Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 7: Sold For Eight Taels

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Ye Luo stood in front of the Dharma Transmission Hall, looking up at the ancient and solemn-looking hall in front of him.

A sense of solemnity naturally arose in his heart.

Especially when he saw the three big words that were ‘Dharma Transmission Hall’ like dragons and snakes, it made him feel shaken.

Vaguely from the three words, he could see countless images of life and death, the prevalence and disillusionment of the universe emerge.

This made Ye Luo once again lament the sect’s extraordinary nature and feel grateful that he could join such a secluded sect.

Thinking like this, he couldn’t help but straighten his clothes.

He stepped into the Dharma Transmission Hall.

As far as the eye could see, there were nine rows of stone platforms, and each row had nine stone platforms.

On each stone platform was a secret manual.

“Is anyone there?” Ye Luo spoke softly, and his voice caused a burst of echoes, and there was no one answering back.

Generally speaking, places like the Dharma Transmission Hall where secret manuals were taught were important places of the sect, with someone to oversee it. But the Daoless Sect’s Dharma Transmission Hall was empty and silent.

This deepened Ye Luo’s thoughts.

The powerhouses of the Daoless Sect must have all ascended! His master was also on the verge of Ascension, which was why he had come out to the world to accept him as his disciple.

The purpose was that when he grew up, Master would entrust the Daoless Sect to him and then ascend to immortality! He must not disappoint his master’s expectations, to be enlightened and cultivated, and become a powerful person as soon as possible! When the time comes, the master will definitely show a gratifying smile.

When Ye Luo thought of this, his Dao’s heart became even more determined.

He originally wanted to pick up the secret manual on the stone platform to take a look, but the corner of his eyes inadvertently swept a glance at the corner. There was a pile of books thrown in there.

He subconsciously walked over and picked up one of the books.

Azure Dragon Body Refining ……

This book ……

He had heard of it!

Ye Luo came from within a family of a medium-sized city.

The city clan he was from was under the jurisdiction of a powerful sect called the ‘Azure Dragon Sect.’ And the Azure Dragon Sect’s technique was the Azure Dragon Body Refining Technique!

Daoless Sect’s Dharma Hall had the Azure Dragon Sect’s technique? Furthermore, it was treated like garbage and thrown into the corner ……

This was the secluded sect?

Loved loved loved.

Ye Luo excitedly put down this book in his hand and then looked at the other books in the corner. This look caused him to exclaim.

“Deadwood Spring, isn’t this the secret technique of the Springwood School?”

“Nirvana Sword manual, the strongest sword manual of the only Sword Sect in the Eastern State ……”

“Demonic Spirit Incantation, the technique of the Demonic Sect ……”


He had seen a lot.

Ye Luo perceived that all of these were the secret cultivation methods of major sects and powerhouses. And most of them were the sect’s secret techniques.

Each copy can cause a bloody storm, and it was normal for countless powerhouses to rack their brains to get it. But these things fell into their Daoless Sect, and they were actually reduced to the point of being thrown to the corner to collect dust. Was this what the secluded sect accumulated in the background?

Ye Luo took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement. He tried to make his heart regain its calmness.

He didn’t have a spiritual root yet and couldn’t cultivate. No matter how heaven-defying these secret manuals were, he could not cultivate them.

On the contrary ……

His master knew full well that he had no spiritual roots and still let him come to the Dharma Transmission Hall. Maybe he wanted to sharpen his Dao heart so that he wouldn’t be surprised by anything he saw in the future.

He couldn’t get excited! He was the man who was going to inherit the Daoless Sect in the future!

Ye Luo calmed down.

He flipped through those books in the corner again, and he turned a blind eye to those books on cultivation.

After turning it over for a long time, he found one interesting book.

It was the secret of ancient times!

What kind of book was this?

A book that recorded the events of the ancient period?

Ye Luo got interested.

Maybe he could get information about the Daoless Sect from this book.

He picked up the book and sat straight down on the ground. He opened the book and read it. The first sentence in the book put him in a trance.

”Rumor has it that in the ancient times, everyone had no spiritual roots. The Nascent Soul, God Transformation, and Crossing Calamity were merely a threshold of cultivation. Due to the drastic changes in heaven and earth, the spiritual energy was insufficient. The Heavenly Law set up spiritual roots for the human body to limit its cultivation speed so that the spiritual energy would not be depleted ……”

Ye Luo’s mind trembled, he seemed to realized something and hurriedly read it again, refusing to omit even a single word.


At the same time, in a city within Lin Country’s border, Eastern State.

A chasing battle between immortal cultivators was taking place. The person being chased was Zhang San, the outlaw.

Zhang San used all his strength to flee, but he couldn’t shake off the countless powerhouses, and he could barely lose them.

While fleeing, Zhang San looked at the powerhouses from the major sects behind him, he pretended to be relaxed and let out a loud laugh.

“Are you still the powerhouses of the major sects? This is all? You can’t even catch up. What’s the use of having you guys?”

He wanted to anger these strong people so that he could exhaust their magic power and then take the opportunity to shake them off.

His idea was good, unfortunately, he was not destined to run away.

Just as Zhang San finished speaking, a huge palm print descended from the sky and directly blasted Zhang San into the ground.

Rumble ……

The entire city shook.

Rolling dust and fog enveloped the area.

After a moment.

A black-robed old man stepped out of the dust and fog, carrying Zhang San, who was like a dead dog, in his hand. The black-robed old man threw Zhang San on the ground.

The powerhouses from all the major sects gathered around and wanted to speak.

The black-robed old man waved his hand, indicating that the crowd did not need to speak, he walked up, lifted Zhang San, and said hoarsely: “Outlaw …… say it, where are the cultivation methods of my holy land, and the cultivation methods of all the major sects? Say it, and I can make your death easier.”

Zhang San, who was panting with blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, trembled and took out eight taels of silver from his bosom and handed it to the black-robed old man.

The black-robed old man took the eight taels of silver, and his divine sense swept through without finding anything.

He couldn’t help but frown and tossed the eight taels of silver to those behind him.

“Everyone take a look, is this silver some kind of storage magic weapon.”

Many powerhouses took the silver and carefully observed it. After observing for a long time, they couldn’t find anything.

Zhang San said slyly: “Don’t think too much, this is not any storage magic weapon, this is ordinary silver. I sell your respective sect’s secret manuals for eight taels of silver.”

Black-robed old man: “?”

Many powerhouses: “?”

The secret manuals of their respective sect were priceless.

Selling the secret manuals of their sects for eight taels of silver?? Was he teasing them?

The eyes of the many powerhouses that looked at Zhang San became unkind.

Zhang San swallowed a mouthful of blood and said in a loud voice: “It’s true, it’s in the Heavenly Mist Mountain! There is a sect on the Heavenly Mist Mountain called the Daoless Sect. The Sect Master is a Crossing Calamity Realm powerhouse, and he really uses eight taels of silver to buy those secret manuals forcefully……”

“If you do not believe me, I can take you there. If not, then I am willing to take off my head for you to kick ……”

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