The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 38 – Let Me Teach You Korean!

Yin Sichen’s slender fingers paused, his narrow eyes lifted, and a stream of light flashed on his handsome and evil face.

This little mole’s courage was really getting bigger and bigger, she even dared to come uninvited and sit opposite him to eat.

Gu Xixi took a bite and looked up, just in time to meet Yin Sichen’s sight.

Gu Xixi immediately changed a set of tableware, took a sip of soup with a brand new spoon, and delivered it to Yin Sichen’s mouth.

She wanted to feed him?

There was a hint of playfulness in Yin Sichen’s eyes. Why, couldn’t he help himself to teach her Korean?

Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen expectantly, and put the spoon in his hand stubbornly at the corner of Yin Sichen’s mouth.

Yin Sichen’s eyes trembled, his long eyelashes drooped, but he drank the soup that Gu Xixi handed over.

Seeing Yin Sichen drank the soup he fed, Gu Xixi was immediately encouraged, and later fed Yin Sichen some of this, and some other of that.

Gu Xixi fed for a while, then wondered in her heart: Now it’s finally coaxed, right? I could make the request again. After the president and his wife of Korea arrive, I will just smile and not speak?

Gu Xixi just wanted to speak, but did not know that Yin Sichen suddenly lowered his head and continued to do things.

When Gu Xixi saw that he ignored him, she was embarrassed to talk any more, and could only lower her head and eat bored.

“Soup.” Yin Sichen suddenly spoke.

Gu Xixi didn’t react for a while, and looked up at Yin Sichen blankly.

Yin Sichen’s eyes fell on the soup in the bowl in front of Gu Xixi, and Gu Xixi realized that Yin Sichen wanted to drink soup!

Really, don’t you have hands? Do you not want to eat it yourself?

However, Gu Xixi obediently scooped up the soup with a spoon and handed it to Yin Sichen’s mouth.

Yin Sichen looked down, and an imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: Gu Xixi forgot to change the spoon. This is her own spoon..

Yin Sichen lowered his head and took a sip: “One more bite.”

Gu Xixi hurriedly continued to scoop the soup and feed Yin Sichen.

After feeding the soup, deliberately pretending not to see Gu Xixi’s open-mouthed expression, Yin Sichen had already picked up the phone and started calling: “What about the plan to acquire Tenghua Company? A small acquisition plan can’t be done. If you don’t do it well, get out!”

After hanging up the phone, Yin Sichen continued to make a second call: “If I can’t see the finished products of the new cosmetics in the Shiyue branch laboratory tomorrow morning. Please resign!”

“Who designed this look? The costume designer of the Yin family consortium is at this level? Redo!”

“Tell your general manager that he can get a pension tomorrow.”


Gu Xixi listened to Yin Sichen’s orders one after another. She could only shut he mouth again obediently.

Forget it, it seems that I don’t have any chance to make this request tonight, so I should silently learn Korean.

Gu Xixi sat on the sofa next to him properly, holding the beginner version of the Korean Dictionary, and practising her spoken words very hard: “Anneyou, saiyo…Kamsami…Oba, Salang Hey…”

The fingers that were typing on the keyboard suddenly stopped. As soon as he raised his eyes, he just saw Gu Xixi recite the most basic Korean book with her eyes closed.

What a stubborn little mole!

Obviously I want to teach her Korean so much, but I can’t speak it! What did she say? What a mess, how can she say that is Korean!

Forget it, because she fed him, take the initiative to teach her once.

Gu Xixi was struggling, and suddenly a big hand snatched away the book in her hand and threw it directly on the side.

Yin Sichen directly said to Gu Xixi in Korean: “Who taught your pronunciation? The one who throws me out! Come, follow me and start correcting your pronunciation.”

Gu Xixi was in a daze, he…what is he going to do? Is he teaching her Korean?

Oh my God, it’s really too late to hug the Buddha’s feet now!

As long as he nodded in agreement, it would be fine not to let her speak!

Then, Yin Sichen began to talk to Gu Xixi in standard Korean.

Wait, what did he mean by what he just said? Hey, slow down! I don’t understand. Hey!

Seeing Gu Xixi once again looking at him with the eyes of a little mole, Yin Sichen really had an impulse to stretch out her hand and pinch her face.

“I said, in order to prevent you from embarrassing me, I will teach you Korean.” Yin Sichen was already sitting next to Gu Xixi, his tall body suddenly approached Gu Xixi, it was full of male hormones, and she was instantly stunned.  Taking out all the senses from Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi felt that her throat was dry.

Is it really okay for such a powerful mobile hormone diffuser to sit by your side?

Gu Xixi felt a little uncomfortable, butYin Sichen didn’t seem to feel that way at all.

On the contrary, Yin Sichen actually wanted to be a little closer …

“What are you still waiting for? Start reading to me!” The corner of Yin Sichen’s eyes caught Gu Xixi’s dazed expression, and the corner of his mouth was picked up.

Gu Xixi has recovered her mind now, okay, I can’t do it if I don’t want to learn, right?

