The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 52 – Don’t Worry About My Affairs

Gu Xixi returned to the room, before he had time to say hello to the chairman and his wife, he saw Yin Sichen standing in the room.

Why is he here?

Gu Xixi was stunned.

Didn’t he have something to talk about today?

How did he come here?

“I …” Gu Xixi opened her mouth and saw the anger in Yin Sichen’s eyes. The next words were all held in her stomach.

“President, Madam, I’m really sorry. Xixi’s body is not very good. The doctor said that she should have a good rest, so I didn’t let her follow! This is my fault, please don’t mind the president and madam. “Yin Sichen said very politely: “I’m really sorry! Can I take her back to rest now?”

“Of course. This matter was originally our negligence! ” The president immediately responded with good advice.

In the eyes of the president and his wife, this was clearly evidence of the love of husband and wife!

The rhythm that can’t stand for a while away from sight!

Gu Xixi clearly saw clusters of anger from the bottom of Yin Sichen’s eyes…

What’s wrong with him?

I came here to meet the chairman and his wife, not for him and the Yin Financial Group?

I didn’t do anything sorry to him!

Why are you so mean to me?

“Then goodbye! Be sure to invite the president and his wife to take a good tour of the scenery here.” After Yin Sichen nodded and saluted the chairman and his wife, he turned around and took Gu Xixi’s wrist and left!

Gu Xixi only had time to wave his hand to say hello to the president and his wife. Before a word could be said, Yin Sichen was dragged to the parking lot!

Yin Sichen stuffed Gu Xixi into the car at once, turned and opened the door of the cab.

What kind of wind is he smoking?

What kind of wind does he smoke?

“Who asked you to come out today? Didn’t you let you take care of it in the hospital?” Yin Sichen turned his head and looked at Gu Xixi, the anger in his eyes couldn’t be covered!

“I…” Gu Xixi thought for a while, she really couldn’t figure out why Yin Sichen was so angry!

“What am I? Who allowed you?” Yin Sichen’s anger became more and more intense.

“Hey, Yin Sichen! What are you so fierce! I came here to meet the president and his wife, not for you and the Yin consortium? You think I’m so stupid that I don’t know how to sleep well, so I have to run over and explain with my face. What happened that day?” Gu Xixi also got angry, and shouted at Yin Sichen, “If it is because of what I ran out of the hospital, then I can apologize. However, the reason why I dare to come out is because The doctor has determined that there is nothing wrong with the child in my stomach! Shouldn’t I care about this child more than you?”

Hearing Gu Xixi’s sophistry, the anger in Yin Sichen’s chest could no longer be suppressed. He yelled at Gu Xixi,”So you ran out of the hospital to meet other men?”

Other men?

Gu Xixi was stunned.

Although the president was a man, he was in his fifties, and his wife was present!

Have you been so confused that you don’t even have the right to come out to see people?

Gu Xixi closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, “Yin Sichen, please figure out what I am here for today!”

“You don’t need to take care of my business! If you explain to the chairman and wife that it is my own business, where is your turn to take care of it? What are you! What right do you have to intervene in my business?” Yin Sichen felt irritted by Gu Xixi’s words, he blurted out.

Gu Xixi was surprised, just looking at Yin Sichen.

What did he say?

What am I?

Yes, yes! What is my concern?

I’m just a woman who had to marry you by contract because I made a mistake and was pregnant with this child!

Yes! I’m wrong! I was really wrong!

I shouldn’t care about this at all!

Yes, I have no right to decide your affairs!

What am I? What qualifications do I have to take care of your Yin Sichen’s affairs?

Ok, you say no matter, I will never care again!

“Then, I won’t care about you anymore! Are you satisfied?” Gu Xixi’s eyes slowly became colder, “Sorry, President Yin, I suddenly remembered that I should go back to the hospital for an injection! Goodbye!”

 Gu Xixi pushed the car door, turned and walked towards the side of the road.

Yin Sichen looked at Gu Xixi’s back and slammed his fist on the seat with regret!

He obviously didn’t think so!

Why did you blurt it out like this?

When he went to the bathroom, he saw Mo Zixin and Gu Xixi standing together at a glance.

The look in Mo Zixin’s eyes looking at Gu Xixi was so different.

That’s not the way you look at your partner, but the way men look at women …

Mo Zixin, he and Gu Xixi have known each other a long time ago?

Yes, how long have you known Gu Xixi? He knew nothing about her previous things!

He can know her, and she will definitely have another chance to get to know Mo Zixin, right?

Yin Sichen felt panicked when he thought of that extremely good man who shared the world with him, looking at Gu Xixi with such gentle eyes!

Standing on the side of the road, Gu Xixi suddenly felt a chill on her face.

Reach out and wipe gently. When did I cry?

It’s ridiculous that I should shed tears for Yin Sichen?

