The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 57 – You Want To Borrow Money?

 Gu Xixi’s face blushed.

Why am I embarrassed to talk to Yin Sichen?

“If the amount is too large, if you can’t be the lender, then forget it …” Gu Xi’s eyes gently said, “Let me say nothing today …”

Xiao Ah took a look, Gu Xixi said this. It was a misunderstanding!

Xiao Ah immediately said, “No! Young lady, you misunderstood! I’m going to prepare money, is two hundred thousand enough? I have millions of cash in my car at any time!”

Millions of cash …

Gu Xixi opened her mouth, swallowed hard and said, “No, 200,000 is enough!”

“Well, wait a minute, I’ll bring it over!” Xiao Ah immediately replied.

Gu Xixi watched Xiao Ah’s back leave from her own sight, and couldn’t help feeling: He is the assistant of the rich! With millions of cash at any time! This is what kind of confidence!

As soon as Xiao Ah left Gu Xixi’s sight, he immediately called Yin Sichen to report the situation here.

After Yin Sichen hung up the phone, the corners of his mouth cocked slightly.

Borrowing money?


Would she rather borrow money from Xiao Ah than talk to him?

There was a dangerous gleam across the eyes under the narrow corners of the eyes.

Gu Zhenzhen stood not far away, staring at Yin Sichen’s back.

So handsome, really handsome!

Since Yin Sichen came to propose marriage that day, Gu Zhenzhen had completely fallen into Yin Sichen.

How could such a perfect man be so cheap? Gu Xixi?

Isn’t it because Gu Xixi is pregnant?

I can give birth too!

Gu Zhenzhen made up her mind and slowly approached Yin Sichen.

In Gu Zhenzhen’s sight, Yin Sichen, who was tall, noble, and handsome, had gradually turned into countless wealth, status, reputation, and enjoyment of countless glory.

Yin Sichen turned around abruptly, his eyes pressed, and the aura of his whole body suddenly let go.

Gu Zhenzhen’s footsteps stopped suddenly, and he didn’t dare to take a step forward again!

“Sister…Brother-in-law…” Gu Zhenzhen said timidly, her eyes rolled, and she cautiously stepped forward and said, “Brother-in-law, why are you here alone?”

Yin Sichen’s narrow and long eyes swept over Gu Zhenzhen, deadpan and turned to go.

He saw too much of this look.

This kind of woman was not qualified to let him answer questions.

Seeing that Yin Sichen turned around and left without even giving an answer, Gu Zhenzhen gritted her teeth secretly.

Humph, what’s so great! Isn’t it just being handsome, and then having money in the family… Damn, damn!

Gu Zhenzhen looked at Yin Sichen’s handsome and innocent back, and the ripples in her heart became bigger and bigger.

“Brother-in-law, where are you going? Wait for me! ” Seriously biting his teeth, she cried coily, “Brother-in-law, you left without a good stroll last time. Why don’t I show you around?”

Before Gu Zhenzhen had time to get close, a bodyguard in a black suit suddenly shot out halfway, blocking Gu Zhenzhen’s pace.

“You…” Gu Zhenzhen was stopped by the bodyguards, and could only watch Yin Sichen leave from his sight. She couldn’t help stomping her feet severely, her expression unwilling.

Gu Zhenzhen glared at the black bodyguard, turned and left angrily.

Gu Zhenzhen returned to her room, feeling unfair how she thought.

In terms of appearance, she was much more beautiful than Gu Xixi!

In terms of age, she was younger than Gu Xixi!

When it came to courting men, she didn’t think the cowardly Gu Xixi would be better than her!

But why did such a good man not fall on her head?

Gu Xixi waited for a long time, and finally waited for Xiao Ah…and Yin Sichen.

Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen who was standing at the door, and was taken aback.

Xiao Ah stepped back and stood behind Yin Sichen.

Although he didn’t say a word, his expression had explained everything clearly!

 “Are you short of money?” Yin Sichen glanced at Mrs. Gu in the room and lowered his voice, “You want to borrow money?”

“I…” Gu Xixi bit her lip, with a little anxiety in her eyes, said softly, “I… can I advance four months of pocket money in advance? My side…”

“I remember I gave you a credit card, and you can withdraw indefinitely.” Yin Sichen suddenly interrupted Gu Xixi’s words, “How many times have you used it?”

“Once…” Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen timidly.

“Oh?” Yin Sichen’s eyes narrowed, “This credit card I gave you is my secondary card. If you swipe the card, I won’t know it…”

“Well, I tell the truth. I have never used it once.” Gu Xixi obediently lowered her head to admit her mistake.

She didn’t want to swipe Yin Sichen’s card.

She didn’t want to get involved too much when she left in the future.

Yin Sichen changed the topic, “What do you want this money for?”

