The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 24 – She Is Not Someone You Could Move

The eyes of the surrounding middle-level members flashed, but they did not answer.

 At their position, they already knew what to say and what not to say.

The female manager of that department, taking advantage of her recent good performance, had been getting carried away since the president praised her a few days ago.

The company will teach her a lesson to let her understand what to say and what not to say.

Gu Xixi followed Xiao Ah slowly up the stairs on the third floor.

“The president and the guest have arrived?” Gu Xixi once again confirmed with Xiao Ah, “Is there anything wrong with me now?”

“Yes, they have arrived.” Xiao Ah replied respectfully, “If the guest has any language problems in a while, the young madam must not be angry.”

Gu Xixi’s eyes flash, maybe this guest was very difficult to cooperate with?

Before Gu Xixi knocked at the door, she heard a delicate voice in the room, “Mr. Yin is indeed the emperor of the shopping mall who raised the market value of the Yin consortium by 20%, and this shot has lowered the pressure by five percentage points. Mr. Yin, don’t do this! The profit pressure is so low, how can we mix with ODS!”

Gu Xixi thought to herself, such a delicate voice, is it probably a sweet and charming woman?

Yin Sichen was really blessed, no matter where he went, there were delicate beauties delivered to her door.

Gu Xi gently knocked on the door and heard Yin Sichen’s voice, “Come in.”

Gu Xixi took a deep breath and pushed the door in.

Sure enough, as soon as she looked up, she saw a beautiful woman with a hot body and delicate face, big burgundy long wavy hair that looked like a Barbie doll and looked at Yin Sichen with a smile on her face.

Turning the corner of her eyes, she saw the expression on Yin Sichen’s face was very calm, as if he was not moved by the beauty in front of him.

She didn’t know why, Gu Xixi’s heart was inexplicably relieved.

It was strange, why did she feel so strange?

What did he have to do with other women and what did it have to do with herself?

Her marriage with him is just a contractual husband and wife, only for the sake of children.

She couldn’t get involved in his emotional world, and she didn’t want to get involved.

Yin Sichen’s narrow and long eyes lightly twitched, as if he understood Gu Xixi’s thought, a smile flashed across the corner of his eyes.

The smile was very shallow and vanished in a flash.

“President.” Gu Xixi bowed her head slightly and said hello, “Sorry, I am late.”

“This is …” The beautiful woman’s face was very surprised. Obviously, the appearance of Gu Xixi was so unexpected that she couldn’t keep her expression calm.

The rumor that Yin Sichen is not close to female sex is going to be completely broken?

“This is my personal assistant Gu Xixi.” Yin Sichen introduced with a smile, “Gu Xixi, this is the vice president of ODS, President Mu Ruonamu.”

Gu Xixi immediately greeted him, “Hello, Ms. Mu, this is Gu Xixi. Please give me some advice. “

Mu Ruona just glanced at Gu Xixi and ignored Gu Xixi. She directly said to Yin Sichen, “What does Mr. Yin mean? Isn’t it that today is just a private dinner for us, and it has nothing to do with work?”

“Ms. Mu, you seemed to be talking to me about business just now?” Yin Sichen glanced at the little woman standing next to him and said, “My assistant has come. Does Ms. Mu mind letting her have dinner together?”

Mu Ruona quickly looked up and glanced at Gu Xixi with her eyes and said, “Sure. I am just a guest. “

Xia oAh immediately pulled open the chair for Gu Xixi, and Mu Ruona’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise.

This woman was different for Yin Sichen.

Gu Xixi felt that her nervous hands and feet were sweating.

She really couldn’t handle the game between the two presidents.

Gu Xixi wanted to stand up several times and didn’t want to eat this meal.

But whenever she had a thought, she would see Yin Sichen’s seemingly non-existent gaze.

The substantive gaze carried a touch of majesty and indisputability, which made Gu Xixi dispel such thoughts again and again.

Mu Ruona’s eyes swept past Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen from time to time. Judging from her understanding of men, this woman was really extraordinary.

The assistant beside Yin Sichen had always been a man. It was the first time she saw him with a woman beside him, and he also paid so much attention to eating together. How could it be as simple as an assistant?

But there is no news about Yin Sichen’s marriage. Could it be said that this woman is Yin Sichen’s sex partner?

It seemed that Yin Sichen treated his woman pretty well, not as cold and ruthless as the outside world said.

At this time, a knock on the door suddenly occurred from outside, “Knock, knock-“

Gu Xixi subconsciously remembered to open the door. Before she could stand up, her right hand under the table was suddenly held by a big hand. .

Gu Xixi turned his head and looked at Yin Sichen. Yin Sichen didn’t seem to have any expression on his face, but just pressed Gu Xixi with his hands.

Gu Xixi curled up her fingers and gently freed Yin Sichen’s hand.

Gu Xixi curled up her fingers and gently freed Yin Sichen’s hand.

Xiao Ah ws already standing at the door, waiting for orders.

