The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 42 – Lin Xiaoya’s Spoil

At this time, the president and his wife have approached. Gu Xixi couldn’t push Yin Sichen away, and could only elbow Yin Sichen’s abdomen to force him to leave him a little bit.

Otherwise, it couldn’t be guaranteed that when the president and his wife came over, they could remain calm.

Yin Sichen had long since guessed that Gu Xixi would become angry from embarrassment. At the moment when Gu Xixi began to work, he had already stood up straight.

Although Gu Xixi made a fuss all of a sudden, she was completely free from Yin Sichen’s restriction, and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Yin Sichen walked over to the president and his wife and said, “It seems that Xixi is almost ready, we can have dinner right away.”

“The strength of the Yin consortium really deserves its reputation.” The president nodded with satisfaction and said, “Just the staff restaurant is already so gorgeous and noble.”

Yin Sichen smiled proudly and said: “The employees who can come to work at the headquarters are naturally the Yin’s elite. Grandma taught Si Chen and never neglected. Everyone! President, Madam, please…”

Hearing Yin Sichen’s answer, the president and his wife became more and more satisfied.

Yin’s consortium expressed great satisfaction in terms of financial potential, status and influence, as well as the executive power, decision-making degree and attitude towards employees of Yin’s consortium leaders.

Gu Xixi didn’t let everyone wait for a long time, and soon set up a large table of hot pot.

The various dishes were placed in order by the chef.

“It’s really troublesome for Mrs. Yin.” The president’s wife smiled and said to Gu Xixi, “Mr. Yin is really blessed to have a wife who loves cooking, so you must especially like going home.”

“”Yes, the happiest thing every day is to have dinner with Xixi. President, madam, please! ” Yin Sichen immediately reached out and held the back of Gu Xixi’s hand with a gentle smile.

Yin Sichen’s smile and eyes at this time were extremely tender and loving. It seems that from the bottom of the eyebrows there is a kind of joy and happiness of being a husband and father.

Gu Xixi looked at him. If she didn’t know that the two were just contracted couples, she would have been fooled by Yin Sichen’s smile.

What’s more, the president and his wife who didn’t know the details?

Gu Xixi sighed in her heart, no wonder so many women in this world want to have a relationship with this legendary most perfect man, even if they were once, they were already satisfied. It was because he was so perfect!

Any woman facing such a man who was extremely handsome to stunning, handsome to maddening, wealthy to scream, and lofty to kneel down, and still a no-lace news, to the family a loyal man probably couldn’t control it, right?

However, fortunately, I have self-knowledge. Knowing that everything in front of me is just acting.

Gu Xixi cooperated with Yin Sichen, and did not pull out her hand. She smiled and introduced the uniqueness of hot pot cooking at noon today with the president’s wife.

Because of the hot pot, Gu Xixi and the president’s wife found a common topic, and the more they talked, the more closer they became.

When the president saw that his wife was satisfied with the food, he suddenly had a dispute in his heart.

After the president gave his wife a satisfied look, he turned and asked the assistant to take the contract and planned to sign it at the dinner table.

When Gu Xixi saw this scene, she was suddenly relieved!

Great, finally succeeded!

However, at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared at the door of the restaurant, and an extremely discordant voice came from the door, “Si Chen, how can you treat me like this? I obviously should be your wife, right? Why would you marry my best girlfriend?!”

The smiles on Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi’s faces instantly froze!


How could she be here?

Gu Xixi looked back abruptly, and saw Dina wearing the clothes of a cleaner from the Yin family group, staggering towards her.

Yin Sichen’s face also changed suddenly!

He didn’t expect Dina to mix into the Yin Consortium in this way, and appear at such a critical moment!

What is she going to do!

Damn it! Where’s the security manager? The headquarters of the dignified Yin consortium could even let people easily come in. If you couldn’t do such small things, you can get out of here!

The South Korean president and his wife, who originally planned to sign a contract with the Yin Consortium, were obviously taken aback when they saw the sudden situation in front of them, and then terminated the contract.

The chairman and his wife stood up together, turned their heads and looked at Yin Sichen and said, “Mr. Yin, what is going on?”

“President, madam, this is just a misunderstanding …” Yin Sichen’s words hadn’t finished yet, Dina had already stumbled over.

Yin Sichen knew that it was too late to stop Dina, and immediately said to her, “Let’s talk about it later!”

After finishing this sentence, Yin Sichen took the initiative and said to Gu Xixi, “You take the president and his wife to rest first.”

