable enough to the middle stage of the True Origin realm martial artist.

The Fire Dragon Horse was red all over, without a single stray hair on its body, with fit curves and every muscle showing great strength.

As a general, without a good horse, it was really not justified. This time, Shiqi received a fine horse from the legion to travel. Just after reporting his name, the officer in charge of raising horses directly sent him the Fire Dragon Horse.

The Fire Dragon Horse that the officer gave him was indeed the strongest horse in the stable.

There was no way that he knew the art of horse taming, thus he could only use his strength to barely made the horse recognize him.

This Fire Dragon colt was the strongest horse but gentle in nature, and Shiqi easily mounted it.

Shiqi and his party traveled quite smoothly, and no one dared to block their way without opening their eyes wide.

After rushing for five days, it was almost evening, and when he saw the soldiers were camping, he said hello to Meng Fei and flew directly into the air, quickly disappearing to nowhere.

“Brother Meng, where is General Chen going?” Chen Xudong asked curiously.

Meng Fei replied with a stern face, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask!”

Chen Xudong was not good enough to get angry and directly stifled his head and continued to set up the tent.

Seeing Chen Xudong being stunned by himself but not daring to be angry, Meng Fei wanted to laugh.

The three geniuses in the Purple Thorn Army could be arrogant. Except for the general level innate experts, they were above the top, almost no one’s account, but in front of his master Meng, everyone was good like a grandson!

This was thanks to the General’s training of the three of them!

Shiqi flew for a full hour. He came to flat open space and pulled out the Crimson Blood Devil sword.

The materials exchanged for all military merits would be placed on the Crimson Blood Devil Sword from the space ring.

Watching the Crimson Blood Devil sword began to glow red, he hurriedly backed off.

Chen Hao quickly absorbed blood grain steel, meteorite iron, purple sand pound, red tin copper, and other materials. then heard the long-awaited beep “Upgrade ability and materials have been satisfied, whether the host wants to upgrade?”


The blood-red Devil Fury aura dyed the dark night dark red.

Shiqi stood inside the Devil Fury Aura. Looking up, he couldn’t even see the moon, the temperature around him was getting colder and colder. The crazy and brutal devil fury aura eroded the will of all living beings without any distinction between friend and foe, those familiar screams, those familiar and unfamiliar human forms that appeared and disappeared instantly like phantoms. Shiqi saw Hui Qing Ying’s twisted body attacking him, and he saw countless Black Iron Army charging at him like a torrent, saw corpses dressed in ordinary clothes surrounded him densely, their gray eyes staring at Shiqi in unison ……

Illusion? Shiqi pinched his thigh, using the pain to keep himself awake.

Shiqi slowly backed up until he was out of the range of the entire Devil Fury aura.

Ever since the sacrifice of the five cities of the Black Blood Kingdom, the full version of the Devil Fury aura was somewhat un restraint even to Shiqi, and after the Killing Secret Realm, the influence of the Devil Fury aura had been raised another notch!

Shiqi could feel that the killing aura that had been suppressed within his true essence was starting to stir again!

He looked at his fist and said, “I’m still too weak to catch up with Lord Sword Spirit!”

“Ding~ Congratulations to the host for the successful upgrade!”

Sword name: Crimson Blood

Level: Advanced Spirit Weapon

Fourteenth sword master: Lan Shiqi

Talent: Killing master


1. Doom (closed): steadily reduce the sword master’s qi value by 3 (qi value of 10 can be called the world’s son of qi).

2. Doom Outbreak: the host can turn off the Doom skill for five days, then use the Doom Outbreak once, if the Doom Outbreak is used, the sword master’s qi value will be reduced by 15 in one day.

3. Killing and devouring evolution: evolving oneself through the sword host’s devil sword by killing living beings and absorbing blood and souls, other quality materials, and weapons.

4. Killing feedback (feedback ratio 5%, feedback purity 100%): when the sword hosts a devil sword to kill living beings, the magic sword can absorb blood and soul, and feedback part to the sword host, feedback ratio and purity set by the host.

5. automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul to repair itself.

6. Devil Fury Aura (opened): the more creatures you kill, the stronger the aura will be, forming a unique devilish aura. The devil fury aura affects the minds of everyone within range, making enemies felt fear, awe, horrifying visions, etc., and making friends frenzied to madness.

7. Will of Devil Sword: the devil sword will not be violated, the devil sword will be double protected by the curse of doom as well as the devil fury aura, anyone who wanted to forcibly change the will of the devil sword, as well as its attributes, must wear out the accumulated devil fury aura before touching the will of the devil sword itself. Forcibly change the will of the devil sword as well as the attributes, at the same time will immediately trigger the doom outbreak skill, and then be the default second sword master of the devil sword (since the other party is so thirsty for the power of the devil sword, why not painfully agree to it?) 

8. Devil Sword Induction: It can sense the souls, lives, and killing intent of all living beings within a 1,000-meter radius.

9. Energy absorption (3 units 100%): can slowly absorb the aura in the air and the sword master’s energy stored in the sword body, which can be used by the swordmaster and also by the devil sword (1 unit: all the energy in the dantian of the strongest sword master among all previous swordmasters).

10. Devil Sword Autonomy: the host can move freely, can use all martial arts skills in the killing master inheritance, consume stored energy.

11. Swordmaster Increase: increase sword master enlightenment value 3 points, increase sword master root bone value 3 points, increase sword master sword bone value 3 points, enhance sword master sword damage 100%, enhance sword mental strength 100% (full value of enlightenment value, root bone value, sword bone value is 10 points) ……

12. The Last Elegy: forbidden skill! Skill effect: burn swordmaster life and soul, heal themselves, temporarily obtain combat power across a large realm, and maintain it for an hour. After using it, the swordmaster will die.

13. Superconductivity: 100% conductivity of various energies;

14. Camouflage: you can disguise yourself as a longsword of all levels not higher than your own level, changing various appearances at will, limited to sword weapons.

15. Savvy hand: every martial artist with the sword will think that the crimson blood is specially made for them the moment they hold it.

16. Master Killing Inheritance: Every successful master killing will get all the inheritance of the swordmaster, you can give this inheritance to the next swordmaster, or you can use them by yourself. Currently have: Profound level middle-grade technique “Blood River Skill,” Killing Intent (small success), Profound level upper-grade martial skill Beheading (complete), Profound level lower grade technique “Blood Wind Skill,” get Profound level lower grade martial skill “Blast Wind Sword Skill” (large success) ……

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