The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 58 – Paying Off My Parents’ Debts

Xiao A moved a chair from outside to Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi.

Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi and sat down together.

Mother Gu’s sat uncomfortably on the corner of the police next to her, not knowing what would happen next.

Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu couldn’t figure it out, they suddenly cast their eyes, and after a slightly uneasy glance at Yin Sichen, they immediately focused their gaze on Mother Gu’.

Mother Gu felt the menacing look in Aunt Gu and Uncle Gu’s eyes, and suddenly became even more flustered.

“Uncle, aunt, I invite you two here today to discuss with you the arrears over ten years ago.” Gu Xixi took the box on the floor and placed it in front of the uncle and aunt. She opened the box and pushed it over, “This is a total of 200,000! Click it, and the money that Mom and Dad owe you is written off.”

Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu suddenly lit up!

Two hundred thousand!

This was no small number!

Gu Xixi proved to be rich!

She took out two hundred thousand casually!

Aunt Gu rolled her eyes, pressed her liking for the pile of banknotes, and closed the box all at once, “Xixi, you really are. What kind of money are you talking about on such an important day today! How hurtful!”

Uncle Gu reacted at this time, accepted the eyes from his wife, and immediately echoed and said, “Yes, yes, today is the first time that you and your son-in-law meet. What money are you talking about? Ha ha ha … “

“Uncle auntie, brother I have to settle the account clearly! This is what you uncle and aunt taught me!” Gu Xixi had no affection for this uncle and aunt!

In those days, if they hadn’t pressed hard, Mom and Dad wouldn’t have been forced to give up their jobs and return to the countryside to farm and earn money to repay their so-called arrears!

Gu Xixi’s words slapped the two people in the same face.

They wanted to attack, but they dare not.

Yin Sichen just sat there supporting Gu Xixi like a god!

Even if he didn’t say a word, and his momentum was full, it would be enough for Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu to have a cold sweat!

“For so many years, mom and dad have been doing housework for uncle and aunt, and the money earned is one of the interest! This is two hundred thousand! Can you return my mother’s debt to me? ” Gu Xi stepped forward, said tightly.

“Oh, what are you kid talking about! What IOU is not an IOU? I threw it away! It was just a joke back then that your uncle and your father are brothers, how can it be so clear?” Aunt Gu changed her tone and said, “Xie Xi, I think you misunderstood us too deeply! Auntie has always liked you very much, and always treated you as a child of the Gu family…”

Aunt gu’s words here were pulled by Uncle Gu.

Aunt Gu immediately continued smoothly, “No, you were originally the child of the Gu family! You are married so well now, don’t you plan to stay out of contact with relatives in the country? Hey, you are not such a heartless person! “

A big hat was suddenly pressed on top of Gu Xixi’s head.

Gu Xixi’s face suddenly became ugly.

What does this mean?

I brought the money here and refused to accept it. Do you think it is too little?

“Then again, it has been more than ten years! Is 200,000 years ago the same thing as the current 200,000? ” Aunt Gu deliberately pretended to look sad and said, “In order to treat your father, we went bankrupt from top to bottom! Really, the tuition fees for going to college are not neat … “

“Auntie, it really seems to be more than a hundred points away from the specialist line?” Gu Xixi couldn’t hold back for a while, and suddenly broke through aunt Gu’s lie.

Really dare to say!

Regarding Gu Zhenzhen’s grades, the high school diploma was barely obtained by spending money!

Also the university tuition!

Yin Sichen couldn’t help but smiled softly.

That smile was like the cold winter faded and the spring breeze was blowing.

Although Aunt Gu is over forty years old, she was stunned when she saw Yin Sichen’s smile!

“It seems that auntie is not satisfied with the amount of money.” Yin Sichen finally spoke, tapping the back of the chair with his slender fingers, and Xiao Ah immediately bowed and left, and returned with a large box in less than a minute.

“This is one million in cash.” Yin Sichen was full of momentum again, “There is another check for one million. Is this enough? “

Two million!

Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu were shocked!

Just took out two million casuallt!

Gu Xixi never thought that Yin Sichen would give out so much money at once!

“Uncle and aunt, you have to be sensible.” Yin Sichen said slowly, “If the two of you are not satisfied, then I can only take it back…”

Seeing that two boxes of cash were about to be taken away, Aunt Gu and Uncle Gu suddenly became anxious, held down the boxes and said to Yin Sichen obsequiously, “Enough! This time is enough! “

“Very good! That ….. that IOUs … “Yin Sichen fingers gently knocked on the back of the chair.

Xiao Ah immediately passed a folder from the side.

Yin Sichen didn’t even look at it, and threw the folder to Aunt Gu, “Thank you, aunt and uncle to sign on it.”

