The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 90: The Ancestor of the Warring Empire

Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng swept his eyes at the crowd, “What does everyone think about this matter?”

Sun Yan, who had not spoken, suddenly spoke up, “I suggest that we should also lead our troops to the Taihua Buddha Sect and plunder the Taihua Buddha Sect’s Buddhist treasures!”

“The devil cave formation is broken and cannot be repaired, as long as it cannot be repaired, the great devils inside will still keep coming out, it is impossible to suppress them, the destruction of the Taihua Buddha Sect is a sure thing!”

“In that case, it’s useless for us to support, those Buddhist treasures would be better off in the hands of the Warring Empire rather than in the hands of other sects and empires!

“With these Buddhist treasures, our Warring Empire will be able to strengthen a lot.” Sun Yan’s words caused the crowd in the main hall to stare.

Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng did not open his mouth, his eyes flickering indefinitely, obviously considering Sun Yan’s suggestion.

Sun Yan added, “And the destruction of the Taihua Buddha Sect, for our Warring Empire, seeking compensation is not a good thing, these years, if not for the Taihua Buddha Sect in the way, our Warring Empire is afraid to have long unified the Buddha Bearing Continent.”

Taihua Buddha Sect was the number one Buddha Sect in the Buddha Bearing Continent, to unify the Buddha Bearing Continent, Taihua Buddha Sect was a hurdle that could not be bypassed.

“Good, I agree with Marshal Xu Ying’s suggestion.” An old ancestor of the Warring Empire spoke up, “With the destruction of the Taihua Buddha Sect, our Warring Empire will be able to unify the Buddha Bearing Continent!”

“Grand Emperor, we can gather a team of strong people above the God Realm right now, then we can rush to the Taihua Buddha Sect at once and plunder the Taihua Buddha Sect’s Buddhist treasures.”

Sun Yan added, “The destruction of the Taihua Buddha Sect and the emergence of billions of great devils from the Devil Cave will have an impact on our Warring Empire, but after these great devils escape from the Taihua Buddha Sect, they will scatter and flee, and their power will be scattered, so it will not have a great impact on our Warring Empire.”

Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng spoke, “Good, in that case, pass my order to summon all the experts of the Empire above the God realm to come to the Imperial Palace at once!”

At that moment, a booming tremor sounded suddenly.

The crowd looked through the hall, only to see a team of imperial palace guards being blown in and falling down to the square outside the hall in unison.

Everyone was stunned.

Zhu Zheng, the Warring Empire Emperor, had a sullen look on his face, and with a single stride, he exited the hall.

 All the people poured out of the hall.

At this time, inside the Warring Empire Palace, countless experts and guards poured out in a steady stream, filling the sky and the ground.

But after the Warring Empire Palace and guards surged out, they were blasted back in wave after wave.

From a distance, these guards of the Warring Empire, like dense locusts, kept smashing down. However, the guards of the Warring Empire that surged out from all directions surged back up again.

The other side seemed to be impatient of killing. Suddenly, a heaven-shaking bull roar sounded.

The guards and experts who had been pouring out above the Warring Empire Palace were all shaken down by the terrifying sound wave.

The sky above for once was empty.

Immediately after, a light flashed in front of the crowd, and a young man in a blue shirt and a black-robed youth appeared in front of the crowd.

Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng looked at Lu Yiping with an ugly face, “Who is your Excellency, I wonder what has offended your Excellency in my Warring Empire?”

Lu Yiping swept his eyes at a group of great marshals and old ancestors of the Warring Empire, and finally, his gaze fell on Sun Yan.

“Sun Yan, the chief of the Life Killing Dao.” Lu Yiping indifferently said.

Sun Yan’s face suddenly turned cold, “Your Excellency has the wrong person.” He also said, “Your reliance on force to barge into my Warring Imperial Palace, do you really think that there is no one in my Warring Empire.” With these words, a fist fiercely blasted towards Lu Yiping.

