The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 40 – The Korean CEO and His Wife

Although she knew that the headquarters of Yin Shi consortium was not in N city, it never occurred to her that the headquarters of Yin Shi consortium was so magnificent.

Looking across the river, the whole building was unique in shape and covered an extremely wide area.

Many tourists from the street came here to take pictures.

Even though many years had passed, the miracle created by Yin’s consortium was still relished.

It was said that if Yin’s consortium went bankrupt, the whole people of S city would face bankruptcy! That was to say, the total number of employees of the Yin consortium has already occupied one third of the population of s city! Even many families were working in various subsidiaries of Yin’s consortium!

This was Yin’s consortium, the real financial overlord.

Yin Sichen took a few steps and found that Gu Xixi didn’t keep up. He suddenly looked back, only to find Gu Xixi standing in a daze.

What was wrong with this little mole now?

Yin Sichen turned around and walked in front of Gu Xixi, stretched out his hand and grabbed Gu Xixi’s fingers, pulling her and walking forward.

Gu Xixi was taken aback for a moment, and then returned to her senses. Her eyes fell on Yin Sichen’s finger that was holding hers.

She remembered that the last time he held my finger like this was at my own home in the countryside……

He said that even if it was acting, it was necessary to act like a little…

Last time was acting, this time … Of course, it was just acting.

Gu Xixi didn’t struggle again this time, and followed Yin Sichen into the company obediently.

Seeing Gu Xixi’s well-behaved cooperation, Yin Sichen seemed very satisfied.

The employees at the headquarters of Yin’s Consortium were really different from other branches.

Although two people came in from the outside with such an intimate attitude, all the employees kept a respectful and tidy team, and there was no other expression on their faces except serious.

With their reaction, Gu Xixi’s heart finally felt a little more at ease.

 If they were also fussing and panicking, they would probably feel embarrassed, right?.

“Hello, President, Madam President!” The employees in the headquarters have been greeted, so they all know Gu Xixi’s identity.

Mrs. President… Yin Sichen’s mouth rose slightly, and he seemed to like this title very much.

Gu Xixi was still a little uncomfortable, so she lowered her head and walked quickly with Yin Sichen.

“Don’t worry, the employees in the headquarters have very tight mouths.” Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi’s anxiety and explained, “No one dares to chew their tongues.”

Of course they dare not!

If they were fired by the Yin Financial Group, no one would dare to hire them in S City!

Who dared to go against the Yin Shi consortium? Wasn’t that looking for death?

In S city, Yin Sichen was the absolute emperor!

Whoever he wanted to live could live.

Whoever he wanted to die must die.

Because he was Yin Sichen, because he was the president of the Yin consortium, because he was the heir of the Yin consortium!

Gu Xixi breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t actually care about this, she just felt it unnatural.

She had never seen such a big scene!

Boy, the company had at least tens of thousands of employees in the headquarters building, right?

It was the overlord of one side!

Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi directly and opened the elevator dedicated to the president to the top of the building.

At this time, Gu Xixi reacted,: “Why are we here to greet the Korean company’s president and his wife?”

“Let’s go to the top of the building to meet them.” Yin Sichen answered quietly.

The roof? Gu Xixi’s eyes widened suddenly.

The first time I heard that guests are welcome on the roof!

When Gu Xixi followed Yin Sichen to the top of the building, her chin was about to fall to the ground!

She saw a huge platform on the top of the building, turned into a small parking airport!

There were already three planes parked above, but there were six runways!

Gu Xixi could no longer use words to describe her shock at this time. Was this too exaggerated?

Yin Sichen looked down at Gu Xixi’s dumbfounded expression and couldn’t help but smile.

Does this little mole know what kind of husband she married?

At any rate, she was also an employee of the Yin Family Consortium. Did she know what the Yin Family Consortium was?

“Wipe your saliva or it will flow out.” Yin Sichen deliberately caught the throat and said.

Gu Xixi subconsciously reached out to wipe her saliva, only to realize that her fingers had been clasped with Yin Sichen and never separated.

No matter it was downstairs, in the elevator, or on the top of the building, it had never been separated.

Gu Xixi wanted to withdraw her finger, but the other party’s strength was so strong that the buckle was tight, and she couldn’t get out of it.

Gu Xixi could only stare at Yin Sichen, and wiped his saliva with her other hand.

After Yin Sichen’s eyes saw Gu Xixi staring at him, he couldn’t help feeling very good.

The housekeeper took several senior executives and stood respectfully behind Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi. Behind stood a row of bodyguards with serious faces and nothing in their eyes.

Looking at Yin Sichen’s good feelings with Gu Xixi, the housekeeper showed a little smile of satisfaction.

At this time, the housekeeper listened to the sound in the earphone, stepped forward and said to Yin Sichen, “Master, the korean company’s president and his wife’s plane have five minutes to land.”

“I see.” Yin Sichen’s narrow eyes lightly pickled. Just clasping Gu Xixi’s fingers, his eyes were deep, with an inexplicable smile flashing.

