The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 29 – In Tune For The First Time

The setting sun casts on him from the floor-to-ceiling windows, always with a gentle orange light.

It seemed that Apollo, the sun god, was wiping his beloved weapon intently.

That kind of concentration, seriousness, calmness, and elegance was really the easiest way to attract women’s attention.

Even Gu Xixi couldn’t help being sucked over, staring at Yin Sichen blankly for a long, long time.

The atmosphere of the two people at this time was too beautiful. Aunt Zhang quietly retreated to one side and asked Xiao Ah who came back together in a low voice, “Why did the young master come back so early today? I “

In the past, Yin Sichen always didn’t come home until the company got off work, and even came back very late.

But today’s young master seems a little special.

Xiao Ah is Yin Sichen’s personal assistant, and it must be correct to ask him.

Xiao A took a deep look at Yin Sichen, and whispered to Aunt Zhang, “The president probably won’t work overtime in the future.”

Just finished an important video conference in the afternoon, Yin Sichen did not drag the fatigue of sleepless for two days and directly ordered Xiao Ah to drive him home.

In the car, Yin Sichen couldn’t help but squint for a while. But the moment he entered the house, his spirit recovered instantly, and he stood at the door watching Gu Xixi intently for a long, long time.

Yin Sichen kept his fingers and improvised the song “I’m Yours” that Gu Xixi sang when he watered the flowers in the morning.

Gu Xixi’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he turned to look at Yin Sichen in disbelief. He actually liked this song too?

It’s probably because Gu Xixi liked this song, so Gu Xixi couldn’t help but sing along with the tune played by Yin Sichen, “and it’s od-io be loved loved loved loved.

so i woe no more, no more.

    it ot wait, i’m sure.

    there’s o plie is short.

    this is our fate, i’m yours.

    dd-do do you, do you, dd-do, do you want to e?? “

When there is something wrong with Gu Xixi’s intonation, When Gu Xixi’s pitch is wrong, Yin Sichen will correct Gu Xixi’s pronunciation.

This was the most harmonious time of two people getting along together, right?

One by one playing the piano and the other singing, the people in the room were shocked by their jaws in harmony.

Their young master actually accompanies the young lady himself?

Sure enough, the young lady is indeed special in the young master’s heart!

Aunt Zhang tremblingly recorded this scene with her mobile phone and sent it to the butler. This video will be sent to the old lady as soon as possible.

I believe the old lady will be very happy to see this, right?

Yin Sichen didn’t expect that Gu Xixi would be in such a good mood today. For the first time, he took the initiative to sing this song in front of him. He looked up at Gu Xi, who has a peaceful face, and said, “Since you don’t like playing the piano, why should you learn to play the piano?”

“My life has always been chosen, not actively chosen.” Gu Xixi answered softly, immersed in the soft and sweet tune just now, and said gently, “I will try my best to do everything I should do, just like … at home, I will try my best to do housework, and I will try my best to do work in the company. Because I have no choice. “

“So, you will try to be a wife as well?” Yin Sichen’s long and narrow eyes concealed the glorious brilliance at this time.

The softness on Gu Xixi’s face condensed on the bottom of her eyes for a moment, and then her eyes fell, and the long eyelashes covered the loss of her eyes.

she was also chosen to be a mother and getting married, 

What else can she do besides trying her best to do everything well?

Yin Sichen did not miss the loss of Gu Xixi’s eyes.

That plain little face without applying powder barely piled up an extremely reluctant smile, but this smile hurt Yin Sichen’s eyes and heart.

Damn, why do you feel bad again?

The sound of the piano under Yin Sichen’s fingers stopped abruptly.

Gu Xixi knew that Yin Sichen was angry again.

Ah, I always make him angry unconsciously.

“I’m sorry.” Gu Xixi replied in a low voice, “I will do it according to your requirements.”

Just do it according to the requirements, instead of taking the initiative, doing it willingly, and not doing it with a bright smile like when she watered the flowers in the morning, right?

Forced to smile, really boring.

Yin Sichen suddenly stood up from the stool and left with a straight face.

When the people in the room saw Yin Sichen suddenly angry, they knew that the young lady must have provoked him, so they didn’t dare to show up for fear that it would intensify the air between them again.

Xiao Ah sighed, these two, these two enemies …

“It’s dinner.” Although Yin Sichen was a little angry, he remembered that Gu Xixi had said these three words to him last night, and couldn’t help but say to Gu Xixi.

For Yin Sichen, these three words are the softest and warmest words.

“Oh.” Gu Xixi obediently followed Yin Sichen to the restaurant.

The two of them had just sat down, and someone immediately gave them disinfected towels and wiped their hands.

Seeing a table full of food on the dining table, Gu Xixi was busy all day and felt a little hungry. Besides, pregnant women always have a better appetite than ordinary people.

Gu Xixi resisted the groaning sound of his stomach, picked up the knife and fork, and ate slowly with the knowledge of western food etiquette learned today.

Seeing Gu Xixi trying to do everything awkwardly, Yin Sichen instantly felt that he couldn’t get angry.

