The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 88 – Miss Xu Feng’s Zither Association

“However, with the strength of this boy Zhou Cheng, he should be able to solve it.” Qiang Liang said.

Although Zhou Cheng was not a Plane Lord Realm, his strength was not weaker than the Yin Ghost Sect Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, and Bai Wuchang.

With that, Lu Yiping and the others continued to go over to the Imperial Capital of the Warring Empire.

Two days later.

Lu Yiping arrived at the imperial capital of the Warring Empire.

When they entered the imperial capital of the Warring Empire, they saw that on both sides of the street, they could see Buddha statues and Buddhist buildings everywhere, and on both sides of the stores, the things they sold were almost all Buddhist things.

“This Warring Empire capital has the appearance of the Holy Buddha empire capital back then.” Qiang Liang said as he looked at the bustling buildings within the Warring Empire Capital.

In the ancient times, the Holy Buddha Empire was the number one empire in the Eternal Source Plane.

The Holy Buddha Emperor, who was from the same period as him, and Evil Buddha Lord were blood brothers.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s eyes were deep, “It’s a pity about that kid, Evil Buddha Lord.”

Back then, Evil Buddha Lord was about to battle the Lord of the Devil Race in the Heavenly Demon Domain of the Prison of the Underworld.

In that battle, the heavenly devil domain almost collapsed. But in the end, Evil Buddha Lord was killed!

Evil Buddha Lord’s blood stained the countless mountains and rivers of the heavenly devil domain.

When he heard that Buddha Shizun had died in battle, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull had also shed tears.

Lu Yiping said in a cold voice, “Everyone from the Yin Borer tribe should die!”

Back then, if it weren’t for the Yin Borer tribe, Evil Buddha Lord wouldn’t have died in the Heavenly Demon Domain.

“The Nine Absolute Burial Array in the Gods Battlefield, could it have been set up by the Yin Borer tribe?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

Lu Yiping shook his head, “We don’t know yet.”

“The Gods Battlefield has the Nine Absolute Burial God Array? Qiang Liang opened his mouth, his expression moved.

Lu Yiping nodded and told the matter of the Nine Absolute God Burying Array in the mysterious space under the Gods Battlefield.

Qiang Liang’s eyes cold, “If it is really related to the Yin borer tribe, I will kill the Yin borer tribe!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull shook his head, “To exterminate those monsters in the Yin borers is not as easy as talking.”

Since ancient times, the Yin borer tribe had appeared since ancient times and, last to this day, the Yin borer tribe. In the end, no one knew how many experts, how strong its power was.

Qiang Liang frowned, he suspected that the ghost mask man who sealed his eternal devil’s heart back then was a master of the Yinbo tribe.

Of course, he could not be sure whether it was true or not.

“Who would have thought that the headquarters of the Life Killing Dao would be within this Imperial Capital of the Warring Empire.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull changed the topic and said, “But this Sun Yan is quite a smart junior.”

The chief of the Life Killing Dao, whose real name was Sun Yan, was nicknamed the Killing God!

Of course, he had another identity in the Warring Empire, the Empire Grand Marshal Xu Ying!

Therefore, Lu Yiping and the others were walking and chatting as they came towards the Grand Marshal’s residence.

Just as Lu Yiping was coming towards the Grand Marshal Sun Yan’s residence, suddenly, behind him, a large group of experts came riding on tiger beasts.

The people passing around saw the people coming, and all retreated to the sides in panic.

“It’s His Highness the Third Prince!”

The person who came was none other than the Third Prince of the Warring Empire, Zhu Yong, and his men.

Zhu Yong and his men arrived in the blink of an eye and then passed by Lu Yiping’s side.

A gust of wind was swept up.

“Looking at the direction of His Highness the Third Prince, he should be going to attend the zither meeting of Miss Xu Feng of Marshal Xu’s residence?”

“It should be, Miss Xu Feng held a zither meeting every year, this time, but also invited the young patriarch of the Free and Easy Buddha Sect, the disciples of the Star Picking Buddha, I heard that even the young patriarch of the Medicine King Palace came!”

