The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 36 – Birth Inspection

Gu Xixi didn’t notice Yin Sichen’s strange eyes at all. After drinking, she stroked her chest and said, “I almost choked to death!”

“Eat slowly, no one will snatch you, just ask for another portion if it is not enough. “Yin Sichen ate slowly.

I never thought this midnight snack was delicious before, but it tasted so sweet tonight.

The midnight snack was so simple, but when it was eaten, it was like eating a big meal.

Gu Xixi felt a little embarrassed when she saw the porridge in the bowl was drunk again.

She herself didn’t understand how her appetite had become so good.

“Why don’t I serve you some more porridge?” Gu Xixi said nervously, “I seem to eat too much.”

“The Yin family can afford it.” Yin Sichen said slowly.

Gu Xixi suddenly felt embarrassed.

After Yin Sichen finished eating the rest of the food, he wiped the corners of his mouth gracefully, and when he looked up, he saw Gu Xixi biting his lip uneasy.

His eyes fell on her rosy lips again, and he didn’t know how to remember the sudden hot kiss when he was on the road just now.

The touch was still so clear, it was an experience he had never had in his life.

He knew for the first time that a kiss like a dragonfly could also make the soul shudder.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with me?” Gu Xixi saw Yin Sichen staring at her lips, and thought there was something wrong with her face.

Yin Sichen pressed his eyes and said as if nothing had happened, “You haven’t removed your makeup yet.”

Gu Xixi remembered that she changed clothes and cooked as soon as he got home, and forgot to remove makeup!

“Ahhhh, my bad memory!” Gu Xixi stood up all of a sudden, returned to the bedroom like lightning, and rushed to remove her makeup.

Looking at Gu Xixi’s panicked back, Yin Sichen couldn’t help but smile slightly.

Once again, his gaze fell on the clean plate he had eaten, and Yin Sichen’s gaze instantly softened.

Gu Xixi didn’t want these cosmetics to stay on her face for too long. She didn’t want these chemicals to hurt the baby in her belly, Whether it’s a famous brand or not, so Gu Xixi took the makeup off her face very hard.

She removed her makeup and took a bath by the way.

Ah, it’s so comfortable.

Looking at myself in the mirror, my lower abdomen is still flat.

I don’t know what the baby looks like.

According to the agreement, it is time to go to the hospital for a maternity check tomorrow.

Of course, I can’t expect Yin Sichen to cooperate with me to do the prenatal examination at all. I’d better ask the driver to drive myself there.

Gu Xi Xi prepared what she needed for the prenatal examination in advance and went to bed.

This sleep was called a comfort.

But the only missing in the ointment is that there seems to be a big warm bag missing from the bed last night.

Did Aunt Zhang forget?

I’ll ask her again when I have a chance.

Gu Xixi packed up her things and changed into a light cotton and linen casual outfit. He opened the door and prepared to ask the driver to take her to the hospital for a birth check.

As soon as Gu Xixi left the house, she saw Yin Sichen coming from the side refreshed.

“Morning.” Gu Xixi smiled and waved to greet good morning. In any case, she lived in someone else’s house, so she should be polite.

“Morning.” Yin Sichen’s eyes pressed, his eyes were a little unclear.

Gu Xixi saw that Yin Sichen didn’t mean to leave, so she didn’t know what to say.

After three days of marriage, the time spent alone between the two could be counted clearly. She still hadn’t been able to find a topic to chat with.

Yin Sichen’s gaze shifted down, and he saw what Gu Xixi was holding.

Raised his eyebrows, he asked softly, “Are you going for a check-up today?”

“Yes.” Gu Xixi nodded and said, “It’s time for a check-up today. I…I will go for a check-up in a while, and then come back to practice those etiquette well?”

Seeing the cautiousness and helplessness on Gu Xixi’s face, Yin Sichen’s eyes were pressed down, covering half of his amorous feelings.

“Since today is the day of the check-up, I will go with you.” Yin Sichen said directly.

“Ah…Ah… Gu Xixi suddenly opened his eyes: “You will accompany me!?”

Did the sun rise in the wrong direction today? Yin Sichen took the initiative to accompany her to do the prenatal examination?

Gu Xixi suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her ears.

“Are you hungry? If necessary, we will start now, just after checking, we will go to grandma’s for lunch. ” Yin Sichen stretched out his hand and suddenly took it from Xi Xi’s hand, and took the lead in going downstairs.

Gu Xixi was transfixed.

Yin sichen turned out to be really going to have a checkup with her?

I really don’t have nightmares?

Gu Xixi stretched out her hand and patted her face. Gu Xixi wakes up, wakes up! You have to cheer up and stop making him angry.

