Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 8: It’s a Nice Day

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Inside the Dharma Transmission Hall.

Ye Luo held the book in his hand and sat on the corner, his eyes shining brightly.

Through this book that recorded the secrets of the ancient times, he had vaguely understood his own situation.

In ancient times, people originally had no spiritual roots, and the birth of spiritual roots was considered a kind of shackle of heaven and earth on people … And in this book, there was a hypothesis.

Heaven and earth set up the human body with spiritual roots to limit its cultivation.

Suppose when a person was born with some extraordinary powerful physique, then the spiritual roots will not be able to limit its cultivation speed. Due to the different periods of time, there might be some changes, but as long as they can cultivate, that would inevitably advance rapidly …

If he was not wrong, he was this type of person.

Ye Luo took a deep breath and muttered, “So, I’m not a waste, but a person with a powerful talent. No wonder Master would let me come to the Dharma Transmission Hall, and it was in order to make me understand all this. Master, the disciple, understands your intention!”

He was still a little excited.

Anyone who had carried the name of ‘waste material’ for so many years would feel uncomfortable. Now that he understood that he was the one who was truly gifted and powerful, all of a sudden, he was relieved.

He was not the one who was abandoned by heaven! Instead, he was the one envied by heaven!!!

At the same time, the last bit of doubt he had about his master was also solved.

He just said his master was a Crossing Calamity Realm powerhouse, the sect master of a secluded sect. Why did he not choose those with heavenly spiritual roots and earthly spiritual roots as disciples. Instead, he chose him, a person without spiritual roots, as a disciple. It turned out that the reason was because he was the real strong talent!

Ye Luo, who learned this, did not have any pride, but instead, he felt more pressure in his heart.

If it weren’t for his master, who had asked him to come to the Dharma Transmission Hall, he wouldn’t have known about these secret records. All of this was bestowed by his master, and he must not let his master’s expectations down.

Ye Luo had a fighting spirit in his eyes. He put the book back to its original place, turned around, and walked out of the Dharma Transmission Hall.

He was going to comprehend the Dao and practice his sword. He wanted to grow up as soon as possible to repay his master’s supreme kindness!

Ye Luo no longer hesitated and quickly went back to the main hall square to enlighten himself.

In this way, Ye Luo entered the stage of hard cultivation, comprehending the Dao during the day and practicing the sword at night, day after day.


In a flash, several days passed.

This day, a group of people gathered in a clearing outside the Heavenly Mist Mountain. The cultivation base of the people who were threading the air was from Golden Core and reached God Transformation realm.

It was the powerhouses from the major sects.

The black-robed old man at the head of the group carried Zhang San looked ashen at the clouds and fog around him.

He swept his divine sense.

Where was that Heavenly Mist Mountain … This Zhang San was clearly fooling them!!!

“Outlaw, truly worthy of being an outlaw. Still daring to deceive us to this extent, you are indeed a carefree outlaw!!! Hahahahaha, I’ve been running around for so many years, but this is the first time I’ve been cheated! You were the first person to deceive me, and you can die gloriously!”

The black-robed old man spoke hoarsely. There was a naked killing intent flickering in his eyes.

The other powerhouses also looked ugly, but they had more concerns in their eyes. The secret manuals of their great sects were not returned, which made it difficult for them to explain when they returned.

Zhang San looked at these powerhouses’ faces, also know the seriousness of the matter, and said: “Really! Really, I’m not lying to you. Inside the clouds ahead, there’s a Heavenly Mist Mountain, and there’s a sect called the Daoless Sect on the mountain!”

“Aiyo, I really did not lie to you. If you don’t believe me, then put me down. I will take you there! It’s really right in front. If not, I will give you a live performance to swallow a stone. I will swallow this stone without magic power for you to see!”

He determinedly pointed to a huge stone a hundred meters away.

Stone: “???” You’re talking about your own matter, why do you need to swallow me?

The black-robed old man laughed angrily, what could still escape his divine sense that has swept over. The other powerhouses did not think so. They all spoke up and asked Zhang San to take them over, and they were not willing to give up even a glimmer of a chance.

The black-robed old man had no choice but to let Zhang San down and let Zhang San lead the way. Zhang San landed and hurriedly led the powerhouses towards the clouds and fog.

“I really didn’t fool you about this. Up ahead, in front, is the Heavenly Mist Mountain. There is a sect called the Daoless Sect. I don’t know why, but the clouds and mist were not so dense the last time I came, and the clouds and mist are so dense this time. Look, the Heavenly Mist Mountain is here …… this ……”

Zhang San froze, looking at the open expanse in front of him.

There were only billowing clouds and mist in front of the space where Heavenly Mist Mountain was supposed to be.

Oh My God … Where was the Heavenly Mist Mountain?! Heavenly Mist Mountain came out ah!  If you didn’t come out, I would lose my life!

Zhang San didn’t need to turn his head, and he could feel how frozen the air behind him was.

A group of God Transformation Realm, Nascent Soul, and Golden Core powerhouses was played like a monkey over and over again ……

He knew what would happen to him, even just thinking by his feet.

“That, great weather today, have you all eaten yet?” Zhang San pretended to be relaxed, turned his head, and asked with a smile.

As the words fell, he was making his escape quietly with a burst of magic power.

“You’re seeking death! Great Seal of Heaven!”

The black-robed old man rose in a fury and struck out with a palm, blasting Zhang San with overwhelming might.

Rumble ……

Thousands of miles around Heavenly Mist Mountain shook.


Chu Yuan, who was lying in the sun at the back end of the Daoless Sect, was also startled by this vibration. He was so frightened that he fell down.

“Is this an earthquake?” Chu Yuan looked around in confusion.

Subconsciously, he released his Nascent Soul Realm’s divine sense and swept in all directions.

He understood immediately. Powerhouses were fighting outside the Heavenly Mist Mountain. And this power even made him feel threatened.

The person fighting outside was stronger than him!

Were there so many powerhouses in this immortal cultivation world?

Random people fighting outside his sect were stronger than him. Was he too weak as a Nascent Soul ……

A year later, after he abandoned Ye Luo, he could only be raised to the middle stage of the Nascent Soul.

Apparently ……

Probably ……

It seemed ……

That he was still a bit weak.

No way!

He couldn’t laze around like this. He had to collect a few more disciples.

Teaching a disciple could raise one small realm stage, and teaching three would be a big realm. If he taught ten or twenty, he would be invincible in this world.

I cultivated from Nascent Soul to be invincible. Wouldn’t it just be a joke?

Right! He was going to collect more disciples. Anyway, Ye Luo’s side was already stable, and it wouldn’t be a problem for him to find new disciples.

Chu Yuan’s divine sense swept over and found Ye Luo, who was seated in the main hall square. Could not help but reveal a smile.

This disciple was really cute. He was already fooled in two or three speeches …

As for being able to get enlightenment?

If he could comprehend anything, I would kowtow to you and called you grandpa …

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