Gu Xixi bit her lip and replied dullly, “I want to pay off the debt that Mom and Dad owed to the uncle’s family at once! From then on, Mom and Dad will no longer have to work for the uncle and aunt…”

Yin Sichen nodded and said, “Yes! Since it is to pay the debts for my father-in-law, how can I as son-in-law not be present? Xiao Ah, go and ask the uncle and aunt to come over! “

“Yes, President.” Xiao Ah put the box on the ground and turned around to ask a bodyguard to invite Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu to come over.

“I …” Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen with a pleading eye, “Mom doesn’t know about us …”

“Shh…” The slender fingers gently pressed on Gu Xixi’s lips. An evil smile was drawn from the corner of his mouth, “Since you want to solve this matter, then it will be solved completely.”

Gu Xixi was dazed, looking up at Yin Sichen with a blank look.

Yin Sichen’s gaze fell on his finger.

The finger was still gently pressing Gu Xixi’s full lips.

The tenderness coming from the fingertips made Yin Sichen’s heart tremble slightly.

He couldn’t help but suddenly think of that night in the hospital, he couldn’t control his heart, and kissed her hard while Gu Xi Xi was asleep …

After three days, he actually missed the kiss a little …

Gu Xixi had no idea what Yin Sichen was thinking at this moment, but she also found that Yin Sichen had been blocking her mouth.

Gu Xixi reached out and knocked Yin Sichen’s finger off. She lowered her voice and said, “Please help me once today! I don’t want to watch mom and dad being exploited by my uncle and aunt anymore! For so many years, my uncle and aunt have been asking my parents to do everything on the grounds that they owe them money. I really love my mother … “

“Xixi, what are you doing outside?” Before Yin Sichen could answer, Mother Gu’s voice came from the house.

Gu Xixi eagerly reached out and grabbed Yin Sichen’s finger, shaking it lightly, looking at Yin Sichen with pleading eyes.

Don’t let mom see it, no!

Don’t let mother know that we are just contracted couples!

Yin Sichen felt the touch brought by the gentle little hands, his eyes lifted slightly, and the beautiful flowers under his eyes eclipsed the flowers and plants in the yard.

Mother Gu walked out of the house and saw the scene in front of her as soon as she came out.

His son-in-law looked at her daughter with deep affection.

That kind of spoiling and affection was definitely not disguised!

Seeing this scene, Mother Gu’s was relieved from the bottom of her heart.

It seemed that Xixi did not lie to her.

A woman, loved by her husband. This was probably the happiest thing.

“Mom…” Yin Sichen took the lead, “Xixi told me to talk about an old account with her uncle and aunt. Xixi is right. Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier? If you are a son-in-law, do it for your mother’s family. It should be something.”

Gu Xixi was dumbfounded, suddenly raised her head, and slammed into the squishy eyes of Yin Sichen’s eyes, and her heart trembled.

God! Yin Sichen’s acting skills were absolutely amazing!

If you don’t know clearly that we are only a contractual husband and wife with him, you will be moved by such eyes, right?

No wonder those women have no resistance to Yin Sichen!

It was because these eyes were really too warm, too … sweet …

Mother Gu quickly explained to Gu Xixi, “Si Chen, it’s actually unnecessary! Mom will pay back this little money slowly, not in a hurry. ……”

Mother Gu was afraid that Gu Xixi would make the Yin family look down upon her because of the money, so she quickly explained to Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi’s heart was sour.

Mother must feel that if she asks Yin Sichen for money, her status in the Yin family will be very low in the future.

Mother has suffered all her life. She doesn’t want to live the same life as her!

Although she is not her own biological mother, she really suffered from this affection.

Gu Xixi’s eyes couldn’t help but flush.

Yin Sichen seemed to feel the sadness in Gu Xixi’s heart, and slowly said, “Mom, don’t say that. The son-in-law is half a son. Since Xixi has married me, then I will also do this filial duty.

“Mom…” Gu Xixi let go of Yin Sichen’s hand, turned around and hugged her mother.

The mother and daughter hugged each other, and their eyes were a little moist.

In the next second, Gu Xixi’s Aunt voice floated from a distance, “Oh, son-in-law, why did you call us here over?”

Gu Xixii and her mother immediately released their arms after hearing the sound.

Both of them wiped the corners of their eyes secretly to prevent the other from seeing their gaffe.

“Oh, sister-in-law, look at you! It’s a good thing for Xixi to go back to her family’s house, why did you wipe your tears?” The aunt’s face was filled with enthusiasm, as if Yin Sichen was her son-in-law, “Son-in-law, you guys Why are you standing outside talking? Come on, come in and say!”

Aunt Gu went into Gu Xixi’s room without any explanation, just as smooth as entering her own room.

Yin Sichen’s eyes darkened, stretched out his hand to hold Gu Xixi’s hand, and walked in.

It seems that it is indeed time to clean up the old accounts today.

Otherwise, this little woman won’t be relieved!

Everyone went into the room together.

“Sit down, don’t be polite, son-in-law!” Aunt Gu greeted Yin Sichen enthusiastically to sit down.

Yin Sichen looked at the furnishings of the room. It was no different from when he came last time. He saw that there was no place to sit. He could only nod his head but remained motionless.

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