Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 11: My Grand Elder Couldn’t Possibly Licking

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The sun fell in the west and the moon rose in the east, repeatedly rotating ……

In the blink of an eye, a few more days passed.

On this day, the clouds and mist that surrounded the Heavenly Mist Mountain for thousands of meters were still majestic.

A mortal might be unable to tell the direction at all if they were to enter the mountain.

Even the cultivators couldn’t see clearly with their naked eyes, they can only rely on their divine sense to identify their location.

The Grand Elder from the Qiandi Sect brought two elite disciples to the range of clouds and mist.

He wanted to visit the ‘secluded sect’ Daoless Sect.

The Grand Elder looked at the two disciples behind him.

“Remember, when you visit a secluded sect, make sure not to offend them, and put down all your usual arrogance. This visit is on behalf of Eastern State’s Holy Land Qiandi Sect. If you can make friends with the secluded sects, then you must definitely make friends.”

The Grand Elder taught slowly.

He was afraid that these two disciples would be hot-headed and mess this up. 

He was also sighing in his heart. 

If the patriarch hadn’t personally ordered him to bring two of the sect’s elites to see the world, he wouldn’t have brought these disciples to death.

However, he could also understand what the sect master meant.

One of the reasons was to bring two elite disciples to see the world. The main thing was to let the secluded sects see the strength of Qiandi Sect.

These two elite disciples were already in Golden Core Realm at a young age. The two elite disciples were young enough to serve as the face of his Qiandi Sect.

When the two disciples heard the words, they did not dare to have any complaints and cupped their hands.

“Yes, Elder.”

Seeing this, the Grand Elder did not say anything else, and with a wave of his wide sleeves, he swept the two disciples and flew forward.

He was ready to go to the ground that Zhang San had mentioned last time and make some more observations.

The three of them stepped into the clouds and mist, but within ten minutes, they encountered a figure before they reached their destination, forcing them to stop.

This was the territory of a secluded sect ……

The people who can appear here were either people from the Secluded Sect or powerful cultivators who come to visit the Secluded Sect, in any case, they have something to do with the Secluded Sect.

It was better to observe first.

A little further ahead.

They could see the scenery ahead even with the present clouds and mist.

A human figure was confronting a fierce tiger ……

A closer look made the see that it was the figure of a young man, wearing a blue stream crane cloud robe, holding a long sword. He looked aloof as if he was a supreme sword immortal.

But a cultivator could see that he was a mortal.

They look at the huge fierce tiger, around six or seven meters, and emitted a killing aura. In addition to bloodthirstiness, there was also a hint of spirituality in its eyes.

With spirituality, this was a demon!

Even if spirituality was rare, but it has already entered the ranks of ‘demons’, it could never be treated as ordinary beasts.

Those that crossed into the ranks of ‘demons’ were different from beasts; ordinary Qi Refining Realm cultivators would die if they encountered a little demon. Even Foundation Establishment cultivators have to be careful in response.

For this mortal to run into this kind of demon tiger, perhaps his small life could not be guaranteed.

The Grand Elder did not want to care about this. Immortals and mortals were different. After entering immortal cultivation, there was no longer any relationship with mortals. They wouldn’t care about mortal’s matters. However, this was the area of the secluded sect, and it was not good to have a demon hurt people here.

Just as the Grand Elder was about to strike to wipe out the demon tiger. He saw the mortal suddenly unsheathed his sword.

The sword slashed out.

Buzz ……

In the eyes of the Grand Elder’s group, a bright sword light flickered, the endless sound of the sword ringing in their ears, their Dao Heart was instantly in disorder.

The vast sky seemed to collapse and the ground was torn apart.

At this moment, the three of them felt a sense of insignificance and powerlessness.

The sky tilted and the ground fell, they could do nothing but watch their own death ……


The Grand Elder, a God Transformation Realm being, immediately realized that something was wrong and let out a rebuke. Everything was broken instantly.

The scene of the sky tilting and the earth falling disappeared like a mirror.

The sky was still the same.

The ground was still the same.

Everything was like an illusion.

With a wave of his hands, his magic power came out, awakening the two disciples.

Plop ……

The two disciples woke up with their legs trembling, dripping with sweat, and fell to the ground, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

A few moments later, the two disciples regain their senses and looked at the Grand Elder in horror.

“Elder, just …… just what was that all about?”

“Elder, we have disgraced the sect ……”

The Grand Elder waved his hand, his eyes very grave.

“That sword just now involved the Dao intent aspect of the God Transformation realm, you guys are only at the Golden Core realms, it’s normal that you couldn’t bear it.”

“It’s just that I am very curious about this young man. He looks like a mortal, but the sword contains the Dao intent that could cut straight to the Dao Heart and the soul ……” The Grand Elder spoke earnestly.

He looked over, the demon tiger had long since died.

The young man also put the sword back to its sheath, tugged the demon tiger’s tail with his hand, and turned around to prepare to leave.

This turn made him face the Grand Elder’s group.

Eight eyes facing each other, all of them silent

The Grand Elder’s group was thinking about who this man was. And Ye Luo who was dragging the demon tiger also froze.

He didn’t know who these people were in front of him and what matter they had at the foot of Heavenly Mist Mountain.

The next moment, the Grand Elder took the lead and spoke, breaking the silence. He said, “Dare I ask this …… little friend, who are you? And why are you here?”

Ye Luo was confused.

You were in the vicinity of my sect, yet you ask me who I am and why I am here? What the hell were these three people doing?

He said strangely, “This is the land of my Daoless sect, why are you asking me who I am? Shouldn’t I be the one to ask who you are?”

The land of the Daoless sect!


The Grand Elder sucked in a breath of cold air, sure enough, the Secluded Sect was really here.

And rightly so.

Only a secluded sect would teach an existence as peculiar as this one in front of him. He obviously looked like a mortal but could use the sword to cut through people’s Dao heart and soul ……

“So little friend is a person of the Daoless sect, no wonder you are so talented, graceful, gentle, elegant, handsome, young and promising …… I am the Grand Elder of the Qiandi sect, this time I came to visit the Daoless sect. We have offended you, please forgive us.”

In order to leave a good impression in front of Ye Luo, the Grand Elder threw caution to the wind and put down his image to resolutely lick(1) Ye Luo. Then he introduced some of his own origins.

This made the eyes of the two elite disciples behind him almost fall off.

This, this, this ……

Was this still their dignified, solemn, eyes unable to tolerate half a bit of sand Grand Elder?

Quickly say! Which licking dog possessed their Grand Elder!

My Grand Elder couldn’t possibly licking people like this ……

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