Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 12: Ten Thousand Years of Heritage

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Outside the Heavenly Mist Mountain.

Ye Luo was a little confused when he looked at this old man and two young men.

This old man who was like a licking dog, and the two dazed young men, both came to visit the Daoless Sect? 

They said they were from what Qiandi Sect … Why did the name Qiandi Sect sound so familiar?

He seemed to have heard it somewhere.

Where had he heard it before?

He couldn’t remember, forget it then, just treat all other sects like trash.

As for the matter of visiting.

Anyway, Master was not here now, he could not make the decision to make such a visit. No matter what kind of sect was the Qiandi Sect.

However, this old man was also too …… licky to him.

All the words that he said, although he knew he was very handsome but he couldn’t stand such a compliment.

Ye Luo coughed twice and said softly, “Sorry, this …… senior, my master went out on an errand a few days ago and has not yet returned. I can’t make the decision over the matter of visiting. Asking this senior to come back to visit another day.”

He pulled the demon tiger’s tail with his left hand and held the sword with his right hand, then prepared to leave.

The Grand Elder on the side heard this and his expression stiffened.

Your master was not here so we couldn’t visit? 

It was hard to find a clue about the secluded sect. If he let this Ye Luo go straight away, then where would he find the Daoless Sect the next time he came?

Although he knew that the Daoless Sect was nearby, his divine sense could not find the location of the Daoless Sect.

“Little friend! Little friend, wait! I am here on behalf of the Qiandi Sect, so if your master is not here, dare I ask if there are any other sect elders?”

The Grand Elder was extremely humble. 

To think that the Grand Elder of the Eastern State’s Holy Land Qiandi Sect who was always treated with respect everywhere he went now actually had to stoop to this level. However, he had to lower himself in the presence of a secluded sect.

Ye Luo stopped walking, there was a trace of impatience in his eyes. He still had to cook rice, then there was enlightenment. He also had to practice swords in the evening, he didn’t have any time to delay.

He took a deep breath and said, “I am the only disciple in the sect, my master is the sect master, there are no more elders in the sect, the sect elders have long since ascended. If you want to visit, wait until my master returns. If there is nothing, then leave first.”


The Grand Elder almost knelt to Ye Luo.

There were no more elders in the sect ……

The sect elders have long since ascended ……

What kind of a secluded sect was this??

The sect elders have all ascended?

Just this one sentence alone revealed countless information.

It should be known that no one has ascended for nearly ten thousand years in present’s Divine Ancestor Continent. Since the emergence of spiritual roots ten thousand years ago, it was as if immortal cultivators were unable to ascend. Those who could ascend were someone who existed ten thousand years ago, because the times were different, so they could ascend.

From this sentence, it could be known that this secluded sect Daoless Sect existed for at least ten thousand years of time ……

Ten thousand years of heritage.

How powerful would the heritage of the Daoless Sect be?

Perhaps a strand of their hair was more powerful than his Qiandi Sect!

The Grand Elder’s waist, which was already slightly bowed, directly bent down and felt incomparable.

“This talented, handsome, young, promising, gentle and elegant little friend! Are you short of a dao protector? What do you think about a God Transformation Realm as a dao protector?”

The Grand Elder licked his lips, and his cloudy eyes flashed with a brilliant light.

The two elite disciples behind him: “……”

Oh my god.

This Grand Elder was a fake, right? Usually, he looked down at people. Now his waist was bent like this … was this really the Grand Elder?

They all inexplicably thought of that big yellow dog near their cave, who usually liked to lick his lips when he saw them with food in their hands, and also liked to bend his waist … Well, it was exactly the same as the current Grand Elder.

Ye Luo was taken aback by this old man’s appearance. This old guy was a little fishy. It was better to go quickly.

He hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No shortage, I have my master. Senior, I still have things my master tells me to do, so I won’t accompany you much longer.”

He turned around to leave.

With a regretful face, the Grand Elder stopped Ye Luo and said again, “Well, there is no shortage of dao protectors … Little friend, can you tell us your name? In addition, my Qiandi Sect genuinely wanted to visit the Daoless Sect.”

“Since the venerable master is not here, then can little friend depict the venerable master’s immortal appearance, which will also facilitate our search for the venerable master and thus visit the Daoless Sect.”

Since he couldn’t jump ship, he could only continue to come to handle the matter of visiting the Secluded Sect.

Ye Luo dragged the demon tiger, he looked frustratedly at this fishy, dog skin plaster-like old man that simply would not go away.

He could only hide his distress and put on a cold look, wanting to get rid of this old man as soon as possible.

“My surname is Ye, given name Luo. As for my master appearance, sorry, I haven’t learned the art of painting, actually, I can’t paint.”

Ye Luo politely refused.

When the Grand Elder heard this, he pinched hands and used a spell, a golden light ball flew out and landed in front of him.

He put the golden light in front of Ye Luo and said, “Little friend Ye, you don’t have to paint to portray your master. This is some small spell of my Qiandi Sect, you only need to imagine your master’s appearance and imprint it into the golden light, and the scroll will be generated automatically.”

This was too dog skin plaster, right? He couldn’t shake it at all.

Ye Luo cursed this old man in his heart, and did not bother to say anything else. He took the golden light, and was ready to visualize the impression of his master’s appearance.

Anyway, this trash sect could not pose any threat to Master. Let them worship the master’s immortal appearance.

Ye Luo closed his eyes and engraved the Chu Yuan in his mind into the golden light.

As he engraved, the golden light began to flicker. A moment later, the golden light directly changed into a scroll and floated into mid-air.

The Grand Elder and two elite disciples on the side looked up.

The painting scroll was pitch-black, the sun and moon did not appear, heaven and earth were not seen, surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere.

A figure stood in the darkness. Dressed in snow-white robes, long hair fluttering in the wind, eyes indifferent, similar to a supreme deity, dominating all living beings in the world.

The sun, moon and stars were held in his palm.


At the bottom of the scroll, a verse was sketched in a vigorous calligraphy.

Holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars! There is no one like me in the world!

This, this, this ……

So domineering, so bold!

Not to mention the two elite disciples, even the Grand Elder of the God Transformation Realm was stunned.

Their minds were shocked, they were unable to return to their senses for a long time.

Not far away.

Ye Luo looked at the scroll and nodded in satisfaction. This was how the master looked, handsome and domineering; qi swallowing ten thousand miles(1), looking down on the common people in the world.

He deserved to be the master’s only disciple.

Able to imagine it so perfectly in his mind ……

  1. Full of momentum.

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