The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 94 – The Purple Primordial Demon Race

Earlier, the other party used a male voice and changed his body shape, so if she hadn’t been unmasked, the crowd really didn’t think the other party would be a woman.

“The Purple Primordial Demon Race.” Lu Yi Ping’s eyes were cold.

There was a demonic purple stripe at the corner of the other party’s eyes, which was the ancient Purple Primordial Demon Race characteristic.

In ancient times, the Lord of the Devil Race, the Eternal Night Monarch, came from the Eternal Night race.

The Eternal Night race was the strongest race of the ancient demon race. And second only to the Eternal Night race was the Purple Demon clan.

The Purple Primordial Demon Race, Ziyin, did not expect Lu Yiping to recognize her as The Purple Primordial Demon Race. Her heart sank, and she said coldly, “Who are you? Since you know that I am from the The Purple Primordial Demon Race, then you should know what kind of existence the Purple Primordial Demon Race is!”

“No matter how strong you are, you are just an ant in front of the Purple Primordial Demon Race!”

Lu Yiping smiled lightly at her words, “An ant? Didn’t your ancestor tell you how Zi Taiyi died?”

When Zi Yin heard this, her expression was greatly shocked, “You know about our Purple Primordial Demon Race Ancestor!”

Zi Taiyi, the great ancestor of the Purple Primordial Demon race, was also the second strongest person of the Demon race back then.

Lu Yiping did not say anything and directly searched the soul of the other party.

After the soul search, Lu Yiping’s face turned cold.

As he expected, this woman commissioned the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce to auction the Decree of Ten Thousand Gods and the Heirloom Jade of the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

This woman was the descendant of Zi Taiyi back then.

And what made the killing intent in Lu Yiping’s eyes intense was that the Purple Primordial Demon Race had defected to the Yin Borer Race!

Zi Yin’s soul search was over, and her consciousness recovered. She was shocked when she saw Lu Yiping’s eyes with strong killing intent. She was just about to speak, Just about to speak, he saw that Lu Yiping held the void with one hand, and the power of the terrifying space came from all directions.

Then everyone saw that Zi Yin was exploded.

Purple rain showered down.

Initially, the Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, and others rely on The Purple Primordial Demon Race. So when they faced Lu Yiping, they still had confidence in their hearts. But spectating the scene when Lu Yiping did not even blink when killing Zi Yin, they could not help but be shocked to the core.

But when Star Seeking Buddha and others were about to panic and flee, Lu Yi Ping’s indifferent voice rang out, “Kill them all.”

Qiang Liang moved and turned into a blood-colored light. Screams of misery were heard one after another.

Pillars of blood kept shooting up.

When the blood-colored light stopped, everyone saw the sect master of Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, Prosperous Buddha, Illusory Sea Buddha Sect, and the thousands of experts they had brought with them, all lying in a pool of blood.

The Star Seeking Buddha’s true body relic, broken into countless pieces, scattered on the ground, dull and lightless.

On the other hand, Dragon Buddha’s thousand-foot Buddha Dragon’s body was cut open and split into two halves from head to tail!

The sect master of the Prosperous Buddha Sect and the Illusory Sea Buddha Sect’s heads were still rolling on the ground.

The masters of other sects of various countries who coveted the Taihua Buddhism treasures were shocked when they saw the corpses of the Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, and others.

Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, just died like that?

Lu Yiping looked around at the experts of the various sects and countries that coveted the Tai Hua Buddha sect’s Buddha treasures.

Those masters from various countries who coveted the Taihua Buddha Sect’s Buddha treasures were all so scared that their legs softened and prostrated on the ground.

“Lord Lu, we listened to the instigation of others and made a mistake, please spare our lives!”

“Lord Lu spare my life!” There was a sound of begging for mercy.

These experts from various families and countries, many of them were the master of a sect, the emperor of a country, but now, they were crying bitterly.

Lu Yiping sneered, “Spare your life? Then who could spare the lives of those disciples of the Tai Hua Buddha Sect who died in your hands?”

“When you killed them just now, why didn’t you spare their lives?” Saying this, he lifted his foot and stamped downward.

