It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 198 – So What If You’re an Immortal?

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“You …… how can you all be stronger than this old man’s divine consciousness?”

Yu Guizi released his divine consciousness and glanced at Chen Daoming’s group, his face full of disbelief.

“Hahaha, you mean this?”

Chen Daoming said as he released his divine consciousness.

At once.

“Drap drap ……”

Yu Guizi retreated, his face changed dramatically. Shock and disbelief written all over the face. His divine consciousness was actually hundred times stronger than him, a tenth stage half-immortal! How was that possible?

Yu Guizi’s face changed slightly, a hint of anxiety flashed. Seeing Chen Daoming’s group approaching, he backed away, “You …… what do you want to do?”

“What do we want to do?”

“Hahaha, this rotten old man, obviously you’re the one following us, but now you’re asking us!”

“That’s right, say, what is your purpose?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just kill him, he even dared to rob the Young Master’s scroll!”

The four of them stepped forward.

Every step put great pressure on Yu Guizi, his heart beating violently.

“Damn, to actually be scared by these youngsters! They only pretend to be god and play a ghost(1), go!”

Yu Guizi waved his right hand, the four puppet talismans went straight to Chen Daoming.

The one who pounced on Chen Daoming was the puppet holding a large sword in one hand.

“Buzz ……”

The puppet raised its sword and slash down from above.

A terrifying pressure like a pouring waterfall rushed towards Chen Daoming. The air seemed to be cut apart, breaking open to both sides. The other three puppets also using their own means to attack Mu Bing and the others.

There were explosions everywhere. Chen Daoming’s group stood in place, not moving. It made them looked as if they were scared silly. The corners of Yu Guizi’s mouth rose when he saw this.

“Little fellows, it’s too late to hand over the treasures now!”

He just said this when at the next second, Yu Guizi was dumbstruck, unable to believe it.

He saw Chen Daoming smiled slightly, and moved first. He gently clamped the slashing sword with his two fingers.

This large sword was several meters long and extremely heavy,  surprisingly it could be pinched so easily by two fingers? How was this possible!

“Boom ……”

Chen Daoming’s two fingers pressed lightly, and the big knife instantly shattered.

Then, Chen Daoming stepped out, came to the puppet carrying a large sword, smiled slightly, “Sword, it’s not used like this!”

He stretched out his right hand and slashed forward.

“Hua ……”

A light flashed. All the movements of the sword puppet stopped instantly.

Immediately afterward.


The sword puppet’s body shattered into powder and dissipated on the spot.

“This …… is impossible! How could his body be so strong? When he fought with Hou Qing just now, he was far behind! This physical body, even the Dargon Race of Xuan Xian border could not be compared to him!”

Yu Guizi’s mouth opened wide and muttered to himself. He could not react after a long time.


“Boom ……”

A loud noise awakened Yu Guizi. He looked up and his pupils shrunk, his face changed drastically. He saw that the puppet in front of Su Yiling has turned into sludge, splashed everywhere.

She showed a sheepish smile, “It really scared me to death. Turns out this puppet is so weak, it exploded with a little effort!”

Upon hearing this, Yu Guizi’s scalp became numb, the hair on his body stood on their end.

So weak? This was what I have refined for several hundred years, using countless materials. That was only for one talisman, but four talismans needed almost a thousand years!

Damn you, it exploded with just a little bit of force? I’m so mad at you!

Yu Guizi’s face was full of bitterness and he was about to do something.


Another explosion woke him up.

He saw Wen Renshi standing in place with a smile on his face.

“Excerting a bit of power in one finger can blast the puppet into pieces! This arm is really terrifying!”

The corners of Wen Renshi’s mouth rose, his face was full of pride.

Today’s good fortune couldn’t be put into words.


There was still a blast, and another puppet was destroyed with Mu Bing’s bare hands.

Yu Guizi face changed dramatically after seeing such a frightening scene.

“Monster! Truly a monster. This physical body could crush even a Yellow Immortal! Damn, iso careless!” Yu Guizi muttered to himself, his body retreated slightly.

Suddenly, he turned around, only to accelerate and run.

“I have to run, It wouldn’t be good if I fall into their hands!”

Yu Guizi said to himself and ran away desperately.

