I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 158 – Really Sorry

Shiqi was puzzled and asked, “Lord Sword Spirit, what do you mean, why don’t I understand?”

Chen Hao carefully observed Shiqi’s face, which was indeed a very puzzled expression.

Then listen carefully to his heartbeat, his heartbeat was steady and strong, and there was no sign of speech. But all this still could not dispel Chen Hao’s suspicion! It was too easy to control the heartbeat of an innate expert like Shiqi.

Chen Hao said thoughtfully, “In the secret realm, there may be something important to me!”

Shiqi said with some embarrassment, “Sorry, sorry, Lord Sword Spirit, I was so focused on getting you upgraded ……”

So you just forgot that you only have the permission to enter the secret realm once?”

“Right!” Shiqi said with an apologetic face, “Lord Sword Spirit, how about this, anyway, it’s a bit dangerous for you to enter the secret realm now, why don’t we wait for next time, next time when we all have improved our strength, I will make a request to Master and ask him to let me enter the Killing Secret Realm once more? Anyway, the secret realm is right there, it’s impossible to run!”

Chen Hao asked tentatively, “The Killing Secret Realm is not as dangerous to me as you think …… How about you ask Su Yi for another chance to enter the secret realm right now?”


“Of course it’s true!”

In fact, Chen Hao was not sure. After all, the Killing Secret Realm was a bit too unimaginable. He suspected that the “Blood Demon” creature was created because of something in the secret realm.

The blood attribute, the killing intent, the boundless fury, it’s just too compatible with the Crimson Blood Devil Sword!

Perhaps that was why the Crimson Blood Devil Sword had sensed it. What exactly was that thing? Is it dangerous or not?

Chen Hao didn’t know either.

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“Alright then, I’ll go beg Master now!”

Hearing such a crisp answer from Shiqi, Chen Hao doubted his judgment. Could it be that he was overly concerned?

The result was that Su Yi, the old curmudgeon, had refused Shiqi’s request to enter the Killing Mystery Realm again.

“The Killing Intent Realm is not a back garden, even if you have comprehended the Killing Intent Realm, you can’t enter it often, it’s more terrifying than you think!” Su Yi continued, “Wait until the next time you achieve military success, I will let you enter again.”

After leaving Su Yi, Shiqi helplessly waved his hand and said, “Lord Sword Spirit, I think it’s better to wait for next time!”


Ten days of work passed in the blink of an eye, during the ten days, Shiqi seized the time to consolidate the killing sword intent at the perfection stage and then did not forget to visit his old superior, General Xu Sihai Xu.

When General Xu saw Shiqi, he patted him on the shoulder with great pleasure and praised him for his good work and relief!

He hoped that Swhiqi would follow the general to learn well so that he could serve the Southern Cloud Kingdom well in the future!

Shiqi didn’t know that every time Xu Sihai gathered with other fellow officers, his mouth was inseparable from Shiqi.

In the military, showing off strength was tiresome; showing off wealth and women is superficial, showing off the soldiers you brought out …… that’s no problem at all!

Other generals only envy the part! Even the great general had recently praised Xu Sihai!

Shiqi went through the martial arts notes handed to him by Su Yi and progressed rapidly in his free time.

After leaving the Lan Family, Shiqi had no one to guide him in his cultivation, and he relied on himself to figure out many things.

Even under the augmentation of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, his martial arts talent was extremely high, but without an excellent teacher to guide him, he always had many omissions.

Su Yi handed over the martial notes to him just made up for this deficiency of Shiqi’s, which was even more valuable than the Xuan-grade middle-grade merit cultivation method.

Once the ten days were up, Shiqi prepared to leave for Cloud Capital CIty with a letter and four hundred men and three soldiers who were going to represent the military in the Southern Cloud Kingdom’s Elite Tournament.

Coming to this world for a few years, Chen Hao found that this world was not like what was written in mysterious fantasy novels, where various martial arts competitions were prevalent.

The martial competition was indeed important, families and clans would hold it internally, families and clans that have formed alliances would also hold exchanges, and even countries would hold …… but martial competitions held across countries were rare.

Even if it was held, it was only limited to a few countries within the alliance.

Between rival countries, between rival forces, almost would not hold any martial arts competition …… even if it was held, the enemy side of the kingdom did not dare to send people over.

Mmmmmm…… this was similar to the fact that in Chen Hao’s previous life, polar bears would not conduct military exercises with bald eagles. (*note: USSR vs. the USA)

The first time he went to the enemy country to compete, the road was far, in the ring, and it was impossible not to reveal the real name. After the competition, if there were some accidents, that was normal!

Even Lan Shiqi had done nasty things in the Lan family before attacking and killing geniuses of other families. Do not think that the demon path martial artists were the most dangerous!

This world’s most powerful, not the righteous, not the devil’s way, but those flexible in the righteous and the demon path to switch roles between the gray forces.

They were superficially righteous and harmless, but behind the scenes, they were vicious and cruel. Most people did not hate them, and they could use all means to seize the most benefits.

The four hundred soldiers that Shiqi brought with him were elite and good under him. Most of the remaining soldiers were still resting. Su Yi mentioned that when Shiqi comes back, the veteran soldiers he had will still be assigned to him.

This reveals an unmistakable signal, Shiqi was likely to be a real power general when he returns.

The Purple Thorn Army still hadn’t stopped recruiting soldiers, and he didn’t have to crowd other powerful generals’ positions.

In line with the principle that soldiers were valuable, only three soldiers represented the Purple Thorn Army in the Talent Competition.

Shiqi opened his mouth and said, “You three report your names, ages, and strengths!”

Shiqi was still curious about the geniuses of the Purple Thorn Legion. He had only joined the army not long ago and was not too clear about many things.

The first one to come forward was a strong, sturdy, black-faced man with a height of two meters, but he was still a small man in front of Shiqi!

“Your subordinate Zhou Zhenyong, eighteen years old, First Army Commander, strength peak of True Origin Realm!”

“You have comprehended the Killing Intent Realm?” Shiqi noticed him the first time he saw him. To be precise, he noticed the aura of the Killing Intent Realm on him.

Zhou Zhenyong replied, “Yes General!”

“Well, it’s not bad!”

Not bad, right?

If someone else evaluated him like this Zhou Zhenyong, he would definitely jump up and fight with the other party, but if it was Shiqi who evaluated him, he could only nod his head in agreement.

Compared to the young general in front of him, he was indeed nothing!

“Your subordinate Chen Xudong, eighteen years old, the third army thousand-man commander, strength late True Origin realm, comprehended the fire intent!”

“Your subordinate Chu Tianning, eighteen years old, Thousand-man Comamnder of the Fifth Army, late True Origin Realm, comprehended the Wind Intent!”

Then Chen Xudong and Chu Tianning similarly told about their comprehension of the realm of intent, and it could be seen that the three geniuses were secretly competing with each other!

Shiqi could see that the Great General was serious about selecting people. The Talent Competition required that martial artists not exceed eighteen, and three eighteen-year-old martial artists were just stuck on the age line.

The majority of the 150,000 soldiers of the Purple Thorn Army were civilian martial artists, but there would always be a few top-notch ones.

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