“Yes.” Gu Xixi immediately turned to the president and his wife and said, “I’m very sorry, because some private affairs have disturbed your dining. Please come with me first, and we will definitely give you an explanation. “

Before Gu Xixi took the president and his wife to leave, Lin Xiaoya suddenly rushed to Gu Xixi’s face, raised her hand and gave Gu Xixi a resounding slap in the face, “Pa-“

Gu Xixi was caught off guard. Her left cheek was slapped severely, and her whole person almost fell to the ground because of Lin Xiaoya’s slap.

“Bah, Gu Xixi, you are shameless! Because you are still my best girlfriend, you rob my man!” Lin Xiaoya ferociously grabbed the collar of Gu Xixi’s clothes and pulled Gu Xixi to herself. In front of him, she intended to continue slapping.

Gu Xixi was slapped by this sudden slap, and a golden light appeared in front of her eyes, and her body was involuntarily pulled over by Lin Xiaoya, who was much taller.

Just as Lin Xiaoya was about to leave the second slap in the face, her wrist was severely clamped down.

Yin Sichen descended from the sky like a god of war. He blocked Gu Xixi’s face and grabbed Lin Xiaoya’s arm, “Dina, are you done?”

Gu Xixi stretched out her hand to cover her left face and there was a bloody breath in her mouth.

The tears of grievance kept spinning in my eyes, but I said nothing could make tears flow from my eyes.

She had never done anything to be sorry for Lin Xiaoya, but she had already slapped herself twice.

Once when I got married, once today.

I have never coveted her man, never!

Once I just wanted to have a quiet love and live an ordinary life.

But everything was completely destroyed on my birthday.

Lin Xiaoya, you obviously gave me that room card, but you said I robbed your man!

What about your conscience?

Lin Xiaoya’s sight was blocked by Yin Sichen. After struggling for a few times, she suddenly burst into tears when she realized that she could not escape Yin Sichen’s restraint.

“Si Chen, you can’t do this to me! I should be your bride!” Lin Xiaoya wailed loudly: “How can you marry my best girlfriend!”

“Dina, I warn once again, enough That’s it!” Yin Sichen’s eyes were already overwhelmed by the storm, and he was about to completely swallow his little patience.

Lin Xiaoya continued to cry as if she didn’t see Yin Sichen’s warning.

“Xiao Ah, send the president and his wife to rest first!” Yin Sichen said coldly, “Clear this place.”

“Yes, president.” Xiao Ah immediately asked the Korean president and his wife to leave temporarily.

When the president saw the mess in front of him, his face suddenly became very ugly, and his tone was stiff and he said, “I hope Yin Consortium can always give us a satisfactory explanation! My Korean company won’t cooperate with a man who abandons everything! Madam, let’s go! “

With a snort of cold, the president took his wife’s hand and turned to leave.

The lady’s gaze crossed Lin Xiaoya and fell on Gu Xixi’s face.

She didn’t know why she always thought that this girl with a clean smile and clear eyes would never be that kind of woman.

At this time, her face was pale and wronged, but she was now pinned down. Although her body was already trembling and she could hardly stand, she still showed strong support, which made her feel distressed.

However, at present, this situation was really not suitable for outsiders to be present. She just sighed and left with her husband.

After the president and his wife left, there was a restaurant with a size of hundreds of square meters, and only three of them were left.

Yin Sichen pushed Lin Xiaoya away and said with gloomy eyes, “Why? Milan is not attractive enough to you, so you are willing to come back?”

Lin Xiaoya suddenly jumped up and wanted to embrace Yin Sichen, but she was pushed away by Yin Sichen relentlessly.

“Si Chen, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong! I don’t want to go to Milan, I don’t want to be a model, I want to marry you, I want to have children for you …” Lin Xiaoya looked at Yin Sichen’s face obsessively and said incoherently,” Gu Xixi is just a gift I gave you, how can you marry a gift and ignore the host who gave it? Si Chen, I’m back, I’ve come back to you, and that gift, you can leave her.”

Gift? Gu Xixi’s eyes widened instantly.

What’s going on here?

Gu Xixi looked at Lin Xiaoya with disbelief.

Lin Xiaoya completely ignored Gu Xixi’s eyes and kept pleading with Yin Sichen, “Sichen, I really love you. Really! As you know, the show in Milan has always been my dream. I was really going to your date that day, but Milan suddenly called me and asked me to be the finale model. Being the finale model of the Milan show is my constant pursuit! “

“Then what?” Gu Xixi was trembling, she felt she seemed to touch a truth, a death so she could not believe the truth.

“Then… I will give you my best girlfriend’s sex as a gift. This is just compensation for me without saying goodbye. Si Chen, you can’t do this to me! That’s too unfair! She just said, “It’s just a gift, I’m your girlfriend!” Lin Xiaoya finally found the opportunity to rush to Yin Sichen. These words were what she had practiced countless times in her heart. She didn’t even notice that the words just now were Gu Xixi asked, not Yin Sichen.

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