The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 51 – Explain The Misunderstanding

Gu Xixi told the president and his wife exactly what had happened to him. But the fact that the two people contracted as a husband and wife was concealed.

Not many people knew about this matter anyway.

At the end, Gu Xixi sighed lightly and said, “I don’t know how the president and his wife think about this matter. In my heart, Yin Sichen is really a very responsible man. I’m really impeccable with my family. I also want to believe that our future will definitely get better. “

Listening to Gu Xixi’s story, especially when she heard Gu Xixi say that she was dropped by her boyfriend and beaten and scolded by her family, her wife couldn’t help wiping her eyes.

“What a poor child.” My wife said to the president, “Although their behavior is deceptive, I can see it clearly today. Mr. Yin always loves his wife from the heart, and I also want to believe that they must be from true love! “

“Do you really like your husband?” The president stared at Gu Xixi sharply.

Gu Xixi’s eyes flashed.

Do you really love Yin Sichen?

Do you have the qualification to love him?

He and I are just contractual couples …

But how can you say this when you keep an eye on others?

Gu Xixi raised his eyes to look at the president and his wife and said, “I like him.”

Love and like were not the same thing, are they?

Saying you love him, shouldn’t it be a lie?

After all, he gave her a comfortable environment, and gave the child a legitimate identity.

What else can you expect?

After receiving Gu Xixi’s answer, the chairman and his wife nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s getting late, let’s have dinner together.” The lady looked at the time and said, “Although I am sure that your health is fine, I still want to invite you to have a meal together.”

“I should have invited you. !” Gu Xixi was shocked, hurriedly replied.

“Well, don’t care about this kind of thing. Come on, let’s go to the restaurant to eat. ” The president stood up, held his wife and said to Gu Xixi, “Thank you again for this meal!”

Gu Xixi gritting her teeth, this meal must be successful!

I’ve worked so hard, how can I fall short?

Gu Xi immediately replied with a smile, “Good, then I will respect and obey!”

Seeing Gu Xixi nodded and agreed, the president and his wife nodded in satisfaction.

The three people solved the misunderstanding, talked and laughed, and went to the VIP restaurant on the sixth floor.

“I have always heard that the food in S City is concentrated in the Majestic Restaurant. It really deserves its reputation!” The president repeatedly nodded in admiration and said, “The location here is very good, not only the food is exquisite, but the scenery is also good.”

“Yes. We are. This time I’m here to taste the delicacies of S City.” The lady also smiled and said to Gu Xixi: “However, it is only the two of us who are eating. I always feel a little lonely. I will trouble Mrs. Yin to accompany me today. “

“President, madam, it’s very kind of you!  As long as you need, I can introduce you at any time.” Gu Xixi quickly replied.

The three people sat down in the room calmly.

Mo Zixin in the next room was taken aback, he almost thought he had hallucinations again.

Why is that girl’s voice …

When Mo Zixin wanted to listen carefully again, the voice suddenly disappeared …

Mo Zixin couldn’t help but shook his head slightly. What happened to him these past few days?

Why do you always think of that girl in your mind?

Is it because she looks like her?

 Without waiting for Mo Zixin to think too much, someone knocked on the door and came in.

“President Mo, I really didn’t expect to meet him here! After all, S City is the place of the Yin family. President Mo is here, so why should he be the Yin family with the friendship of the landlord! How can you let President Mo treat him?” Yin Sichen’s hearty voice came in from outside the door, and it turned out that people came first before they arrived.

Mo Zixin looked up and saw Yin Sichen strode towards him.

“Mr. Yin is too polite! I should apologize to Mrs. Yin!” Mo Zixin stretched out his hand and shook hands with Yin Sichen, “It was originally that we did something wrong! We should apologize!”

Yin Sichen shook hands with Mo Zixin, and instantly judged that the other party’s position was not equal to himself!

Mo Zixin was also secretly surprised.

Yin sichen was far more terrifying than the legend!

This man always looks cold, involuntarily thinking of awe. If his aura is not strong enough, I am afraid that he will be suppressed by his strong aura just like everyone else, right?

Yin Sichen was also surprised at this time.

When I was abroad, I always felt disapproving when I heard others praise Mo Zixin.

I always think how powerful a rising star family can be?

But at this moment when I was really facing Mo Zixin, I could deeply feel the taste of the same kind-yes, this Mo Zixin was just like him, he was also a man full of wolfishness!

It’s just that he is full of aura, and the other party has all this aura in his heart.

How can such an opponent not be vigilant?

In this way, the two kings standing on the peak of the business empire, in this small VIP room, are trying to figure out each other’s combat effectiveness.

Under such circumstances, the conversations between two people were basically all formulaic conversations.

