The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 48 – This Night Is A Bit Long

Yin Sichen did not intend to rest in another room. after washing up, he just lay on the bed.

Seeing Gu Xixi still in a daze, Yin Sichen’s eyes flashed with radiance.

“What are you still doing? Not sleeping?” Yin Sichen lay there, her sturdy and slender body wrapped under the pure white quilt, indescribable.

Gu Xixi only felt that the roots of her ears were red.

During the day, she didn’t take it off so cleanly!

This big night … Watching a beautiful man …

“We came in a hurry. There is only one master bedroom here. This home is mine and I have the right to sleep in any room. ” Yin Sichen’s eyes picked up. The stream of light passing by the corner of his narrow eyes was charming, and said to Gu Xixi softly, “There is no sofa here. If you don’t care about the child in your stomach and insist on sleeping on the ground, I have no problem!”

Sleep on the floor? Hum, don’t!

Gu Xixi lay down on the other side in anger.

That’s right, I am a pregnant woman now, and I must not wrong myself! I will never sleep on the floor!

Anyway, since she is pregnant now, he can’t do anything to herf!

Isn’t it just sleeping on the same bed?

It’s not that I haven’t slept!

Sleep! Who is afraid of whom!

Gu Xixi opened the quilt and lay down directly in her place.

She was cheeky lying down, what else is he shy about?

Besides, in terms of face value, you are not at a disadvantage!

Yin Sichen glanced at the corner of his narrow eyes and saw Gu Xixi lying down puffed up, the smile on his mouth couldn’t be suppressed.

He stretched out his arm and turned off the wall lamp.

The two of them lay quietly on top of their arms, with the stars outside, dimly lit indoors.

Gu Xixi always felt that the atmosphere became a little bit sexy in an instant, and always felt that something was wrong, turning her back to Yin Sichen.

It seemed that as long as he couldn’t see him, she could calm down.

Yin Sichen was indeed very disciplined, and did not take a step beyond the line.

Seeing Yin Sichen’s honesty, Gu Xixi’s heart gradually raised an unwilling thought: Is it true that she is so mediocre? Both lie down like this, he is indifferent?

Immediately, Gu Xi Xi almost shot the idea to death.

Bah bah bah… Gu Xixi, what do you still hope he will do to you?

You are pregnant woman now!

Taking a deep breath, she forcibly cleared Yin Sichen from his mind.

But the more I want to ignore the super hormone diffuser behind me, the more I can hear every subtle sound and movement behind me.

Ah … What a nuisance!

After lying down for a while, Gu Xixi couldn’t fall asleep even more. Turning around slightly, she saw Yin Sichen lying there all the time, as if already asleep.

Well, he’s calmer than her.

What else can you do hypocritically?

Gu Xixi’s eyes closed lightly, without distracting thoughts, she gradually fell asleep without knowing it.

Listening to Gu Xixi’s even breathing, Yin Sichen slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at Gu Xixi.

Under the moonlight, Gu Xixi’s face was clean and clean. Without the oil painting face in the afternoon, it was pleasing to the eye a lot.

The corners of Yin Sichen’s eyes gleamed, and after turning Gu Xixi’s face a few times, he finally stretched out his arm and circled Gu Xixi, who was already asleep, in front of him.

Well, this feeling is right.

It was unknown if Gu Xixi slept too sweetly and infected Yin Sichen, and Yin Sichen soon fell asleep.

So the next day, the weather was bright …

Gu Xixi saw it as soon as he opened her eyes … Yin Sichen’s strong chest muscles … Chest muscles … Chest muscles!

Gu Xixi was so energetic, and instantly awake!

How could I fall asleep in Yin Sichen’s arms?

I remember very clearly, I clearly slept on my side…

Maybe, I came running when I fell asleep?

Maybe, I threw myself shamelessly last night?

Gee, it’s …

It’s over, my own reputation …

Gu Xixi carefully raised her head and glanced at Yin Sichen.

Ok, ok.

He’s still asleep.

Carefully retreat back…Having retreated to his position, Gu Xixi was relieved.

Fortunately, he didn’t wake up, otherwise she really couldn’t explain it clearly!

She keeps saying that she was not interested in Yin Sichen, and when he fell asleep, she had the cheek to drill somebody else’s arms!

Who will believe this?

Gu Xixi saw that Yin Sichen showed no signs of being sober, and then she crept up from the top of his body, and carefully went to the wardrobe with his clothes.

What Gu Xixi didn’t know was that she had just walked away holding his clothes, Yin Sichen’s narrow eyes had slowly opened, and the corner of his eyes watched Gu Xixi enter the coat rack like a thief.

This woman …

Gu Xixi changed her clothes in the wardrobe, she heard the sound of water rushing outside, and it seemed that Yin Sichen was also awake.

As soon as Gu Xixi came out, she saw Xiao Ah coming over to dress Yin Sichen.

“The team leader is early.” Xiao Ah greeted Gu Xixi in a proper manner.

“Morning.” Gu Xixi nodded.

