The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 62 – Dad Is on A Date?

Father Gu left almost in a hurry.

Looking at his father’s back in a hurry, Gu Xixi just felt strange.

Mother Gusaid leisurely, “During this time, your father suddenly likes to dress up! In the past, he always said that he didn’t need to wear so well, and no one looked at it anyway. But I don’t know what happened these days, so I bought it all at once. A lot of clothes. I asked, saying that your grandma bought it for the money!”

“When did grandma be so kind?” Gu Xixi raised her mouth and looked unbelievable, “Didn’t grandma always wish to search us? Does the family supplement the uncle and aunt’s family?”

“Yes, it is really strange.” Mother Gu’s eyes flashed and said, “Forget it. Anyway, it’s always a good thing that your grandmother is good to your father!”

Gu Xixi thought for a while, it was indeed the case.

Forget it. Men don’t like shopping.

I guess my father doesn’t like shopping, so he found an excuse to leave.

It doesn’t matter, anyway, my parents live in the county tonight.

You can buy it first, and if it is not suitable, just take it back and exchange it!

Gu Xixi took her mother’s arm and went shopping happily.

Every time Gu’s mother saw the price, she shouted not to buy it, but Gu Xixi didn’t listen to her mother! As long as her mother was dressed appropriately, Gu Xixi would buy it by swiping her card!

Protecting her mother and making her happy was Gu Xixi’s greatest pursuit!

After Gu Xixi bought several clothes and shoes for her mother in one go, she was dragged by her mother to stop paying and then she stopped.

Look at the spoils in your hand, it’s really not too small.

There were two bodyguards behind him, and they were now carrying bags.

Gu Xixi said to them, “Okay, it’s hard for you! Help me take these things back to the hotel. My mother and I found a place to eat and we will go back soon!”

The bodyguard hesitated, “But the president ordered Now, let us follow the young lady every step of the way…”

Since the last car crash happened, Yin Sichen had been worried about letting Gu Xixi walk outside alone.

Although Gu Xixi was helpless, it was Yin Sichen’s kindness after all.

No matter what he was doing for his child or for what, it always felt good to be valued.

Mother Gu was filled with relief when she saw Yin Sichen caring about Gu Xixi so much.

“Well, you guys should find a place to take a break too!” Gu Xixi saw that she couldn’t convince the other party, so she could only say that.

Mother Gu’s mother didn’t want Gu Xixi to work too hard, after all, she was pregnant now!

Now the early month couldn’t be underestimated, but it was easy to get tired.

Mother Gu excuses that she was tired, so she found a casual restaurant on the spot and prepared to eat and rest.

Gu Xixi obediently chose a table with her mother and ordered a table of food.

“Why is it so wasteful! Just order a drink.” Gu’s mother was reluctant to let Gu Xixi spend too much money.

“Mom, you definitely didn’t eat much at noon today.” Gu Xixi said, “I happen to be a little hungry too. Let’s eat a little bit. We will have another meal in the hotel at night! During this time, my appetite seems to have improved a lot!”

“You are eating alone and digesting with two people, and you will definitely be hungry. You eat more and mom drinks a bit.” Mother Gu said with a soft look at Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi just smiled.

Mother really loves her the most.

Soon, all the meals Gu Xixi ordered were delivered.

Gu Xixi said to her mother, “Look at things, I’ll wash my hands!”

“Okay.” Gu’s mother smiled and replied, “Hurry up and go back!”

Gu Xixi happily went to the bathroom.

Turning to the corner to the bathroom.

Just as Gu Xixi was about to push the door into the bathroom, a familiar voice suddenly came from a distance, “This is my situation! Look, if you like, we’ll have a good talk. “

Gu Xi Xi’s hand that pushed the door suddenly stopped.


Why is he here?

Didn’t he say he went to show grandma something?

Maybe dad has friends in the town? Why haven’t I heard him talk about it before?

As soon as Gu Xixi turned around, she heard a woman’s voice, “I am also very satisfied with your situation! I have been widowed for so many years, and I want to start a family. Since you said that you don’t mind if I bring a child, I am not afraid to tell you the truth. As long as we get married, I can give you another one! “


Gu Xixi was blown up and left there?

Dad … This woman …

What the hell is going on here?

Gu Xixi didn’t care about washing her hands anymore, glanced away, and sat down directly on the empty seat next to him.

From this position, she can hear the dialogue in the partition next door clearly!

At this time, Father Gu seemed to smile and said, “I have never had a child of my own in my life. It is a pity. Therefore, I want a child of my own!”

“Then why did you get divorced?” The other party asked, “Is it because the other party can’t have children?”

“Yes.” Father Gu answered confidently!

Divorce? !

