The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 34 – A Man Comparable To Yin Sichen

Yin Sichen was already extremely handsome when he didn’t laugh. When he smiled, it was a huge hormonal killer with super lethality.

The lingering style that couldn’t be hidden under the slightly picky corners of his eyes, he would kill wherever his eyes were.

The woman who was swept by his eyes almost felt the feeling of a stagnant heartbeat at the same time, and then she screamed in her heart!

Shao Yin is indeed Shao Yin!

No one could resist his charm!

Yin Sichen saw a group of women drooling at his face, and the expression on his face was pulled for an instant. The indifferent and arrogant aura instantly covered his tenderness just now, and scared the women who wanted to brush their presence.

Yin Sichen snorted coldly, and looked at them with a feeling of anger, turned and left.

Gu Xixi continued to eat.

Eating a buffet had this benefit. You could eat what you like and what you didn’t like…haha tonight, finally no one was forcing herself to eat what she didn’t like!

That guy Yin Sichen always likes to force her to eat some food that she hated.

Today he couldn’t take care of her anymore, she could be regarded as the master of her own dinner.

When Gu Xixi was eating happily, he heard a noise at the gate, as if everyone was welcoming someone collectively.

Looking back, everyone went to the door, as if the person who came was important.

Well, it didn’t matter who this person was, so I should continue to eat.

Gu Xixi continued to eat, no matter where Yin Sichen was or what he was doing.

Everything had nothing to do with her, just remember to call me when you leave.

It seems that she didn’t carry much money in his bag today. If he didn’t call her, she probably didn’t bring enough money to take a taxi.

Finally got rid of the food in front of me, ah, so satisfying.

Gu Xixi stretched out her hand and stroked her belly to panic. How much food did you eat?

Is it because pregnant women are prone to hunger?

I eat three meals a day normally, as well as afternoon tea and midnight snacks. Why do I still feel that I am not full?

Gu Xixi realized at this time that she had actually eaten up a plate full of food.

Oh, my God, I eat too much myself.

If Aunt Zhang knew that she had eaten so much in one go, she would definitely call her own.

No, let’s go out for a walk and digest the food.

After making up her mind, Gu Xixi took a look at what other people were still talking about in groups. It just so happened that she was not interested in those things at all, so let’s walk in the garden alone.

For the first time, Gu Xixi understood what it meant to hold the wall in and what it meant to hold the wall out.

My belly is bulging when I eat.

Gu Xixi walked slowly in the garden, enjoying everything in the garden.

Well, these flowers were so beautiful!

There were many kinds that I had never seen before.

Although there were a lot of flowers planted at home, they were all very precious flowers. But compared with the garden here, it was really insignificant.

Gu Xixi also grew flowers when he was in the country. Naturally, she knew that it was not that simple to raise a flower well.

At night, the cool evening breeze was blowing slowly, blowing on people’s unspeakable comfort.

Natural wind was the most comfortable, much more comfortable than air conditioning.

Just when Gu Xixi wanted to reach out for a flower on top of her head curiously, but she couldn’t reach it on tiptoe, and could only give up annoyedly, a voice came from behind, “This jasmine flower is blooming. It’s really not bad. Although the value is not as expensive as other flowers, it’s brilliant. It’s a blessing to let you reach for it and pick it.”

Gu Xixi turned around in amazement. At this time, some people, like herself, give up the opportunity to curry favor with the rich and run here for a walk and blow?

She saw an extremely strong and tall man with blue eyes standing before me.

He was a completely different type from Yin Sichen.

His temperament was more gentle and harmless.

It was strange, why does this man look familiar?

“Here… ah no, is it you?” The other party also seemed to look at Gu Xixi in disbelief, with an incredible surprise in his blue eyes.

Gu Xixi’s eyes rolled for a long time, and she couldn’t remember where she had seen this man.

It didn’t make sense. Those who can come here to participate in the occasion are rich people. It seemed that they didn’t know anyone except Yin Sichen, a rich person?

Gu Xixi asked, “Excuse me, do you know me?”

When the other party heard Gu Xixi’s words, he was obviously taken aback at first, and then he laughed slightly.


The women he met, whether they knew him or not, would pretend to be familiar with him.

And this girl who looks ordinary didn’t remember himself at all?

“We met this morning, I rubbed your Mercedes gl450, and I left you my business card, I am Mo Zixin. I don’t know what the lady is called?” The man smiled lightly and didn’t mind at all. Xixi’s forgetfulness, introduced himself.

Gu Xixi suddenly realized, and looked at Mo Zixin with her mouth open.

