The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 53 – Don’t You Leave Tonight

Yin Sichen didn’t even look at Gu Xixi at all, and started eating on his own.

This man … rushed to the hospital to have dinner, just to eat for himself?

 I have never seen anything like this!

Gu Xixi stretched out her chopsticks, trying to clamp the lion head, but Yin Sichen pressed the chopsticks before she caught it.

“The liver is so hot that you are not allowed to eat meat!” Yin sichen said coldly.

Dare to yell at me? You have gained a lot of courage.

Gu Xixi pumped her chopsticks, but couldn’t move it anyway. She immediately let go and stood up from the seat, “I’m full, you eat slowly! I’m going for a walk down here! The doctor said, I need to do more activities and get more sun in order to be good for my child!”

“There is no sun now!” Yin Sichen replied coolly.

“It’s fine to sun the moon!” Gu Xixi really felt like he didn’t get angry when he saw Yin Sichen like this.

Obviously it was for the sake of the other party, but as a result, he didn’t say a compliment, and was scolded by the other party.

This feeling was really terrible!

Yin Sichen suddenly put down his chopsticks, then looked up at Gu Xixi: “So you want to go for a walk?”

“Yes!” Gu Xixi insisted. Anyway, I can go anywhere, I just don’t want to see Yin Sichen today!

“Okay.” Yin Sichen stood up, took the tea and gargle that Xiao Ah handed over, and said to Gu Xixi: “I’ll accompany you!

You accompany …me …?

Gu Xixi’s eyes widened.

Did Yin Sichen have a fever today?

Where do I need him to accompany me?

“Since the doctor said it, do it well.” Yin Sichen said involuntarily, and took Gu Xixi’s arm and walked out toward the corridor outside.

“Wait, wait…” Gu Xixi pulled out her arm at once.

She really thought Yin Sichen was weird today.

He was quite normal this morning. Why did it feel like a change of person at noon?

“What?” Yin Sichen’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and the narrow corners of his eyes pressed the shining light of the eyes, “Didn’t you say you want to take a walk?”

I just want to walk quietly by myself!

Gu Xixi really didn’t have the courage to shout out this sentence.

God knows, Yin Sichen’s brain will twitch again?

“It’s nothing! You had a hard day today, so you should have a good dinner. I’ll just walk around by myself.” Gu Xixi replied in a low voice.

Under the eaves, you have to bow your head.

In order to go home early and see my mother, I have to endure even if I am wronged.

“Really?” Yin Sichen raised the corner of his mouth unconsciously, his eyes flowed, sweeping across Gu Xixi’s face, and fixing his eyes.

When the sight of several passing women fell on Yin Sichen’s body, they seemed to have been splashed with super glue, and they couldn’t look away.

But Yin Sichen’s line of sight only fell on Gu Xi Xi.

The attention of these women immediately shifted to Gu Xixi’s body!

What? She refused to walk with such a perfect man?

Is she out of her mind?

Gu Xixi soon felt the pressure of other women’s eyes.

Are these women sick?

I don’t know them? Why do they look at her with bitter eyes?

Soon, Gu Xixi couldn’t stand it anymore. He could only take the initiative to pull Yin Sichen with her hand, and said quickly, “Let’s go…”

Yin Sichen picked up the corner of his eye and looked at Gu Xixi’s back with a smile. 

With this smile, he instantly saw the group of women watching!

“God … so charming …”

“So masculine!”

“So handsome!”


Those women couldn’t help but stare at Yin Sichen’s back, all of them dumbfounded.

Xiao Ah coughed slightly, and quickly followed Yin Sichen’s footsteps.

Gu Xixi walked ahead and Yin Sichen followed calmly.

Xiao Ah followed with no sense of existence.

Gu Xixi stopped until he walked out of the inpatient department and walked to the side of the road outside.

Yin Sichen slowly walked to Gu Xixi’s side, and said casually, “Why don’t you leave?”

Gu Xixi suddenly raised her head and looked directly into Yin Sichen’s eyes, “What do you want?”

“How about what?” Yin sichen still looks like a leisurely and comfortable person.

“I … what do you want from me?” Gu Xixi felt that she really wanted to be wronged and died.

Yin Sichen didn’t answer Gu Xixi’s question, but explained what she did in the afternoon.

“After you left, the president asked me to go back and formally signed the contract between the Yin Consortium and Korean enterprises. This contract lasts for ten years. Because of this contract, Yin’s consortium can get millions of dollars in profits every year. The Korean branch has also expanded its enrollment and capacity, and has won the approval of the Korean president, giving Yin’s consortium in South Korea. The subsidiary awarded the honor of a Korean ambassador. ” Yin sichen leisurely said.

Gu Xixi stayed for a while.

This is a good thing!

Ah wrong, what does it have to do with myself!

Didn’t he make it very clear at noon?

That’s his business. What are you? What qualifications do you have to ask this matter?

