The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 49 – The President’s Wife’s Forgiveness

Hearing Gu Xixi’s voice, Mu Ruona’s soul almost flew away!

Yin Sichen asked her to take care of Gu Xixi, but it turned out that something happened to the child?.

It’s over, it’s over!

 If something happens to Gu Xixi’s child, she really couldn’t explain it!

What’s wrong with that lady? You have to stand there!

Gu Xixi, so are you! As a pregnant woman, what do you pretend to be Lei Feng?

And that novice driver with a foreign license plate, sister, I remember you!

Throwing something in Mu Ruona’s hand, she rushed towards Gu Xixi.

The president’s wife, who was saved by Gu Xixi, reacted when she saw Gu Xixi lying on the ground. A bunch of Korean words floated out of her mouth, “I’m sorry…it’s you!”

Mu Ruona looked up at the lady and said in Korean, “Aunt, she was just trying to save you! Could you please call a car to the hospital? “

“Ah…well, my car is nearby, right away. It’s here!” Seeing Gu Xixi lying on the ground, the president’s wife was shocked!

She had recognized Gu Xixi, and of course knows that Gu Xixi was still pregnant with a child!

“Ruona, my stomach hurts … Save my child …” Gu Xixi was no longer able to care about anything else at this time, and grabbed Mu Ruona’s hand and said, “My child can’t be okay…”

Gu Xi At this time, she could rely on and count on only this person who has just been familiar with for a few hours!

“Good, don’t worry, you and the child will be fine.” Mu Ruona answered immediately.

At this time, the president’s wife’s car had already arrived, and the door opened. Mu Ruona helped Gu Xixi to get into the car quickly, and rushed toward the nearest hospital!

As soon as she entered the hospital, Gu Xixi was immediately pushed into the emergency room.

Only then did Mu Ruona have time to spare her hands to call Yin Sichen and report to Yin Sichen exactly what happened here!

Yin Sichen, listen up! Not that I didn’t take good care of your wife!

Your wife rushed out on her own!

It has nothing to do with me!

When Yin Sichen heard that Gu Xixi was hit by a car in order to save someone, his brain went blank. He even forgot to explain it, and dropped what was in his hand to grab the door!

Xiao Ah had never seen the president so flustered. Years of experience told him, something must have happened to the young lady! I have been following the president for so long, so that the president can do things that are not in line with common sense, and only the young lady is!

Xiao Ah immediately said, “The meeting is suspended, please wait for the notice.”

After saying this, Xiao Ah immediately followed suit.

Yin Sichen didn’t wait for Xiao A to catch up with him, but jumped into the car and rushed towards the place Mu Ruona said!

Yin Sichen didn’t understand why he was flustered at this time. When he heard that Gu Xixi had an accident, for the first time, he didn’t care if there was anything wrong with the child, but instead cared if there was anything wrong with Gu Xixi!

Gu Xixi was lying on the sickbed, with an intravenous drip on her arm.

The president’s wife sat next to her and said incoherently, “Thank you so much! If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid…”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if you are not there, I will save anyone in that position. ” Gu Xixi looks a bit pale, which in turn comforts the president’s wife.

At this time, Mu Ruona came in from outside with the list.

Mu Ruona didn’t know the president’s wife, so of course she didn’t give her a good look and said, “That’s easy to say! Do you know how dangerous it is today? If the driver with all hands and feet hits your stomach instead of your legs, do you think this child can still safe? “

“Ruona …..” Gu Xixi was afraid that Mu Ruona’s words would make the president’s wife unhappy, so she quickly grabbed Mu Ruona’s clothes with her hands without an injection, and waved gently.

At this moment, a person rushed in like a whirlwind outside, and only Gu Xixi was in his eyes. He rushed forward with a stride, grabbed Gu Xixi’s hand and asked in a loud voice,  “You … do you have anything?”

Yin Sichen’s long and narrow eyes couldn’t conceal the worry and anxiety, so that he didn’t even see the two light bulbs standing next to him.

“I’m fine…” Gu Xixi cast a look at Yin Sichen, looking at the side, looking at the side! It’s the president’s wife!

Yin Sichen thought that Gu Xi asked him to watch her stomach. The next second, he put his handsome face on Gu Xi’s stomach, and then after listening for a long time, he said in confusion, “There is no movement in the stomach …”

Mu Ruona turned her body silently.

It turns out that Mr. Yin, who has always been wise and wise, also has such an idiot!

At this time, the president’s wife who was standing next to him could see it clearly, the young couple was not what others said.

If Yin Sichen wasn’t really worried about Gu Xixi, he would not do such a naive thing.

The president’s wife coughed gently.

Yin Sichen realized that there were people next to him. When he looked back, he cried out in surprise, “Madam President? Why are you here? “

The president’s wife looked embarrassed, “It was me who Mrs Yin saved. I am very sorry, it is because of my negligence that Mrs. Yin is involved. “

 Yin Sichen never thought that Gu Xixi was injured because of the president’s wife!

