The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 33 – Little Mole

Gu Xixi slowly stood up from the stool, looked at the shoes prepared for her by the stylist, and thought for a while and said, “Can I not wear high shoes? I don’t like high shoes very much.”

The stylist immediately selected a pair of white crystal shoes with a high waterproof platform and short sole root.

Gu Xixi took two steps after putting it on. The shoes were well designed, and they didn’t feel hard at all.

Gu Xixi nodded, that’s it.

Gu Xixi turned around and walked out. Yin Sichen was already waiting outside, right?

Yin Sichen was really a little anxious when he was waiting. He just wanted to ask a few questions. As soon as he looked up, he saw Gu Xixi wearing a white tube top waist-knee evening dress and white crystal-studded high heels walking towards her own style.

For a moment, Yin Sichen’s eyes shook, and he always felt that the scene in front of him seemed to be seen somewhere.

“Si Chen, I’m ready. I have kept you waiting. ” Gu Xixi apologized immediately, no matter what, there was no wrong way to apologize first, right?

Yin Sichen recovered and bent his arm to signal Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi was taken aback, and only reacted after a long time, passed his arm through Yin Sichen’s arm, and walked out together locked with his arm.

Yin Sichen was so tall.

Gu Xixi secretly turned her head and took a peek at Yin Sichen.

Even though she was wearing high heels, it seemed that she could only see his chin.

No wonder so many women were flocking to him. He did have the capital to make women crazy.

Handsome in appearance, good in figure and rich in assets.

However, these seem to have nothing to do with me.

“Can you walk?” Although Yin Sichen didn’t turn his head, he still saw Gu Xixi’s dazzling spirit from the corner of his eyes.

Gu Xixi was absent-minded, when Yin Sichen shouted so, she almost smashed his feet.

Yin Sichen held Gu Xixi’s waist with his big hands, and the heat of his palms passed from his waist. Gu Xixi felt that the place where she was being held became hot instantly, so she quickly stood up straight, distancing herself from Yin Sichen.

“Sorry, I just thought about something else.” Gu Xixi explained quickly.

Seeing Gu Xixi subconsciously keeping a distance from himself, this discovery made Yin Sichen suddenly very upset, very upset!

Is he a bacterium? Do you need to hide so far?

At this time, assistant Xiao Ah had already drove over the Lamborghini Hermes worth 380 million, and stopped firmly in front of Yin Sichen..

Xiao Ah got off the car and gave the car key to Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen took the key and said coldly to Gu Xixi: “Get in the car, we have run out of time. It’s impolite to be late.”

“Oh.” Gu Xixi replied dullly.

Why was Yin Sichen angry again? Even if she was distracted, he could be angry.

Watching this guy every day, she didn’t know what to do to make him not angry.

After only three days of marriage, he had been angry for so many times.

Forget it, leave him alone.

Gu Xixi turned to the position of the co-pilot and sat down slowly.

After Gu Xixi fastened her seat belt, Yin Sichen started the car and left the house.

Just as Yin Sichen wanted to speed up, he suddenly remembered that Gu Xixi said she was a pregnant woman the last time he drove, and the accelerator under his feet slowly loosened.

Hmph, he didn’t do it for Gu Xixi, he just thought of the child in her stomach.

The two people in the car didn’t speak, and no one paid attention to each other.

Yin Sichen was sulking, and Gu Xixi was still at a loss, completely wondering why Yin Sichen was angry.

Just hold your breath all the way to the dinner party.

As soon as the car stopped, someone came over and waited.

Gu Xixi unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car with the help of the other party.

When the other party saw Yin Sichen, he immediately smiled and said, “Yin Shao, you are finally here, the master has been waiting for a long time.”

Yin Sichen smiled lightly, very decent and elegant, “Sorry, I am late.”

“How come? Yin Shao, please come here. ” The man replied respectfully at once.

Yin Sichen glanced at Gu Xixi who was standing still or looking blank, and after holding his breath, walked to Gu Xixi’s side and bent his arm towards her.

Gu Xixi stayed for a while, and finally reacted quickly this time. She quickly passed her arm through Yin Sichen’s arm and locked Yin Sichen’s arm firmly.

Here, I don’t know anyone except Yin Sichen, I can’t make him angry anymore.

Still have to hug his thigh properly, otherwise he gets angry and throws himself here again?. What can I do?

Gu Xixi subconsciously moved closer, and almost hugged Yin Sichen’s arm.

Seeing that Gu Xixi had become so behaved, Yin Sichen took the initiative to get closer to her. The corners of his narrow eyes instantly rose, and a touch of joy came out from the bottom of his eyes.

Little girl, why are you approaching actively now?

It seems that we will have to take you to several occasions in the future.

Because of the active approach of Gu Xi Xi, Yin Sichen’s anger just vanished in an instant, so he went in with a smile.

Gu Xixi walked and looked at it, and she felt that her eyes were not enough.

What place is this?

It’s simply too luxurious.

