The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 63 – Testing Father Gu

“Xixi, we have already said…” Mother Gu smiled and wanted to reject Gu Xixi’s proposal.

“I think this proposal is very good.” Yin Sichen’s voice came from behind, and his voice was always low and steady, which made people feel safe.

As soon as Gu Xixi looked up, she saw Yin Sichen walking towards her side with a big stride.

The customers all over the restaurant turned to look at Yin Sichen.

Many women dropped their knives and forks on the table without noticing them, looking at Yin Sichen in a daze.

This man, what a man!

“Madam, young lady.” Xiao Ah stepped forward and said, “The car is ready.”

Yin Sichen took the initiative to help Gu Xixi pick up the bag, and said, “Let’s go, I’ll talk about it later.”

Gu Xixi Nodded lightly.

At this time, Yin Sichen’s suggestion may be the most relevant?

Before you think about how to face this matter, don’t be too rash!

Maybe talk to dad by yourself, and there will be a change.

Xiao Ah turned and walked first, and the two bodyguards followed behind with big and small bags.

The women in the entire restaurant were so envious that made Gu Xixi crazy.

Unfortunately, Gu Xixi was not in the mood to care about others’ eyes at all, only thinking about this one thing in her heart.

Back at the hotel, Gu Xixi sent her mother back to her room to rest.

“Xixi, tell your mom, did something really happen?” Mother Gu knew her girl best. Seeing that Gu Xixi’s expression was solemn from just now to now, she intuitively told her , Something must have happened, and it was still a big deal!

“Is it the child…” Mother Gu’s gaze fell on Gu Xixi’s stomach suddenly, and her eyes became a lot of worry.

“Mom! Don’t guess at random! Both my child and I are fine.” Gu Xixi interrupted her mother and said, “Mom, I just remembered something, uh… you know, except for Si Chen’s wife, I’m still an employee of the company…I…I just did it for work…”

Gu Xixi thought for a long time, but could only find a crappy excuse to divert her mother’s attention!

“Well, don’t work too hard!” Mother Gu heard that it was a work issue, and she was relieved, “Anyway, there is Si Chen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t work!”

“I know. Mom, you Are you hungry? Let the hotel prepare something for you!” Gu Xixi stood up and left.

Mother Gu grabbed Gu Xixi and said, “It’s okay, Mom is not hungry at all. Since you have something to do, you should go to work first. Mom just rests here for a while.”

Gu Xixi nodded and tried her best. Make a smiley face, “Mom, this hotel has a catering service. Order whatever you want, don’t save me money!”

“I know.” Gu Mama smiled gently, “You go to work!”

Gu Xixi’s eyelashes trembled, she didn’t dare to stay any longer, and quickly turned and left!

She was worried that she would not help telling her mother the truth if she stayed any longer!

As soon as she left the room door, Gu Xixi leaned against the wall, rubbed her face vigorously, and forced the tears in her eyes back!

Protecting my mother had always been my greatest wish.

But I was so useless, watching my mother get hurt again and again, but there was nothing I could do!

I thought that as long as I saved enough money and bought a house to take my parents out to live, I could escape the haze of grandma and family.

But never thought, when I was about to succeed, my father suddenly betrayed my mother!

Maybe this is the most fatal blow to my mother!

Grandma tortured her again and again, and the pressure of life and busy work were no match for Dad’s betrayal!

What should I do? How to talk to dad about this?

Gu Xi Xi returned to her room, and Yin Sichen was on the phone.

Seeing Gu Xixi coming back, Yin Sichen made a gesture of waiting a moment and continued talking on the phone.

Yin Sichen’s call was simple and concise. After the call, he said to Gu Xixi, “Do you need me to accompany you?”

Gu Xixi wanted to shake her head, but he nodded almost instantly.

At this moment, she didn’t even have anyone to discuss with me.

Although she was only a contractual husband and wife with Yin Sichen, he was willing to help, so don’t refuse!

Otherwise, you really don’t even have a person to discuss …

“Your father has just finished meeting with each other now, and is ready to see the next one. The address is Shangdao Coffee.” Yin Sichen’s voice was flat, without any emotion. Said, “The appointment is to meet in half an hour.”

Gu Xixi’s heart sank suddenly!

What exactly was Dad going to do?

Didn’t you have a good talk with her just now? Why again and again …

No, no matter how many you meet, they are all the same in nature.

Dad, why is this?

Gu Xixi nodded, turned around and left with the bag.

Yin Sichen followed behind and whispered, “I will drive you over.”

Gu Xixi nodded at him gratefully.

Gu Xixi dialed her father’s phone directly, and the phone rang several times and it was connected.