“What are you still doing?” Yin Sichen took two steps and found that Gu Xixi didn’t keep up. She gently turned to Gu Xixi and said with a smile, “Why? Scared? “

Gu Xixi blinked her eyes vigorously. That’s right, Yin Sichen was smiling! He is not angry!

However, why do I think he is weirder when he laughs than when he is angry?

Gu Xixi hurriedly followed, the bottom of her heart becoming more and more hopeless.

Yin Sichen, what kind of wind is it today? It’s a big change in painting style, and it’s not the Yin Sichen I know.

Could it be that all his convulsions today originated from children?

If this is the explanation, it can be said in the past.

After all, this is his first child. He can talk about the past if he cares a little.

After Gu Xixi found a reason for herself, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“I have to take a blood test today, so I have to go on an empty stomach.” Gu Xixi explained.

Yin Sichen nodded and directly asked Aunt Zhang to prepare the car for herself, and personally sent Gu Xixi to the prenatal examination.

“Aunt Zhang, call grandma and tell them over there. We will go to the grandma to eat after the check-up. Xixi didn’t eat breakfast, so she would be very hungry, so let the her prepare food earlier.” Yin sichen said to great aunt Zhang when he was leaving.

“Yes, Master.” Aunt Zhang saw her young master feel more and more distressed about her grandmother, and the smile on her face grew wider.

“Excuse me, Aunt Zhang.” Gu Xixi also said to Aunt Zhang with a smile.

“The young lady is too polite.” The more Aunt Zhang looked after Xixi, the more satisfied she became.

Sure enough, only the young lady could make the young master make such a change in the whole world. The old lady was simply too wise!

Yin Sichen drove Gu Xixi all the way to the hospital.

Because it was known in advance that Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi would come for the check-up, all the medical staff in the hospital had already prepared.

When Gu Xixi got out of the car, she saw the smiling head nurse leading a group of nurses to salute herself: “Morning!.”

Although Gu Xixi had been in the hospital for several days, she was still shocked when she came back for a checkup again.

“The president is early.” The nurses continued to salute Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen nodded and said, “Are you all ready?”

“Everything is ready!” The head nurse said very respectfully, “President, this way, please.”

Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi and left first, going with a large group of people behind him.

As soon as they arrived at the examination room, the dean and the attending doctor greeted me, “President, Young Lady! Everything is ready. “

Yin Sichen nodded and said, “Do the checkup as soon as possible. Xixi didn’t have a meal in the morning.”

Hearing that the president was so considerate to the young lady, the dean and the attending doctor dared not neglect, and quickly drew Gu Xixi’s blood, and then performed various other physical examinations.

Because all departments of the hospital were serving Gu Xixi, it was only an hour’s time and all the examinations were completed.

Although Yin Sichen knew that Gu Xixi was fine with the child, he was still a little nervous subconsciously.

But he was never used to expressing his emotions in front of people outside, just standing by and waiting silently.

When he heard the child’s fetal heart beating, the tenderness deep in his eyes couldn’t hide it.

The inspection was completed quickly, and Mrs. Yin was notified of the results of the test as soon as possible.

Seeing that the child is in good health, Mrs. Yin is naturally satisfied.

In the morning, her grandson said hello and would come here for lunch at noon today, so the Yin family mansion has been busy since morning.

When Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen drove to the Yin family mansion, Gu Xixi saw that the entire Yin family was busy in an orderly manner.

Yin Sichen stood beside Gu Xixi and bent his arms.

Gu Xixi was now accustomed to this action. When Yin Sichen bent his arms, he would be angry if she didn’t hold him in time!

Therefore, Gu Xixi obediently took his arm, and she was as obedient as she was.

Seeing that Gu Xixi was so behaved, Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi into it with satisfaction.

“Young master, young lady.” The butler greeted at the door, “The old lady has already prepared lunch. The old lady said that the young lady did not eat breakfast. It is not appropriate to eat too oily food for lunch, so the preparations are very light. If the young lady has other needs, You can order more.”

“No, it’s good to be lighter.” Although Gu Xixi was pregnant with the fourth generation of the Yin family, she did not dare pinch her identity in front of the Yin family’s housekeeper.

The butler immediately retreated.

Gu Xixi saw Mrs. Yin from a distance, and immediately said respectfully, “Grandma, we are back.”

Mrs. Yin looked at Gu Xixi satisfactorily. Although they had only been married for a few days, they seemed to get along well.

My grandson used to be busy every day, and he rarely had time to come back for dinner.

Now that he had married a wife and had children, it really was different.

It seems that her choice of letting him get married as soon as possible was perfect.

“Well, come back often when you have time. I am an old woman in such a big home and very lonely. ” Mrs. Yin nodded with a smile and said, “Let’s go and eat.”

Gu Xixi followed Yin with a little anxiety. Si Chen walked towards the dining room together.

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