The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 93 – Fake The Infinite Escape Talisman Rune

Zhou Cheng’s face was cold, and his hands turned illusionary. Countless Buddha palms turned into afterimages and greeted the Star Seeking Buddha Hand, the Buddha Dragon Strike, the Prosperous Buddha Palm, and the Illusory Sea Demonic Sound.

A huge sound shook the sky.

Terrifying waves swept through the air.

Some of the close heavenly devils were shattered by the power of those experts.

The Tai Hua sect experts from all sides were also shocked and then retreat.

In front of the treasury gate, it turned into an empty space for a while. Zhou Cheng was shaken backward by the loud noise.

The four of them were also shaken and retreated several steps.

The four masters of the Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, Prosperous Buddha, and Illusory Sea Buddha were shocked. They had combined their full forces, but they only forced back Zhou Cheng. His strength obviously exceeded the four people’s expectations.  This is the situation of Zhou Cheng’s previous divine power consumption. If not for Zhou Cheng’s previous divine power consumption, the four people may not be able to take the upper hand.

The four men’s minds flashed, and they struck again, this time not daring to be careless, using all their strength to strike with all their might.

Zhou Cheng retreated repeatedly, left and right, under the full force of the four.

The Tai Hua Buddha Sect Master Gu Yuan and others were held back by other experts from the Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, Prosperous Buddha Sect, and Illusory Sea Buddha Sect, so they could not split up to support Zhou Cheng.

Under everyone’s siege, Zhou Cheng was caught unprepared and slapped in the back by the Star Seeking Buddha Sect master and flew out diagonally under everyone’s siege.

When his donkey rushed over despite everything, it was also all lifted off by a slap from the sect master of the Prosperous Buddha, and when it landed, it was already a bloody mess.

“Ah Mao!” Zhou Cheng shouted angrily.

The four people struck again and slapped Zhou Cheng out, Han Xing laughed coldly.

Zhou Cheng suddenly grinned as he looked at the four, “For your information, I came to the Buddha Bearing Continent with Lord Lu this time.”

He Qian, the sect master of the Prosperous Buddhat, was surprised, “Lu Yiping?!”

Zhou Cheng laughed, “Yes.”

Han Xing laughed coldly, “Bluffing! Since Lu Yiping came with you, how come weu don’t see him? Do you think you can scare us off by casually bringing Lu Yiping out?”

“Not to mention that Lu Yiping is not here, even if he really is, we are not afraid!”

A green jade Buddha seal appeared in Han Xing’s palm!

“Green Buddha Seal!”

Someone exclaimed.

The Green Buddha Seal, a Buddha treasure with great prestige. In the recent ancient period of the Buddha Bearing Continent, it was refined by a powerful person named Green Buddha in the current ancient period.

Han Xing was holding the Green Buddha Seal, and with the infusion of Buddha power, the Green Buddha Seal instantly increased in size and became the size of a small mountain, and in the midst of the great Buddha light, it fell down towards Zhou Cheng.

Just as the Green Buddha Seal was about to fall, suddenly, a blood-red light from the sky broke through the air.

The blood-red light passed by, the Green Buddha seal in mid-air stopped, suddenly cracked, and broke into two halves. Then it fell to the ground.

Everyone’s eyes were wide open.  Han Xing even had a face full of disbelief.

Everyone looked, and they saw above the head of the Tai Hua Buddha Sect Master. Somehow, a young man in a blue shirt rode a bull and a black-robed youth.

The blood-red light fell back into the hands of the black-robed youth, and everyone realized it was a blood-red blade.

Lu Yiping took a stride and came to the treasury gate. He flicked his finger, and a green light entwined and then entered Zhou Cheng’s body.

Everyone saw the green light surging and the originally seriously injured Zhou Cheng’s vitality continued to recover as the palm prints on his back disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Is everything okay?” Lu Yiping said.

Zhou Cheng got up, shook his head, and smiled, “Yes, but if it wasn’t for Master Lu, I’m afraid my life would really have been lost here.”

Master Lu!