Gu Xixi heard that there was still some time, so she couldn’t help but raise her eyes and look at it, let alone, the scenery of this place was really beautiful.

Looking at the surroundings from here, basically the scenery of the entire city of S can be captured.

The waves of the river, from east to west, were simply spectacular.

The buildings on both sides of the river have their own unique styles, but unfortunately, under the shadow of the domineering Yin family group, they couldn’t show their charm no matter how unique they were.

On the wide road behind him, there was busy traffic. Looking down from such a high position, dozens of streets were instantly brought into view.

The prosperity of the whole city was under its feet.

That kind of feeling was really wonderful.

“What are you looking for?” Yin sichen saw gu Xixi’s eyes sparkled and couldn’t help asking.

“I’m looking to see if there are any buildings beyond this building.” Gu Xixi replied subconsciously. When she heard Yin Sichen’s words, she suddenly looked back at Yin Sichen and said, “This is not the highest landmark in S City, is it?”

Yin Sichen didn’t answer when he heard Gu Xixi’s question, and everyone else couldn’t help showing a proud smile.

The housekeeper bowed his head and replied, “Report back to the madam, Yin’s consortium is not only the tallest building in S city, but also the tallest building in this province. The building on our ground is 88 floors and there are ten floors underground. “

Gu Xixi gasped severely.

There were still ten floors underground? !

“Okay, stand ready, the plane is about to arrive.” Yin Sichen whispered.

Gu Xixi quickly stood up, standing beside Yin Sichen in a proper manner and waiting

Yin Sichen felt her palms tight and knew that the little mole was nervous again.

Sure enough, one minute later, a private plane landed smoothly on the roof.

Gu Xixi dragged a stiff step and quickly followed Yin Sichen to greet him with stride.

“President, madam, welcome to the Yin Family Group.” Yin Sichen immediately greeted a couple in their fifties who were slowly walking down the plane in proficient Korean.

Gu Xixi also greeted him in broken Korean, “Hello! Welcome to visit! “

Gu Xixi looked up and saw the Korean company’s president and his wife holding hands, looking like a loving couple.

“I didn’t know that Mr. Yin looks more handsome than in the picture. Is this the madam? She is really a match with Mr. Yin! ” When she got off the plane, she gave Gu Xixi an active hug, took Gu Xixi’s hand and said to Yin Sichen, “Mr. Yin is really blessed. Mrs. Yin is so beautiful! “

Gu Xixi’s face flushed, and she didn’t even understand what this sentence meant.

But thinking about it, it should be a compliment to her, right?

Yin Sichen shook hands with the president with a smile on his eyes, and gave a simple hug. He replied, “Yes, she is my wife, her name is Gu Xixi, and her Korean is not very good. Please forgive me.”

Gu Xixi shook hands with the president and stammered, “Welcome to Yin’s consortium.”

Yin Sichen coughed gently, lowered his voice and said, “The pronunciation is wrong.”

“Ah?” Gu Xixi looked up at Yin Sichen blankly, but didn’t react.

The president and his wife laughed first and greeted Gu Xixi in Chinese, “Mrs. Yin is really an interesting person.”

It turned out they could speak Chinese!

Gu Xi Xi breathed a sigh of relief at the bottom of her heart!

No wonder Yin Sichen didn’t worry about her bad Korean at all. It turned out that the other party could speak Chinese at all!

Hum, that bad guy kept such an important thing from her!

Gu Xixi couldn’t help but gouge out at Yin Sichen.

“I’m sorry, I’ve just learned Korean for three days.” Gu Xi Xi was not afraid of embarrassing herself, and directly exposed herself.

“It doesn’t matter, I can speak a little Chinese.” The lady took Gu Xixi’s hand and said, “Mrs. Yin do you mind, I can teach you.”

The Korean CEO’s eyes fell on the wrists of Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen. The couple’s wristwatches showed a satisfied look.

Only couples whose feelings were from the bottom of their hearts would always want to share their favorite things with each other.

He had always believed that only a man who cherished and knew how to run a family was a man who really did great things and was a friend who deserved trust and contacts.

Yin Sichen suddenly said, “Let’s not stand here and chat, let’s go and have a rest below?”

“Good.” The Korean CEO stretched out his hand and took his wife’s hand, and went down together.

Yin Sichen made a color at Gu Xixi, and Gu Xixi hurriedly followed, and, following the appearance of the Korean CEO and his wife, took the initiative to put her little hand into Yin Sichen’s hand.

Yin Sichen was very satisfied with Gu Xixi’s initiative and took Gu Xixi’s hand and walked slowly.

In the reception room, someone immediately sent the tea up.

Gu Xixi listened to Yin Sichen’s happily chatting with the CEO, and could only make the appearance of sitting next to him listening with a smile.

Seeing that Gu Xi was not interested, the Korean CEO’s wife immediately took Gu Xixi and asked, “What does Mrs. Yin usually do for fun?”

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