The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 32 – Accompanied by Yin Sichen to Dinner

“There is a dinner party tonight, don’t embarrass me.” Yin sichen dropped this sentence, has completely left the line of sight of Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi relieved.

I don’t know why, the renewal of renting a house by myself could have been aboveboard, but it is inexplicably guilty.

Gu Xixi himself didn’t know what he was guilty of, but he felt a little afraid to face Yin Sichen.

As long as he doesn’t ask himself where he went today, no matter what dinner party he has tonight …

Wait, what did he just say?

Have a dinner party tonight? Don’t embarrass yourself? He is going with himself?

God, I haven’t learned anything now, how can I …

At this time, Gu Xixi didn’t react. I want to ask Yin Sichen what is the social party. I can not go, but Gu Xixi really didn’t have the courage now.

There have been quite a lot of troubles to him in the past two days, and this Yin Sichen’s temper is unpredictable, so he gets angry when he says he is angry.

Forget it, don’t ask.

If it’s a big deal, you just want to eat.

Aunt Zhang came over and said, “The young lady is back. The young master told the stylist to come and fix the makeup for the young lady. The water in the bathtub has been put away, and the young lady can take a bath.”

“I know.” A feeling of tightness in the Gu Xixi went back to the room to take a bath.

While taking a bath, Gu Xixi pondered: What does this Yin Sichen mean? I am just a contractual husband and wife with him. I just need to keep good health and give birth to this child.

Entertainment this kind of thing, why find yourself?

If he needs a female companion, there are so many people in the company who don’t want to follow?

I am only an assistant team leader in the company, and my level seems to be insufficient, right?

Gu Xixi quickly took a battle bath while pondering this matter.

Sure enough, before she dried her hair thoroughly, the stylist had arrived.

Gu Xixi just stood there, letting the stylist give himself a set of evening dress tonight.

“Don’t bother, just pick one.” Gu Xixi said.

Before the stylist spoke, a voice sounded from behind Gu Xixi: “Tonight is not an ordinary banquet, but you represent the face of Yin’s consortium.”

Looking back, Gu Xixi Yin Sichen has changed his clothes.

A decent hand-cut precision lathe worker’s black suit makes him handsome, handsome and charming.

The repaired sideburns are exquisite and elegant, lined with his narrow and slightly picked eyes, and the imperial atmosphere is vigorous and domineering.

“This one.” Yin Sichen pointed to the clothes in the stylist’s hand and said: “This set is good.”

The stylist immediately brought the dress designated by Yin Sichen to Gu Xixi.

When the dress was put on Gu Xixi, it was found that the size was a little too big.

“housewife, how are you thin! This is the latest and smallest model of Chanel in this season. Your waist is still a little loose. It doesn’t matter, I can change it, soon. ” The stylist is a chubby woman in her forties. She smiles peacefully, so Gu Xixi also smiled and replied: “OK, it doesn’t matter.”

Yin sichen just stood at the door looking at Gu Xixi, the line of sight fell on Gu Xixi’s waist.

She has been pregnant for more than two months, and her waist is still so slender.

If you don’t know that she is pregnant, maybe others will treat her as a girl?

The stylist immediately found scissors, cut the dress open, and prepared to sew the zipper again.

At this time, the stylist found that his special sewing box was not brought up. Looking back, there were only two people in the room, Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi.

The stylist can’t bother Yin Sichen to help her with the sewing box. She can only say to Gu Xixi: “Madam, please hold this place and I’ll get the sewing.”

“Ah, good.” Gu Xixi backhand holding the cut place, stylist quickly went downstairs.

Yin Sichen saw Gu Xi’s hand twisting with difficulty, subconsciously stepped forward and stretched out his hand to hold the clothes for Gu Xixi.

“Xie Xie …” Gu Xixi sensed Yin Sichen’s breath, and his body couldn’t help but freeze.

Yin sichen eyes down, suddenly fell on the Gu Xixi white and delicate neck, there was a pink.

The line of sight shifted slightly, and once again fell on the delicate earlobe of Gu Xixi, and at this time it was a deep red.

From Yin Sichen’s point of view, just from top to bottom, you can see a large * * on your chest, and the looming ravine actually makes Yin Sichen’s eyes change instantly.

This leprechaun … is actually shy?

Is probably the discovery please Yin Sichen, Yin Sichen see Gu Xixi part of the hair folded in the collar of the clothes, subconsciously, slender strong fingers for Gu Xixi gathering the black long hair.