 Gu Xixi’s appointment followed Yin Sichen’s difficult reading.

As time passed, the two heads were getting closer and closer.

In the end, Yin Sichen grabbed Gu Xixi’s fingers directly with his hands, pointed at the letters that looked the same in Gu Xixi’s eyes, and said, “How about using dim sum? I’ve never seen this before. Stupid! The meaning of this sentence is clearly…”

Two people reacted at once.

The temperature and touch on the fingers made two people’s heartbeats miss a beat instantly.

Gu Xi Xi suddenly pulled out her fingers, and her whole body seemed to be screaming frantically. She only felt that the temperature on her face was raised, and she lowered her head and never dared to look at Yin Sichen again.

Yin Sichen’s eyes darkened, and the Adam’s apple on his slender neck slid up and down, showing his slightly manic mood.

Gu Xixi didn’t know why this happened. The moment Yin Sichen suddenly held her finger, her body shuddered uncontrollably!

The feeling of electric current flowing through her body made her extremely ashamed.

Gu Xixi no longer dared to move, and subconsciously pulled her finger out of Yin Sichen’s hand.

Yin Sichen felt the soft little hand pulled away from the palm of his hand, and his heart was completely empty.

That kind of empty feeling, it was really uncomfortable.

“I…I’m stupid…I’m better off slowly by myself.” Gu Xixi stood up in a panic, and ignoring Yin Sichen’s answer, turned panic and left the study room.

Looking at Gu Xixi’s back, Yin Sichen’s eyes darkened and darkened. However, the corners of his mouth slowly picked up.

Gu Xixi fled back to the room and sat down on her bed for a long time without recovering.

Gu Xixi, what’s the matter with you?

You have a different feeling for that man?

Haven’t you already despaired of love? How can you feel about a man who bought you with money?

Gu Xixi warned herself over and over again in her heart that she and Yin Sichen are just contracted couples, nothing more.

Gu Xixi calmed down after doing psychological construction more than a dozen times.

Forget it, stop studying, go to sleep.

Gu Xixi went to the bed boringly, ready to sleep.

Before she turned off the lights to sleep, she heard the door open and Yin Sichen’s tall and straight body appeared in the room the next second.

Gu Xixi sat up in horror, and stammered,”You…what are you going to…”

Yin Sichen unbuttoned his shirt as he walked this way.

Under the slender neck, which shimmered like a swan neck and glows with health, was a perfect pectoral muscle with great visual impact. The perfect six-pack abs and mermaid line were looming under the shirt.

Gu Xixi couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

Although she had repeatedly built barriers in her heart, she still had to admit that Yin Sichen was really too perfect.

It was flawless.

Not only his appearance and body were flawless, the career was flawless, the temperament was flawless, the upbringing was flawless, the physical ability was flawless, and besides a slightly odd (actually very odd) character, he was perfect all in all.

However, it was such a flawless man who ran to her room and unbuttoned his shirt. This is…what to do?

Yin Sichen did not ignore the flash of surprise in Gu Xixi’s eyes.

He never cared about his appearance.

It was just that too many women always drooled at his face, which makes him extremely disgusted.

The reason why he looked at Dina differently was because Dina was the only woman who had not drooled at his face at that time.

However, he didn’t seem to mind that the little mole with horrified eyes on his body drooled slightly at his figure.

Gu Xixi did swallow a mouthful of saliva, but she quickly adjusted her mood, looked at Yin Sichen nervously, and added, “I…I want to rest…”

“Of course I just want to change my clothes , Or what else do you think.” Yin Sichen turned around and went to the wardrobe room, opened the closet, and took out a brand new Armani handmade suit from inside.

Change clothes? What clothes will you change at night?

Gu Xixi was stunned, “Are you going out?”

Yin Sichen turned his back on Gu Xixi, so far away, Gu Xixi could only see Yin Sichen’s beautiful back and perfect inverted triangle muscles, but he could not see Yin Sichen’s eyes in a good mood.

“Yeah. I’ll have a meeting soon.” Yin Sichen quickly changed his clothes.

Gu Xixi breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Yin Sichen was going out.

Otherwise, she really didn’t know how to get along with Yin Sichen in the same room.

“Do you have something to tell me?” Yin Sichen raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Xixi, a joke flashed past his eyes.

Gu Xixi thought for a while, and said dryly: “Uh… drink less and go home early.”

Although these words were so common, they became so sweet when they reached Yin Sichen’s ears.

“I know.” Yin Sichen walked out of the wardrobe room, completely renewed up and down, and Gu Xixi almost blinded, with an astonished look on her face.

Gu Xixi’s heart ached subconsciously: dressed so handsome and so happy, it seems that he is going to meet someone important.

“Go to bed early.” Yin Sichen heard Gu Xixi tell him, a small flower bloomed in a corner of his heart. So when he talked to Gu Xixi, he felt a lot more pleasant.

Gu Xixi nodded blankly, and lay down obediently.

Yin Sichen saw that Gu Xixi was so obedient, the light in his eyes flashed, and he suddenly said in a strange way, “Would you like to go with me?”

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