“His wife said that she is very grateful for your explanation today.” Yin Sichen continued to say slowly, “This time it may be too late to visit the beautiful places you mentioned. When you visit China next time, you must be a tour guide.”

Gu Xixi hesitated for a while, and replied dullly: “Next time? Nothing. Next time? When this child is born, our contract will be over…”

Yin Sichen seemed to have deliberately ignored the last time. In a word, he continued, “Grandma was very satisfied after hearing the report, so I decided to let you go home in three days!”

Originally, Gu Xixi still had a jealous expression, but he heard Yin Sichen’s words. At that time, her eyes lit up instantly, and she looked up at Yin Sichen, and then looked at Yin Sichen with her bright eyes.

Yin Sichen just lowered his head and looked towards Gu Xixi. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw the hope of the starlight in her eyes.

“Really? Can I really go back?” Gu Xixi was excited, stretched out his hand and grabbed Yin Sichen’s hand, looking at him expectantly.

Yin Sichen’s gaze fell on the small hands that actively held his fingers.

It’s strange that he doesn’t reject such physical touch at all.

Instead, I kind of like …

I kind of like her active touch …

“Hmm …” Yin Sichen dragged a long ending in his voice and saw Gu Xi’s expression of jumping up happily. He couldn’t help but add, “But you must go back after three days of injection in the hospital!”

The smile on Gu Xixi’s face stagnated.

Three days …

That’s fine!

Three days is three days!

Three days is not long, as long as you survive these three days, you can go back and have a look!

Ah, that’s right. You have to count how much money you have in your hand!

When I go back this time, I have to secretly put down some money for my mother, so that when my grandmother deliberately tortures her, she won’t be too embarrassed!

Seeing Gu Xixi’s expression changed from anger just now into overjoyed, Yin Sichen’s mood also improved.

After Gu Xixi was happy for a long time, she realized that she was still holding Yin Sichen’s hand.

She let go of his hand in a panic, scratched her hair uncomfortably and said, “Well … Thank you! Anyway, I still have to thank you very much! What…It’s getting late, you go back soon. I should go back to rest too…”

“Yeah.” Yin Sichen just responded, but his body remained motionless.

Gu Xixi just wanted to continue reminding Yin Sichen to let him go back to the villa to rest. Xiao Ah next to him finally brushed his sense of existence, “President, young lady, the room has been rearranged and can rest.”

Room rearrangement?

What does this sentence mean?

“Continue walking?” Yin Sichen looked down at Gu Xixi.

Go for a walk … What else?

The anger is gone, don’t come loose, don’t come loose!

Gu Xixi turned around and walked back to the inpatient department with joy. Yin Sichen followed and returned to the ward without rush.

As soon as she walked in, Gu Xixi almost thought she had gone to the wrong room!

Gu Xixi exited the door, and then looked up and repeatedly confirmed the room number. Yes, this was her own ward!

Why was the layout and style of the whole room completely changed for a walk?

Why did the single bed that I slept in was replaced by a double bed?

What does this mean?

Gu Xixi turned around and looked at Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen just nodded at Xiao Ah, and Xiao Ah immediately took the other people and walked away cleanly.

Hey…Don’t go! It’s not too late to leave after a clear explanation!

Yin Sichen unbuttoned his shirt and took out his pajamas from the cupboard, ready to take a bath.

“Wait …” Gu Xixi rushed to Yin Sichen, opened his arms and looked at Yin Sichen with a horrified expression, “Don’t tell me, you will sleep here tonight, will you?”

“Or what?” Yin Sichen’s mouth raised slightly.

“No… this is the hospital! This is the ward!” Gu Xixi reminded Yin Sichen repeatedly.

I live here because I have to get a fetal injection and I have to have a check-up here!

What’s wrong with Yin Sichen living here?

His villa is not far from here either! Just drive back and rest!

“The president and his wife are still in city S.” Yin Sichen explained patiently with a rare patience.

And then? Ok? What does it mean?

Gu Xixi still had a blank expression on her face.

“The acting requires a full set.”

Yin Sichen dropped these words and went directly to the bathroom inside to take a shower, bypassing Gu Xixi.

Acting, acting the whole set?

What does this mean?

Ah, I see! Yin Sichen lives here to show the president and his wife!

Also, just signing the contract in the afternoon and turning against it in the evening is really doubtful!

However, even if he is acting, he doesn’t have to exaggerate.

By having moved directly to the hospital ward!

After a while, Yin Sichen came out of the bathroom and answered the phone while wiping his hair, “Hello? What! Got it…”

After hung up the phone, Yin Sichen directly sat down on the table and opened the notebook, ready to go to work.

Looking back, he saw Gu Xixi standing by.

Yin Sichen conveniently handed her the towel in her hand, “Dry it for me!”

Wipe … dry …

Gu Xixi held the towel Yin Sichen threw to her and stared.

What does he mean by this?

She was admitted to the hospital ward just to let herself serve him, right?

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