Because of her clumsy appearance, she was really cute.

Yin Sichen just raised his eyes to look at Aunt Zhang, and Aunt Zhang quickly signaled that Gu Xixi’s personal assistant would quickly change Gu Xixi’s plate and put the meat that is easier to cut in front of Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi looked at the knife and fork in front of him and was still a little worried. As expected, this western food cannot be learned in a short while.

“Don’t like western food?” Yin Sichen put down the knife and fork in his hand and looked up at Gu Xixi.

“Well, I can’t get used to it,” Gu Xixi replied.

Yin Sichen turned his head and said to Aunt Zhang, “I won’t make Western food at home anymore.”

Great aunt Zhang almost didn’t stretch her work quality for more than 20 years, and her eyes widened!

What did she hear?

She heard the young master say that there will be no western food at home anymore? God knows what the young master likes most is French Western food!

Don’t cook it just because the young lady said she couldn’t get used to it?

However, Aunt Zhang, after all, is an old woman who had worked in Yin’s house for so many years. She immediately ordered the servant to remove the western food, and in less than ten minutes, she sent up the spare Chinese food.

Gu Xixi’s eyes widened, the Yin family was so rich!

It’s just a meal, but you are preparing Chinese and Western food at the same time?

It seems to be in order to respond to Yin Sichen’s taste changes at any time, so they were ready to make adjustments at any time.

Sure enough, don’t you use it tonight?

“Eat.” Yin Sichen lowered his head and picked up the chopsticks and started eating Chinese food.

“Oh.” Gu Xixi picked up the chopsticks blankly and suddenly changed from Western food to Chinese food. She was a little uncomfortable.

However, fortunately, as soon as the chopsticks were in her hands, she found the feel in an instant. She picked up food in front of her and slowly tasted it.

Well, it’s really delicious.

The Yin family only eats the cabbage heart, the outside part is discarded, only the freshest part is kept.

Moreover, the chefs who cook are really top chefs, with the best materials and the best temperature, so they are naturally delicious.

Yin Sichen saw that Gu Xixi likes to eat rapeseed and cabbage heart, the corner of his eyes was just a pick. The chef had already remembered Gu Xixi’s taste.

Yin Sichen reached out and picked a bamboo shoot and placed it in Gu Xixi’s bowl.

Gu Xixi’s fingers stiffened and ate the bamboo shoots in the bowl submissively under the pressure of the line of sight above her head. This was not the first time Yin Sichen picked up vegetables. Every time he picked up vegetables, she has to eat them, otherwise, he will be angry again.

Suddenly, Gu Xixi felt a gaze on the top of her head, and couldn’t help but look up, but saw Yin Sichen looking at herself with gloomy eyes.

What’s wrong with him? Why are you looking at me so straight?

Looking at his expression, it seemed that he was going to be unhappy again.

However, I have always been very good at eating, and I didn’t provoke him. Why are you suddenly unhappy again? Is it because he gave himself food, and she didn’t give him food, so he was unhappy?

Isn’t it? He is the president of the Yin Financial Group, isn’t he so stingy?

However, isn’t he a neat freak …

But, just to be on the safe side, let him have one.

Gu Xixi grabbed a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs and put it in Yin Sichen’s bowl. She struggled to raise vocabulary and said, “These pork ribs smell good.”

Yin Sichen smiled satisfied and picked it up. The chopsticks did not dislike it at all and ate the ribs that Gu Xixi had given him.

Aunt Zhang and the others all dropped their jaws.

This… Is this really their young master?

When did master mysophobia recover?

Just now, the young lady didn’t change chopsticks, but used her own chopsticks to clamp the ribs directly!

Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the young master ate the ribs very happily!

Gu Xixi no longer dared to look up at Yin Sichen, and quickly finished the meal in her hand.

“Young lady, don’t eat so fast, someone will bring the stewed soup to the young lady.” Aunt Zhang saw Yin Sichen’s brows wrinkled slightly, she knew what the young master meant, and immediately asked the personal assistant to say.

In a few minutes, a pot of healthy soup was just delivered to Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi immediately felt nauseated when she smelled this and turned her face to the side while covering his mouth.

Gu Xixi feels strange to herself, as long as she eats home-cooked meals, she will be fine. As long as she eats these rich people, she will feel nauseous.

Does she really have no luck to eat something delicious?

“Replace it.” Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi’s small face, which was holding back the vomiting, became a little pale, and her beautiful brows became tighter, “You will not be allowed to cook such soup in the future.”

“Yes, Master.” The chef and assistant quickly took the stewed soup.

Without the taste of health soup, Gu Xixi’s face slowly returned to normal, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Bring the milk to her.” Yin Sichen remembers that Gu Xixi drank it exclusively for the Japanese royal family. You can’t spit up the milk, so let Xiao Ahorder the freshest milk directly from Japan and air it to your home and office every day, so that Gu Xixi can drink the freshest milk anytime, anywhere.

Gu Xixi stretched out her hand and gently stroked the position of her lower abdomen. The little life there was still very weak, but now the whole family pays more attention to it than ever before.

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