Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 6: Not Accepting Those with Spiritual Roots

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The secret manuals of the major sect powers ……

It even includes some untransmitted secret manuals and secret records of the Eastern State Holy Land.

Such a valuable thing ……

Was it to be sold by the catty???

If those powerful Sect Masters heard this, wouldn’t they become so angry that they enter qi deviation?

Zhang San’s face was stiff, he wanted to answer but did not know how to respond and could only stay silent.

Chu Yuan did not care about these goods. He picked the big box straightforwardly and weighed it.

Then he slowly said, “I think if you count the box, it was about eight catties. Even if you priced it one tael for a catty, eight catty is eight taels. It’s a great catch for you.”

He pulled out eight taels of silver from his sleeve and handed it to Zhang San.

Do not ask him where the money came from. It was when he went down the mountain, he casually ‘robbing the rich to help the poor.’

Zhang San looked at the eight taels in his hand and wanted to cry.

This ……

This ……

What should he say about this?

He couldn’t drop his lies. Could he take the initiative to say that those were the authentic secret manuals?

He was afraid that this old fellow of God Transformation Realm would kill him, then these secret Manuals would still be his.

He could only continue to lie to stay alive! Therefore, he could not stop lying!

However, he was unwilling to exchange these secret manuals for only eight taels!

Zhang San swallowed his saliva and gritted his teeth, “Senior, it’s okay to sell these ‘fake’ technique manuals to you for eight taels, but can senior please take me as a disciple! Teach me something!”

Joining this senior’s sect!

He could see that he couldn’t get these manuals back. Since he couldn’t get them back, he could simply join this senior’s sect. Then he would still be able to read these manuals, and he could also get the guidance of a God Transmigration realm.

Chu Yuan, who was carrying the big box, heard this and raised his eyebrows. He looked at Zhang San, saying: “Fellow Daoist wants to enter my Daoless Sect? Then may I ask if fellow Daoist have spiritual roots?”

Spiritual roots?

When Zhang San heard this topic, he immediately patted his chest, his face showing pride, and said, “Senior, this disciple possessed wind spiritual root!”

Wind Spiritual Root!

This was one of the stronger spiritual roots. Those who have this spiritual root are all those with outstanding talent.

When he was tested for his spiritual root back in the day, he was shocked by the wind’s spiritual root. It wasn’t known how many sects broke their heads trying to get him to join them.

He believed that this senior would definitely have his heart set on him if he told his spiritual root.

Well, he believed, he was sure, he was firm.

That would definitely be the case.

And if not?


If not, then he turned his head on the spot and swallowed this tree next to him raw, without chewing!

Just when Zhang San felt that he immediately had to kowtow to pay respect to the master, Chu Yuan said quietly: “Fellow Daoist, sorry, I only accept people without spiritual roots Daoist sect. Those with spiritual roots are not accepted. Please go down the mountain, and I will take my leave.”

After saying that, he carried the big box, clouds appeared on the sole of his feet and quickly flew to the back end.

Zhang San: “???”

Senior, you’re not right. I have brainstormed the whole process, and you’re leaving?

Zhang San looked at Chu Yuan’s departing figure but could only curse at his carelessness inwardly.


Chu Yuan carried a large box back to behind the boundary.

He didn’t put these ‘fake’ cultivation techniques into the Dharma Transmission Hall. Instead, he picked up the Daoless Sect’s Mountain Protection Formation diagram and looked at it.

He remembered that Daoless Sect’s Mountain Protection Formation had the ability to hide the sect.

Well, he planned to hide the Daoless Sect.

This time was just a fake bookseller passing by. What if the next time his disciple Ye Luo’s family really came over to pick up Ye Luo?

No, he had to keep Ye Luo for a year. Therefore, he had to hide Daoless Sect so that no one else could find it, and Ye Luo could stay in the mountain quietly for a year.

Chu Yuan pondered over the formation diagram for a long time. Finally figured out how to use it, and he mobilized his magic power into the formation diagram.

The Formation diagram instantly flashed a burst of golden light, flew out of Chu Yuan’s hand into the void.

Daoless Sect.

Mountain Protection Formation, Hidden Formation activate!

If someone was standing outside the Heavenly Mist Mountain at this time, they could see that a burst of clouds and fog appeared out of thin air surrounding the entire Heavenly Mist Mountain.

These clouds gradually obscured the Heavenly Mist Mountain so that people could not see the true face of the Heavenly Mist Mountain.

As the clouds completely enveloped the Heavenly Mist Mountain, a strange scene happened ……

Heavenly Mist Mountain disappeared ……

Not really disappeared, instead, after being shrouded by clouds, the Heavenly Mist Mountain seemed to be completely non-existent in general’s view. At first glance, they would subconsciously ignore the existence of the Heavenly Mist Mountain, and they would just think that this area of cloud and fog was dense. However, those in the Heavenly Mist Mountain could clearly see the outside scenery.

Chu Yuan was delighted with this hidden formation.

After laying down the hidden formation, Chu Yuan quietly put these fake techniques into the Dharma Transmission Hall. He transmitted a sound to Ye Luo that said he wouldn’t show up.

Show up? It was impossible for him to show up, and he had to hide.

Anyway, Ye Luo wouldn’t be able to find anyone, and he could delay it for as long as possible. If it couldn’t be delayed, then continue to fool him.


The main hall square.

Ye Luo sat cross-legged, still in the midst of enlightenment. It was unknown how long has passed.

Fuu ……

He opened his eyes and exhaled a breath out of his mouth.

“Master is worthy of being a powerhouse.”

Ye Luo sighed with emotion. He could feel how much these golden runes had helped him. They were strengthening his physical body and nourishing his soul almost all the time.

Although he had not yet cultivated immortality, he was no weaker than the Qi Refining Realm. And according to his perceptions these days, these golden runes were just the tip of the ‘Dao’ iceberg. The numerous chains in the sky that he saw last time was the real ‘Dao’!

He had only comprehended a single point, and it was of great benefit to him. If he could comprehend those numerous chains … perhaps it would be like what his master said.

Holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars, there is no one like me in the world!

‘Just eat something, continue to comprehend. Strive to complete what the master had ordered within a year. I can not let the master be disappointed.’ Ye Luo thought.

He was about to take out some dry food to fill his stomach, then continue to comprehend the Dao, when a voice suddenly came to his ears and lifted his spirits.

“Master said, let me have a look at the Dharma Transmission Hall when I have time?”

“Dharma Transmission Hall, looking at the name, it should be a place to teach secret techniques. Didn’t Master tell me to be enlightened first for a year before solving the matter of my no spiritual root? Now, why did he want me to go to the Dharma Transmission Hall?”

“Let’s see it first, and the master must have his own intention. It’s useless to think so much.”

Ye Luo pondered for a while, picked up his longsword, and got up. He walked towards the square outside the main hall.

He did not know where the Dharma Transmission Hall was ……

He could only wander around and look for the location of the Dharma Transmission Hall ……

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