The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 28 – Learn To Be a Lady

It turned out that when she was smiling brightly, she turned out to be so beautiful, far more beautiful than she was in the photo.

The photographer didn’t grasp her beauty at all, if he took the photo by himself…

Yin Sichen’s thoughts proceeded here and suddenly stopped.

Yin Sichen’s narrow eyes slowly pressed.

What’s wrong with me?

How can I have such a strange idea?

I actually wanted to take Gu Xixi pictures?

Don’t be ridiculous. Even Dina, the one who once loved her the most, has never received this treatment. What is this Gu Xixi? Where is she qualified to let herself take pictures of her?

It’s just a mother who gave birth to one’s offspring.

Yin Sichen raised his leg and walked towards the house, Xiao Ah quickly followed.

Gu XiXi was jumping happily when suddenly she heard the sound of the door rustling.

Gu Xixi stopped the spinning step suddenly, and looked back!

It didn’t matter if she turned around, Yin Sichen’s face suddenly ran into Gu Xixi’s eyes.

He ….. Didn’t he go to Germany?

He ….. Why is he here?

The watering can in her hand suddenly fell to the floor, and the water trickled out and instantly penetrated underground along the floor.

Yin Sichen’s eyes were suddenly fixed on Gu Xi Xi’s barefoot toes.

The pale toes ran into Yin Sichen’s eyes in a daze, and he actually felt a dry mouth!

He saw so many beauties of all kinds, but for the first time he had a special aesthetic definition of a woman’s lush feet.

After putting things down silently, Xiao Ah turned and left.

This is the President and private space. As the most perfect assistant, it was natural to know when to appear and when to disappear.

Gu Xixi went stupid, completely stupid.

She studied Germany last night!

Germany is tens of thousands of kilometers away from itself, and it takes Yin Sichen at least two days to go back and forth!

Why did he come back today after leaving last night?

What exactly is going on?

Yin Sichen looked at the smile on Gu Xixi’s face suddenly stiffening, and a faint unhappiness flashed through his heart.

She doesn’t welcome me home?

At the thought of the existence of this possibility, Yin Sichen suddenly felt that his mood suddenly became worse.

“Wearing so little, is this how you take care of the children in your belly?” Yin Sichen’s voice instantly became cold, without a trace of warmness.

Gu Xixi just reacted and ran over from the balcony, and faintly explained: “The weather is very good today, and it is summer. Besides, I am the only one in this family…”

“Didn’t I tell you that the new maid and gardener will come this morning?” Yin Sichen’s anger gradually rose, “Whi are you dressed like this?”

The thought that if he didn’t go home in time, the servants and gardeners who went to work would see Gu Xixi’s beautiful side, and they felt that they couldn’t suppress their anger. If Xiao A didn’t quit in time and didn’t see Gu Xixi barefoot, he wanted to fire Xiao Ah!

How could his wife be seen so beautifully by other men?

“What do you think of the Yin family’s status? Don’t be like a slut while enjoying the treatment of the Yin family!” Yin Sichen said as cold as a knife, cutting Gu Xixi fiercely heart of.

How does he view herself like this?

Oh, I see.

Gu Xixi lowered her head, hid the emotion in her eyes, and said softly, “I know, I will never do this again.”

Yeah, who am I anyway?

I was just the wife that Yin bought with money, but the contracted wife of his Yin Sichen.

What qualifications do I have to reason with him?

Gu Xixi turned and walked back to the bedroom.

Yin Sichen looked at Gu Xixi’s back, his eyes fell on those restless green toes again, his heart felt like a bunch of cottons.

Why did he blurt out those words just now?

He just wanted to care about her.

Why did the words change when they reached his lips?

Yin Sichen tore off his tie anxiously.

He didn’t understand it himself, he actually rejected Xiao Ah’s proposal to rest in Outer Mongolia for one night and then come back, unexpectedly rushed back overnight!

What he doesn’t understand is why he gets angry!

Gu Xi xi made an ugly smile expression in front of the mirror. Well, I don’t know why, as long as I face Yin Sichen, I can’t smile happily.

Probably because all her sufferings are related to him, or he caused them all?

Gu Xixii changed her clothes and went downstairs again.

When she came down, she found a group of people already standing at the door.

“Young madam.” A group of people bowed to Gu Xixi at the same time.

Gu Xixi was taken aback, then looked around for a while, but did not find Yin Sichen.

Where did he go?

Gu Xixi was stunned for a moment, “You are…”

Among those people, an aunt with a peaceful face, who looked about fifty years old came out of the group, bowed, and said to Gu Xixi, “Madam, we are sent by the master to take care of you. My name is Zhang.”

Gu Xixi looked at a dozen people in front of her, and couldn’t help asking: “A dozen of you are here to take care of me? I don’t need so many people at all.”

