The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 55 – Mom Is A Little Strange

Gu Xixi was sitting in the car. From the moment she entered the village, she became nervous.

How is mom doing these days?

Every time she called her, her mother always reported good news but not bad news.

Gu Xixi could only rest assured that she sees her mother’s life smoothly.

Yin Sichen’s narrow eyes were slightly raised, and Gu Xixi squinted with an uneasy expression, his eyes were unclear.

Xiao Ah drove slowly in front, followed behind the convoy, with headphones on his ears, listening to the report.

“President, young lady, the team in front has arrived. The Gu family have come out to greet you!” After listening to the team members’ report, Xiao A whispered, “Young lady, do you need to get off the car and walk there?”

According to common sense, Gu Xixi needed to walk to the gate of Gu’s house. This was the rule of their hometown.

When the new son-in-law came to the door, according to the principle of the village, the elders in the clan were given gifts and toasts one by one.

But well…because this son-in-law’s background is too strong, Gu’s family really dare not to be big, so Yin Sichen took the initiative to carry things to the house, so all of them dressed up and stood by. Waited at the door of the house together.

Although Yin Sichen didn’t have to visit one by one, it didn’t seem good to let the elders in the clan wait.

Therefore, Xiao Ah asked such a roundabout sentence.

Gu Xixi thought for a while and replied: “Okay, you stop in front and I will get off…”

“Drive directly to the door.” Yin Sichen coldly interrupted Gu Xixi’s words, “Yin’s family is more noble!”

“Yes, the president.” Xiao Ah’s mouth opened with a grin, he had guessed that the president would say so.

In the eyes of the president, the Gu family is a fart?

Accompanying the young woman home this time was just to support her.

In the eyes of the president, the young lady and the Gu family were two different things!

Gu Xixi turned to look at Yin Sichen, and Yin Sichen picked out of the corner of her eye, “What’s the matter? Not satisfied? “

Gu Xixi smiled slightly. In fact, she also knew that Yin Sichen was supporting herself by coming back with her. Don’t you understand what Yin Sichen means?

Bullying the Yin family’s lady was tantamount to bullying the Yin family!

How could the Yin family allow this to happen?

“No.” Gu Xixi answered a word and stopped talking.

Because she always felt that the atmosphere between the two people was a bit weird.

It was obviously a quarrel that day, but after one night, the atmosphere magically changed from tension to harmony…

So that Gu Xixi didn’t know what expression he should use to face Yin Sichen.

At the Majestic Hotel, Yin Sichen said such cold words to her, making it clear that he wanted to see her identity and status clearly, and don’t overstep it.

However, when Yin Sichen was with her in the ward, he would casually ask her own opinions when he encountered some things in the company. He did several things according to his own instructions.

What the hell is going on here?

So, talk less if you can.

The car stopped, and someone immediately came over and opened the door for Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen, and a parasol promptly blocked Gu Xixi from the sun.

Without waiting for Gu Xixi to react, Yin Sichen stretched out his hand and grabbed the opponent’s finger, and his voice was lowered again, “Acting should be done in full!”

Well…this sentence again.

Gu Xixi did not resist, allowing Yin Sichen to hold her finger.

Gu’s family members noticed the two fingers clasped together, and they were relieved!

It seems that Gu Xixi had a good position in the Yin family!

They hadn’t seen it for more than half a month, and her face had become much better.

As long as Gu Xixi sleeps in Yin’s house, then you can ask for more money!

Grandma Gu’s heart began to live out, wondering what excuse she could use to pull out a little more money from Gu Xixi’s hands…

Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen walked to the Gu Family and greeted them actively, “Grandma, we’re back!”

“Grandma.” Yin Sichen’s is much simpler, just calling people.

“Good good, it is good to come back! Come and talk at home! ” Grandma Gu couldn’t close her mouth when she saw countless entourages carrying big and small bags!

Gu Xixi called people one by one, Yin Sichen just nodded at each other.

It wasn’t until Gu’s mother and father Gu came over that Yin Sichen called out, “Mom and Dad!”

Although they were Gu Xixi’s adoptive father and mother, they were the ones who raised Gu Xixi after all.

Especially Gu’s mother, Gu Xixi had the deepest feelings for her.

If it weren’t for her, Gu Xixi wouldn’t agree to marry him so happily?

Therefore, unlike Gu’s family who despised Gu’s mother, Yin Sichen looked differently, and Gu Xixi’s eyes couldn’t hide the gratitude.

Although Yin Sichen was just a simple address, it invisibly raised the status of Gu’s mother.

Those who wanted to bully Gu’s mother would have to weigh the consequences of offending the Yin family when they wanted to bully Gu’s mother again in the future!

Mother Gu’s eyes were full of gratitude, of course she knew what a son-in-law meant.

Father Gu stood by, wincing a little.

Gu Xixi saw her father dressed up today, and his spirit was much better.

