The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 60 – Gu Grandma Finally Asked For Money

Sure enough, as soon as Yin Sichen said these words, the expressions of the people on the table were inconsistent.

Only Gu Zhenzhen’s eyes became more fiery!

So gentle and caring man, why is her brother-in-law?

Gu Zhenzhen’s marriage was also disturbed because of the Yin family’s proposal.

She had no choice but to go to the hospital for surgery.

It was with this excuse that Grandma Gu directly occupied the 200,000 that Mrs. Yin gave to Mother Gu.

Now Mother Gu would continue to deduct another 200,000 yuan from Gu Xixi’s hands!

For Gu Zhenzhen, how could 400,000 be enough to compensate her?

She couldn’t wait to take away everything that belonged to Gu Xixi before it was finished!

Gu Xixi’s dining etiquette during this period of time, although he still can’t achieve the same grace and calmness as Yin Sichen, but compared to those relatives in the family, it was indeed much better!

Gu Zhenzhen also wanted to pretend to understand dining etiquette, but she really hadn’t studied it.

She could only imitate Gu Xixi, and she would do what Gu Xixi does.

It was just that this kind of imitation was really easy to impersonate.

Yin Sichen collected all this in his eyes, but the ridicule in his eyes was unceremoniously released.

Where have those relatives in the village eaten such delicious food?

Everyone eats with a mouthful of oil.

Gu Xixi really wanted to dig a pit and bury herself in it!

Looking at the chopsticks flying by the relatives, all kinds of behaviors of grabbing food, I suddenly realized one thing sadly: there is no saddest, only sadder!

Fortunately, the food in front of everyone was not a rotating table, otherwise Gu Xixi must have no appetite to eat it!

Yin Sichen only moved his chopsticks a few times, and stopped eating.

 It was excusable for him to face such a group of people.

After all, his habit of cleanliness was notorious!

Allowing him to sit here is already the lowest line of his patience.

Seeing the opposite Yin Sichen’s eyes uncertain, Gu Zhenzhen immediately summoned the courage to raise her glass and said to Yin Sichen, “Brother-in-law, I propose a toast to you!”

Yin Sichen’s eyes lifted slightly.

Even though his face was expressionless, just this action made Gu Zhenzhen look irritated, and her saliva overflowed.

Yin Sichen is just a lift eye, and has already seen through the seriousness.

A woman who was overreached!

Fortunately, Xixi was not from the Gu family!

A thought just appeared in Yin Sichen’s mind.

Gu Zhenzhen held the wine glass for a long time, but Yin Sichen didn’t even pay her attention.

Gu Zhenzhen suddenly felt a little embarrassed, so she turned her head and said to Gu Xixi, “Cousin, I toast you with this glass of wine!”

Although Gu Xixi didn’t like Gu Zhenzhen, so many people were staring at the table right now.

Gu Xixi had no choice but to say, “Didn’t you just have a miscarriage? Keep it well, don’t drink. “

Gu Zhenzhen’s face seemed to be slapped in the face.

The wine glass in Gu Zhenzhen’s hand was heavily placed on the table, and the expression in her eyes instantly turned bad.

If it wasn’t for your concern, how could she take that child away?

If it weren’t for your concern, how could her marriage be ruined?

Since Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu had just taken Yin Sichen’s two million, they naturally greeted the gold master with a smile.

Aunt Gu immediately said, “True, your sister is also for your own good! After you have a good health, you can drink as much as you want!”

The Yin family was so rich, you must not offend it!

Gu Zhenzhen’s bitter eyes glanced over Gu Xixi again, as if the culprit was Gu Xixi.

Grandma Gu had almost eaten, and when her eyes turned, she said to Gu Xixi, “Xixi, you have been out for a while, and Grandma misses you. After dinner, come to my room. Grandma has something to ask you.”

Coming! It’s finally here!

Mom didn’t ask for the money, is grandma going to battle herself?

In order to buy a house for Gu Zhenzhen, my grandma really paid for it!

Gu Xixi quickly glanced at Yin Sichen, and he nodded at Gu Xixi without a trace.

Seeing Yin Sichen’s interaction with Gu Xixi, Gu Zhenzhen’s anger burned up!

She felt Gu Xixi an eyesore more and more.

As long as Gu Xixi is not there, she can replace Gu Xixi by Yin Sichen’s side?

“Well, there are some things I want to ask grandma.” Gu Xixi increasingly felt that this family brought her nothing but depression and boredom.

She must take her mother out of this place!

Now that my uncle and aunt have paid off their money, my parents don’t have to stay in the country under the pretext of paying off their debts!

When Grandma Gu heard Gu Xixi’s answer, she smiled satisfied.

Humph, little girl, dare to fight with me?

Even if you are married, you still have to spit out the money!

Gu Xixi turned her gaze, gave her mother a relieved expression, pulled the chair away and followed her grandma to her room.

Grandma’s room, Gu Xixi didn’t really come here too much.