“Even the young master of the Medicine King Palace has come! This Miss Xu Feng’s face is too big.”

“Miss Xu Feng is the number one beauty in our Warring Empire and also the number one beauty in our Buddha Bearing Continent, even if she is compared to the Luo Family’s Saintess Luo Tong, she is no better.”

The surrounding crowd looked at the departing third prince of the Warring Empire and discussed.

“The Zither Association?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “I like listening to the zither the most.”

Qiang Liang smiled, showing a rare smile, “Senior Xiao Jin followed the lord to practice the zither, I wonder how well he practiced.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “I have already cultivated to the fourth realm of the zither immortal!”

Zither Immortal had realms too. The highest zither immortal was the tenth level.

Lu Yiping laughed; this old bull always bragged without reason.

Still zither immortal fourth level?

In the realm of the zither, the tenth level was the zither immortal realm, and at the fourth level was the zither child realm. Now, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was barely entered into the zither child realm could play a small tune out of tune only.

When Qiang Liang heard the Dragon Horned Golden Bull said that he had cultivated to the fourth level of the zither realm, he smiled and said, “Then when I have time, I would like to listen to Senior Xiao Jin’s Way of the Zither Immortal.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull  gave a clear cough, “We’ll talk about that later.”

At this moment, a group of young men and women were sitting in the grand hall of Grand Marshal Sun Yan’s residence.

The main seat in the hall was none other than Sun Yan’s daughter Xu Feng.

Xu Feng, born with a phoenix body in terms of talent and beauty, she and the Luo family Luo Tong were on par in terms of beauty.

In the middle of the hall, a young man wearing a light white robe, showing the elegance of Confucianism, was playing the zither.

After the sound came out of the zither, it was like smoke floating in the hall!

The sound of the zither curls up! The sound of the zither was invisible, but now, it was condensed and flying out.

Affected by the sound of the zither, many flowers, butterflies, and birds in the back garden of the marshal’s residence flew to the hall and danced in the hall.

All the people in the hall were quietly listening. After a while, the song ended. Everyone was still intoxicated in the realm of the zither just now.

Xu Feng clapped his hands first and smiled at the elegant young man, “I am convinced by the high level of the zither realm of young palace master Xi Yan.

The elegant young man was the Medicine King Palace young palace master Xi Yan.

Xi Yan laughed, “I’m ashamed, Hao Shan is a senior disciple of the Six Finger Zither Demon, I didn’t dare to compare with Hao Shan’s zither skills.”

Xie Xiaohong, a disciple of the Star Picking Buddha, said, “You’re being modest, Xi Yan. If you want me to judge with your zither skills, that Lu Yiping is not as good as you. Everyone says that the has entered the realm of zither. I think it is just flattery!”

Zhu Yong, the third prince of the Warring Empire, also laughed: “Brother Xie Xiaohong is right, I also think that the so-called zither immortal realm is just a flattery to Lu Yiping by those mortal people.”

“Brother Xi Yan is not only peerless in the zither realm, but also peerless in the alchemy dao, plus your strength, I think it won’t be long before you inherit the position of the Medicine King Palace Master.” The Young Patriarch of the Free and Easy Buddha Sect, He Feng, laughed and said.

Xi Yan just laughed, “Father has this intention and said to let me get familiar with all the affairs of the Medicine King Palace in these three years.” Meaning that he would be in charge of the Medicine King Palace in three years.

When everyone heard this, they all clasped their fists and congratulated each other.

Xu Feng was about to speak when suddenly he heard a miserable cry. Everyone in the hall was stunned. Xu Feng’s eyebrows knitted, and she said to a maid beside her, “Go out and see what’s going on.”

This maid beside her was an expert.

The maid answered yes and then came out of the hall. Just as she came out, she saw the Xu family disciples guarding outside the house being kicked in, and when her face sank, she saw a blue-shirted young man and a black-robed youth riding in on a bull and a horse, respectively.

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