It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 189 – What Achievement Can You Have Without The Ancestor’s Feather?

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“Hoo ……”

Mu Bing and Chen Daoming looked ahead with a touch of caution on their faces. Behind them, a group of Red Refinement Sect disciples stood on the entire passage. At a glance, it was like a bunch of bright light bulbs.

“After stepping over this passage, you are going to enter the Taichou mine! There will be many crises ahead, with your life and death unknown. It is still not too late if any one of you wants to leave now!” Chen Daoming looked at the crowd and spoke. However, the crowd was determined, they didn’t have any intention to leave.

“Leader Chen, it is a supreme honor for us to do something for the Godly Cunning Immortal!”

“Yes, for the sake of saving the world, Godly Cunning Immortal has no regard for honor and shame, no fear of danger, and no fear of having his dao heart broken, such great righteousness is a model for our generation to learn from!”

“For the sake of world peace, we are willing to contribute our blood! Even if it means death, we will never regret it!”

They clenched their fists in excitement and had no intention of retreating.

Hearing this, Chen Daoming secretly nodded his head.

“Good! With you guys, there is hope for the human race! However, after we stepped into the mine, I reiterate that you must not release your divine sense and alarm the Soul Devouring Insect! Otherwise, even the Godly Cunning Immortal may not be able to save you. Do you understand?” Chen Daoming said.

“Yes, Leader Chen!”

The chorus of voices shook the whole space, making it buzzing and trembling.

“Let’s go!” With a wave of his right hand, Chen Daoming led the crowd to head inside.

As they entered the Taichou mine, Chen Daoming looked at the surrounding rock walls and frowned slightly.

“Sect Master Xiang!” Chen Daoming shouted.

“You youngsters are here!”

Xiang Shichen quickly ran up to him, his face full of smiles.

“Did you dig all the mines here?” Chen Daoming asked.

Xiang Shichen touched his bald head and smiled awkwardly, “Leader Chen, all of this had existed since before, we just opened up this place!”

Chen Daoming nodded slightly. He looked back at Mu Bing, opened his mouth and asked, “Elder Mu, look, how old do you think these cave constructions are?”

“It was sealed off and the rock walls that were mined out here are weathered. It is at least from ancient times!” Mu Bing said.

“So apparently this is a mine from ancient times?”

“That should be the case!”

“We have to be careful!”


Chen Daoming slowed down his speed and led the crowd, feeling his way forward.

Not long after.

“Blood-colored crystals!”

Chen Daoming looked at the crystals on the rock wall and his eyes shone.

He saw several crimson crystals emitting a ghostly red aura at the top of the rock wall.

“Hoo ……”

Chen Daoming flew up, carefully plucked the blood-colored crystals down and put them away in his soul space.

“Leader Chen, there are so many here!”

“Leader Chen, there’s a big one here!”

“Wow, it’s full of blood-colored crystals, so scary!”

As they went along, they encountered more and more blood-colored crystals.

Finally, the crowd stood in a circular cave. Above the cave was covered with dense blood-colored crystals. It looked like a towering tree that enveloped the entire cave. Or rather, these blood-colored crystals were originally attached to a big tree.

“This must be the old nest of the Soul Devouring Insect!”


“Let’s start collecting them!”


Chen Daoming looked back at the group of children and said, “Attention all of you, don’t alarm them when you start collecting!”


Everyone flew up and carefully collected them.

Above them was filled with blood-colored crystals, and they rapidly decreased at the speed that was visible to the naked eye.



In the Taichu mine, in a cave somewhere deep underground.

There was a statue of a thousand meters high, standing in the cave. The statue held a long sword in both hands and swept its gaze forward.

Its majestic and domineering appearance was like a deity who tore the world. Under the statue, sat five elders dressed in blood robes and holding long staff.

“Hoo ……”

Suddenly, an old woman opened her eyes and revealed a face of joy.

“There are more than half a million people this time, and those above the Ascension Realm are more than a hundred thousand!”

“Grand Pharaoh, shall we begin?”

Hearing these words, a skinny old man who looked like a withering tree opened his eyes. There was no hint of expression in the rigid gray eyes.

“Not-the-time-yet!” The withered old man spoke quietly, his voice hoarse.

“Anyway, the time is not right!” The withered old man said.

“Grand Pharaoh, with these 500,000 people, it is enough to resurrect the old ancestor! Why is it not the correct time?” The old woman asked.

“I always have some uneasiness, like something big is going to happen!” The withered old man’s face was full of anxiety.

He looked at the old woman and said, “Old Five, go and see how the Soul Devouring Insects are doing?”

“Grand Pharaoh, you don’t believe me!”

“That is the Ten Thousand Years Profound Soul Wood, The Soul Devouring Insects most favored place! Now those Soul Devouring Insects have long since fallen asleep!” The old woman said.

“Old five, don’t take any offense, the old man is just asking!”

“Since you are so sure, then there is no need to see it!” The withered old man said.

“Of course, it took us a thousand years to herd all the Soul Devouring Insects over there!” The old woman said.

“Old Five, you’ve worked hard!”

Speaking of this, the withered old man looked at the other old man, “Old Two, how is it? Any news?”

“Hoo ……”

The old man opened his eyes and shook his head slightly, “Grand Pharaoh, I’m sorry, I could not deduce it!”

“So it seems that some kind of existence has set its eyes on us!” The withered old man said.

“Grand Pharaoh, you are overly worried, right? Isn’t it just one less person’s qi blood? You are too cautious, we must not give up at this critical moment!” The old woman said.

“That’s right, Grand Pharaoh!” Another old man said.

“This matter is of great importance, we must be careful! You don’t know, recently the human race has a Godly Cunning Immortal. He calculated everything and checked the evil race at every turn! Although the fundamentals of our clan had not been injured, this Godly Cunning Immortal is really hateful! What if he targets our clan and destroys our clan’s great plans?” The withered old man said.

“Calculated everything? Grand Pharaoh, do you believe this? Even the monk in Elysium can’t calculate everything, right?”

“That’s right, Grand Pharaoh, you worry too much!”

Hearing these words, the withered old man secretly nodded his head, “I hope I’m just overthinking!”

Suddenly, another old man opened his eyes. There was a hint of fear on his face.

“Grand Pharaoh, there is an immortal on my side that is coming this way!” The old man looked up with a scowl on his face.

The moment these words came out, everyone there opened their eyes at the same time.

“What? An immortal? What should we do?”

“Grand Pharaoh, is our thousand-year plan going to be ruined at the last moment?”

“Damn, how could an immortal come here?”

Their faces were filled with resignation.

The withered old man waved his hand, and everyone immediately shut up.

His unchanged eyes only stare at the same place.

“So what if it’s an immortal, they won’t be able to escape the grand formation we set up!”

“Don’t make any move against the Immortal for the time being. First devour their qi blood, after the old ancestor resurrected, that immortal will only become the old ancestor’s strength!” The withered old man said.

Hearing these words, the crowd nodded at the same time and relaxed.

“The immortal has come!”

“Grand Pharaoh, the fish is in the net, shall we draw the net close?”

“Don’t be in a hurry, there is still one more, look!”

The withered old man waved his right hand, an image appeared in front of the crowd.

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