The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 56 – Mother Gu Take The Initiative To Ask For Money

Chapter 56 Take the initiative to ask for money from my mother

“Xixi, you… how much money … you have in your hand?” When Mother Gu finished saying this, she had already buried her face deeply in her palm.

This was the task given to her by Grandma Gu today.

Ask for a sum of money from Gu Xixi’s hands!

Gu Xixi was silent for a while.

Since I was a child, I took the initiative to give my mother money, and my mother never took the initiative to ask for money!

No matter how hard it is, my mother always comes through by herself, and speaks to her.

Why did mom suddenly ask her for money today?

“Mom, are you short of money? I still have 50,000 yuan in my hand. Look … “Gu Xixi took out a card from her bag and handed it to her mother.” This is the money I saved this month. Just buy whatever you want to eat and shop! It’s not enough…”

“Xixi, your grandmother still lacks 200,000 to buy a house!” Mother Gu gritted her teeth and finally said, “Do you think you can give me another 200,000? Your grandmother promised me that as long as I asked you for another 200,000 yuan and renovated the house in the county town, she would no longer care about me and your father! “

“Mom …” Gu Xi suddenly stood up, “Whose name is this house?”

She didn’t know why Gu Xixi had a bad feeling.

This money was given by Yin’s family, although it was not stated that it was for Mother Gu.

But everybody knows that this was a son-in-law who respects his father-in-law.

This money was in someone else’s house, which belongs to Mother Gu.

However, this was the Gu family, so it was hard to say.

“Your name.” Mother Gu replied in a low voice, “Your grandmother said that she only lives in this house temporarily, and will give it to us in the future.”

Gu Xixi patted her forehead, she knew it!

Grandma was that kind of person, it is absolutely not written in the name of mom or dad!

Grandma is so eccentric, I’m afraid this house will not fall on mom and dad in the end, right?

No wonder today’s uncle and aunt are so diligent. It was this idea!

Four hundred thousand!

You know that in this small town, a one hundred and fifty flat house is only three hundred thousand!

Plus hundreds of decorations in the county are definitely the greatest atrocities!

Grandma is really good at calculating!

Easily pick 400,000 yuan from my hands and give it to my uncle and aunt!

“Mom! Didn’t I tell you last time, take the money to pay back the debts to the uncle’s family first? ” Gu Xixi suddenly remembered this thing, “Have you not returned it?”

Mother Gu’s face was a bit ugly, “I didn’t even touch the money, and it was taken away by your grandmother …”

Gu Xixi felt that she was going to vomit blood!

“What about the money I gave you last time?” Gu Xixi asked eagerly, “Where is the money I gave you alone?”

The money was the pocket money given by Mrs. Yin to Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi didn’t want to spend it, so she gave it all to her mother.

Although it was only tens of thousands of dollars, it could make her mother’s life a little easier for the time being.

“Your father, he …” Mother Gu replied a little embarrassed, “Your father said that because of your marriage, the real marriage was almost ruined. Your uncle and aunt insisted that our family lose money, so your father took the money and gave it as a dowry.”

Hearing these words from her mother, Gu Xixi was instantly stupefied!

The Gu family is too much of a bully!

Gu Xixi felt that she was holding her breath in her lungs and couldn’t catch her breath!

Mother Gu saw that Gu Xixi’s face had changed, and suddenly she was startled. She quickly patted Gu Xixi on her chest, “Xi Xi, don’t scare your mother! Hey, what happened to you? “

Seeing her mother’s anxious tears were about to fall, Gu Xixi took a deep breath and exhaled the foul air that had accumulated in her chest!

I really want to be forced to death by this family.

“Mom, how much money does our family owe to the uncle and aunt?” GGu Xixi knew that she might really not be able to wait for the birth of this child, so she must hurry up to let her mother leave this Gu family who cannibalize people without spitting out bones!

“There are still almost two hundred thousand.” Mother Gu hesitated and replied, “This year your aunt said that the harvest is not good. Your father and I may not make much money.”

“Mom, this is good. I will try to give you 200,000 yuan and completely pay off the debts to the uncle’s family. Will you go to the city with me?” Gu Xi Xi looked at his mother with expectantly. 

I am not afraid of hard work, but I just don’t trust my mother to be bullied like this at home!

“How can it be! Your grandma is old, and I have to wash clothes and cook at home to take care of your grandma! Xixi, mother has no ability to have children in this life, it is mother who is sorry for the Gu Family, mother has nothing to complain! As long as you can be happy, mother There will be no regrets in this life!” Mother Gu resolutely refused and said, “But, I will not leave the Gu family! Xixi, the moment I am married into the Gu family’s gate, I was born to be a member of the Gu family, and died is the ghost of the Gu family! “

Hearing Mother Gu’s answer, Gu Xixi almost suffocated herself with a mouthful of blood!

What else can I do!

“Mom!” Gu Xixi could only shout, she really didn’t know what else she could say!