At this time Yin Sichen came out of the bathroom and wiped the drops of water on his hair.

“President, which shirt do you want to wear this time?” Xiao Ah asked dutifully.

Yin Sichen’s eyes flashed, and he pointed to the blue shirt that Gu Xixi had picked for him and said, “That’s it.”

Xiao Ah’s eyes almost popped out.

The style of this dress was clearly from last year …

Xiao A was indeed a qualified assistant. Despite the stormy seas in his heart, his face still matched Yin Sichen with a shirt, watch, tie, belt and shoes.

Yin Sichen changed quickly. When he buckled his wrist watch smartly, it was simply charming.

Gu Xixi stood there a little embarrassed, not knowing what to say and do.

Last night I took advantage of others for the whole night, guilty!

“Didn’t you make an appointment with Mu Ruona to go shopping today? Go early and return early, and remember to bring a few more cards.” Yin Sichen said to Gu Xixi without looking up, “I will send you a driver later, you All of the drivers have stayed in city N. It is not convenient to have a car in city S.”

Gu Xixi wondered why he was so polite?

Oh, yes, you have to act!

Although I offended the South Korea president and his wife yesterday, the play that should be performed is going to be performed after all.

Gu Xixi replied a little cramped, “Ah … I know …”

You go quickly, go quickly! I’m nervous and uncomfortable when you are at home!

As soon as I saw you, I would think of the thing that took advantage of you in my dream last night!

Yin Sichen glanced at Gu Xixi seemingly inadvertently, tidied up his clothes and left with Xiao Ah.

Gu Xixi was relieved after watching Yin Sichen leave.

“Madam, the young master told me that your breakfast will be ready soon.” The butler eagerly said behind Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi’s body stiffened, and immediately replied, “I see.”

The Yin family really attached great importance to this child.

Yes, he could tolerate her taking advantage of him last night without pushing her away, probably because he was afraid of hurting the child in her stomach?

Well, I’ve got the light of this child again.

After breakfast, when she arrived, Mu Ruona had waited for her for a long time.

Gu Xixi didn’t dare to let Mu Ruona wait too long, and met Mu Ruona again under the escort of the driver.

Gu Xixi asked the driver to go back, and just take a taxi back later.

With a driver by her side, She always feels uncomfortable.

Even though one night passed, Mu Ruona still seemed to be a little unacceptable to the fact that Yin Sichen was actually married! And will be a father!

Mu Ruona looked at Gu Xixi, who was dressed in casual clothes, holding her arms, and said, “I always thought that Yin Sichen might never get married in this life. Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect them to get it right in one step, buy one get one free! It’s really okay! As the young lady of the Yin family group, she can still be so low-key!”

Gu Xixi looked helpless, and she married Yin Sichen not because of love at all, but because of… forget it. , This kind of thing should not be said.

It was not a good thing anyway.

“Let’s go shopping! It’s my first time to go shopping in S City! ” Gu Xixi took the initiative to pull Mu Ruona’s arm and said, “If I don’t understand, please give me more advice!”

Mu Ruona shrugged her shoulders, “OK, let’s go. In order to take care of you as a pregnant woman, let’s chat while walking.”

Mu Ruona received a call from Yin Sichen in the morning. Yin Sichen asked Murona to take care of Gu Xi on the phone.

This phone almost made Murona pop out her eyeballs!

Was this still Yin Sichen she knew?

It seems that Mr. Yin really did not love this little wife in general!

Since Mr. Yin had personally called for help, Mu Ruona would certainly not make Gu Xixi uncomfortable!

The two deliberately put aside Yin Sichen’s topic and talked about some fashion topics.

Mu Ruona was indeed the spokesperson of fashion, Gu Xixi almost only listened obediently, and couldn’t insert a word.

As expected, Mu Ruona took care of Gu Xixi very much. After walking for a while, she would suggest a place to sit down and rest.

Gu Xixi felt Mu Ruona’s care, and was naturally grateful to Mu Ruona, so the relationship between the two women became much closer.

It had only been more than two hours, and the two people could get along as good friends.

When Mu Ruona saw a casual restaurant not far away, she suddenly smiled and said, “Let’s go over there and sit down and rest…”

Gu Xixi was about to nod, and she inadvertently raised her head and glanced at the side of the road.

With just this look, Gu Xixi’s eyes froze instantly!

Madam president!

How did she come here …

At this moment, a car with a foreign license plate was reversing in a panic. The president’s wife is looking down at the phone, unaware of the coming danger!

Bad! Madam president is in danger!

“Wait for me here!” Gu Xixi shoved the things in her hand into Mu Ruona’s hands, turned and ran towards the president’s wife!

“Hey, what are you…” Mu Ruona didn’t react for a while, she saw that Gu Xixi had rushed to a middle-aged lady’s side and pushed her away!

And the reckless driver had already bumped into Gu Xixi without any suspense!

Gu Xixi was caught off guard and fell to the ground!

“My stomach…” Gu Xixi suddenly felt a cramp in his stomach, and couldn’t help but cried out, “My child…”

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