At once, the earth and the mountains shook.

The terrifying waves of light spread instantly at an appalling speed, and those family and empire experts were terrified and fled frantically, but it was useless. As soon as they got up, they were submerged by the terrifying waves of light.

These family and empire experts did not even scream, then one by one, they exploded.

Blood rained down.

The terrifying wave of light continued.

It stopped only after all the family and empire experts who had made a move to kill the Tai Hua Buddha Sect were drowned.

After the light wave stopped, the high altitude blood rain only slowly sprinkled down.

Blood was converging into a river on the ground.

When those masters who supported Tai Hua Buddhism saw this scene, they all felt cold and trembling.

The sect master of Tai Hua Buddha, Gu Yuan, and the others also had dry mouths.

Zhou Cheng had seen the battle of the Heavenly God River. Thus it was okay for him.

Afterward, he let the Tai Hua Buddha Sect disciples clean up the scene and then invited Lu Yiping, Qiang Liang, Dragon Horn Golden Bull into the Tai Hua Buddha Sect hall.

Into the night.

The night was quiet.

The Tai Hua Buddha Sect space, still filled with the faint smell of blood. But the ground had been cleaned up by the disciples of the Tai Hua Buddha Sect.

But many buildings had been destroyed. It will be difficult for the Tai Hua Buddha Sect to restore its previous appearance for the following decades.

Lu Yiping was standing in one of the courtyards of the Tai Hua Buddha Sect, holding the Heirloom Jade in his hand, emitting a cold aura.

It was now certain that his disciple, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, had died at the hands of The Purple Primordial Demon Race, and it should be related to the Yin Borer Race.

Back then, after the death of the Lord of the Demon Race, the Eternal Night Monarch, the Eternal Night race was gradually replaced by the Purple Primordial Demon Rade, and they became the overlord of the Demon Race.

But then, the Purple Primordial Demon Race suddenly disappeared, no one knows where the Purple Primordial Demon Race went.

At this time, Lu Yiping’s letter talisman shook. He took it out to take a look, and it was the sky demon race leader Hao Xuan who sent the message said that he had learned the news of his uncle Hao Bi.

After Hao Bi left the Heavenly Demon Tribe more than four thousand years ago, he went to the Nine Heavens.

“The Nine Heavens.” Lu Yiping recited.

The next day.

“Lord Lu is going into the Nine Heavens?” Early in the morning, Zhou Cheng was stunned to learn that Lu Yiping was leaving.

Initially, he thought that Lu Yiping would stay in the Buddha Bearing Continent for some more days.

Lu Yiping nodded, “Hao Xuan, the head of the Heavenly Demon tribe, came with a message saying that his uncle Hao Bi entered the Nine Heavens back then.”

Zhou Cheng smiled and said, “Then Lord Lu will be careful of the Tai Qing Sword Sect the Golden Light Supremacy and the Kun Peng Divine Sect!” Then scratched his head, “My strength in the Buddha Bearing continent is okay, but into the Nine Heavens is not enough, I will not go into the Nine Heavens with Lord Lu, so as not to become a burden.”

Lu Yiping hummed.

Half an hour later, under the respectful send-off of Zhou Cheng and all the experts of the Tai Hua Buddha Sect, Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and Qiang Liang broke through the air and disappeared into the sky in the blink of an eye.

Several days passed, Lu Yiping and his group arrived at the end of the Endless Sea.

Above the end of the Endless Sea was a huge spatial vortex. Here, it was the entrance to the Nine Heavens.

The Nine Heavens was located within the Eternal Source Plane, but it was an independent space.

Lu Yiping and his group directly tore open the spatial vortex and disappeared into the sky above the Endless Sea.

Within the spatial vortex, a huge tearing force came from it. A burst of heaven and earth rotated.

About seven or eight minutes, Lu Yiping brightened up before his eyes for seven or eight minutes, only to feel his body lighten up and arrived above a mountain range.

“So many years have passed, nothing seems to have changed here.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull took a deep breath of the faint aura around him and lamented.

After stopping for a while, Lu Yiping and his group broke the air and left, coming towards the nearby city.

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