However, he only ran for a few steps when he saw a figure appeared in front of him instantly, and them, a fist flew to his face. The speed was so fast that Yu Guizi had no time to react.

“Boom ……”

A loud sound that could scatter the soul from the body rang out. Immediately afterward, his body fell like a meteor.

“Boom ……”

The crashe head first to the ground and the rocks exploded. Dizziness, pain … all kinds of uncomfortable sensations surged through his whole body.

“Damn, damn!”

Yu Guizi touched his swollen face, gritted his teeth, and roared in anger. When he looked up, Su Yiling showed a sweet smile. A finger flicked towards the center of his eyebrows.

“No ……”

Yu Guizi’s head received a heavy blow, his body flew out backwards. Before he even hit the ground.

“Boom ……”

Wen Renshi threw a punch into his face. His body flew again and he landed in front of Mu Bing.

“Humph, you can’t just rob the Young Master’s painting scroll!”

She kicked him lightly.

“Boom ……”

Yu Guizi flew sideways and landed in front of Chen Daoming. Chen Daoming naturally will not be polite, and he was even more ruthless. \in this way, Yu Guizi flew around like a rubber ball.

“Aiya, you animals, you don’t know how to respect the old and love the young at all! Don’t … don’t hit anymore, I will die if you kick me again! I’m a great immortal, fighting to protect the human race! You can’t harm a kind person like this!”

Yu Guizi said one sentence after another, and occasionally let out a burst of miserable screams.

“Immortal? So what if you are an immortal? If you dare to rob the stuff sent by the Young Master, even if the immortal king comes, I will still beat you!”

“Old fogey, don’t think I don’t know that you have been coveting our treasures!”

“Aren’t you embarrassed saying that you are fighting for the human race? Just now when Hou Qing was revived, why didn’t I see you move?”

Chen Daoming kicked him after he’s done speaking.

“Oh …… ah ……”

With a strange cry, Yu Guizi’s face was distorted with pain.

“Damn kid, so vicious. Do you want this old man to die childless?”

Yu Guizi gasped from the pain, cold sweat flew steadily.

“Boom ……”

A finger came into contact heavily with Yu Guizi’s jaw.


“Boom ……”

His teeth bounced off and fell like hail.

There were a lot of teeth spilled on the ground.

“Ouch ……”

“Don’t hit my mouth, it’s already crooked! This old man is wrong, can’t you spare this old man? This old man is so old, can’t you stop beating this old man?!”

A few moments later.

Yu Guizi fell to the ground, weakly breathing and motionless. His face swollen into a pig’s head. His mouth occasionally spat blood foam.

It looked unbearable.

The four of them looked at Yu Guizi and stopped their actions.

“Old man, we’ll spare you this time. If there’s another time, then don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Chen Daoming yelled, and Yu Guizi’s body trembled with fright.

  1. Deceiving people with tricks.

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  1. You should stop translating his weapon as a hatchet. That’s the google translate for it, but it’s a chai dao (柴刀). Chai meaning firewood and dao meaning knife. Hatchet gives an image of a western axe, but if you look up chai dao you get something that looks like an actual sword

      1. It’s usually referred to as a firewood knife because chai dao refers to the style of the blade. Most often chai dao is used when talking about kitchen knives of the same shape. It would be fine to just leave a note in the chapter he gets the weapon though with the chinese characters 柴刀 so that people can google image search it. I was imagining a western hatchet being used before I went ahead and read the raws. As for what chapters it was used, I just remember it being used at the end of each arc when the villains are defeated and when he got the weapon, not which chapters specifically though. Sorry if this posts twice, it said my last post failed and It usually makes me leave multiple comments on accident.

  2. Chai dao is used to refer to the entire style of knives, so they can be kitchen knives meant for food or firewood knife size meant to chop firewood. The kind used in this story only shows up if you use the Chinese characters to search for it (柴刀) because it’s mostly used in modern times as a kitchen knife. It’s really up to you. But I would either call it firewood knife, or put a note in the chapter where the mc gives him the knife, so that people can look up its appearance. It gets confusing though when a swordsman swings a hatchet. Can’t remember what chapters it’s used in. Mainly at the end of each small arc when the villains get defeated though.

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