“Dad, where are you now?” Gu Xixi stabilized her mood and said as if nothing had happened.

“I’m … I’m … I’m picking something for your grandmother! Your grandmother is in a hurry, so I have to hurry to pick it out for her. ” Father Gu replied stammeringly.

Still lying.

Gu Xixi’s eyes and anger gradually floated up, “Dad, I want to talk to you about something. Come out and see if it is convenient?”

Yin Sichen typed a paragraph on his mobile phone and handed it to Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi bowed her head. Look, it said: Your father has already met with the blind date.

Sure enough, on the phone came her father’s hesitant voice, “Xixi, do not hurry, wait a minute? Dad has something to do now. Dad is busy first and will call you later. “

At the same time, despite what Xixi said, FatherGu hung up the phone first.

Anger burned up, “Let’s go and see what Dad wants today!”

Yin Sichen raised the corner of his eyes, his lips opened slightly, but he closed instantly.

This was Gu Xixi’s family affair, his current position was not easy to intervene.

For some reason, Yin Sichen didn’t want Gu Xixi to have an idea for him.

It stood to reason that, as long as Yin Sichenreplied, there was no reason for anything to be unfair.

As long as those women know that Gu Dad was married, they basically have no blind date with him.

But Yin Sichen didn’t want to do that subconsciously.

He didn’t know what he was worried about. He just didn’t want Gu Xixi to disappoint him.

He should respect her decision.

Instead of taking over.

Yin Sichen was very fast, and because this county was really a slap in the face, it took Yin Sichen only ten minutes to drive past.

Through the window, Gu Xixi saw her father laughing and smiling at another woman, and suddenly she couldn’t say how disappointed she was.

Such a man could be his own father?

No, it’s her adoptive father!

He probably doesn’t think she is his daughter anymore?

“Go in and listen to his words.” Yin Sichen’s cold voice sounded, giving Gu Xixi some comfort inexplicably.

Gu Xixi unfastened the seat belt, grabbed the bag and went straight into the Starbucks store.

Yin Sichen followed behind and chose a seat not far away.

Gu Xixi wanted to hear what else father could say!

This blind date seemed to satisfy Father Gu more than the one just now.

Father Gu said with a smile, “You have such a good condition, should you look down on me?”

“Yes, I heard that you have a rich son-in-law, so I came out to meet you!” With a sense of arrogance: “I’m from the city, and I have a house, and my job is pretty good. So, I’m not really anxious to find someone.”

“Uh… Yes, I have a son-in-law. . However, the daughter was adopted, not her own.” Father Gu hesitated and said, “I still want a child of my own.”

“This is easy to say.” The other party replied, “I’ll just ask you. How much will your son-in-law give you?”

When the other person asked this question, the faces of the three people present were somewhat strange.

For Yin Sichen, if someone dared to have an idea, it was looking for death!

But this person is Gu Xixi’s adoptive father… he looks at Gu Xixi’s face, and he won’t kill him.

But being calculated was really not Yin Sichen’s style.

Gu Xixi felt very embarrassed.

I sat next to Yin Sichen, and when I listened to my father’s blind date with other women, he would also bring me and Yin Sichen.

Especially in her own face and hearing his father’s calculation to Yin Sichen, she felt ashamed to look up!

Father Gu was actually a little embarrassing.

He knew that Yin Sichen was very rich, very rich, but he asked for money for things like that. He was really not as cheeky as his brother, so he could open his mouth!

Father Gu hesitated and said, “Hundreds of thousands are okay. When my daughter got married, her husband’s family promised a large fortune! My daughter is still very filial. As long as I speak, my daughter will never stand by. As for My son-in-law… Have you ever heard of the Yin Family Consortium?”

The other party was still arrogant. When Gu Dad mentioned Yin’s consortium, her body suddenly stretched straight, “What did you say? Yin Family consortium? Are you kidding me? Do you dream? You won’t tell me that your son-in-law works in Yin’s consortium? Stop it! What place is that? The worst monthly salary where you can work is tens of thousands! How can you have a son-in-law like that? “

The expression on Yin Sichen’s face was a little better when she heard this woman praise the Yin family consortium.

Gu’s father was so absorbed that if he told the other party, his son-in-law was not working in Yin’s consortium, but the owner of Yin’s consortium … The other party probably wouldn’t believe it.

After all, this identity was too prominent!

When Gu Dad thought of Gu Xixi, his face felt proud and said, “You will know in the future. Now is not the time to tell you. If I lie, I will be exposed in the future, won’t I? “

The other party thought about it, it was indeed this reason.

Because of Yin’s consortium, the arrogant woman’s attitude changed instantly and she said, “Well, to put it this way, I finally didn’t come for nothing today!”

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