For no other reason, if you were not liked, you would naturally not be called around.

Compared to Gu Zhenzhen, the number of times he came to this room is really only a handful.

When I was a child, besides going to school, I went to the field to help my parents. When I went home, I was busy cooking, washing clothes and cleaning. Where did I have time to go into her room?

Now that I’m married, it’s an honor.

As soon as she entered the room, the expression on Grandma Gu’s face instantly changed, and her face was instantly dropped from the smile just now.

Gu Xixi couldn’t help sneering in her heart.

Up to now, don’t forget to give yourself a prestige! Do you really think you are the same Gu Xixi before?

“Xixi! Did your mother tell you?” Grandma Gu asked directly, “Why didn’t you give it?”

Gu Xixi deliberately looked at her grandma with a surprised expression and said, “Grandma, what did you say? Why don’t I understand what you mean?”

Grandma Gu gritted her teeth in her heart!

Still dare to pretend with me!

“Xixi, it’s like this.” Grandma Gu suppressed the anger in her heart and said tactfully, “You see that your parents have only one child like you. Now that you are married, don’t your parents have no intentions? So I decided to buy a house for your parents. You also know that the houses in the county are getting more and more expensive, and 200,000 is not enough. If you want to buy that house, you still need 200,000! Since your husband is rich, You took out two hundred thousand and paid the house in one breath, so your parents might have a place to provide for the elderly!”

If it wasn’t for Gu Xixi who peeked with Yin Sichen, Gu Xixi must really believe it!

Gu Xixi applauded his grandmother from the truth, and clicked thirty-two likes!

This acting is amazing!

Obviously she wanted to deduct money from her own hands to buy a house for Gu Zhenzhen, which could be said to be bought for his parents!

“Really? Grandma, why don’t you discuss with me about buying a house? Has the contract been signed? Let me look at the contract. You are getting older, so don’t let people get rid of it!” Gu Xixi deliberately said Said, she just made up her mind that grandma would never show the contract to herself!

Sure enough, Grandma Gu’s face changed suddenly!

Of course she would not show the contract to Gu Xixi!

Gu Zhenzhen’s name is written on the contract!

“Why? Can you still trust grandma?” Grandma Gu’s face became more and more ugly: “Xixi, you are named Gu anyway, even if your parents weren’t yours, they raised you! You won’t be ungrateful and leave them alone, will you?”

“What did grandma say? How could I do such a thing? I told my mother just now that it is better to live in the city with me. Anyway, my home with Sishen is big enough. The luxury villas on the upper and lower floors and the gardens covering more than ten acres of land are enough for us to live. ” When Gu Xi thought of her mother being bullied, her anger could not help but burst out, and her tone became much tougher, “It is better for Grandma to help persuade my mother. I really want my parents to live with me!”

Grandma Gu didn’t expect Gu Xixi to wait for her here, and her tone became cold and hard, “No! Your mother can’t leave the country! If she leaves, who will do the work in the country? “

Gu Xixi sneered, “These work in the country didn’t belong to my parents!”

“Hum, your father spent so much money on the operation, and your mother was willing to give your uncle and aunt an IOU! In black and white, will your mother never default? ” Grandma Gu continued to be blunt.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Gu Xixi smiled lightly, with an indescribable irony, “It seems that my uncle and aunt are separated from my grandmother too!”

“What do you mean?” Grandma Gu didn’t believe her son would be separated from her, she would only think that Gu Xixi was stingy and reluctant to make money.

“Not long ago, I paid off all the debts for my parents with Sichen. Sichen was filial and gave uncle and aunt two million directly. She also signed a contract. From then on, my parents don’t owe anyone anything! Uncle and aunt can only find someone else to do the work in this country! ” Gu Xixi said these words in one breath, and suddenly felt the depression in his heart swept away, “Did uncle and aunt take the money and didn’t tell grandma?” That’s not the rule in our family! Even the money my husband’s family gave my mother is in the hands of you, and my uncle and aunt hold so much money in their hands, how can they not tell grandma? “

“What! what do you say? Two million! ” Grandma Gu was stimulated by this number and shouted loudly, “Why didn’t I know? How can you give them the money? I was the one who paid for the operation that year! “

“Then I don’t know.” Gu Xixi deliberately made a face of regret and said, “After all, when my father had the operation, I was still young and I was not sensible. My aunt always said the money was hers, and she still had IOUs, so I thought it was my aunt’s money! For so many years, Grandma seems to have never explained it! “

Hearing Gu Xixi’s words, Gu’s heart suffocated in an instant!

Two million!

This was no small number!

Two million was enough for her to live for several lifetimes!

“Since Grandma said that you want to buy a house for my parents, it is better to go to the county to see the house after dinner today?” Gu Xi deliberately said, “Since it is a house where my parents support the elderly, I always have to take a look at it before I can rest assured!”

Where was Grandma Gu looking at the house now? Her heart had long been upset by Gu Xixi’s two million!

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