The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 41 – Preparing the Banquet

Recreation? How can I have time for recreation? I’m very busy myself.

When I used to work, which day wasn’t my weekdays?

But now I can’t say such things, I can’t mess up Yin Sichen’s affairs.

I can cook when I’m free! I think cooking is actually a very enjoyable thing. Especially for someone I love, watching him eat the food I made, I will feel very happy and delighted”

Gu Xixi didn’t lie! Every time she spent a rare leisurely weekend, she treated herself with a delicious meal!

Although Yin Sichen had been talking with the president, he had been paying attention to Gu Xixi’s situation.

When Yin Sichen heard Gu Xixi’s words, he unconsciously thought of the fried noodles that night.

Yin Sichen glanced at Gu Xixi quickly. Very good, this little mole’s acting skills are getting better and better.

The president’s wife smiled and asked Gu Xixi: “Then President Yin must like Madam Yin’s cooking very much!”

Before Gu Xixi could answer, Yin Sichen already answered for Gu Xixi: “I like it very much. Her cooking is really good. “

Gu Xixi glared at Yin Sichen, and he just made him fried noodles once. He still thought it was unpalatable, and forgot it so soon?

Yin Sichen smiled and went on to say, “Xixi said that it is rare for the president and his wife to visit China, and said that we would treat both of them to dinner in the company. You see, I can’t stop it. “

The president and the president’s wife suddenly smiled heartily, “If we are good, we like simplicity, not extravagance and waste! It is best to eat in the company. “

Hey, Yin Sichen! When did I say…

Yin Sichen had already walked over, pulled Gu Xixi up from his seat, leaned down and said in Gu Xixi’s ear, “The news just came from Korea, Mrs. President Like to eat Chinese hot pot, this is not too difficult, right?”

Gu Xixi really wanted to roll her eyes on the spot!

Hot pot was not difficult, but what about the ingredients?

It was her first time here!

She had never seen the restaurant here!

Yin Sichen seemed to have guessed Gu Xixi’s thoughts, and continued to lower his voice and said, “The butler prepared the ingredients. In addition, Grandma said that if you can perform well this time, you can go home and have a look.”

Gu Xi was still resisting at first. When she heard the last sentence, she suddenly brightened up and looked at Yin Sichen with burning eyes, “Do you mean what you say?”

I haven’t been back for several days since I got married, and I am really worried about whether my mother will be wronged at home.

Yin Sichen blinked at Gu Xixi, “Remember to act like a little!”

Gu Xixi’s face changed in a very cooperative moment. From the moment of unwillingness to a smile, she said to the president’s wife, “Madam, I heard that you like hot pot very much. Would you like to try a hand-made hot pot dish today? Eating food is only when you do it yourself to feel happy! It’s like love. Love that you must strive for will be sweet. Isn’t it, Si Chen?””

Gu Xixi leaned gently on Yin Sichen’s body, and looked up sweetly at Yin Sichen, just like a newlywed and honeymoon. Especially when the last sentence was said, the ending sounded upward, and Yin Sichen’s heart was beating wildly.

This little mole … Does she know or not, how big it is for a man to talk like this?

Yin Sichen lowered his head and looked at Gu Xixi smiling like a flower. If he didn’t know that she was disguised like this, he would think that Gu Xixi really fell in love with him.

Yin Sichen stretched out his hand and held Gu Xixi’s waist, acting like he loved his wife, and said, “You are really, you are so brave. It is enough for the chef to prepare such a small matter. You have to be brave and prepare it yourself. “

Gu Xixi almost bit the back tooth socket.

When did she try to be brave? When!

Obviously he is forcing her to behave well?

Even if Yin Sichen was scolded half to death in her heart, she still had to show all kinds of sweetness and happiness on her face. Gu Xixi deliberately wrinkled her nose and said, “The president and his wife are distinguished guests. When distinguished guests come to visit, the host must prepare food with his or her own hands before they can have sincerity! Si Chen, don’t always say that I bear a child, it’s still in early month, I can do this little thing! “

“Well, I can’t beat you. I’ll do this kind of thing in the future.” Yin Sichen stretched out his hand drowning on the tip of Gu Xixi’s nose and said.

The President andhis wife saw Yin Sichen and Gu Xi Xi so sweet and happy, and suddenly they were all satisfied.

Especially when two people heard that Gu Xi Xi was pregnant, they laughed kindly.

Gu Xixi immediately said goodbye to the president and his wife and said, “You talk first, I’ll get ready.”

As soon as she went out, Gu Xi Xi stretched out her hand and rubbed her cheek.

It’s really hard to fake a smile, and my face will be stiff with laughter.

As soon as Gu Xixi arrived at the door, Xiao A kept up with the speed and said to Gu Xi, “Team leader, the restaurant is on the 33 rd floor, please come with me.”

