The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 43 – Tragically Crushed Dignity

Yin Sichen turned his head and glanced at Gu Xixi subconsciously, only to see that Gu Xixi’s whole body was frozen, her face was pale, her lips were bitten hard, tears could no longer be controlled, and the crying burst instantly.

“Gift … It turns out that you really designed it that night …” Gu Xixi’s whole body was trembling constantly, and her eyes flashed with despair that she dared not believe.

Seeing Gu Xixi like that, Yin Sichen’s heart felt like a needle.

Damn it!

How did it become like this!

“Si Chen, you look at me. You can’t marry a gift, I am the one who wants to marry you! ” Lin Xiaoya kept repeating this sentence, “Now that I’m back, shall we have a good time together? You divorce her, we get married, I can also give you children, and have as many as you want! “

Gu Xixi slowly came out from behind Yin Sichen, standing in front of Lin Xiaoya with an incredible voice trembling to confirm again, “Xiaoya, tell me, why? Why do you want to do this! “

Aren’t we the best girlfriends?

Haven’t we been the best friends who have been supporting each other since we were young?

Why did you do this to me?

Lin Xiaoya turned her head and looked at Gu Xixi, with an expression of disgust in her eyes.

When Lin Xiaoya’s eyes fell on Gu Xixi’s Heart of The Ocean around her neck, she went crazy. This was her Heart of The Ocean!

How can you give it on Gu Xixi!

She stared at the Heart of The Ocean for a long time, why, why did Gu Xixi take away everything she likes!

“Why? You asked me why!” Lin Xiaoya gritted her teeth and yelled at Gu Xixi, “For so many years, I am fed up with you! I am fed up with you looking at me with pity!”

Pitying eyes? No! I never did!

Gu Xixi kept shaking her head, tears falling down, her heart hurts so much, she felt her fingertips tremble uncontrollably.

“Gu Xixi, don’t you just have an extra layer of film than me? Just let you be so high?” Lin Xiaoya mocked Gu Xixi viciously, “But what about that? You don’t have anything anymore?”

“Lin Xiaoya, I am really sorry for what happened back then. But I have never looked at you with pity! I have always been your best sister, and all my thoughts and feelings will be shared with you.” Gu Xixi trembled and said, “I thought the whole world would abandon me, but you won’t!”

“Enough! Don’t say it! Gu Xixi, if you don’t hate it, I also hate it! A woman like you is doomed to be abandoned by the whole world! You were abandoned by your biological parents from the moment you were born! Even if you were picked up and returned home, you will still be abandoned by the Gu family! Zhao Zegang said at the beginning how much he loved you, and he still abandoned you for money. Now, more and more people will continue to abandon you, because you are so annoying!” Lin Xiaoya snarled frantically, and tried to rush to teach Gu Xixi several times, but Yin Sichen stopped her.

Yin Sichen looked at the poor little woman, and the pain in his heart was stronger than a wave.

All right, now that it has happened today, let’s make everything clear!

Gu Xixi listened to Lin Xiaoya’s words of humiliation, and her body staggered and held the table at once, so she didn’t fall down.

Gu Xi Xi knew that she must be very embarrassed.

Even abandoned by Zhao Zegang, there had never been such a mess.

I’m afraid I can’t finish my task today. It doesn’t make any sense to stay, does it?

Gu Xixi stumbled out of the table.

At this moment, she just wanted to escape from here, from this terrible fact.

“Gu Xixi, don’t pretend! You can be as proud as you are now? You just lost a layer of membrane, but you robbed my boyfriend of revenge, and became pregnant with a child. His wife! Gu Xixi, you return my boyfriend to me!” Lin Xiaoya’s roar came from behind, “The love for so many years, we have cleared up!”

Gu Xixi only felt the sight before him. The vagueness could only be rushed out based on the feeling.

But when she stood in the beautifully decorated office area, she was at a loss.

Where could she go?

Where else could she go?

The world was big, but there was no place for her.

Even finding a place to cry was so extravagant.

Gu Xixi staggered into the bathroom, shut herself in, sat on the toilet and began to collapse and cry!

We’re even? Okay, we’re even.

After so many years of mutual affection between us, how can we make it even?

Go to school together, do homework together, skip classes together, and you have to see me in the cold winter. I was beaten by my grandmother and you secretly sent me food. You said you wanted to be a model. We worked together to earn money and earn tuition …

After so many years of friendship, it’s even if we talk it over, right?

I have never said that I am more innocent than you. How can I have pity?

I totally, in your eyes also became a sin?

Xiaoya, Lin Xiaoya!

From this moment, I realized that my self-righteous sisterhood for so many years, in your eyes, was just a compensation gift for a man …

Then do you know how scared I was when you treated me as a gift ?

Good, very good.

Thank you for giving me this lesson with Zhao Zegang, and let me see you clearly from now on.

