The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 59 – Grandma Gu Is So Partial

What shameful thing is grandma doing?

Gu Xixi was startled.

Before she recovered, Yin Sichen had taken the initiative to take her hand and left quickly

Gu Xixi’s gaze fell on Yin Sichen’s finger, and the temperature passed from the other’s finger made Gu Xixi feel uncomfortable.

Yin Sichen is too into the show, right?

No one else here sees it, why are you holding it so tightly?

Gu Xixi was still thinking, and Yin Sichen’s low voice came in her ear.

He obviously bent down and said to her ear, a flow of heat came from her ears, and her whole body became stiff.

“Look, I said there will be fun to watch.” Yin Sichen’s voice promptly pulled back Gu Xixi’s thoughts, Gu Xixi forcibly suppressed the strangeness of her body, and followed Yin Sichen’s gaze. .

 At this glance, Gu Xixi’s face suddenly changed!

She saw that Grandma Gu didn’t meet the elders of the family at all, but was hiding in the house alone to count the money!

It’s nothing more than counting the money. She kept mumbling while counting, asking Mother Gu to ask herself for more money!

Gu Xixi hads never felt so embarrassed.

Especially in front of Yin Sichen, which was so shameful.

At this time, someone came in outside.

Grandma Gu was startled at first, she was about to collect the money on the table, and when she saw that the person coming in was Gu Zhenzhen, she breathed a sigh of relief and continued to count the money.

“Grandma! Didn’t you promise me to buy me a house!” As soon as Gu Zhenzhen walked in, she hugged Grandma Gu’s arms and said coquettishly, “When will you buy it for me!”

“Hey, really, you can buy your house when your big aunt asks for money from Gu Xixi! Grandma has paid the deposit, and the contract has been signed, just waiting to get the money and get the key!” Grandma Gu affectionately took Gu Zhenzhen’s hand and sat beside her and said, “When did Grandma deceive you?”

When Grandma Gu said this, Gu Zhenzhen smiled in satisfaction.

As long as she bought a house in the county town, she would be a citizen of the city!

 She could be worthy of that tall and immortal man!

“Someone called Mom and Dad just now, saying it was the eldest aunt who wanted to tell them something, and I don’t know what they said. When Dad and Mom came back, they talked about them. They kicked me out of the room. Mumbling in the room, I don’t know what to say.” Gu Zhenzhen pouted and said coquettishly: “Grandma, did you say that the aunt would ask for money from Gu Xixi? Two hundred thousand, not a small number!”

Gu Grandma snorted coldly, “She dare not!”

“Now that Gu Xixi is rich, she doesn’t help us! It is really unconscionable! It is not the blood of the Gu family, or it is unfamiliar.” Gu Zhenzhen said angrily.

What is Gu Xixi, why can he marry such a perfect man like a mansion? Why can you live in such a luxurious house, eat such exquisite dishes, wear such expensive clothes, and ride in a limited edition car?

“That’s why my grandma loves you! Gu Xixi is just a child picked up by the Gu family. How can you be important?” Grandma Gu said bitterly, “In this family, she and her mother who can’t lay eggs are the most eye-catching. It doesn’t matter, she is still useful now. When we get enough money, we will go into the city to live our good life!”

“Yeah!” Gu Zhenzhen nodded happily in response.

After seeing this scene, Gu Xixi really didn’t know what expression she should make to express her feelings at this time.

Although it has long been known that my grandmother is a bit biased, I never thought that she would be biased to this point!

She has squeezed my parents for more than 20 years, but has to squeeze them onto my head too!

I am not so cowardly tempered by my mother, but they are so bullying!

I had guessed that the two hundred thousand that my mother asked for was definitely not that simple.

Unexpectedly, this house is not in Dad’s name. Grandma should write it in Gu Zhenzhen’s name!

It’s too much!

Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi’s chest rising and falling, and a trace of distress flashed in his heart.

“Don’t worry, they may not be able to buy this house.” Yin Sichen lowered his voice and said, “Do you want revenge?”

“How to get revenge?” Gu Xixi suddenly turned her head, but unexpectedly Yin Sichen lowered his body and leaned against it. Behind him, this time around, the noses of the two nearly hit each other.

As soon as Gu Xixi turned her head, she immediately struck a pair of eyes that were as deep as stars.

Unexpectedly, from such a close look, Yin Sichen’s facial features were perfect and impeccable.

Yin Sichen didn’t seem to chat so much that Gu Xixi would suddenly turn her head. Unprepared, he fell on Gu Xixi’s eyes full of desire and expectation.

The shining eyes lightly touched Yin Sichen’s heartstrings.

He didn’t know why, but a thought came out of his heart: Don’t let her down!

Gu Xixi saw this magnified handsome face right in front of her eyes, her body stiffened and she dared not move.

She had no doubt that she could kiss each other’s lips with a slight stretch of her neck.

At such a close distance, it’s really …

The breath of each other is so clear and audible…

Yin Sichen tried his best to restrain himself, and then he didn’t subconsciously approach and kissed the watery red lips.

