It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 187 – The Mountain Blows Up, The Mine Is Full Of Holes

North Domain, south of the Primordial Mine, in front of a mine cave.

Nearly ten thousand men and women dressed in green clothes with the Chai family seal embroidered on their clothes stood around with a wary look.

Around them, there were more and more immortal cultivators.

“Swoosh ……”

Roads of long rainbows arrived in a hurry. They stood in all directions, in groups of three or five, dozens as companions.

In the eyes of every immortal cultivator, there were flashes of fiery gazes.

“Why are they all from the Chai family? Where are the people from the Fang family?”

“Then it goes without saying, they must have been blackstabbed!”

“Are we just going to watch?”

“Then what else do you want? Do you see the ground?”

Following the man’s pointing, many immortal cultivators gasped. Only to see, dozens of corpses on the ground strongly stimulated their eyes.

Some corpses, still twitching slightly, and blood was flowing.

Many people who were ready to rush forward, immediately stopped and watched from afar.

“Buzz ……”


The roar came from afar. A dozen flying boats stopped in mid-air.

Above each flying boat, there was a big “Shi” written.

“What, the Shi family is here too?”

“Isn’t that nonsense? The second family of the Northern Region, it’s strange that they don’t come!”

“Yes, we can learn the news, it’s strange that this Shi family doesn’t know!”

When the crowd looked at the flying boat, their faces were full of shock.

“Hoo ……”

An obese middle-aged man, leading nearly 10,000 people, flew down from the sky.

The obese man walked directly in front of the Chai family’s disciples and looked at them coldly.

“Those who trespass, die!”

The Chai family elder opened his mouth and said, icy-cold killing intent, without any concealment.

“Elder Chai, naturally, Shi Mou is not here to forcefully intrude, but to discuss with you!” The obese man said.

“No need!”

“Don’t say that, look, it’s been a few days and your patriarch has not come out, could something have happened?” The obese man said.

The moment these words came out.

“Buzz ……”

The elder raised his longsword, then chopped towards the obese man, “Dare to curse the Patriarch, looking for death!”

“Boom ……”

A sound explosion. The two men’s bodies stomped straight back, with scorn on their faces.

“I just reminded you, and you hurt people, really think that I took you?” The obese man said.

“Humph, if you dare to curse the family head again, die!”


The obese man’s chest was stagnant, and he had nothing to say.

He took a few steps backward, stood in front of a group of immortal cultivators, turned around, and clasped his fist slightly.

“Fellow Daoists, you all saw it just now, this Chai family came to our Northern Domain, arrogant and domineering!”

“They deliberately stopped us from entering!”

“I think the Fang family has already suffered tragically.”

“Perhaps the next target will be you, or me!”

“If we are like a scattered sand, then the Northern Region will no longer be the Northern Region, but will become part of the Chai family!”

“This, can you guys stand it?”

After these words came out, the surroundings immediately exploded.

“The Chai Family is too domineering! They have to be driven away!”

“That’s right, if the Xuanyuan family was here, wouldn’t they be able to be this arrogant?!”

A group of immortal cultivators had a look of resignation on their faces.

When the obese man saw this scene, the corners of his mouth raised a smile as if there was nothing.

A look swept away.

At once.

“This Chai family is too domineering, we, as cultivators, have long put life and death on the line!”

“That’s right, the fortune is in front of us, as long as we can capture a piece of immortal gold, this life without worry, what are we afraid of?”

“This kind of creation is amazing, even if we die, so what?”

Such a voice resounded in a crowd of cultivators, shaking every ear roaring.

The body’s hot with blood, fierce and surging.

Many immortal cultivators secretly clenched their fists, their eyes shining and flickering.

“Those who are not afraid of death, follow me to charge!”

“Kill, there are many of us, we are afraid of him!”

“Yes, one mouthful of spittle is enough to drown them!”

Many immortal cultivators flew up and jumped straight at the Chai family cultivators.

When someone took the lead, others followed. More and more cultivators joined them.

“The Chai family is bullying people too much, I, Shi Quan, hereby swear that the person who strikes today will share the immortal gold mine with my Shi family and will be counted by killing the heads of the Chai family!”

Once these words were spoken.

A group of immortal cultivators who had been hesitant to join the fight immediately.

“Those who are not afraid of death, feel free to come!”

The elder of the Chai family looked at these people with an ice-cold laugh on his face.


With a wave of his hand, tens of thousands of disciples moved in unison.

As they looked, the two sides were about to fight together.

At this time.

“Buzz ……”

The ground trembled for a while.

A shockwave whistled and blew the two sides to the east immediately after that.

“Boom! Boom ……”

Explosions rang out continuously. The mountains exploded in rows, rock and soil rushed to the sky. Everyone was shocked to their ears and did not recover for a long while.

When the dust cleared, everyone squinted at the go and could not help but stare in disbelief. Only to see a row of mountains up to a thousand meters high, dense, full of ore holes.

These ore holes, spreading to the depths of the mountain.

“Such a hard mountain, but all of them exploded?”

“This mountain rock, comparable to a very high quality spiritual weapon, how did it blow up?”

A crowd of immortal cultivators stared with wide eyes, with a face full of disbelief.


 A cry of alarm rang out.

“What? The five-colored light, this is the light emitted by the Five Spirit Immortal Gold!”

The words just rang out.

“Swoosh ……”

A figure, like a stream of light, headed straight for the mine cave.

“Damn, damn!”

Those who reacted slowly, secretly hated. All kinds of magic treasures were thrown away and kept sacrificing, they frantically ran towards the mine cave.

The sky was filled with light, like a meteor, disappearing into the mountain.

Seeing this scene, the elder of the Chai family’s face changed dramatically, his right hand waved, “Fight for me!”

“Elder, the Patriarch told us to guard here!”

“They’ve all gone in, what’s the point of guarding! Come with me and guard the Five Spirit Immortal Gold!”

“Yes, Elder!”

A group of the Chai Family’s disciples headed straight for the mine cave.

In the blink of an eye, outside the mine cave, only one figure remained. She was sweet-looking and stood outside the mine cave, sweeping her gaze in all directions.

She was none other than Su Yiling.

“I don’t seem to see Alliance Leader Chen!”

“Could it be that they didn’t come to the mine cave?”

“Or is it that they are in another mine cave?”

“If so, what should this be?”

Su Yiling was holding a broken statue arm and was full of doubts.

“Without Leader Chen, I simply can’t comprehend the intention of the Young Master!”

“How good it would be if there was the master!”

“Young Master, what exactly do you mean by giving me this arm?”

Su Yiling mumbled, her eyebrows wrinkled iron tight.

“Goo ……”

At this time, her stomach rumbled.

She touched her dried-up stomach and shook her head for a while, “When I think of the Young Master, this stomach of mine is hungry, how indisputable!”

“Let’s just eat first!”

Su Yiling took out a steamed bun, after nibbling it twice.

“It’s too hard to eat!”

“Well, finally, I’m not hungry anymore!”

Su Yiling put the steamed bun away and looked at those mine holes, frowning in deep thought.

Suddenly, her eyes shrewdly flashed.

“Why am I so stupid! With the strength of Alliance Leader Chen and the others, who can stop them!”

“They must have gone in long ago!”

“Alliance Leader Chen, I’m coming!”

After saying that, Su Yiling turned into a light and went straight to the mine cave.

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