The fist power rolled, and the fire wave was amazing blasted out, and the fire wave was purple-gold!

“Violet Gold Divine Flame!”

Violet Gold Divine Flame was a rare divine flame in heaven and earth. After being collected, it could be integrated into the divine power, and when the divine power was called upon to attack, the Violet Gold Divine Flame will strike with it.

When Lu Yiping saw that Sun Yan possessed the Violet Gold Divine Flame, his face was calm as usual. He casually pointed his finger, then a black finger wave broke through the air and collided with his opponent’s fist.

The Violet Gold Divine Flame, which could incinerate everything, was instantly frozen in mid-air.

And the black finger wave instantly came to Sun Yan.

Feeling the terrifying power of the black finger wave, Sun Yan’s face changed dramatically. Not bothering to hide his strength anymore, he fully activated the Heavenly God’s power in his body.

The might of the Heavenly God swept through heaven and earth.

The marshals and ancestors of the Warring Empire were all shocked by Sun Yan’s vast Heavenly God’s power, causing them to retreat one after another.

“Heavenly God?!” Even Warring Grand Emperor Zhu Zheng was shocked.

His Commander Xu Ying was actually a Heavenly God!

Although he was the Great Emperor of the Warring Empire, he was only a late peak True God.

“Middle peak Heavenly God.” Lu Yiping blandly said.

This Sun Yan was the same as the Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu, a middle peak Heavenly God.

Sun Yan fiercely blasted out a palm with all his might.

“Compassionate Demon Palm!”

As his palm slapped out, devilish qi rolled out, but the devilish qi rolled out with a compassionate Buddha light.

Compassionate Devil Palm! A Buddhist-devil master created this palm in the recent ancient period of the Buddha Bearing Continent. This palm was listed as one of the ten strongest palm techniques in the recent ancient period of the Buddha Bearing Continent.

The Compassionate Devil Palm collided with Lu Yiping’s black finger wave.

In the explosion, the wave exploded. The ground square one by one was lifted up, surrounded by palaces, but also like pieces of powder scattered.

Everyone retreated in fear.

Then they saw Lu Yiping’s black finger wave from the center of the Compassionate Devil Palm power pierced through, instantly hit Sun Yan’s chest.

Sun Yan was blown away. When he landed on the ground, he saw that the finger wave had blasted through his chest.

Black ice was spreading out from his chest at an alarming rate. Lu Yiping took Sun Yan in front of himself.

Just then, a low voice came from the depths of the Warring Imperial Palace: “My name is Zhu Yan, please let go of the marshal of my Warring Empire for the sake of the old man!” The voice was not loud, yet, it contained a supreme divine might.

Zhu Yan! The ancestor of the Warring Empire!

Lu Yiping continued to search Sun Yan’s soul as if he did not hear.

Suddenly, deep inside the Warring Emperor Palace, surging golden light rose up to the sky. The sky and the earth changed color. The vast pressure, like a chaotic mountain, pressed the Warring Empire people were suffocated.

Then, the void cracked open, and a tall, gray-haired old man came out.

 Seeing the old man, the Warring Emperor Zhu Zheng, and the others all knelt down to the ground, excited, “Greetings, Lord Patriarch!”

Zhu Yan, however, looked at Lu Yiping with heated eyes, “I don’t care what grudge you have with the Marshal of my Empire, right now, you must let him go.”

“I can let him go!”

At that moment, Lu Yiping finished his soul search and clasped one hand.

Instantly, everyone saw Sun Yan, the leader of the Life Killing Dao, blasted and exploded into a cloud of blood mist!

The crowd of the Warring Empire was dumbfounded.

Zhu Yan’s eyes shot out coldly, and he said with a single word, “All of you must die!” After saying that, an aura beyond the Heavenly God was released, swallowing the sky and the earth, the heaven and earth boomed, all the experts in the entire Warring Empire were horrified.

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