It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 196 – One Song Suppress Everything

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Below the Taichou mine, in a passage.

A red-haired man walked forward like a zombie. He was none other than Lie Shang.

“Child, come, you’re almost there! My power is unmatched in the world! Once you obtain it, you will become a supreme master, and no one will be your opponent! Those who have bullied you, hurt you, and framed you will all be trampled under your feet!”

This voice kept ringing in his ears.

Soon after, he arrived at a tomb and stood in front of a dark coffin.

“Child, come, press your hand on it and my power will be transferred to you!”

The voice came from the coffin.

Lie Shang stood in place, his eyes regained a bit of clarity.

“Why am I here?”

Lie Shang muttered, clutched his head and screamed in pain.

“No! Master was not like this! Why would he do this to me! In my eyes, you are my family!”

Lie Shang said one sentence after another, and despair gradually appeared in his voice.

“Since there is no attachment, then such a world should not exist! Give me the power, let me destroy this world!”

After saying that, Lie Shang stretched out his palm and pressed it on top of the coffin.

“Woosh ……”

A strand of red blood flowed up from the coffin, submerged in Lie Shang’s body.

“Woo ……”

Lie Shang felt as if he was electrocuted, his body trembled frantically, and his mouth kept foaming.

The blood and qi in his body was disordered, his hair was dancing in the wind, and blood-red eyes stared straight ahead. His breathing became harried.

“Boom ……”

The rocks on the ground seemed to be unable to withstand this pressure and were rapidly cracking.

Half a moment later.

“Hahaha ……”

Lie Shang looked up to the sky and laughed like crazy.

“A million years, a million years ah! I never thought, I, Hou Qing would come back to life! Hahaha”

“Incredibly strong resentment is truly a great tonic!”

“He has the Lie Yang Golden Crow bloodline in his body, heaven is helping me! Huh, what bloodline is this? Oh god, this is the Heaven Devouring Golden Crow bloodline, no … not good!”

The words just finished.


When a roar resounded throughout the tomb.

Lie Shang half kneeling on the ground, laughing and howling for a while. The two expressions changed constantly. Finally, it gradually returned to calm.

After a long time, only then did he open his eyes, and two brilliant auras burst out.

“Hou Qing? One of the devil ancestors? You are really careful enough to divide your soul into two! I never thought that you would leave so many secret treasures in this world, but all of this is mine, Lie Shang’s!”

Lie Shang muttered.

“However, what Hou Qing did is far from enough! I will conquer this world!”

Lie Shang’s eyes were blood red and his fury rushed to the sky.

With a wave of his right hand, a sea of blood appeared in the palm of his hand. In the sea of blood, corpses floated up and down, really terrifying.

“Master?! Wait for me, I will come to you soon! Don’t die, otherwise it won’t be satisfying! And Huang Rumeng, since you dare to kill my father, then, I will kill your whole family!”

After saying that, Lie Shang’s body flashed and disappeared.

Not long after he disappeared.

“Woosh ……”

A figure appeared in the tomb like a ghost. This figure was covered with green fur. The strange face, like a hellish demon king, made people not dare to look directly at it. It looked at the direction of Lie Shang’s disappearance and stepped forward.

“Boom ……”

A sound rang out.

The green monster’s body flew backwards and bounced back heavily, as if there was some kind of prohibition restricting its movement.

“Howl ……”

The green monster let out a reluctant roar, and the entire tomb crumbled into pieces.

A moment later.

“Woosh ……”

A gust of wind passed.

The monster figure gradually dissipated without a trace.



The north of the Tian Luo continent.

Across a large ocean, there is a barren continent called the Tian Mo Continent. There was no grass growing there and rain did not fall on that continent.

The sky was filled with blood mist all year round, blocking the sunlight firmly. The entire continent was turned red by the blood mist. A 100-meter-tall blood-colored hall proudly stands in the sky and the earth in the center of the continent.

In the hall.

A man with a height of five meters and a pair of blood-red wings was sitting in the hall, cultivating with his eyes closed. The demonic qi in his body whistled non-stop. He was the Lord of the Demon Race – Xue Ye.


Xue Ye opened his eyes, stretched out his right claw, and squeezed gently. All the demonic qi went into his body.

“Buzz ……”

His claw stretched forward and he made a gentle grasping motion, the air vibrated layers of ripples, and a transmission jade slip was taken out.

Xue Ye looked astonished when he opened it to take a look. He saw an old man appear on the jade slip. This person looked exactly like Yu Guizi.

“My Lord, he is the Godly Cunning Immortal. He spoiled our clan’s great plan, he must be eradicated!” The old man muttered these words repeatedly.

Xue Ye looked at this phantom, and two red lights burst out from his eyes.


The jade slip shattered and the phantom dissipated.

“Godly Cunning Immortal? You spoiled my plan again! If I don’t get rid of you, I won’t be able to dispel my hatred! I want to see who the hell you are!”

Xue Ye put away his anger, he looked ahead and said, “High Priest!”


The air vibrated with layers of ripples.

An old man appeared in front of Xue Ye and knelt down, “My Lord, what are your orders?”

“How is your divination of the Godly Cunning Immortal?” Xue Ye asked.

“Replying to My Lord, there is a mysterious aura enveloping the Godly Cunning Immortal, I was unable to divine anything about him!” The High Priest said.

“What?” Xue Ye secretly frowned, “Isn’t there any other way?”

“Replying to My Lord, we won’t be able to break through this layer of mysterious aura unless we use the Prying Heaven Formation!” The High Priest said.

“Prying Heaven Formation?”

Xue Ye frowned slightly, revealing a deep thoughtful look.

A moment later, He opened his eyes and two fierce lights burst out, “That’s fine, immediately open the Prying Heaven Formation!”


The high priest looked stunned, thinking he had misheard it.

“What? Didn’t you hear my words?” Xue Ye’s voice was icy cold.

“Yes, My Lord!”

The High Priest’s figure flickered and disappeared from his original place. When he reappeared, the High Priest had arrived in a pavilion. He picked up the long staff in his hand, brandishing it gently.

“All priests hear this order, immediately come and gather at the Prying Heaven Altar!”

His voice was transmitted clearly into the ears of every priest through the secret method.

At this moment, all the priests within a hundred miles of Fang Hui clearly heard the High Priest’s voice.

Soon after.

To the north of the main hall, around a huge altar.

A line of guards stood there. Each one of them had the realm of the tenth stage half-immortal. Their leader even possessed immortal powers. His body emitted a mighty pressure that made people not dare to approach.

In front of the altar, Xue Ye sat on the master seat. Even if he was sitting, he was still three meters tall, looking like a giant. He looked at the high priest standing in front of him and nodded slightly.

“Yes, My Lord!”

The high priest bowed and stepped back, walking directly towards the altar.

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