Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 9: Rewarded

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The sky within the borders of Eastern State was clear.

There were countless powerful sects in the Eastern State, with the ninth-grade sect being the lowest and the first-grade sect being the highest. Furthermore, there was only one holy land in Eastern State!

There was no rank for this force above the powerful sect in the Eastern State. The holy land’s name was Qiandi Sect!

At this moment, within the main hall of Qiandi Sect, dozens of elders gathered here, their expressions were very ugly.

“Our sect’s supreme inheritage has been broken, several important techniques have been stolen, even though some disciples sorted out some techniques to be submitted, but the neglected yet important techniques couldn’t be found ……”

“Throughout the ages, how many holy lands have been destroyed because of broken inheritage? Our Qiandi Sect must not follow in the footsteps.”

“The Sect Master is in seclusion, what can we do?”

“There is no hurry, wait for the Grand Elder to return first, the Grand Elder has already gone to capture that outlaw Zhang San.”


Right at this moment, a figure flew into the great hall. It was the black-robed old man, the Grand Elder of the Qiandi Sect!

All the elders rose to pay their respects.

“Grand Elder!”

The black-robed old man waved his hand, signaling the crowd to dispense with the courtesy.

Looking at the crowd of elders who opened their mouths to ask questions, he took the lead and spoke up.

“Those cultivation methods have not been recovered so far, but Zhang San has been captured by me and is now locked up in a cage. I have already asked the Sect Master for instructions on this matter, and the Sect Master will personally deal with it later!”

“What exactly happened, forget it, I’ll tell you personally.”

The Grand Elder explained in detail what Zhang San said as an excuse, as well as all the causes and consequences of the whole incident. After listening to it, all the elders were ‘angry’.

“This outlaw, does he really consider himself as something?”

“How dare he tease the Grand Elder, he deserves to die!

“He even dared to tease the Grand Elder, he should be rewarded …… cough, should be beaten ……”

Looking at this group of people that focus on how he was teased, black lines appeared on the Grand Elder’s face. This was a very serious matter, alright. Your focus was straying too far.

His face was obviously darkened before, but at this time it was calm ……

And what the hell is that holding back laughter and blushing? The cultivation methods being stolen was a serious matter, how dare you have the mood to laugh? No, this group of people seemed to have a problem with him.

The great elder’s eyes widened and he just wanted to question this group of people when a voice suddenly came in.

“This Zhang San did not lie.”

The many elders looked up.

An expressionless middle-aged man with a square face and full of authority stepped in. This person was the current Sect Master of the Qiandi Sect, Qian Yuan.

Many elders, including the Grand Elder, restrained themselves and bowed towards Sect Master Qian Yuan.

“Greetings, Sect Master!”

Sect Master Qian Yuan casually waved his hand and sat on the seat of honor of the hall, while saying expressionlessly afterwards, “You may be excused.”

“I have used our sect’s secret techniques on Zhang San and confirmed that Zhang San is indeed not lying, the secret manuals of the major sects, including some of our sect’s secret manuals, were all sold by Zhang San to a sect called the Daoless Sect for eight taels of silver.”


The elders were in an uproar.

Eight taels of silver to sell the secret manuals of so many sect, which include the important techniques of their holy land and so on? That was simply the most ridiculous thing in the world!!! No one would believe it if it was said out loud.

The elders couldn’t return to their senses.

The Grand Elder reacted quickly, and he asked: “Sect Master! Since this Zhang San is not lying, then where is this Daoless Sect? Could it be that what Zhang San said about the Heavenly Mist Mountain is also true? But I have already been to the Heavenly Mist Mountain that Zhang San said, and it is simply an empty land.”

Sect Master Qian Yuan shook his head and said, “According to what Zhang San said, the Sect Master of that Daoless Sect is a supreme being of the Crossing Calamity Realm, and it is likely that the Daoless Sect is a secluded sect, so it is too simple to be able to conceal it from your probing, Grand Elder.”

Crossing Calamity Realm!!!

Secluded sect!!!

When these two terms came out, the many elders who hadn’t relaxed almost fell to their knees.

Crossing Calamity Realm powerhouse!

In this world, the Crossing Calamity Realm was already the strongest existence!

In the entire Eastern State, except for holy lands such as the Qiandi Sect, which had one or two Daoist elders of the Crossing Calamity Realm, no other sects had a Crossing Calamity Realm existence. 

This shows the scarcity of the Crossing Calamity Realm powerhouse.

But if it was from a secluded sect, then it was normal ……

According to the ancient secret records, because of the changes that occurred, or the catastrophe or the emergence of the world’s most powerful.

Some sects chose to be secluded from the world, cultivating in great concentration, and ignoring world affairs. After a long period of time, they gradually became unknown, and so they were called the secluded sects.

But undoubtedly, every secluded sect was powerful and mysterious that has gone through the test of time.

Saying that a secluded sect has a Crossing Calamity Realm existence was very reasonable!

“Sect Master, now that there is a secluded sect in the Eastern State, will this be a threat to our holy land’s rule?”

“That’s not the point, the point was what is this secluded sect’s attitude towards Eastern State’s Holy Land?”

“If it is possible to be handled amicably, let’s handle it amicably ……”

The elders opened their mouths, most of them were choosing to try to befriend this ‘secluded sect’ Daoless Sect.

Who did not know how deep the secret of a secluded sect was. It wouldn’t be good to have a bad relationship, it was better to befriend it.

Sect Master Qian Yuan was once again shaking his head.

“Now we don’t even know where the other side is. How can we talk about friendship? What I mean is, first send someone to try to contact this secluded Daoless Sect. Probe the other side’s attitude, then decide the next step.” Sect Master Qian Yuan slowly said.

“This method may be feasible.”

“But who will be sent to contact this secluded sect?”

Many elders were talking, all whispering about who would be better to contact the secluded sect.

Seeing this, the Grand Elder stepped out and said benevolently, “Sect Master, let me go!”

Sect Master Qian Yuan pondered for a moment, nodded and agreed.

An elder, however, muttered: “Sect Master, it would not be good to let the Grand Elder go, the Grand Elder’s mental capability can be teased by an outlaw, if we let the Grand Elder go, would this not be a disgrace to our Holy Land ……”

The Grand Elder immediately blew his beard(1) and glared, staring straight at that elder, and appeared as though wanted to beat him.

Has it been too long since he beat them? Someone actually dared to outrightly said that he was stupid?? He’s going to drag this person to the back of the mountain and bury him! To restore his dignity!

Sect Master Qian Yuan looked at this scene and frowned, “Stop it, Grand Elder please make preparations to visit the secluded sect.”

The Grand Elder smiled and let out a long sigh as he turned around and prepared to go out.

Alas, this Sect Master was still biased towards this elder.

He was ultimately going to pay for his mistake ……

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