What a big hall, exquisite and elegant everywhere.

At present, the clothes are fragrant and countless successful men and beauties shuttled among them. The waiters wore uniform white shirts, black trousers and bow ties to serve everyone.

It was the first time that Gu Xixi participated in such a high-end occasion, and suddenly felt a little uneasy and restrained.

“Relax, there are so many people here that no one will look at you.” Yin Sichen felt the tension from her arm. The little girl was not holding her arm, but holding his arm. The elbow keeps hitting the softness somewhere. Can’t she feel it?

However, he didn’t mind hitting several times more.

AAt this moment, someone spotted Yin Sichen, came over with a big laugh, and said as he walked, “Yin Shao, it’s the first time you are brought to you! Ah, Yin Shao, this is the first time you have brought a girl. While attending the occasion, this one is–“

Swiss, Swiss-countless eyes instantly cast on Gu Xixi’s body.

Gu Xixi raised her head and glared at Yin Sichen sadly. Didn’t you say that no one looked at me? What can I do now?

Yin Sichen smiled formulaically and shook hands with each other, “My female companion, Gu Xixi.”

Gu Xixi immediately used Aunt Zhang’s knowledge of etiquette to make up for herself temporarily, and showed eight teeth just right, with a smile on her face, “Hello, I am Gu Xi.”

The other party was shaken by Gu Xixi’s smile, and after a long period of sluggishness, he replied, “Hello, I am Zhao Zhen.”

Zhao Zhen was simply surprised.

He never thought that Yin Sichen brought a female companion to this kind of occasion for the first time, and he actually brought a social rookie.

Although she tried her best to pretend to be calm, her clear eyes showed her inner panic.

But I have to say that this woman’s eyes are really clear.

This was something that women who spend a lot of time in various situations all year round don’t have.

“Why are you alone? What about the others?” Yin Sichen turned his head and looked around and said, “I heard that the man I will welcome today is also a business wizard?” genius?”

Zhao Zhen lowered his voice and replied. “Yes! They are all outside to greet that distinguished guest. According to reliable sources, he is a business genius who can rival Yin Shao, you. If he wants to settle in N City, Yin Shao you will have a strong opponent. I heard that the other party’s capital is strong, and there are two big families standing behind him.”

“Oh? I’m more interested in this way.” Yin Sichen offered a Terminator cocktail from the waiter. An elegant sip: “I haven’t met a qualified opponent for a long time. Now I am more looking forward to this legendary genius who shares the world with me.”

Gu Xixi stood there, listening to Yin Sichen and Zhao Zhen talked about the business, and then accepted the malicious eyes from all around.

Gu Xixi kept wailing in her heart, Beauties, you all misunderstood! I never thought about robbing Yin Sichen from you! As long as you like it, just do it!

After mourning, she began to lament: Yin Sichen, you are simply a walking hormone disperser! Wherever you go, women’s eyes will follow! Why do you say you are such a good-looking man? Now I’m standing by your side, and I’ll always accept those vicious eyes!

Yin Sichen saw that Gu Xixi was a little unaccustomed, and immediately ended his conversation with Zhao Zhen. She took Gu Xixi directly to the secluded place of his brother and said to Gu Xixi, “I have to say hello to my master. Since you are not used to such an occasion, eat slowly here. Remember, don’t eat too much junk food and don’t drink alcohol! “

Gu Xixi nodded like garlic, this is the best feeling.

Anyway, I’m not good at socializing myself, so find a quiet place and eat quietly.

After Yin Sichen made sure that Gu Xixi had no problem, he turned and left.

Gu Xixi also breathed a sigh of relief.

This kind of occasion was really not suitable for her. Great aunt Zhang gave herself manner training, but she didn’t need it at all.

As long as you don’t pay attention to yourself, you don’t want to be the object of attention at all.

Let’s get something to eat.

Gu Xixi quickly took a plate of food for herself, then ordered a glass of juice, and went straight to a corner where no one else came, picked up a knife and fork and ate happily.

No matter where you go, Yin Sichen will be sought after by a group of people, and she will curry favor with Yin Sichen like a star holding a moon.

Many women were desperate to brush their presence in front of Yin Sichen.

Yin sichen attended the occasion with her companion today. it seems that he was not gay!

As long as his orientation was normal, then other women had a chance!

Those women who thought they were more beautiful than Gu Xixi’s body, all ran desperately to brush their sense of existence.

Gu Xixi didn’t see this scene at all, or she didn’t care about it at all.

Standing in the crowd, Yin Sichen kept looking for Gu Xixi’s figure several times.

Where did that little fairy go? Doesn’t stop eating anything, is she a mole? Can you drill a hole?

Well, that little thing is indeed a bit like a mole, and his eyes always look at you so blankly…

Little Mole…Mole Fairy…

Yin Sichen thought that this creature and Gu Xixi’s image would coincide with each other, so he could bear it. He couldn’t help but smile slightly.

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