The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 50 – The Yin and Mo’s First Head-on Confrontation

When Yin Sichen was abroad, he was familiar with the name Mo Zixin.

Countless people told Yin Sichen that he was a rookie in the business world with a calm and graceful appearance.

It took him only five years to make the Mo family from a family on the verge of bankruptcy to an existence that could divide the world equally with the Yin family.

You must know that the Yin family has a rich heritage and foundation.

A man who could be equal to the Yin family, if it was not amazing, then what?

Although Yin Sichen didn’t think Gu Xixi was so memorable, subconsciously, he didn’t want Mo Zixin to see Gu Xixi at all.

He always had a strange hunch that if Mo Zixin were to see Gu Xixi, he would lose Gu Xixi…

Lose …

Why did he suddenly have such a thought?

Never got it, why lose her?

 But the word just hit Yin Sichen’s heart so hard, and it was unbreakable.

No, he would never allow it!

“No need! President Mo is so busy, don’t worry about such trivial matters.” Yin Sichen strode out of the ward, leaving only a back view of Gu Xixi, “She is not well, so let’s take a good rest in the hospital.”

After saying this sentence, Yin Sichen quickly left the room.

Gu Xixi also heard what Xiao Ah said, but she didn’t think there was anything wrong with Yin Sichen.

That Mo Zixin, he didn’t know him, what could be of condolences?

Yin Sichen’s reply was quickly passed to Mo Zixin.

Mo Zixin was burning incense, and after hearing the assistant’s report, the corners of his mouth rose in a big arc.

The handsome face suddenly made the women present overwhelmed.

Different from Yin Sichen’s high cold and evil charm, Mo Zixin always makes people feel like spring breeze.

Why would Yin Sichen be in such a hurry to dismiss his inquiry?

The news of his marriage had always been suppressed, so outsiders didn’t know that he was married at all.

If I didn’t have my own news channel, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know that my own men today actually hit his new wife.

According to common sense, it was understandable to go to sympathy.

But why did this Yin Sichen hide his wife so closely?

Could it be that his wife hides any secrets?

Mo Zixin said to the assistant leisurely, “Although President Yin is considerate, we, as guests, cannot afford to lose courtesy. If my subordinates get into trouble, they will naturally take this responsibility. What’s more, Zilong still has to If you are cooperating with the Yin family consortium, if Mr. Yin is willing to honor him, I will be the host and invite Mr. Yin to come and have tea!”

The assistant took down Mo Zixin’s words and quickly turned and left.

Mo Zixin looked at the assistant’s back and suddenly lost interest in continuing to burn incense.

“Sorry, everyone. I have other things today…” Mo Zixin’s words only need to stop here, and the others have already followed up with kindness, “It just happens that we have something else, so we won’t bother! Goodbye!”

A group of people huffed and walked away cleanly.

Mo Zixin’s slender fingers touched a photo on the table, and the girl in the photo smiled quietly and gently.

She had exactly the same face as Gu Xixi, but her temperament was completely different.

“Well, do you think I’ll see that girl again?” Mo Zixin looked at the girl in the photo with softer eyes. “Is that girl an angel you sent to me to love me for you?”

Knocked-there was a knock on the door outside.

“Come in.” Mo Zixin covered the photo on the table easily.

The assistant quickly approached, and whispered beside Mo Zixin, “President Yin has agreed to your invitation. However, Mr. Yin said that S City is the place of the Yin family consortium, and there is absolutely no reason for guests to treat guests, so Mr. Yin We are already waiting at Majestic Hotel. Majestic Hotel is also a six-star hotel under the Yin family group.”

“I see. Tell President Yin that I will be on time for the appointment.” Mo Zixin’s eyes waved and the winning ticket was in hand.

Yin Sichen, we finally have to face it head-on!

I am looking forward to what will happen between us!

On the other hand, after the president’s wife returned, she told the president of the Korean company what happened today.

When the president heard that Gu Xixi had saved his wife, he was immediately grateful and thanked Gu Xixi well.

The president directly called Gu Xixi to thank her, but Gu Xixi was a little surprised.

“President, don’t be polite. In fact, even if it’s not a madam, but anyone else, I won’t stand by.” Gu Xixi quickly replied.

“It just so happens that our dedicated family doctor has also come to China. If it is convenient, can I ask my doctor to diagnose the body with you?” The president said very politely on the phone, “Anyway, Letting Mrs. Yin take risks for my wife, I must be grateful! Please give me this opportunity to be grateful!”

Gu Xixi thought for a while, and now the president took the initiative to share his kindness, maybe she could just go there. How could the chairman and his wife change their views on the Yin Family Foundation and on themselves and Yin Sichen?

My body is fine now, and it’s fine to go for a trip.