What is she? What are you?

Gu Xixi took a deep breath, reached out to stop the taxi, never looked back at Yin Sichen, got in the car and left soon.

Yin Sichen watched Gu Xixi get into the taxi, annoyed that it could not be hidden in his eyes.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, it was because of Gu Xi’s efforts that the president and his wife repositioned Yin’s consortium, and just took the initiative to mention the cooperation between the two companies.

All this was indeed the credit of Gu Xixi.

He should have been very happy, but when he thought of the picture of them at the bathroom door, he felt like a thorn in his heart, which made his heart very uncomfortable.

When the taxi driver saw Gu Xixi’s expression on his face, he couldn’t help but gossip and said, “Did you quarrel with your husband? Oh, young young couples nowadays, they quarrel at every turn. Actually, couples, couples, are the ones who depend on each other. It’s a husband and wife. What’s the big deal? Just talk about any contradictions. The young couple are the most taboo and keep their thoughts in their hearts and don’t say them! Maybe they will find that everything is misunderstanding… My wife and I, young I was the same as you at the time…”

Hearing the driver’s words, he had to talk endlessly.

Gu Xixi cast her gaze out of the window, trying her best to resolve the anger in her heart.

The doctor is right, I can’t be angry now.

The baby in the belly is almost three months old, which is the key period of development, so you must be happy.

When she arrived at the hospital, Gu Xixi went back to her ward, lying on her bed tossing about and couldn’t sleep.

So many things happened today that Gu Xixi was upset.

I don’t know how things are at home.

I have been married for so many days, will my mother be wronged at home?

According to the agreement, I have to help Yin’s consortium get the president and wife of South Korea approval before I can go home.

But now …

Gu Xixi sighed in her heart..

Mom, can you hold on a little longer?

When I save enough money, I will definitely save you from the place where you can eat people without spitting out bones!

Annoyed, Gu Xixi lay on her bed, and gradually became sleepy after tossing around, her eyelids tightened, and she slowly fell asleep.

She didn’t know how long she slept, but Gu Xixi woke up hungry when her stomach groaned.

When she opened my eyes, it was already dark outside.

“Ah, at this point, I guess the hospital has nothing to eat, right?” Gu Xixi looked at the time, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.

It seems that if you want to eat, you can only go out to eat.

Gu Xi Xi has just stepped down from * *, and before he could change clothes, he heard someone knock on the door a few times before someone pushed the door and came in!

Two female chefs in chef outfits came in pushing two dining carts.

“You…” Gu Xixi was startled, what does this mean?

Although I live in a high-level ward, it is not City N after all, and it is not a hospital under the Yin family consortium.

Is the hospital here also equipped with a chef?

“Young lady.” Two chefs saluted Gu Xixi and said, “The young master told me that your recent diet should not be too greasy, or her temper would be too high. Therefore, our dinner tonight is mainly based on nutrition porridge, supplemented by exquisitely cooked vegetables, and added some materials that will defeat the fire and soothe the liver. “

Too much anger?

Gu Xixi was speechless for a moment.

Obviously he is crazy!

Well, I’m sulking here with a neuropath, I really am too idle!

Let him be.

Anyway, I have already done this, and I can’t help him any more.

Eat, eat.

You have to eat if you are reborn, even if you don’t eat, the baby in your stomach has to eat!

Gu Xixi didn’t speak, and went to wash her hands and sat at the dining table.

Two chefs were very dutiful to put all the food in front of Gu Xixi.

Rich people are rich people.

Although it was a vegetarian meal, everything was exquisite to the extreme.

There were not many dishes for each serving, but there were more than twenty kinds.

Gu Xixi feels like she is now like the Empress Dowager of Cixi. He eats the Manchu Banquet and is full with every taste.

Gu Xixi was eating happily when she heard two chefs behind her shouting at the same time, “Master …”

Master …

Yin sichen?

How did he come here?

Isn’t he bothering himself?

What else is he doing here?

As soon as Gu Xixi looked up, she saw Yin Sichen walking in from outside.

As soon as he entered the door, someone immediately handed over a towel that had just been disinfected and wiped Yin Sichen’s hands.

Yin Sichen came to Gu Xixi’s face while wiping his hands.

Xiao Ah pulled open the chair for Yin Sichen, and Yin Sichen sat down in front of Gu Xixi, and threw the disinfectant towel he wiped his hands to others.

The dishes that Gu Xixi had eaten on the table were instantly cleaned up and put on a delicious dinner again!

 Gu Xixi’s eyes stared!

What does he mean by this?

Show off?

Let her eat green vegetables, and he eats meat?

And you eat it for yourself?

Yin Sichen, do you want to be so naive?

Do you really think I will be jealous?

Hmm … That lion’s head, well done …

Hmmm … Did the Buddha jump over the wall well? Have you stayed up all day?

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