The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 25 – Gu Xixi, We Invite You To Eat

What’s more, she is a new star manager. Last month, her performance was the best in the whole department. Of course, the president would understand who was more important!

Therefore, she must ask Gu Xixi what tricks she did to prevent the president from seeing her.

Gu Xixi sighed, why were so many people in this world wanting to climb Yin Sichen’s bed? If his bed was so easy to climb, it was probably overcrowded, right?

Gu Xixi held back her anger and replied, “It doesn’t matter to me.”

“It doesn’t matter? Jing Ya Xuan only has the president, the guest and you. Apart from you, do you think I will believe that the guest will talk to the president? ” The female manager felt angry at the sight of Gu Xixi’s calm eyes, and always felt that Gu Xixi was laughing at her.

“Sorry, I have something to do, excuse me.” Gu Xixi didn’t bother to talk to this woman, and turned around to leave.

The female manager raised her hand and grabbed Gu Xixi’s wrist, “Want to go? It’s not that simple, is it? If you don’t make it clear, you can’t leave! “

Gu Xixi saw a group of people gathered downstairs soon and they were watching lively.

This was a question that not only the female manager wanted to know, but also other people wanted to know!

Why did Gu Xixi make the president look at her differently?

Gu Xixi looked at each other calmly: “No comment.”

How do you explain this kind of thing? Do you want to declare yourself in the wrong room, sleep with the wrong man, and then get pregnant and have to be with him?

Ha, even if you say this, will others believe it?

“You really are arrogant! just a bed warmer, do you also think of yourself as the president’s wife? It seems that you really need a lesson! I will teach you, a shameless fox, for the president today! ” The female manager saw that the calmer Gu Xixi was, the greater the anger in her heart. She was just blown out by Xiao Ah but was seen by many people in the company. She couldn’t swallow this tone! She must let it out today!

Gu Xixi struggled hard, trying to escape the opponent’s confinement

Seeing that Gu Xixi wanted to break free, the female manager suddenly became angry, and she raised her hand to Gu Xixi’s face and was about to throw it away!

“Hiss——” There was a burst of cold air around.

Although everyone knows that this new female manager had the best performance, she had also been praised by the president.

But she stretched out her hand to hit people with this kind of thing, still too scary!

Gu Xixi was restrained by her wrist, unable to move for a while, and could only watch the other party’s slap fall towards his face.

Gu Xixi closed his eyes subconsciously, ready to receive the inevitable slap.

But after Gu Xixi waited for a long time, he didn’t wait for the unexpected pain. Instead, he heard the crazy sound of cold breathe around her.

Gu Xixi slowly opened her eyes, and as soon as she looked up, she saw the dumbfounded colleagues around hier, looking behind her with incredible eyes.

Gu Xixi turned around slowly, and was stunned when she saw the situation before her clearly.

Yin Sichen was just like a god’s sent descending, standing behind her, and grabbing the raised arm of the female manager, his eyes were cold, obviously unpleasant to the extreme.

“I didn’t know that there was an extra rule to control my people for me in the duties of the company.” Yin Sichen’s eyes became colder, and murderous intent burst into the corner of his narrow eyes.

Xiao Ah immediately stood by as if doing something wrong.

“You just stand like this and let her beat you? She’s nothing, it’s not worthy to give you the shoes!” Yin Sichen’s eyes swept over Gu Xixi, who was standing next to her, and she couldn’t bear to see her look of fear. Gritting her teeth, this little thing, when she was with him, she had the courage to push him away, how could it be like this when faced with these scumbags?

Didn’t you have courage yesterday? What’s wrong with you today?

As soon as Yin Sichen said these words, all the staff onlookers breathed in cold air frantically!

What did the president say?

He said … The manager with the best performance in the company doesn’t deserve to bring shoes to Gu Xixi!

What does this mean? Maybe, Gu Xixi’s position in the president’s heart is completely different?

At this point, the hapless female manager has been completely stupefied.

Yin Sichen pushed the female manager out: “Inform the personnel department and dismiss.”

As soon as he reached out, Xiao Ah had already handed the handkerchief to Yin Sichen’s hands.

Yin Sichen wiped every finger very carefully, threw it on the ground, stretched out his hand and took Gu Xi’s hand and turned to leave.

Xiao Ah immediately called the personnel department and informed Yin Sichen’s decision.

The dismissed female manager looked at Yin Sichen in disbelief and shouted wildly, “No, you can’t! I am the most profitable manager in the company! You can’t fire me! President, I was wrong! I already know that I am wrong! “

The female manager wanted to rush over, and Xiao Ah stood in front of her and stopped her.