Aunt Zhang Weiwei Nodding: “This is a normal standard regulation for young people. The young madam of the Yin family has the right to have an exclusive cook, a personal maid, two sanitary maids, four gardeners, two drivers, four The above bodyguard. Of course, there is also a butler, I am a butler. We are all on call 24 hours a day. In a few days, the old lady will also assign two exclusive nutritionists to take care of the diet. And daily life.

Gu Xi Xi opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.

I have always served others, but suddenly I was suddenly served, and I felt very uncomfortable.

Now, suddenly, there are so many people around her, and they were even more unaccustomed.

“The young lady, as the daughter-in-law of the Yin family, has the right to buy properties under the name of the Yin family. Each house will be equipped with a housekeeper’s assistant, who will be directly under the management of the housekeeper, who will directly take orders from the old lady. This villa is especially sent by the old lady. Give me a second, so the original housekeeper and other servants were withdrawn. We came here after re-handling, so we came today.” Aunt Zhang explained by the way why they came here today.

Gu Xixi’s eyes were still a little blank, and she nodded and said, “I see. Go and do your things. “

“Yes, madam.” A group of people saluted immediately, and all sorts of things dispersed and went to do things in their own area.

Gu Xixi still felt like she was dreaming, that she really became a young madam?

I couldn’t even think about this kind of thing before. I didn’t expect myself to become a housewife after being abandoned by the man I loved deeply.

It really seems like a dream.

Gu Xixi heard footsteps behind him, gently turned around, and saw Yin Sichen had changed his clothes and came down from upstairs.

“Aunt Zhang.” Yin Sichen didn’t even look at Gu Xixi, and called out directly.

“Master.” Aunt Zhang appeared at a speed 30 seconds later, clasping her hands in the lower abdomen, and bowed her head in a very respectful manner, and replied, “What is your order?”

“Today and tomorrow on the weekends, teach the young madam how to be the lady of the Yin family.” Yin Sichen dropped this sentence, turned, and strode away from Gu Xi Xi.

“Yes, master.” Great aunt Zhang answered very respectfully.

Gu Xixi turned around and looked at Yin Sichen’s slender figure, and the bottom of her heart flashed a mass of unhappiness.

But she didn’t know whether she was upset because Yin Sichen asked her to learn the rules or because Yin Sichen ignored her.

As soon as Yin Sichen left, Aunt Zhang turned around to face Gu Xixi, “My lady, during breakfast, I will teach you how to eat. After eating for half an hour, I will start to teach my lady how to deal with others. At four o’clock in the afternoon. To learn the tea ceremony, you have to learn to dance at night. Since the young lady and pregnancy are not suitable for too many movements, I changed to playing the piano. “

What? To learn so much?

As soon as Yin Sichen left, Aunt Zhang turned around to face Gu Xixi: “My grandmother, during breakfast, I will teach you how to eat. After eating for half an hour, I will start to teach my grandmother how to deal with others. At four o’clock in the afternoon. To learn the tea ceremony, you have to learn to dance at night. Since the young grandmother and pregnancy are not suitable for too many movements, I changed to playing the piano. “

If she had known that being a wealthy housewife was so hard-working, she wouldn’t have killed her!

Sure enough, the next time is the tireless teaching process of Aunt Zhang.

If Gu Xixi shows the slightest impatience, Aunt Zhang would tirelessly repeat and repeat again. Seeing Aunt Zhang wass about the same age as her mother and has to say so many things, Gu Xixi feels a little unbearable. Just patience to learn

A day passed, and Gu Xixi was dizzy, but she really learned a lot.

At least the next time Yin Sichen takes herself to a dinner party, she will know how to use that strange tableware.

As soon as Yin Sichen entered the door, he saw the scene in front of him.

Gu Xixi sat in front of the piano, stretched out two small paws with a sad face, and struck the black and white keys stiffly.

However, her eyes were reluctant to admit defeat, even though Aunt Zhang beat the piano time and time again to tell her that she was wrong, she could still bounce back persistently.

“My lady, it’s okay for today. I’ll be able to eat dinner and rest later when the young master comes back.” Aunt Zhang sighed, this young lady has good tenacity, like the old lady when she was young, but she was a little stupid. Such simple scores can’t be played well.

Gu Xixi’s eyes were full of fighting desire. She looked up and said to Aunt Zhang, “Yin Sichen hasn’t come back yet anyway. I’ll practice again.”

“Master.” The maid at the door had discovered Yin Sichen and bowed her head.

Yin Sichen handed over the things in his hand to the maid and walked towards Gu Xixi.

Aunt Zhang saluted respectfully and then stepped aside.

Gu Xixi was a little stunned. Why did Yin Sichen come back so soon?

Yin Sichen sat next to Gu Xixi, stretched out his hand and grasped Gu Xixi’s finger, and said, “Relax! You can’t play the piano well with such tense muscles. I’ll show you again.”

Yin Sichen loosened Gu Xixi’s fingers, and his slender fingers gently touched black and white keys, and a string of smooth music poured out from under his fingers.

Although Gu Xixi didn’t like Yin Sichen very much, she really had to admit that Yin Sichen was really elegant and charming when playing the piano.

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