As long as I succeed, I can go home and see my mother!

Gu Xixi made up his mind and replied, “OK, where can I meet you?”

“We are at the Majestic Hotel, is it convenient for you to come over now?” The president said very politely, “If it is not convenient, It can be another day.”

“Ah, it’s okay, I can go there.” Gu Xixi immediately replied, “Please wait a moment, I’ll be there in a while.”

After finishing the intravenous drip on his arm, Gu Xixi made an excuse to change his clothes, and took advantage of the time of serving her own people to rest, and ran out quickly, called a taxi and headed for Maggie Hotel!

Gu Xixi got into the car and realized that she had forgotten to bring her wallet.

Fortunately, I still have my mobile phone, even though I can’t pay cash. I can only use Alipay.

Fortunately, I still have some money in my account, otherwise I would really be embarrassed today.

Gu Xixi walked briskly onto the elevator, and directly pressed the floor reserved by the president and his wife.

At the moment when the elevator closed, Mo Zixin passed the elevator door just now and walked to another elevator.

Mo Zixin paused in his footsteps and turned his head suddenly, only to see the elevator doors slowly closing.

“What’s wrong with me? Did I just lose my mind? I actually saw that girl … No, how is that possible? How could she be here? ” Mo Zixin smiled speechlessly, and went on to the second elevator.

Gu Xixi watched the elevator jingle and stopped on his floor, took a deep breath, took a step, and walked out.

The top floor of the Majestic Hotel is top-level leisure, including outdoor swimming pools, indoor golf, indoor bowling and other leisure sports venues. Rooms are located on the 13th to 30th floors, restaurants on the first to sixth floors, and leisure on the seventh to 12th floors.

Gu Xixi stopped on the twelfth floor.

As soon as Gu Xixi got out of the elevator, someone was greeted at the door, “Mrs. Yin…”

“President and Madam…” Gu Xixi smiled.

“The president and his wife ordered me to welcome Madam Yin Shao here, madam please…” The other party replied respectfully.

After Gu Xixi thanked him, she walked to the VIP room with him.

As soon as Gu Xixi entered the door, she saw the president’s wife open her arms to her, and Gu Xixi was taken aback by the president’s wife.

“Good girl, I really wronged you today!” The president’s wife’s eyes were red and said, “Today is so dangerous. Fortunately, God bless you. Fortunately, you are fine.”

The president and his wife have always been deeply sentimental. Seeing that his wife is so emotional, the president’s attitude towards Gu Xixi was much better, “Our family doctor has been waiting for a long time, why don’t you let him check your body first?”

The lady nodded quickly, “Right, right, or check your body first!”

Gu Xixi had to obediently follow the family doctor into the inside room, and made a more detailed examination again.

After a while, the doctor smiled and said, “Your body is very good and healthy! However, you were a little overwhelmed in the early stage, so you have to relax your mood. This will be good for the child’s development.”

The doctor’s Chinese was a bit stiff, but fortunately, the meaning was clearly expressed.

Gu Xixi gave a wry smile.

In the early stage, it was inevitable that you were not worried too much.

After being framed, the ex-boyfriend abandoned, the house was messed up, plus Lin Xiaoya’s betrayal.

It’s strange that I can feel better.

“Thank you!” Gu Xixi smiled at each other.

After checking by the two parties, it was confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the child in his stomach, and Gu Xixi was completely relieved.

When she walked out of it, Gu Xixi’s smile never stopped.

Seeing the smile on Gu Xixi’s face, the president and his wife were truly relieved.

If anything happens to Gu Xixi, it was estimated that the president and his wife will be really upset.

Because the more people who value the family, the more they value the inheritance of future generations.

“It’s great that you’re alright.” The president looked at Gu Xixi and said, “I was really angry with you yesterday and planned to go back to China today. But according to my wife, it doesn’t seem like you are acting, so I decided to give you a chance to explain everything. You know, what I hate most is cheating. “

Gu Xixi shines at the moment: the opportunity had finally arrived!


Thanks to myself!

Otherwise, such a good opportunity will slip away in vain, and it may not be that easy to see the president again!

Gu Xixi nodded, and replied somewhat stiffly, “Yes, I will not lie to you this time! Here’s the thing! “

The president and his wife invited Gu Xixi to sit on the sofa in the leisure room, and the servant gave her a pillow to try to make her comfortable.

“It’s true that I married Yin Sichen, and it’s true that we have a child. Some of what Lin Xiaoya said is true. But the truth is not like that. ” Gu Xixi thought about it and decided to tell part of the truth, “Yin Sichen and I really met through Lin Xiaoya, but it wasn’t I who lost her man, but I was framed by my best friend and lost my most important thing in my most important day.”

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