The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 91 – Immortal Body

“This is the Plane Lord?! The Primordial Lord has surpassed the Heavenly Gods!” Feeling Zhu Yan’s terrifying aura, Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng was so excited that he couldn’t believe it.

The crowd of experts of the Warring Empire was even more excited and could not be suppressed.

“Lord Patriarch has achieved the Plane Lord! He will be able to crush these people!”

“Our Warring Empire will be able to sweep the Buddha Bearing Continent in no time!”

One of the old ancestors of the Warring Empire, the grand marshal said incoherently, with an excited face.

Lu Yiping’s face was calm. He could see that this Warring Empire Ancestor Zhu Yan was a Plane Lord who had just recently broken through.

The realm of Plane Lord was not very solid yet. Feeling the strange aura, if any, in the other party’s surging power, Lu Yiping smiled coldly.

Zhu Yan’s whole body aura was still rising, and the power of the Realm Lord was unrestrained, sweeping across heaven and earth.

He looked coldly at Lu Yiping, “Originally, if you had listened to me just now and put the people down, you would still be able to leave alive, now, not only you, your men, all of your beasts will die!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled heatedly at his words.

At this time, the power of Zhu Yan’s Plane Lord operated to the extreme, and he fiercely blasted towards Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and Qiang Liang.

Evidently, he intended to finish off Lu Yiping and the three of them with a single punch.

“Black Dragon Prison!” Fist waves rolled. Darkness roared furiously. Only a black dragon was seen forming.

These black dragons were precisely the coalescence of the power of the plane.

The plane’s power was far above the power of the Heavenly Gods and the power of the True Gods.

Looking at the rolling wave of the dark dragon’s fist, Lu Yiping raised his hand and casually threw a fist out.

When Lu Yiping’s fist blasted out, it was as if the sun burst open. The fist shone millions of feet, and the heaven and earth lit up. Not only did the people of the Warring Empire see the millions of feet of light, but even the many cities far away from the Warring Empire also saw the appalling fist mane.

The horrifying fist light collided with the black dragon fist wave.

The sky and the earth were set back.

The surrounding Warring Empire experts were all shaken to the core and spurted more than blood.

The crowd was horrified.

At this time, the black dragon fist wave made by the plane’s power kept breaking up and bursting apart.

The horrifying fist light instantly passed through the black dragon’s body and blew Zhu Yan, the founder of the Warring Empire, away with a devastating force.

Zhu Yan burst into a fine mass of blood and flesh when he was in mid-air.

The chaotic mountain-like pressure that had been pressing down on the people of the Warring Empire disappeared.

The crowd of the Warring Empire froze.

“Impossible! How could the Lord Ancestor die when he broke through the Plane Lord!” Warring Grand Emperor Zhu Zheng’s eyes were dumbfounded, his face full of excitement had disappeared, and he was unable to believe it.

The other old ancestors and grand marshals of the Warring Empire also had dead faces.

“Who said that if you break through the Plane Lord, you can’t die?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull snorted, “Even if you surpass the Plane Lord, you will die as well.”

Just then, Zhu Yan, who had been blasted into a fine mass of flesh and blood, suddenly glowed with light as flesh and blood continued to merge and began to fuse, and finally, once again, coalesced into Zhu Yan.

The crowd of the Fighting Empire was stunned and then delighted.

Qiang Liang’s eyes shrank.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed coldly, “The regenerative power of the Yin Borer Race! I’ve long felt strange, and it’s really those old undead puppets of the Yin Borer Clan!”

Ancient Yin borer race, their blood, flesh, soul, had the power of regeneration. Even if it was burst, it was still able to coalesce again and regenerated.

However, this battle empire ancestor Zhu Yan was not the real Yin borer race but had been given the blood of the Yin borer race who had the power of regeneration.

Just like the Lord Blood Ancestor, after being bitten by it, he had the ability of the Blood Race.

When the people of the Warring Empire heard the Dragon Horned Golden Bull mention the Yin Borer tribe, they were puzzled.

Zhu Yan was astonished and doubtful.

