Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 10: Master, Disciple Understands Again

Translator/Editor: Rilise

Daoless Sect.

After Chu Yuan met with Ye Luo and told him about how he had to go down to the mountain to do something, he was ready to leave. After all, time was not waiting for him.

After Chu Yuan discovered that his own strength was still very weak, he began to think about taking in more ‘waste’ disciples.

Teaching a disciple gave him a small stage realm.

Three disciples gave a whole realm.


Soon he will be invincible!

Everything was within his grasp!


At the mountain gate. Cold breeze was blowing and mist lingering.

Ye Luo sent Chu Yuan to the mountain gate, and the two of them stood here.

Chu Yuan looked at the clouds outside the mountain gate and did not speak. A gust of breeze rustled his white clothes, hands behind his back with a calm expression, he looked like an immortal.

Ye Luo stood by the side, hesitated for a moment, but still couldn’t help saying, “Master, disciple has comprehended a trace of the Dao left behind by master, and incorporated it into his sword moves, master please guide me!”

Comprehended it?

What have you comprehended? It was unlikely that you sat everyday to comprehend, did you apprehend mythomania(1)??

Chu Yuan suddenly had a thought in his heart.

For his disciple to gain mythomania, this could be regarded as him abandoning his disciple, right?

This could still gain him a cultivation base, right?

It should count.

It didn’t matter if you had mythomania, lest you feel that you can’t comprehend anything every day.

When Chu Yuan thought about it this way, he was immediately relieved. He smiled slightly and said: “No need, Master knows that what you have comprehended was only one ten thousandth of the Dao.”

“You have not yet comprehended the real core of things. Just look up and see more so that you can really understand Master’s meaning. Well, Master will go first. Don’t slack off on your enlightenment!”

After saying that, clouds appeared on the sole of his feet, broke the air and went away, dashing like the wind.

However, he sighed in his heart. He had been fooled for so long that he became a mythomaniac.


But mythomaniac was good, he would be more stable later. 

This disciple was definitely solved, he just needed to wait for the test to enhance his cultivation base.

As he thought of this, a smile appeared on Chu Yuan’s face and accelerated his speed to fly down the mountain.

As for Ye Luo, he fell into deep thought after listening to Chu Yuan’s words. 

He certainly couldn’t have any doubts about his master’s words. So he had been thinking about his master’s words.

What he had comprehended was only one ten thousandth … If it was according to the scene he had seen before, there were thousands of chains on the sky, the dao intent was everywhere.

What he comprehended was indeed only one ten thousandth ……

Not even one ten thousandth.

However, what was the real core of the sentence that Master said?

Let him look up??

Ye Luo looked up, the sky was bright and the blazing sun was in the sky.

The sun was dazzling ……

Other than that, he didn’t have any hint of discovery.

But the master could not have lied to him, there was the enlightenment in the first place, and the spying of the secret spirits in the Dharma Transmission Hall before.

Nobody else thought his master was lying to him, right?

No way, no way ……

Ye Luo was very puzzled, he walked back to the main hall square and sat down.

He forced himself to endure the blazing sun stinging his eyes and continued to open them.

His master would not lie to him.

Look up more ……

He had to comprehend his master’s intentions! Couldn’t let down his master’s expectations!

Ye Luo quietly looked at the sky.

An hour passed … He didn’t find anything. But he was not impatient either. His enlightenment these days, coupled with the nourishment of the golden runes, his frame of mind was already different from before.

Two hours passed … There was still no clue.

Three hours later … The sky was already dim.

Ye Luo still opened his eyes to watch the sky. Just at that moment. His mind shook abruptly. A sense of clarity surged to his heart. He couldn’t help but close his eyes for a moment.

By the time he opened his eyes again, the sky had changed dramatically. He saw all the clouds and stars in the sky all disappeared. There was only a dark sky.

Ye Luo looked up at the sky, as if he was looking directly at the whole world. A sense of insignificance emerged.

Was this what the master meant?

The sky was big, so big that it was unimaginable … And he was only witnessing the tip of its iceberg, yet he was smug and wanted to perform in front of his master.

That was why Master nudged him awake ……

Master, disciple understood!

Ye Luo became enlightened.

At the same time, a golden rune was flashing in his heart.

A thought surfaced.

Human power was ultimately inferior to the sky. Then why not borrow the power of the heavens and use it for oneself!

Ye Luo pulled out his long sword and closed his eyes tightly.

The next moment, he swung his sword out.

Buzz ……

This sword, without any sharpness to speak of, dropped lightly. But the endless sound of the sword was resounding, the sword wind whistling up.

Thankfully, there was no one here. If there was someone, perhaps they would be scared to death when they saw the sky collapse.

Because, what this sword cut was not a person, but the heart! It cut a person’s Dao Heart!

Clang ……

Ye Luo’s face paled when he slashed the sword and he fell to the ground without strength. The long sword clanged and fell to the ground. A satisfied smile appeared on his face.

He understood all of his master’s meaning. He had also comprehended this sword move. He was sure his master would be pleased to know that he had become enlightened so quickly.

Ye Luo thought, closed his eyes and took a rest.


Early the next morning.

Ye Luo was woken up by hunger.

He put the long sword away, picked up the bag next to him and looked at it, and found that there was no more dry food. He couldn’t help but frown.

He knew that there was no food in the sect. Now the master had gone out, what would he eat?

Ye Luo was puzzled. Did Master forget that he had to eat?

This thought had just risen in his mind when he dismissed it.

“There’s no way Master could have forgotten to prepare food for me, it’s definitely not that Master forgot. Maybe Master did this on purpose, wanting me to solve the food problem by myself. There should be some animals or something on the foot of the mountain. Let’s go down and take a look.” Ye Luo muttered.

It just so happened that he didn’t know how strong the sword move he comprehended was, he could go to the mountain to find some animals for experimentation.

But according to his insight … even the Qi Refining Realm cultivators wouldn’t be able to resist his sword move. The Foundation Establishment Realm might be able to resist one or two. He wasn’t sure of the specifics, but that was enough.

He had not stepped into the path of immortal cultivation, but he was better than the Qi Refining Realm cultivators!

It must be known that he had only entered the sect less than two months ago, and he had already reached this level … If he could cultivate in the future, how terrifying would that be?

The main thing was that he still had several months to become enlightened, and what he would have comprehended by then. All of this was unknown, and everything was possible under the guidance of Master.

Anyway, Ye Luo was satisfied to the extreme with his current combat power. His mortal body was better than the Qi Refining Realm.

He, Ye Luo, wouldn’t cause the secluded sect to lose face!

  1. An abnormal or pathological tendency to exaggerate or tell lies. Though this actually had another meaning which is Hypochondria–abnormal anxiety about one’s health, especially with an unwarranted fear that one has a serious disease. Both depictions fit Ye Luo. But since I think Chu Yuan felt Ye Luo was lying about his comprehension, hence Mythomania.

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