“This is…” Aunt Gu looked at Yin Sichen suspiciously, and reached out to open the folder.

Impressively, there was a separation contract.

In it, the property of the two families, father, mother and uncle and aunt, will be clearly divided.

The debt details of the two companies were also clearly listed.

Looking at such a neat contract with clear and strict terms, Aunt Gu’s back was covered with a layer of sweat.

Is this a contract that was prepared in advance?

Could it be that they came home this time to repay the money?

“Aunt, is there anything else you don’t understand?” Yin Sichen said elegantly, “If you need to explain, my lawyers can explain it word for word for both of you. By the way, I forgot to explain that my lawyers group covers all countries and regions around the world, and the total number of employees exceeds 1,000! “

A thousand lawyers!

The sweat beads on Aunt Gu’s back gradually increased.

She couldn’t help but wipe her sweat, and suddenly she understood the sentence Yin Sichen just said, You must be sensible, what does this sentence mean!

If she was not sensible, Yin Sichen could solve this problem without spending a penny!

Aunt Gu hurriedly wiped off her sweat and nodded like garlic, “I sign, I sign!”

Does she dare not sign it?

Dare to threaten Yin Sichen, really don’t want to live anymore, right?

Aunt Gu, shivering, took the signature pen from Xiao A’s hand, signed her name on it, and then pressed her fingerprint.

Uncle Gu also signed and pressed his fingerprint, and obediently handed the contract to Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen didn’t even look at it, only glanced at Xiao Ah, and Xiao Ah immediately accepted the contract.

“Very well, now that this matter has been completely resolved, then I won’t disturb my uncle and aunt’s time!” Yin Sichen stretched his legs and stood up from the chair, and said without question, “We should go and see what we prepared for lunch”

Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu held two boxes firmly, nodded joyfully, turned and left.

One million cash, one million cheque!

They have never seen so much money in their entire lives!

When they left, Gu Xixi immediately said to Yin Sichen, “Why give them so much money? For so many years, Mom and Dad have done so many things for them, and all the interest and principal have been paid off? Not to mention, The IOU of the year was not that they lent money to parents, but…”

“If you don’t like it, just find a way to take it back!” Yin Sichen casually replied, “My money is not so easy to collect.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen suspiciously.

Yin Sichen just smiled at Gu Xixi, and reached out to brush off the scattered hair for Gu Xixi.

Mother Gu breathed a sigh of relief next to him and said, “Xixi, Si Chen, I’m really sorry. We still have to let you pay back the debt we owed back then!”

After paying off the debt, Mother Gu was also heartbroken. Shee was relieved.

“Mom!” Gu Xi gently opened her mouth, “What are you talking about!”

Yin Sichen said with a smile, “Mom, I want to take Xixi to see how the lunch preparation is going. Can I go now?”

“Of course, Of course!” Mother Gu suddenly laughed.

Seeing her son-in-law being so caring and attentive to her daughter, the most comforting thing to be a mother is nothing but this!

Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi’s hand and quickly left the room.

The moment Yin Sichen stepped out of the door, Yin Sichen nodded at Xiao Ah, he received Yin Sichen’s instruction, and immediately bowed to Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi, turned around and left the house.

The chef team brought by Yin Sichen had already set up a tent in a corner of the yard, and all kinds of electrical appliances in pots and pans were ready.

A dozen chefs began to prepare for cooking.

In a short while, the whole village was enveloped by bursts of fragrance.

Gu Xixi was taken to the kitchen by Yin Sichen, and was shocked when she looked up!

Although she knew that Yin Sichen had brought her own chef and tableware, she never expected to bring so many!!

The top chefs in the chef’s uniform were cooking all kinds of delicious food quickly in front of the combined stove.

Do you want to be so exaggerated?

He even brought everything in the oven?

Bringing so many belongings just for a meal?

Gu Xixi was speechless for a moment.

Well, the world of the rich cannot really be understood by ordinary people’s thinking!

Yin Sichen glanced at Gu Xixi, and he instantly understood what Gu Xixi meant.

“Are you not afraid that your grandma, uncle and aunt will poison you?” Yin Sichen’s voice was low and dull, indescribably sexy and charming.

“What nonsense!” Gu Xixi raised her eyebrows and looked at Yin Sichen, “Although they don’t like me, they won’t do such a thing.”

Yin Sichen smiled lightly and said, “Come, I’ll take you there. Watch a good show.”

“What a good show … hey, where are you going to pull me?” Gu Xixi couldn’t help but cry, “Now grandma must be chatting with the elders in the family. What are we going to see!”

“Of course it’s a good show you’ve never seen before.” Yin Sichen’s mouth floated with a sarcastic smile, “Look at what your grandmother is doing!”

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