“Who?” Yin Sichen couldn’t hear any emotion in his calm voice, “Isn’t it an order to go down, no one can disturb you for lunch today?”

Those who could eat on the third floor are all senior members of the Yin family group, so he hasn’t figured out which senior member will be looking for him in such a hurry.

“President Yin, I seem to have forgotten to report an important thing to you in this morning’s meeting. Is it convenient for you to listen to it now?” There was a sweet voice that made people goosebumps.

Gu Xixi was startled, then smiled lightly.

It turned out to be the female manager who stopped her.

It seems that she really can’t hold back, seeing her “**” president succeed, and can’t hold back anymore.

A smile flashed under Mu Ruona’s eyes, and she looked at Gu Xixi that way.

This woman is interesting. There is a woman who fucks her man. Not only is she not upset, she can laugh so happy?

It was different, no wonder Yin Sichen was so impressed!

Yin Sichen heard the voice outside, and his eyes suddenly sank.

Knowing that the president was angry, Xiao Ah directly opened the door of the room and took the woman out of the third-floor restaurant.

Mu Ruona’s eyes floated over with a smile, making Gu Xixi suddenly feel a tingling scalp.

What does this woman mean? She dressed so sexy and enchanting, isn’t it for seducing Yin Sichen? Why do your eyes keep floating around on her?

“Team leader Gu seems a little nervous? When did she become the assistant team leader next to President Yin? I heard that all the assistants next to President Yin are talented with a top ten, and leader Gu must have his own skills, right?” Mu Ruona raised her glass to Gu Xixi, “I respect the team leader Gu.””

Gu Xixi’s body suddenly froze.

She is pregnant now and can’t drink.

But today’s dinner …

Gu Xixi turned her head and looked at Yin Sichen, hoping that Yin Sichen could call the shots for herself. But Yin Sichen didn’t seem to have any intention of blocking Gu Xixi’s wine, his eyes drooped and he did not know what he was thinking..

Gu Xixi’s eyes trembled, Yin Sichen what do you mean? Why are you angry with your drooping eyelids? What did I do wrong?

The president’s mind is really hard to guess, inexplicable.

Gu Xixi gritted her teeth and picked up the wine glass in front of her. Just as it was about to be brought to her lips, Yin Sichen suddenly said: “She is just a group leader, and it is worthy of Ms. Mu doing such a big fight? If I want to drink, I have not always been with me. Is it?”

Mu Ruona’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Sure enough, Yin Sichen didn’t usually care about this woman.

Yin Sichen seemed indifferent to Gu Xixi and said, “There is another meeting that you need to preside over in the afternoon. What is it like to go to the meeting after drinking? Xiao Ah—”

Five seconds later, Xiao Ah pushed the door and came in, “President.”

“Change the juice for the team leader Gu.” Yin sichen ordered down.

Soon the glass in front of Gu Xixi was immediately replaced by juice.

 Gu Xixi was stunned for a long time. She didn’t need to host the meeting in the afternoon?

Soon she reacted. This was Yin Sichen who was looking for her steps, and immediately replied kindly,”Yes, President.” 

After Mu Ruona finished testing Gu Xixi, she put down her wine glass, and continued she did not finish. “Since Mr. Yin is so pitiful, let’s open the net? Five points is really too much. Two points, let’s make money together!”

Yin Sichen glanced at Gu Xixi and saw her With a restrained look, he pushed the plate in front of him forward.

Xiao Ah immediately put the plate that Yin Sichen had pushed in front of Gu Xixi.

“I have studied the reports of your Odys company. It is the most reasonable to lower five points. Do you think Odyss can really swallow it? When it comes to digestion, it will be detrimental. It’s a good name in general.” Yin Sichen replied casually. What he said was to Mu Ruona, but his eyes never left Gu Xixi.

On this occasion, Gu Xixi really couldn’t put a word in her mouth, so she could only sit and eat honestly.

Seeing Gu Xixi’s appetite good, Yin Sichen seemed to feel better.

After finally eating this meal, Gu Xixi ran away in embarrassment.

If she ate in such an environment every day, she was really worried that she will digest it.

Gu Xixi felt that she was going to die.

Under Yin Sichen’s gaze, it was as if she was carrying a big mountain. In addition to eating constantly, she seemed to be doing everything wrong.

So, she kept eating and eating, and just holding on.

Gu Xixi planned to walk slowly to digest before returning to the office.

She had just reached the stairs from the second floor to the first floor and was stopped again.

It was the unwilling female manager who stopped Gu Xixi again.

“Gu Xixi, why did you hook up with the president by relying on a shameless trick? Say, did you just say something to the president?” The female manager was gnashing her teeth.

She mustered up countless courage before she took the initiative to knock on the door.

How did she know that she was bombed out before seeing Yin Sichen!

In her life, she has never been so embarrassed!

She is not convinced, why can Gu Xixi have dinner together at Jingya Xuan, she can’t?

She believed that she was far superior to Gu Xixi in terms of her appearance, figure or ability.

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