It is because of my mother’s kindness and weakness that my grandmother has been bullying her for more than 20 years!

On the other hand, my aunt, since she entered the family door, her fingers have never touched the hot spring water. All the big and small jobs at home have become mom’s business!

Even the money that my father spent on medical treatment back then, my aunt claimed that 200,000 of the 400,000 medical expenses spent was the property inherited by her family. If it is spent in advance, it is equivalent to owing 200,000 to the aunt’s family, and then worried Mom and Dad relied on their accounts, so they forced their mother to write an IOU.

Then my uncle and aunt used this IOU to force my parents to work for them for so many years! Just give mom and dad a little salary every year.

I earned my college tuition by working for myself!

I am really …

“Xixi, I have wronged you for so many years. It is because your mother is not good, and not capable…” Mother Gu said in a low voice, “But mother can’t help it. Mother is already Gu’s family. No matter how hard and tired, my mother will have to hold on!”

“Mom!” Gu Xixi suddenly hugged her mother’s waist.

For so many years, every time she said she would leave with her mother, her mother would say so.

“Mom, didn’t you promise me to go to the city with me when I bought my own house?” Gu Xixi held her mother’s waist and kept coquetry, “Mom, how can you keep your word?” Also, when my baby is born, you will be a grandmother! Didn’t you promise to follow me to the city to look after the baby? “

No, you have to take your mother away from the Gu’s house if you say anything!

Never let my mother continue to be a cow and a horse in Gu’s family!

Mother Gu sighed and said, “Xixi, mother knows what you mean. Your kindness is appreciated by your mother, but if I follow you, what will your father and your grandma do? I have been taking care of them for so many years. I’m leaving, who cooks and washes them?”

“Mom…we can take Dad! And grandma and uncles and aunts to take care of! Aunty always said to honor family? Let aunty take care of grandma for a while! You have been taking care of her for more than 20 years, we should let aunt take care of her too!” Gu Xixi continued to act like a baby, “Mom, I may only have this child in my life. You are grandma, you can’t leave me alone?”

“The Yin family is rich and powerful. Can no one take care of your children for you?” Mother Gu still hesitated.

“Mom, it’s one thing for the Yin family to be rich, but no matter how hard it is for others to be grandma!” Gu Xixi will not be discouraged, and she will continue to persuade her mother, “Mom, I have nothing to do now. Inexperienced, how do you let me take the children! You promised me! Follow me into the city!”

“Okay, little fathers, I’m really scared of you! Let me discuss it with your dad.” Mother Gu was also worried about Gu Xixi, with her husband and mother-in-law on one side and her newly married daughter on the other. Both were worried!

Gu Xixi got her mother’s answer, and finally felt calm.

Two hundred thousand, this was not a small amount!

Although the Yin family would give herf a sum of pocket money every month, she gave all the pocket money for this month to her mother. Where could the money be paid back to auntie for the 200,000?

Gu Xixi thought for a while, the only person she could ask for help…was Yin Sichen.

However, would he give himself the money?

My pocket money is 50,000 yuan per month, and I need four months to save enough.

But now …

No, I have to go home this time, which completely solved the debt problem of my parents.

Regardless of whether the mother will stay at Gu’s house in the future, at least my parents would no longer have to work for her uncles and aunts, and they would be scolded for ungratefulness with a meager salary!

Gu Xixi patted her mother’s hand and opened the door. As soon as she looked up, she saw Xiao Ah standing not far away, waiting for a call anytime.

“Madam, what is your order?” Xiao Ah came over with a very long look.

“Little A … I want to ask you something…” Gu Xixi bit her lip and said, “Look, there is something… I don’t know if it is appropriate to tell you…”

“Young lady, don’t say that. The president instructed, no matter what the young lady needs, just speak up.” Xiao Ah’s keen eyes swept across the room’s Mother Gu, and whispered, “Is the young lady going to take something?”

Gu Xixi bit her lip. She asked uncomfortably, “Can you… lend me a sum of money?”

Borrowing money?

Even though Xiao Ah had seen big winds and waves with Yin Sichen, he still recovered after being frightened by Gu Xixi’s words for three seconds.

“Young lady, are you short of money?” Xiao Ah llooked at Gu Xixi with a slightly horrified expression, “How much money do you need?”

“Two hundred thousand.” Gu Xixi felt ashamed to borrow money from Yin Sichen’s assistant.

As the young lady of Yin’s consortium, it was indeed very embarrassing that she couldn’t even get two hundred thousand.

 Xiao Ah’s eyes shook instantly.

Only two hundred thousand, was it worth borrowing?

“Did I borrow a lot? In fact, one hundred and fifty thousand is fine!” Gu Xixi saw Xiao Ah in a daze for a long time, thinking that she had borrowed too much money, and quickly changed her words, “I still have fifty in my hand. Ten thousand pocket money is enough to barely add up…”

“Young lady, you are short of money, why don’t you tell the president?” Xiao Ah thought this was a bit big.

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