But the clothes on my mother’s body were cheap and ordinary goods bought from my first month’s salary when I graduated last year.

Even if she married into the Yin family, would her mother still be bullied in Gu family?

Gu Xixi’s nose was sore.

Yin Sichen tightened his fingers, seeming to give Gu Xixi silent comfort.

Gu Xixi looked up at Yin Sichen, the tears in the corner of her eyes made Yin Sichen’s heart tighten.

Damn, seeing her tears, he felt so distressed …

“Xixi…” Mother Gu just had time to call out her daughter’s name, and she didn’t even have time to say her greetings. Grandma Gu made a negative test. The voice has sounded from behind, “My daughter and son-in-law came back today, you mother-in-law, don’t you hurry up and look after? With so many people in the clan, is it possible that an old lady can’t take care of me?”

Mother Gu’s eyes darkened for a moment. The drooping eyelids promptly covered the tear marks on her eyes. She lowered her eyebrows and replied pleasingly, “Yes, Mom! I’m going to prepare cooking!”

Gu Xixi grabbed her mother’s hand with a strong tone and said, “Don’t be busy today, Si Chen and I brought the chef! How can my mother finish the lunch with so many people? Si Chen is filial, and brought the chef and tools ahead of time. Having been busy for 23 years, let’s take a good rest today.”

Gu’s mother suddenly raised her eyes and looked at Gu Xixi in surprise.

Gu Xixi shook her head firmly at her mother.

I sacrificed so much so that my mother could escape from this wolf cave.

I have been married into the Yin family. If I can’t support my mother now, wouldn’t my mother’s position be worse after I leave the Yin family?

Mother Gu hesitated.

Although she was very happy that her daughter could support herself, her courage has been wiped out by decades of obedience and filial piety.

She still didn’t dare to disobey Grandma Gu’s orders.

Yin Sichen said softly, “Yes, mom. Today we brought the chef and the best food. We have been busy for a lifetime, and it’s time to enjoy the good fortune! How about a taste of the food brought by the son-in-law?”

After hearing Yin Sichen say this, Grandma Gu instantly perked up and said with a big smile, “Oh, how can this be? Since the daughter and son-in-law have a heart, you can rest today! “

With the words of Grandma Gu, mother Gu said this. It is considered to be completely relieved.

Grandma Gu gave mother Gu a meaningful look, and her back stiffened subconsciously.

“Xixi, you haven’t talked to your mother for a long time. There is me here. Go and take a rest with your mother.” Yin Sichen saw that Gu’s mother seemed to have something to say to Gu Xixi, and said very thoughtfully, “If you need it, just tell Xiao A.”

“Good.” Gu Xixi was very happy. She really had so many things to say to her mother, so that she didn’t even see Yin Sichen’s meaningful look.

Gu Xixi pulled Gu’s mother around and went to her room, wanting to have a good talk with her.

As soon as she entered the room, Gu’s mother closed the doors and windows first.

“Mom?” Gu Xixi looked at her mother in surprise, “What happened?”

“Xixi, mom has something to ask you, you tell the truth with mom.” Gu’s mother took Gu Xixi’s hand and sat down. “Did you and Si Chen… really love each other?”

“Mom, why did you suddenly ask about this?” Gu Xixi looked at his mother in confusion, “Did something happen?”

Mother Gu’s eyes couldn’t contain the sadness, but she tried her best to make a smiling face, how to see how to violate the peace.

Gu Xixi is the person who knows his mother best, and immediately said, “Is it because grandma is embarrassing you? Didn’t I give her 200,000 yuan before marriage? Once the child in my stomach is born, the Yin family will all my money be credited to my account, and then I can…”

“Xixi, answer mother’s words first.” Gu’s mother stubbornly said to Gu Xixi:, “I want to listen to the truth.”

Gu Xixi opened her mouth, she looked at her mother in a daze.

How could she and Yin Sichen really love each other?

From there to getting married, the number of times the two people met was only a handful.

Where does love come from?

But how can I tell my mother the truth?

Does it worry her?

Gu Xixi lowered her eyes and gently replied, “Mom, Si Chen is a good husband. We will be fine! “

When she heard Gu Xixi’s answer, motherGu was relieved, and her heart sank and she said, “That’s good. As long as you live well, mom will be relieved! Your mother has only one child like you in my life. Your mother doesn’t ask for anything else, as long as your happiness is enough. “

“Mom, is grandma hard on you again these days?” Gu Xixi grabbed her mother’s hand and said eagerly, “Would you answer this question?”

“Is it so difficult? It’s just…” Mother Gu said, her eyes darkened again,”Your grandma took all the 200,000 Yuan given by the Yin family to buy a new house in the county side.”

Bought a house?

Gu Xixi was startled.

This result was beyond her expectation.

She calculated everything, but she didn’t calculate that grandma would be willing to buy a house so generously!

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