I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 157 – Trapped

Chen Hao was eager to enter the deepest reaches of the Killing Secret Realm to take a look, and he had some reliance on entering the deepest parts of the Killing Secret Realm.

In the Killing Secret Realm, the blood demons abhorred all life, and when they met humans, they would attack wildly.

And Chen Hao, just a lifeless devil sword, blood demons may not attack him.

There was also the devil fury aura within the killing secret realm that did not affect Chen Hao much. In the inner layer Chen Hao was not sure, but he could try something.

The only thing you need to be careful of was the possibility that the true qi stored in the devil sword was limited. If his true qi ran out, Chen Hao would probably have to stay in the depths of the Killing Secret Realm and couldn’t get out, and that’s definitely not the result he wanted to see!

“Lord Sword Spirit, can you do it?”

“I’m definitely better than you!” Chen Hao said thoughtfully, “Take out the sword casting materials you pludered from the Black Blood Country, let me swallow them all, I’ll try to see if I can upgrade before going, it’s only right to enhance your strength a little more!”


Shiqi led troops in the Black Blood KIngdom killed more than 200,000 people, because the Crimson Blood Devil Sword had been placed in the eyes of the array of fury refining demon array, Shiqi could only kill with their bare hands, so he did not share half of the benefits, the benefits were all swallowed by Chen Hao!

If the material itself was not limited, the Crimson Blood Devil Sword could have been upgraded long ago.

In Purple Thorn City, with Su Yi, the great general, the always cautious Chen Hao was reluctant to risk upgrading for fear of being discovered, now they were in the Killing Secret Realm, surrounded by innate level blood demons and thick fierce devil qi, upgrading here should be very safe.

Shiqi ripped out the spatial ring hanging on his chest and placed a piece of sword casting materials and advanced weapons on the ground.

He did not wear the spatial ring on his hand. For one thing, he disliked the space to wear too girly, and the second was that his fingers were thick. Even his pinky could not fit into the hole in the spatial ring.

Shiqi’s collection, although many, but really for Chen Hao, it looked nothing but very little.

The material for casting high-level spiritual weapons was scarce and precious. Even after scouring five cities and several innate experts’ collections, only two weapons and three pathetic metal materials used by innate experts could make Chen Hao look good.

Will this be enough to upgrade yourself?

Chen Hao expressed concern ah!

The Crimson Blood Devil Sword began to glow red, and the blazing heat made Shiqi all back ten steps.

Below the devil sword, the black and brown clay began to show signs of melting.

When the Crimson Blood Devil Sword trembled slightly, Shiqi accurately threw the materials and high-quality weapons at the Crimson Blood Devil Sword from a distance.

His force was exceptionally well placed, and each material would just land on the Crimson Blood Devil Sword body.

The Crimson Blood Devil Swordabsorbed the essence of these materials and weapons one by one and then shook off the impurities on it that it did not care to absorb.

After the Crimson Blood Devil Sword absorbed all the weapons and materials, Chen Hao was a little embarrassed …… he did not upgrade!

Even worse, by a large margin!

No wonder, so many innate experts do not even have a spiritual weapon in their hands.

“Lord Sword Spirit, didn’t it work?”

Chen Hao said with great frustration, “Yeah! It’s still a lot far!”

He had a premonition that it would definitely be very difficult for him to upgrade in the future!

More than 200,000 human lives were barely enough to meet the upgrade requirements. After looting five cities and killing several innate experts, they were not enough to cover the cost of his upgrade to the higher spiritual weapon …… How many resources would it cost after that higher spiritual weapon?

Think about it, Chen Hao was feeling desperate!

“I have a way!” Shiqi said as he put the Crimson Blood Devil Sword back on his back.

“What solution?”

“Military merit!” Shiqi said thoughtfully, “I have a large amount of military merit that I haven’t spent yet!”

Chen Hao suddenly realized! Right! Right! Right!

Shiqi still had a large amount of military power to spend. How could he have forgotten about this?