Gu Xixi’s heart suddenly became blocked!

What did she hear?

She actually heard her father dating here?

And her father also told the other party that he was divorced!

He also said that it was his regret to have no children in this life!


Dad, why? Why did you betray mother!

Mother had given so much to take care of the family, why should you betray her! Didn’t you say that only my daughter is enough in this life?

Gu Xixi’s heart felt sad for a moment, and more of it was anger!

Betrayal, the word had become a taboo for Gu Xixi!

In just a few months, I have to suffer three betrayals!

Gu Xixi tightened her fingers, clutched the chair tightly, and exhausted all her strength before rushing to blame her father.

Dad, is it fair for you to treat mother like this?

For so many years, my mother has paid so much for this family, endured humiliation and walked on thin ice!

She is filial to the elderly and kind to the children! What did she do wrong to be treated like this?

Mom has endured these decades silently because she loves you!

Can the sentence of not having a child be sentenced to death by the mother?

If you think mother can’t have children, why didn’t you divorce?

Why do you want to drag until now, when my mother’s beauty is gone?

And, or in the case of mother didn’t know, hide the real marriage to your date!

Dad, I am so disappointed in you!

No, it’s despair!

When grandma bullied mother and you refused to come forward to protect her, I just felt very disappointed and disappointed, and now…I would rather ignore my surname!

Gu Xi Xi’s eyes widened and tears rolled down.

What should I tell my mother?

A mother who had dedicated her whole life to this family, could she withstand this blow?

The two people in the next room talked more and more happily, and they have a brief encounter with each other.

Gu Xixi’s heart was dull and painful when listening to her father, who has always been dull.

The phone rang suddenly, and Gu Xixi hurriedly called on silent, looking at the caller’s name on the screen, Gu Xixi’s tears suddenly couldn’t be controlled, and rushed out of her eyes.

When she was most hesitant and helpless, the person she wanted to meet most was actually him!

Gu Xixi quickly left her seat and connected to the phone. A deep and magnetic voice came from the other end of the phone, “Why did you take so long to answer the phone?”

“Yin Sichen … What should I do …” Gu Xi Xi covered her mouth and turned to the door of the restaurant. She could no longer control her grievances and hesitation “I saw Dad! Dad told us that he was going to grandma to pick things up, but now he is sitting in the same restaurant with us, and he is going on a date!”

Yin Sichen held the phone, and quickly picked the corners of his narrow eyes. The helplessness in his eyes couldn’t hide.

She finally knew …

If she knew that her father was not only dating today, but started dating more than a week ago … would she be even more sad?

“Don’t cry, where are you? I’ll be right there! ” Yin Sichen quickly replied, “If you don’t want to tear the disguise of the temporary perfect family, then I will take you away!”

“I don’t know what to do! Yin Sichen, should I let my mother know? However, I will feel guilty if I don’t tell my mother. ” Gu Xixi said with a vacant hand on the phone, “But I told my mother that I was so worried that my mother would not be able to bear this blow …”

“Then come back first and calm down. Okay, I will be there soon! Wait for me!” Yin Sichen threw the pen in his hand and hung up the phone. Said to Xiao Ah “Ask immediately where they are now.”

“Yes, President.” Xiao Ah quickly called the bodyguard who followed Gu Xixi, and after confirming the address, he followed Yin Sichen and arrived soon. .

Mother Gu was wondering. Gu Xixi said to go to the bathroom, but she didn’t come back after going there for so long.

Mother Gu just remembered to look for her daughter. Before she stood up, she saw Gu Xixi coming in through the door with red eyes.

Hmm? She just went out?

And cried?

What’s going on here?

Mother Gu looked at Gu Xixi with worry, “Xixi, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay, Mom! I accidentally got it in my eyes when I went to the bathroom to touch up makeup just now.” Gu Xixi lied, she didn’t do any make up. Since she was pregnant, unless she had special needs, she basically said goodbye to makeup!

Since the daughter didn’t want to talk, the mother didn’t ask.

Mother Gu just pointed to the food on the table and said, “Let’s eat quickly, we ordered so much! Don’t waste it! The food here is so expensive!”

Gu Xixi was not in the mood to eat now, and her heart had been suffering repeatedly. Do I have to tell my mother the truth?

Gu Xixi hesitated and stopped several times, and watched Mother Gu in a hurry.

“Xi Xi, did something happen to you? Don’t be afraid, there is mom! Mom now has paid off your uncle’s debt, and mom can go out to work and earn money!” Mother Gu couldn’t bear to say, ” If you have anything, just tell mom!”

“Mom, since all the debts have been paid off, why don’t you live in the city! So you can take care of me! ” Gu Xixi blurted out!

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