It’s nothing more than “I’m very sorry, it’s my subordinates who don’t have long eyes and collide with your wife. In order to apologize, we are willing to apologize solemnly.”

Then Yin Sichen’s answer is naturally very official, “It doesn’t matter, it’s a small matter, and Mr. Mo doesn’t have to worry about such a small matter. Let’s discuss the next cooperation and so on.

Here, there was nothing but imagining, and the atmosphere over there was much warmer.

After Gu Xixi got the approval of the chairman and his wife, he finally relaxed. The process of chatting with the two people was much more pleasant.

In particular, Gu Xixi’s experience and interesting stories in the countryside when she was a child made the president and his wife smile from time to time.

“I really didn’t expect you to have such twists and turns when you were a child. Have you ever thought about finding your biological parents?” The president’s wife couldn’t help but ask, “Maybe it was helpless to leave you at that time?”

“I also thought about this problem. However, I think this is also very good now. Maybe all this is arranged by God. If I meet my biological parents one day, I will continue to be filial, but my mother here will always be my mother. I will not leave her. ” Gu Xixi clenched his fist, and her face was full of hope, “My greatest hope in my life is to make my mother live well and hope her mother can be happy. Wealth, status, and rights are actually not as important to me.”

The President’s eyes fell upon Gu Xixi. She was really refreshing and didn’t wear heavy make-up. She didn’t wear the luxury that could show her identity. The style of clothes she chose was not brand-oriented, but comfort-oriented.

How could such a girl who is full of filial piety be the kind of scheming person?

The president once again scored Gu Xixi in his heart and also scored Yin Sichen by the way. Koreans pay great attention to filial piety. What I like most is that Gu Xixi maintains his innocent nature and knows how to be filial to his elders.

To marry such a wife, the future of Yin’s consortium was limitless.

Gu Xixi put down her knife and fork and said apologetically, “Sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

The President and his wife nodded with a smile, and Gu Xixi left the room.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, Gu Xixi exhaled deeply.

Good risk, I finally passed.

There won’t be anything wrong this time, right?

Gu Xixi washed her hands, took out paper towels and wiped them slowly, thinking about what to say next, and heard a voice behind him with shock and surprise, “Is it really you? I thought I was wrong! So you are really here! “

Gu Xixi turned around and saw a handsome, elegant man looking at her with a smile.

Gu Xixi always feels that the other party was a bit familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere …

“It seems that you forgot me again, I am Mo Zixin. We have met twice! ” Mo Zixin saw Gu Xixi’s vacant eyes and suddenly smiled gently, “What a coincidence, this is the third time we have met! I hope you can remember my name and my appearance next time.”

The first time I met a woman twice. She didn’t remember, this made Mo Zixin feel a faint sense of frustration!

He was one of the top three in the appearance ranking!

“Ah, it’s you!” Gu Xixi just remembered it, and suddenly realized:, “You didn’t chase here to pay the money, are you?”

Oh, by the way, I seem to have forgotten to ask the driver if the Mercedes had been repaired.

Mo Zixin was speechless for a while.

Well, he was invincible in front of all women, but there was only the meaning of paying back money in front of this woman.

In order to prevent her from asking herself the repair fee next time she saw herself, Mo Zixin took the initiative to take out a credit card and put it into Gu Xixi’s hand, “This is my repair fee, please accept it! “

Gu Xixi glared, the first time I saw such an initiative to give money…

“Now I have paid off the repair fee, can you tell me what your name is?” Mo Zixin looked down at Gu Xixi with a smile.

Looking at it from this angle, she is really exactly the same as her!

“Ah … my name is Gu …”

Before Gu Xixi had finished speaking, she suddenly felt a tumbling in her stomach.

Gu Xixi covered her mouth, waved at Mo Zixin, turned and rushed into the bathroom.

Just as Mo Zixin was about to chase him, he looked up and saw that it was the women’s toilet, but he could only stand outside angrily.

Mo Zixin came back to his senses and couldn’t help but laugh.

There was no shortage of women who took the initiative to deliver to him, but it was the first time that I met a woman who asked three times and couldn’t ask the other person’s name.

This woman was so special …

“Mr. Mo… Mr. Yin said that there is something urgent at home, and he must rush back.” The assistant strode over and said to Mo Zixin.

 Mo Zixin looked at Gu Xixi in the bathroom with a little regret, and could only nod his head, then turned and left with the assistant.

After Gu Xixi came out of the bathroom, she found that Mo Zixin was no longer there.

Looking at the credit card in her hand, Gu Xixi couldn’t help but say to herself, “There are still good people in this world! In order to compensate my repair cost, I took the initiative to deliver it twice! Well, since this is the cost of repairing the car, I will accept it! I don’t want to owe Yin Sichen a repair fee when I leave him in the future! “

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