Gu Xixi immediately followed Xiao Ah and walked towards the position of the elevator.

Xiao Ah explained the next thing while following Gu Xixi, “The butler has prepared all the ingredients, and the thick soup at the bottom of the pot is also ready. The team leader only needs to prepare the side dishes.”

Gu Xi Xi heard Xiao Ah said so, and her heart suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

So far so good.

If you allow yourself to prepare from scratch, you will definitely be blind.

“The president and his wife’s visit to China is not focused on cooperation. But for leisure. Therefore, in the following days, the team leader will accompany them to play together. The location and content of the visit have been determined, namely Nanhu Villa, riverside fishing, sunrise on the river, and fishing by fishermen. After these trips, If the president and his wife have other needs, we will meet them one by one. ” Xiao Ah was very conscientious and told Gu Xixi in detail.

When Gu Xixi heard that she still had to accompany them, she suddenly felt a headache.

“If you can get along well with them this time, then the contract is a sure thing. Team leader, if you are found to be a contractual husband and wife, I’m afraid … ” Little A stopped at once.

Gu Xixi replied sullenly, “I know what to do. You tell Yin Sichen that I will not ruin his affairs. This is the content of our contract.”

Xiao Ah was also secretly relieved, “Yes, team leader.”

Soon they arrived at the thirty-third floor.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, Gu Xixi almost went to the wrong place.

Is this really a staff restaurant?

Is there a six-star standard staff restaurant?

Regardless of the details, it was perfectly stunning here.

The huge capacity alone was enough to accommodate five or six thousand people.

A dazzling variety of local counters.

Various chefs comparable to the chefs of star-rated hotels stood in two rows and bowed to Gu Xixi: “Hello, Mrs. President!”

Gu Xixi felt a little taken aback, isn’t it too much??

She couldn’t embarrass Yin Sichen now, she could only pretend to be calm and say, “Where is the butler?”

“The butler is inside, supervising the last pot of soup.” Xiao Ah immediately replied.

Gu Xi Xi followed Xiao Ah and went in quickly.

As soon as she entered the Chinese food counter, Gu Xixi almost urinated in shock.

She saw two rows of dazzling cabinets in front of me, standing a dozen chefs in chef uniforms, boiling a small pot of rich bone broth in front of them in full swing.

“These bone soups have been smashed from this morning to the present, from a big pot to a small pot.” The butler immediately explained when Gu Xixi came over

Gu Xixi took a breath of air, only to prepare so much soup for a hot pot meal.

Just the base soup was already so luxurious, so other steps would certainly not be omitted, right?

When people eat hot pot, basically trying to save trouble, how convenient it was.

Gu Xixi didn’t think that hosting the Korean president and his wife can save trouble in this way.

Therefore, despite being the simplest hot pot, Gu Xixi would do everything to the best under the guidance of the chef.

Fortunately, all the chefs here were top chefs, and Gu Xixi was also a person who often studied cooking at home, so there were not too many twists and turns.

Gu Xixi was seriously cutting the mushrooms he was going to use for a while, and felt her waist tighten.

A big hand firmly wrapped her tight and flat waist from behind, and the strong male hormone aura instantly enveloped her entire space from top to bottom.

Gu Xixi was suddenly attacked, and the kitchen knife in his hand almost slashed it subconsciously. Fortunately, as soon as he turned his head, he saw a handsome face with exquisite facial features pressed against his shoulder.

“Why are you here! This is a restaurant, so many people!” Gu Xixi blushed, almost gritted her teeth.

“Let me see how my wife is preparing.” Yin Sichen’s charming voice sounded softly in Gu Xixi’s ears, because the airflow of his speech blew through her ears, and a current suddenly passed. Gu Xixi only felt that the blood in her body rushed to the base of her ears, and her whole body was about to freeze.

Just as Gu Xixi was about to resist Yin Sichen’s actions, Yin Sichen’s words sounded in her ears again, “The president and his wife have seen it, cooperate!”

Gu Xixi did not dare to move. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at the president and his wife who came along with a group of people.

Gu Xixi immediately plunged into an acting state, and if she wanted more affection with Yin Sichen, there would be more affection.

Seeing Gu Xixi entering the state so quickly, Yin Sichen’s eyes darkened a bit.

Not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional. Yin Sichen gently kissed Gu Xixi’s earlobe, “Little Mole, how lovely …”

Gu Xixi did not expect Yin Sichen to do it under the gaze of so many people. When such a thing happened, Gu Xixi felt that her body had shuddered uncontrollably, and she couldn’t hold the handle of the knife with her fingers trembling.

Little Mole, what did he call her? He said she was a little mole? He is the mole!

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