Oh my god, does this count as a narrow road to go?

Gu Xixi looked at each other suspiciously, “Are you here to send me the money?”

Hearing Gu Xixi’s completely different reaction from others, Mo Zixin didn’t know what to do.

When a normal woman heard his own name, she either looks shy or worships, or deliberately arouses his attention.

And this woman, the first thing that comes to mind was compensation?

How short of money is she?

If you can afford Mercedes gl450, you should not be short of money.

Her dress was Chanel’s latest version of the season, and it was also a limited edition, each of which was worth hundreds of thousands.

She didn’t seem to be fake, did she?

“You haven’t told me your name yet. I wonder if you could have the honor to know it?” The ink catalpa Xin continued to be gentle and asked.

Gu Xixi opened her mouth, just about to tell the other party, at this moment, the phone in her handbag suddenly rang.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I’ll answer the call first.” Gu Xixi quickly took out his mobile phone from his bag and saw that it was Yin Sichen who called him. Knowing that Yin Sichen must be looking for her, she immediately raised her head to Mo Zi Xin and said, “I’m sorry, I still have things to do, I’m going first!”

Gu Xixi turned around and walked, not forgetting to collect the debts, “Remember to pay me back! That car is very expensive!”

Mo Zi Xin looked at Gu Xixi’s back with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

This girl was really special.

“I will know your name, and we will meet again.” Mo Zixin stared at Gu Xixi’s back and said with deep eyes, “Special girl, whether you have anything to do with you , I will let you remember me.

As soon as Gu Xixi returned to the venue, he saw Yin Sichen coming towards him with a powerful aura.

Yin Sichen couldn’t find anyone in the room, and there was really no way he could do it, so he called Gu Xixi.

Yin Sichen felt her heart go up and down when she suddenly disappeared like a mole and suddenly appeared in his own sight.

“Where did you go?” Yin Sichen’s eyes drooped, and Gu Xixi immediately felt that the pressure on his body became a lot heavier.

“I just ate too much, my stomach was bloated and I couldn’t digest it, so I went out to digest food.” Gu Xixi answered honestly.

Hearing Gu Xixi’s answer, Yin Sichen’s eyes fell on Gu Xixi’s stomach.

This little mole can really eat!

A person who was small could eat so many things.

“Well, all the necessary entertainment has been completed, and you can go home.” Yin Sichen said coldly, turning around and leaving.

Oh, yeah? I can go back now.

Great! Great! I just don’t like the atmosphere here! It’s simply incompatible with myself.

Gu Xixi took a step forward quickly, fearing that Yin Sichen would leave her alone, and regardless of whether Yin Sichen was angry or not, she took the initiative to take Yin Sichen’s arm and left with Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen was a little angry at first.

But the moment Gu Xixi took the initiative to hug his arm, his eyes could no longer hide a squishy smile.

The smile gradually expanded and spread to the entire facial expression.

The corner of his mouth was picked up slightly, even though he didn’t look at Gu Xixi’s expression, he seemed to be able to guess Gu Xixi’s little mole-like eyes, full of an urgent desire to leave.

When the two people walked to the door, their car had already arrived.

Yin Sichen got into the car, and Gu Xixi hurriedly followed.

Don’t be left here, or there won’t be enough money for a taxi.

Although the jewelry on my body is valuable, it won’t be dropped for a while!

Used to pay for the taxi, what a loss.

Yin Sichen stepped on the accelerator and left with Gu Xixi.

Not long after Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi left, Mo Zixin returned to the venue, but he searched the audience but couldn’t find Gu Xixi.

That special girl seemed to appear out of thin air, and then disappeared out of thin air.

Mo Zixin asked several people, but no one knew who the girl was or what her name was.

“It’s really interesting.” Mo Zi Xin looked at the flattering faces moving closer to him, and his eyes swept the whole room, but he couldn’t find the girl.

“I will find you, girl, there are not many women I am interested in Mo Zixin, you count one.” Mo Zixin couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “I will check everything about you. You are so alike! Are you the angel who was sent to my side in heaven? So you appeared in front of me with your face? If this is the case, I won’t let go. “

Gu Xixi sat in the passenger seat, tilted his head, and fell asleep slowly.

Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi asleep in the rear mirror and slowly slowed down.

He used to like to drive fast, but since he met this Gu Xixi, his speed seems to be slower than ever.

The Lamborghini Hermès, which was now worth 370 million, could only run at a speed of forty per hour, which was simply driving the performance of this sports car.

But she liked Young Master Yin, no matter how expensive the car was, she liked to drive slowly!

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