The name of a person, the shadow of a tree.

Hearing Zhou Cheng called the young man, the Star Seeking Buddha Sect Master, and the others were all surprised.

Just now, they also said that even Lu Yiping was here, they would not be afraid. They were shocked and began to retreat.

Lu Yiping turned his head over, his whole body sword Qi condensed countless sword array. Billions of sword lights burst through the air, and everyone saw that the sword lights shot through all the heavenly devils occupying the Tai Hua Buddha Sect.

Even the true god realm, heavenly god realm heavenly devils, could not avoid their deaths.

The sky over the Tai Hua Buddha Sect, which had been covered by heavenly devils and darkened by the sun, was clear.

Light reappeared.

Then, with a wave of Lu Yiping’s hand, countless formation talismans flew out and transformed into a flying dragon, whose head and tail was connected, forming a huge dragon circle, and then flew down to the devil cave in the center of the Tai Hua Buddha Sect.

At once, the heavenly devils that were flying out from the devil cave were all shaken back.

The heavenly devils that came out from behind, once they wrapped around the huge dragon circle, all of them smoked and screamed in terror.

“The Heavenly Dragon Demon Destruction Grand Array!”

The Dragon Buddha Sect Master saw the huge dragon circle, can not hide the shock in his heart.

The Heavenly Dragon Demon Destruction Grand Array was the ancient dragon clan grand array. Even many ancestor-level figures of the dragon race characters would not necessarily be able to perform it.

Moreover, the Heavenly Dragon Demon Destruction Grand Array’s power did not seem so strong. But the hundreds of millions of heavenly devils in the Demon Cave were unable to shake this grand array.

Everyone stopped.

The experts who came with the Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, even retreated behind and looked at Lu Yiping with fear in their eyes.

However, Lu Yiping did not look at them. Instead, he took a shot into the void. Everyone saw a black-clothed man wearing a ghost-head mask fell down from the high altitude.

“Lord Ziyin!”

The Sect Master of Star Seeking Buddha, Dragon Buddha, Prosperous Buddha Sect, and Illusory Sea Buddha Sect were all surprised to see the man in black.

The man in black precisely guided the four to come to the Tai Hua Buddha Sect.

Qiang Liang’s eyes shrank when he saw the ghost head mask worn by the man in black.

This ghost head mask was very similar to the mysterious expert who sealed his eternal devil heart back then.

The man in black got up from the ground, and he looked at Lu Yiping, surprised and suspicious, “Who are you?!”

Meaning Lu Yiping’s real identity.

“The person who killed you.” Lu Yiping said blandly.

The man in black suddenly laughed, laughing like an owl, “Kill me? Little fellow, your strength is good, but in this world, there are some things that you can’t afford to provoke. I advise you better not to interfere with the affairs of the Tai Hua Buddha Sect!”

“Save yourself from the scourge of clan annihilation!”

“And, I am standing here for you to kill, can you kill me?” Speaking of this, around his body, a rune appeared!

This rune was only the size of a palm, but it was filled with vast power.

“The Infinite Escpae Talisman Rune!” Qiang Liang looked at that rune and frowned.

The man in black was stunned and then laughed, “Not bad, The Infinite Escpae Talisman Rune! This talisman can allow me to travel through the heavens, even the Plane Lord realm cannot break the power of space and time of this The Infinite Escape Talisman!”

At this time, Lu Yiping took a single-handed shot and took the black-clothed man to the front. Then, he stretched out his hand and tore the Promise Escape Talisman from the opponent’s body, then placed it between his palms and rubbed it into crumpled into a ball of waste paper!

And the rune pattern on the Infinite Escape Talisman also continuously cracked open.

The man in black was dumbfounded as he watched the Infinite Escape Talisman turn into a scrap of paper.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “This Infinite Escape Talisman of yours, it’s not a fake, is it?”

The man in black opened his mouth, fake?

Lu Yiping’s finger flicked the other party’s ghost head mask. Everyone was surprised. Under the ghost head mask, there was a face with a peerless appearance.

It turned out it was a woman!

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