Her hair is black, bright, soft, smooth and smooth, which makes people like brocade.

Gu Xixi felt Yin Sichen’s movement, and his body froze again.

This Yin Sichen, what do you want?

Does he know how much this action is actually * *? How close is it?

Although he had a child with him, he was already married, but … but he and himself … were just contractual couples.

How could he …

When Yin Sichen saw that Gu Xixi’s ear was about to bleed red, a thought flashed through her mind: What would happen to her if she kissed that little ear?

However, before he could put it into action, Gu Xixi had put up with the limit.

“Chief … President, I … I will come by myself …” Gu Xixi stretched out his hand over his chest with Yin Sichen pulled open the distance.

Yin Sichen didn’t guard against it, and the evening dress suddenly slipped from his fingers, and the large beautiful back was exposed to Yin Sichen’s sight.

Yin sichen eyes instantly darkened.

I didn’t expect goblins to have such a good figure.

See Gu Xixi subconsciously hide yourself, yin sichen didn’t angry, but is full of looking at Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi’s stiff body stood there at this time, completely afraid to look back at Yin Sichen.

To die, to die.

When he had just tucked his hair, his neck felt the current passing through it!

This feeling is too strange, what’s going on?

God, I’ve never had such an experience!

When I was with Zhao Zegang, I never had such an experience!

Why does his finger have electricity?

That’s too bad. I must have been ashamed just now.

“Not in the company now, you can call my name.” Yin sichen voice with a kind of unspeakable magnetic charm, listen to the Gu Xixi ears more fever.

“yin … yin sichen …”

“Call me Si Chen.” Yin sichen suddenly interrupted Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi one leng, why do you want to call so close? Is it really okay?

This is to train your name in advance? In what capacity did you go to the dinner tonight?

Is the president’s wife? Or assistant team leader?

“Si Chen …” Gu Xixi shouted obediently, although she didn’t understand Yin Sichen’s meaning: “I … I am enough to cooperate with the stylist here, and there is little place to sit here …”

Gu Xixi quivering said, still can’t turn to Yin Sichen.

If she dares to turn around now, she can definitely see Yin Sichen’s eye-ground, which is full of amazing things.

Yin Sichen almost thought there was something wrong with her ears.

His name has been called by countless women, and there are all kinds of voices, but no one can be as nice as Gu Xixi.

It’s strange, why did Sichen cry out so sweetly in Gu Xixi’s mouth?

At this time, the stylist ran up from downstairs breathlessly. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Gu Xixi’s beautiful back. He rushed forward and packed her clothes for Gu Xixi and said, “Sorry, sorry, I found Chanel’s needle and thread for a long time. Every big-name line is different, so I always keep every big-name needle and thread, which is convenient for modifying clothes. “

As soon as the stylist entered the door, Yin Sichen quickly turned and left: “I will wait for you downstairs.”

Say that finish this sentence, Yin Sichen unexpectedly seems a little embarrassed to escape from the room.

Hear yin sichen left the room, Gu Xixi was relieved.

Whew, I’m so nervous, I almost died of nervousness just now.

The stylist’s speed is really fast.

It’s just that the dress was repaired in a few moments.

When Gu Xixi saw the appearance of the dress after being repaired, he suddenly exclaimed in amazement: “God, it’s unbelievable, it’s almost the same as the original one.”

The stylist replied proudly, “It’s natural. I know all these big-name routing styles like the back of my hand. What I repaired the most was actually Chanel. “

“Why?” Gu Xixi asked curiously.

“Unlike you, many people are not fat enough, so they need to be repaired.” The stylist said a little embarrassed: “For example, me.”

Gu Xixi immediately smile.

After the stylist changed the clothes for Gu Xixi, he began to make hair and makeup for Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi sat there very cooperatively, letting the stylist smear his face.

After almost half an hour, the stylist finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Well, it’s finally finished! Wow, housewife, you are the best dresser I have ever seen. Your skin is so good that you only need a little light makeup to create the best effect. Do not believe you see. “

Gu Xixi opened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror, as if he saw himself again on the wedding day.

I was so delicate and beautiful that day, but that happened.

The stylist thought that Gu Xi was dissatisfied with this style and hurriedly said: “If the housewife doesn’t like it, I can change it …”

Gu Xi immediately piled a reluctant smile on himself in the mirror and said, “No, I just remembered something that was not very happy. The shape you made was very good and beautiful. I like it very much, thank you!”

Hearing Gu Xixi’s answer, the stylist was relieved.

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