After leaving the secret realm and arriving at the military merit exchange office, Shiqi directly reported his name: “I, Chen Pengfei, am here to exchange military merit!”

“You are General Chen?” As soon as the military merit exchange office officer saw Shiqi, he immediately stood up from his seat and asked excitedly.

The other generals at the military merit exchange office turned their gazes to Shiqi.

They had heard of Shiqi’s great name for a long time, but today was the first time they saw it.

“That’s right, I am!” Shiqi didn’t want to waste time, didn’t talk nonsense with him, and spoke directly, “I want to exchange all the military merits for the materials to cast the spirit sword!”

Chen Hao looked at Shiqi and found this kid very smooth.

“I heard that you slaughtered five cities of the Black Blood Kingdom just to refine a demonic weapon?” The officer looked at the Crimson Blood Devil Sword behind Shiqi and continued to ask, “Did you succeed?”

“Yes, but I still need some materials, I am here to exchange now!”

The officer heard the impatience in Shiqi’s tone.

Thinking of the rumors about the general in front of him, he immediately winced and took out a refining material exchange book from the drawer, flipped to the most pages, handed it to Shiqi, and said, “General Chen, this is all the materials about casting spiritual weapons that can be exchanged with military merit, please look through it!”

Chen Hao greedily put his eyes on the book’s pages, hating to empty all the things recorded on it.

“Twenty pounds of bloodline steel, three pounds of meteorite iron, one pound of purple sand, and three pounds of red tin copper ……”

All these materials were for casting high-level spiritual weapons.

“General Chen, there are only fifteen pounds of bloodline steel, we don’t have enough stock!” The officer was afraid of Shiqi’s angry also added, “Our inventory is almost empty by you.”

Wars don’t come often, and military merit was not earned every day.

“Then exchange the meteorite iron for four pounds!”

“Okay, there are four pounds of meteorite iron!” The officer remembered to calculate and said in a low voice, “These materials will cost a total of 113,000 military merits, after deducting them, you will be left with 367 military merits!”

It was the first time since he had served in the military merit exchange office that he had encountered a general who had saved more than one hundred thousand military merits.

At the same time, it was the first time he encountered a general who had spent one hundred thousand military merits at once!

One hundred thousand military merits! It’s more than enough to exchange for a Xuan-grade middle-grade technique!

It was simply a tycoon, and it was estimated that only the army general’s military function was stable to him!

“Exchange!” Shiqi said succinctly.

Chen Hao repeatedly nodded within the devil sword, and he appreciated the decisive look of Shiqi. He already thought when he pitted Shiqi in the future, should he be a little more gentle?

Bloodline steel fifteen pounds, meteorite iron four pounds, purple sand one pound, red tin copper three pounds, sounds a lot …… but when you get it in your hand, the Crimson Blood Devil Sword could not help but open the devilish aura!

Chen Hao reminded in a low voice, “Shiqi, do you want to take a weighing scale, I always feel that they are missing pounds.”

Fifteen pounds of bloodline steel, not as big as a baby’s fist. Four pounds of meteorite iron, not yet half the size of a glass ball.

A catty of purple sand, purple sand that can be called a bag? It totally was a scented bag!

Three pounds of red tin copper …… Chen Hao did not want to mention it!

The results of Shiqi or not weighed, he slightly took the material to estimate the material pounds.

Put the upgrade materials into the spatial ring, and he went straight back to Su Yi’s mansion.

“Shiqi, what are you doing, let me upgrade quickly!”

The materials had arrived, Chen Hao felt that those materials were enough for him to upgrade, his heart was urgent.

Shiqi said, “Lord Sword Spirit, we are now in Purple Thorn City, if you want to upgrade, it is likely to be discovered by Master.”

“You can go to the Killing Secret Realm ah, there upgrade he certainly can not find ……”

Chen Hao said, then his voice became smaller and smaller, and finally, he slowly closed his mouth, he felt as if he had been trapped ……

“Shiqi, you did it on purpose?”

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