“If you can leave quietly, maybe you will get a lot of compensation. If you continue to make trouble, you should know whether the company’s lawyers are vegetarian. ” Xiao Ah  looked at the woman with cold eyes. The manager, because of her act just now, the president is really angry, and it is estimated that she has nothing to eat.

So, how could Xiao Ah have a good face for this mischievous female manager?

When the female manager stayed, she finally realized that she was really in trouble

How could it be for no reason to be able to jump from a small logistics assistant to an assistant to the president?

The female manager suddenly collapsed on the ground and fell silent for a long time.

“Are you not having any work to do? Don’t you want to work anymore?” Xiao Ah raised his head to look at the crowd and said, “If you also want to be fired, the door of the personnel department will be opened for you.”

Xiao A said this, the people who were still in a group just scattered.

After Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi’s hand and left the restaurant, Gu Xixi shrank her hand, and Yin Sichen let go of Gu Xixi’s fingers.

“Yes… I’m sorry. I was embarrassing for you just now.” Gu Xixi couldn’t help apologizing.

“Hmph, if it’s not for the sake of the child, I would be too lazy to deal with this kind of mess.” Yin Sichen’s voice is grim: “You are a mother now, don’t you know that your emotions will affect the child? Development?”

Gu Xixi drooped her head and dared not look at Yin Sichen.

He really cares about this child.

Baby, baby, mommy is really on your side.

If it weren’t for you, it’s probably Mommy who was beaten today.

Seeing Gu Xixi doing something wrong, Yin Sichen suddenly felt that his anger disappeared.

This sudden change of mood makes Yin Sichen himself a little uncomfortable.

“Okay, go back to the office.” Yin Sichen left Gu Xixi and walked straight towards the office.

Looking at Yin Sichen’s back, Gu Xixi let out a long sigh of relief.

It seems that starting from today, I should be safe in the company.

When Gu Xixi returned to the office, Yin Sichen was not there.

Great, when he was in the office, she felt very depressed. He is not in the office, so he can do what she wants to do comfortably.

Of course, she has nothing to do, and Yin Sichen will not give her too much work at all.

Xiao Ah went out with Yin Sichen, leaving behind several other assistants.

When it was about to get off work, Gu Xixi did not wait until Xiao Ah came back to pick her up. The other assistants had their own affairs, and Gu Xixi was too embarrassed to let them send her back.

If you grit your teeth, go back by yourself.

Gu Xixi packed up her things, carrying a bag and preparing to swipe her card to leave the company.

As soon as she reached the lobby on the first floor, Gu Xixi had just stepped out of the elevator and was surrounded by a group of people.

Gu Xixi thought that they were looking for their own trouble again, so she took a step back subconsciously.

“Xixi, it’s me, it’s me! We used to be in the same office!” Someone in the crowd eagerly said, “I heard that you were promoted, but we didn’t have a good celebration for you! We will do it tonight, would you like to have dinner?

Gu Xixi didn’t see it clearly. The people around her turned out to be colleagues in the logistics department office before.

In the past, when they had any activities after work, they would automatically filter themselves out.

Because I had to work overtime for them at that time.

Now you’re here, just to invite me to dinner?

Gu Xixi originally wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, Yin Sichen didn’t know where she was going. Maybe no one is at home for dinner tonight, right?

Gu Xixi thought for a moment and said, “I can’t eat anything too spicy, and I can’t drink.”

“Well, you can eat anything, you order, we pay.” The few people were so happy, nodded and bowed to ask Gu Xixi to condescend to ride in their car.

Gu Xixi couldn’t help laughing when he looked at them with such dog legs.

When they used to work together, she took the initiative to greet them, but they ignored her.

Now that she had become the assistant team leader of the president, they had learned to bow their heads.

Gu Xixi is also curious about where they used to go for fun after work, and she went with them.

The small group of people drove the car and went to a Japanese food restaurant.

It was the first time for Gu Xixi to come to such a high-end place, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

When she went to school, she had to work part-time during holidays.

After work, in addition to working overtime or overtime, her life is monotonous and boring. She never knew that nightlife could be so colorful.

After entering the private room, Gu Xixi knelt down on the futon like others, and looked at the exquisite Japanese room. She couldn’t help being speechless: eating in such a luxurious place would probably be expensive, right?

“Xixi, you are already an assistant team leader now, so you have to help us a lot in the future.” All the colleagues who despised Gu Xixi in the past all flattered Gu Xixi.

“Yeah, Xixi, ah no, it should be Team Leader Gu now!” A clever and sleek colleague said flatly: “Team leader Gu is now a celebrity next to the president, and we must all beg for leader Gu. Well. When there is something wrong in the future, Team Leader Gu must look at what we used to work together and say a few good things for us.”

Other people agreed.

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