Since you said it was even, it was even.

I don’t want to care anymore, enough, enough …

Seeing Gu Xixi staggering away in the restaurant, Yin Sichen subconsciously wanted to chase her, but Lin Xiaoya clung to his thighs so he couldn’t move!

“Si Chen, don’t do this to me!” Lin Xiaoya cried bitterly and said, “I already knew it was wrong! I couldn’t get through if I called you, you won’t reply if I email you! Si Chen, since Gu Xixi doesn’t do anything at all, you don’t have to continue this unfeeling marriage! We still have feelings, don’t we? I am willing to get married now, and I am willing to give you children! Si Chen, let’s get married!”

Yin Sichen looked down at Lin Xiaoya’s face, and couldn’t say how disgusting she was.

This woman was so insatiable.

Shameless, self-righteous.

“Dina, the moment you sent Gu Xixi to me, it was over between us. I, Yin Sichen, can’t be calculated by a woman like you! Get out!” Yin Sichen lifted her leg and kicked Lin Xiaoya away.

Yin Sichen raised his leg to chase Gu Xixi, Lin Xiaoya suddenly yelled, “Yin Sichen, don’t force me!”

Yin Sichen suddenly stopped and looked up slightly,”Oh? What can you do? “

Lin Xiaoya’s shrill voice echoed in the huge restaurant, “Don’t the Yin’s consortium care much about cooperation with Korean enterprises? In the scene just now, the president and wife of South Korea can see clearly, right? If I don’t explain it to them clearly, I am afraid that your cooperation will be lost?”

She really had this idea!

It’s so self-righteous!

Lin Xiaoya couldn’t see Yin Sichen’s mocking expression and eyes, and said, “As long as I don’t explain it clearly, Gu Xixi is a cheap woman who is shameless of her best friend’s husband! Do you think the president of Korean companies will continue to cooperate with Yin’s consortium?”

“Are you threatening me?” Yin Sichen still turned his back on Lin Xiaoya, and the chill in the corners of his eyes and brows had already reached the bottom of his eyes.

“No, I just love you too much!” Lin Xiaoya slowly walked over from behind, hugged Yin Sichen’s waist from behind, greedily smelling the special smell of Yin Sichen.

She couldn’t get enough of this smell.

This was the man, this was the man she wanted.

Only such a man was worthy of her Lin Xiaoya!

“So you love me in this way?” Yin Sichen reached out and suddenly opened Lin Xiaoya’s finger and pushed it back, “Unfortunately, I see this like this too much!”

Lin Xiaoya also rushed up, butYin Sichen had strode away.

“Xiao Ah, have you recorded the scene just now?” Yin Sichen stretched out his hand behind the door, Xiao Ah handed the phone to Yin Sichen, and after Yin Sichen wiped off his fingers, he moved his hand. The phone in the room was handed to Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen looked at the pictures recorded on her mobile phone, and the corners of her mouth floated with a cold smile.

Yin Sichen looked at the video recorded on the phone, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Very good, burn it down.” Yin Sichen returned the phone to Xiao Ah, turned around and left.

“Yes, president.” Xiao Ah answered very dutifully, “The madam is in the bathroom.”

Yin Sichen’s eyes flickered, and he quickly turned and walked towards the bathroom.

Lin Xiaoya didn’t expect things to turn over, and strode to catch up, but was suddenly stopped by Xiao Ah!

The next second, a few bodyguards appeared behind Xiao Ah, and they covered Lin Xiaoya’s mouth, who was about to blurt out, and dragged her away.

Xiao Ah looked at Lin Xiaoya who was dragged away by embarrassment and sighed softly.

Who is the president? How can he be manipulated by such a woman?

Just today, Lin Xiaoya caused such a stir, I’m afraid a lot of things won’t go well?

President, it’s up to you next!

Gu Xi Xi hid herself in the narrow space of the bathroom, and vented her feelings for so many years.

Stretch out her hand over her heart, it really hurts.

Leaning weakly against the wall, Gu Xixi suddenly discovered that Zhao Zegang’s betrayal was far less painful than Lin Xiaoya’s betrayal.

Although Zhao Zegang’s pain caused her heartache, it was not as desperate as Lin Xiaoya’s betrayal.

Although Zhao Zegang cruelly abandoned her first love, she still had a ray of dignity.

However, Lin Xiaoya crushed her very little dignity under the soles of her feet.

Gift … hehe … It turns out that so many years of feelings are just a gift for other men …

It turns out that her dignity was just a humble gift …

Suddenly there was a crazy slamming door outside, “Gu Xi, you come out!”

Yin sichen is it? What’s he doing here?

Come and see how this humble gift cries?

Yin Sichen, did you already know everything?

Is that why you sent me away with a check that morning?

It turns out that you know everything, but I’m the only fool who still believes that the world is beautiful …

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