His Adam’s apple slid gently, the squinting eyes lightly pressed, deliberately making a calm expression, and gently replied, “I heard that your uncle has a habit of gambling…”

“What then? You will set up my uncle?” Gu Xixi was attracted by Yin Sichen’s words, and suddenly forgot the atmosphere of the sex right now.

“Yeah.” A mocking smile appeared at the corner of Yin Sichen’s mouth, “My Yin Sichen’s money, is it so easy to take?”

Gu Xixi’s heart was refreshed when he heard Yin Sichen set a plan for her uncle and aunt.


However, now grandma had paid the first payment to Gu Zhenzhen with the 200,000 Yuan given by Mrs. Yin. It seemed that the money would not be returned…

“Don’t worry, there is me!” Yin Sichen seemed to be After guessing Gu Xixi’s thoughts, he smiled softly, “Trust me!”

After saying this, Yin Sichen reached out and grabbed Gu Xixi’s head.

This was the first time Yin Sichen took the initiative to make such an intimate move to Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi was a little sluggish.

Yin Sichen, isn’t your acting too good?

After watching the good show here, the two went back to the yard silently.

At this time, the chef has already finished cooking and is waiting for the dishes.

Gu Xixi saw Xiao Ah hurriedly coming from outside and whispered something in Yin Sichen’s ear.

Yin Sichen quickly raised his eyes and glanced at Gu Xixi, then gently stretched out his right hand and waved his hand, indicating that the matter was temporarily suppressed.

Although Gu Xixi was puzzled, she didn’t ask anything too much.

Xiao A was Yin Sichen’s assistant, in charge of all aspects of things, big and small.

No matter what Xiao Ah reported, she couldn’t intervene.

After Yin Sichen waited for Xiao A to leave, he immediately smiled at Gu Xixi and said, “It’s time to invite grandma and other elders out for dinner!”

Gu Xixi nodded.

The chef next to him got the instructions, brushed his fingers, and instantly put together a long table in the yard.

Exquisite velvet napkins were folded into various shapes and placed properly.

The sterling silver tableware was laid out in one go.

The high-end chairs were placed in order according to their status.

In merely ten minutes, the originally empty courtyard instantly transformed into a high-end banquet.

Countless exquisite delicacies were put on the table like flowing water, and the tempting aroma made the dogs in the greedy family drool all the time.

Grandma Gu has come here with a big smile. As she walked, she looked at the exquisite dishes she had never eaten in her life, and said to the people around her, “Oh, today, I’m touched by the light! The old woman has never eaten such a good thing in my life! “

“That’s a blessing for the old sister-in-law!” Gu Xixi, according to her seniority, should be called “Grandpa Three” and constantly touted Gu Grandma, “I knew that my old sister-in-law was a blessed person a long time ago! Now that my granddaughter is so promising and married to a rich family, the future is endless! “

Grandma Gu listened to others’ flattery, which was unspeakable pride!

At this time, Mother Gu also came from outside.

As soon as Grandma Gu saw her mother, she looked at the past with searching eyes.

As soon as Mother Gu looked up, she saw her mother-in-law’s gaze, she couldn’t help but shivered, and quickly lowered her head, not daring to look at each other.

Seeing Mother Gu look like this, Grandma Gu knew that the money was not coming!

Grandma Gu felt anxious when she thought that the two hundred thousand were to buy a house for Gu Zhenzhen.

In her heart, Gu Xixi is just a child picked up, and of course she cannot compare with her biological granddaughter Gu Zhenzhen!

Even if she was married, Gu Xixi wanted to help her family!

Otherwise, you will raise a white-eyed wolf!

As soon as Gu Zhenzhen came out, her eyes stuck to Yin Sichen.

Why does he look better and better?

No matter what expression he makes, it is too good to look at…

Such a beautiful man was also a wealthy man worth hundreds of billions!

Why is he her brother-in-law?

Wouldn’t everything be different without Gu Xixi?

Gu Zhenzhen was always thinking of good things in her mind, and she never thought that if she didn’t have Gu Xixi, she would be a fart!

Also want to know Yin Sichen?

Dream on!

Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen greeted everyone to sit down together.

These people in the village had never seen such a big ostentation and extravagance!

The food in front of you is all meticulously crafted, as beautiful as a handicraft!

Although they were all Chinese food, none of them could be named!

Those ingredients were something they had never seen before!

“Please don’t mention it, try the craftsmanship of our chef.” Yin Sichen kept giving Gu Xixi a long face, “Xixi always regrets that when she got married, her relatives at home could not be guests. Therefore, when I went home this time, I specially brought the chef, and I must have a delicious meal to repay the care of my neighbors in the country for so many years. “

Yin Sichen’s words were just like slapping, and several people who fanned them were stunned.

Who didn’t know, when Gu Xixi was at home, she was treated like a cow every day.

Take care of it.

Burn incense if you don’t abuse it!

Mother Gu and father Gu also sat aside, and her eyes darkened when she heard what Yin Sichen said.

Father Gu was fine, and Mother Gu’s eyes were wet.

She knew that her daughter had really suffered after following her all these years.

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