Obviously, did not expect that Lu Yiping even know about the Yin borer tribe.

At this time, Lu Yiping dragged Zhu Yan to the front with a single hand.

Zhu Yan was shocked and smiled coldly, “Who are you? Since you know the Yin Borer tribe, you know that our Yin Borer tribe is the supreme hegemon of the world, and no one who opposes our Yin Borer tribe will end up well!”

“Moreover, you can’t kill me at all, and now, if you let me go and join our Yin Borer Clan, I can beg Lord Saint to grant you immortality!”

Zhu Yan’s words made the Dragon Horned Golden Bull giggle and spit out his mouth, “Give us immortality? Do you really think you are immortal after getting a little blood from those inhuman and ghostly things of the Yin Borers?”

“My master just did not kill you, and you really think you are unkillable?”

Lu Yiping also did not bother to talk nonsense with the other party and then performed the soul search. However, when Lu Yiping was just about to search Zhu Yan’s soul, suddenly, he encountered strong resistance.

The Yin Borer Tribe’s expert had obviously planted a ban in Zhu Yan’s soul.

With a cold hum, Lu Yiping directly shattered the Yin Borer tribe’s restrictions.

Soon, Lu Yiping ended his soul search, and a golden flame appeared in his palm, which wrapped around Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan shouted in horror, “Impossible! Lord Saint said that I have an immortal body, I can’t be killed at all!”

“Who are you?!”

 “Against the Yin Borer Clan, the Yin Borer Clan will not spare you!”

As Zhu Yan screamed miserably, soon, he was incinerated cleanly and finally, turned into nothingness.

The Yin Borer clan does have the power of regeneration, but if flesh and blood are completely incinerated, they will also be too dead to die and will never be reincarnated.

Lu Yiping walked towards a group of old ancestors of the Warring Empire, the grand marshal.

Among these old ancestors and marshals of the Warring Empire, quite a few were the Life Killing Dao people.

Seeing Lu Yiping coming over, the group of old ancestors and marshals of the Warring Empire retreated in fear and suddenly fled in panic.

Looking at the Warring Empire scattered a group of old ancestors, marshals, the Eye od Eternal Night appeared in Lu Yiping’s hands. The heaven and earth instantly turned dark and fell into the eternal night.

When the heaven and earth regained their light, the Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng found that almost half of the old ancestors and marshals who had fled in panic had fallen in a pool of blood, and their heads had rolled down to the ground.

At this point, almost all of the senior members of the Life Killing Dao had perished.

Lu Yiping coldly looked at Zhu Zheng, “Life Killing Dao, there are still tens of thousands of disciples lurking in your Warring Empire army, officials, within a month, if you do not clean up, then, I will personally strike, but if I personally strike, more than tens of thousands of people will die.”

After saying that,  he left with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Qiang Liang.

The Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng looked at the departing Lu Yiping, and his face looked ugly.

And after Lu Yiping left the Warring Emperor Palace, he directly left the Warring Emperor Capital and headed to the Taihua Buddha Sect.

At this time, in the center of the Taihua Buddha Sect, a deep, bottomless abyss several miles in circumference appeared on the ground.

Within the abyss, hundreds of millions of devils laughed wildly and kept flying out of it, killing and feeding on the disciples of the Taihua Budha Sect.

A lot of screaming and bloody scenes.

The Taihua Buddha Sect, the head of the Buddha Sect, was usually filled with Buddha light, but at this time, the devil Qi rushed to the sky, had completely turned into a blood prison.

When billions of devils rushed out of the abyssal devil cave, a large group of experts appeared over the Taihua Buddha Sect, these experts were from various sects and clans of the Buddha Bearing Continent.

Among the leading few, the Star Seeking Buddha looked indifferently at the Taihua Buddha Sect disciples being continuously sucked below and spoke, “The destruction of the Taihua Buddha Sect is imminent, everyone go to the Taihua Buddha Sect treasures and takes all the Buddha treasures away, don’t let these Buddha treasures fall into the hands of these heavenly devils!”

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