“President’s wife, please don’t blame yourself too much. It is also a kind of fate that my wife can be saved by coincidence. I wonder if you are injured. Do you want to check it? ” Yin Sichen replied very politely, and did not mean to ask for gratitude at all.

Yin Sichen’s attitude made the president’s wife very satisfied.

“I’m okay, you guys can talk well, if you need anything, just speak up.” The president’s wife saw that Yin Sichen had been holding Gu Xixi’s hand tightly since he entered the house, her eyes flashed. After a trace of satisfaction, he said, “I’ll leave first!”

Yin Sichen was about to send the president’s wife, but she was stopped by the president’s wife, and Xiao Ah sent her to her.

Mu Ruona understood a little bit at this time.

The middle-aged lady saved by Gu Xixi turned out to be a great figure.

Mu Ruona looked at the eyes of Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen, and she suddenly felt a little more probing.

But Mu Ruona also knew what to ask, and she definitely couldn’t talk too much about what should not be asked.

No matter what happened between Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen, it was their own business.

Sure enough, Yin Sichen raised her head and said to Mu Ruona, “Ms. Mu, thank you for your help to take care of Xixi today.”

“Well, if you don’t blame me, I’ll be satisfied. Thank you for your words. If you have something to say, I will go back first and call me if something happens. ” After Mu Ruona said this to Yin Sichen, she turned her head and nodded at Gu Xixi, then turned and left the ward with her bag.

When only she and Yin Sichen were left in the room, she realized that Yin Sichen had been holding his hand.

Gu Xixi curled up her fingers and retracted her hand.

Yin sichen’s line of sight fell on her palm …

Does she always have to avoid him like this?

“The president’s wife told me …” Before Gu Xixi could finish her words, she was interrupted by Yin Sichen, “Who allowed you to do this?”

“Ah? Gu Xixi looked dazed and crashed into a pair of fire-breathing eyes at a glance.

Why was he angry?

I did this myself, although I took a little risk, but I finally let the president’s wife accept her own favor.

With the help of the president’s wife, the president’s side …

Ah, yes.

He was so angry, probably because I risked his life with the baby in my belly, so he was so angry.

Yes, how do you forget, Yin Sichen, Yin family, the importance of this child …

“I’m sorry …” Gu Xixi lowered her eyes, Yin Sichen’s eyes were distressed, but she didn’t have time to see…

“Don’t go anywhere these days, stay in the hospital!” When Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi’s drooping eyes, the anger in his heart couldn’t help but rose.

God knows, when he heard that Gu Xixi was hit by a car, his heart suddenly became empty.

He had never been rude in front of his subordinates!

He was particularly angry that Gu Xixi ignores her health and safety, and pleases the president and his wife. 

Gu Xixi saw Yin Sichen was really angry, bit her lip and did not dare to reply.

Yin Sichen was going to say something, but when he looked up, he saw Gu Xixi’s aggrieved little The look in his eyes, the thousands of words that were about to be blurted all of a sudden disappeared.

At this time, Xiao Ah knocked on the door and came in, “President, young lady. “

“Say it.” Yin Sichen retracted his gaze, turned his back to Gu Xixi and asked, “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said that the young lady and the child were fine. The reckless driver just hit her leg and didn’t hurt the fetus in the abdomen.” Xiao Ah replied in a simple and concise way, “It is the object of cooperation with the subsidiary.”

“Oh? Which company?” Yin Sichen’s eyes were brewing a storm.

Almost hurt his woman, still want to do business with the Yin consortium?

“Zilong Bio-Company, a manufacturer specializing in raw materials for facial cream production, just won the bid at the beginning of this year, and defeated the raw material manufacturer last year and won the right this year. Zilong Company is a subsidiary acquired by the Mo’s consortium. The company’s assets are about one billion yuan. Their general manager is now in S City. It is said that this time, they came to negotiate further cooperation intentions with Yin’s consortium, and secondly, To see Mo Zixin, president of the Mo’s consortium. ” Xiao Ah had found out all the necessary information in the shortest time.

Sure enough, he was Yin Sichen’s most capable assistant. With only Yin Sichen’s expression, Xiao Ah already knew what to do next.

Mo Zixin?

Yin Sichen’s eyes quickly narrowed.

This single diamond man who ranks first with himself in the Chinese circle did not expect to meet so soon!

“Mr. Mo has heard about the young lady’s injury, and he has asked his assistant to call and say he is going to the hospital in person to apologize.” Xiao Ah continued, “Mr. Mo seems to want to talk with you in person.”

 See Gu Xixi ?

Yin Sichen eyes a slight pressure.

Didn’t know why, Yin Sichen especially dislikes other men seeing Gu Xixi

Especially Mo Zixin, who was evenly matched with him.

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