The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 22 – The President’s Assistant Team Leader

“However, this is the order of the chairman.” Xiao Ah hesitated for a while and replied, “It’s also the president’s intention. The chairman doesn’t even let young madam go back to your hometown. It is enough to raise a baby at home.”

“No, I will call the chairman. I already have a job. I can’t be idle at home.” Gu Xixi turned around and opened her phone book to find a phone number, and Xiao Ah reported the situation here to Yin Sichen in a timely manner.

Yin Sichen, who was dealing with the company’s affairs, heard what Xiao A reported, sneered and said, “What can she do? She’s just a small clerk, and that work is still called work? If the chairman agrees, let her come to my office as an assistant. I see how capable she can be! If she doesn’t want to be a good housewife, and still wants to come to the company to brush her sense of existence! “

Xiao Ah immediately told Yin Sichen’s words to the assistant around the old madam Yin.

Xiao Ah had just finished reporting, and Gu Xixi also found the phone and dialed the phone number of Mrs. Yin, trying to persuade Mrs. Yin, “Director … Ah, Grandma, it’s Xixi. Can I discuss one thing with you? I am in good health now, so there is no need to rest at home. And the company also has its own infirmary, if I feel sick, I can ask the doctor to check me at any time. I have a job. If I don’t go to work for a long time, I will be criticized and will have a bad influence on the company. Grandma, can I go back to work in the company? I promise there won’t be any problems! “

Mrs. Yin smiled gently on the phone, “Isn’t it good to enjoy life at home?”

“Grandma, I … I still want to go to work. It’s boring to be alone at home, and it’s not easy to suppress it. A bad mood will also affect the child. ” Gu Xi didn’t dare to say that she was short of money. She could only bite her lip and cried out, “I won’t work overtime so hard. I just want to find a familiar environment to relax.”

“Since you are just looking for a place to relax, you’ll go to Si Chen’s side. No one can reassure me as much as he can. ” Mrs. Yin thought it would be good for them to get together, cultivate their feelings and treat their child well.

Hearing what Mrs. Yin said, Gu Xixi was startled, and was going to work as an assistant for Yin Sichen? I can’t at all!

“Well, that’s settled. Either you can be an assistant to Si Chen, or you can rest at home. ” Mrs. Yin’s domineering stance finally manifested at this moment.

 “I’ll go, I’ll go!” Gu Xixi immediately agreed.

No matter what job you do, as long as you have a salary.

Putting down the phone, it didn’t take long for Xiao Ah to come back from the outside and handed Gu Xixi a brand new employee card.

Employee card? What a fast efficiency?

I just finished the phone call, and the brand new employee card has been made? Did Yin Sichen already know… how could it be? I must be thinking too much!

Gu Xixi took over his new work card, and the position impressively written on it was: Assistant Team Leader of President.

Assistant to the president?

Gu Xixi suddenly smiled, “I’m a colleague with you?”

Xiao Ah also smiled, “The young madam is the backbone of all our assistants.”

At this time, the servant had already put the breakfast on the dining table, standing aside waiting for Gu Xixi to eat breakfast.

Gu Xixi has slowly gotten used to these people around her these days, taking care of her.meals.

Gu Xixi also knew that the Yin family was so aggressive, not because of herself, but because of the child in her belly.

This was the first child of the fourth generation of the Yin family. How could the Yin family make such a mistake?

After breakfast, Xiao Ah drove Gu Xixi directly to the company.

As soon as she entered the door of the company, Gu Xixi felt countless eyes galncing at her, and many people were whispering about something.

Xiao Ah was the assistant who appeared the most frequently next to Yin Sichen. Now Xiao Ah was following Gu Xixi, which makes other people’s brains bigger.

“You said, what is the relationship between Gu Xixi and the president? The president will let Xiao A follow Gu Xixi?”

 “That’s the point? The relationship between men and women! However, this Gu Xixi will not end well.”

“How?” Others are asking.

“If the president really cares about her, how can he not give her status?” the female employee just replied.

The other people’s faces suddenly realized, “It does make sense!”

When these people looked at Xixi again, there was a pity…and jealousy in their eyes.

Gu Xixi sighed in her heart, and she knew that she disappeared for a while before returning to the company, and the rumors in the company could not be contained.

It didn’t matter what your identity was, it really didn’t matter.

She didn’t love that man at all, so it didn’t matter whether he gave her any status or not.

Gu Xixi took out her employee card and directly pressed the elevator button.

In Yin’s consortium, everyone’s employee card could directly reach their office floor.

Gu Xixi watched the elevator soar from the first floor to the 36th floor.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Gu Xixi stepped out of the elevator, stepping on the soft pure white carpet with her soft-bottomed flat-heeled shoes, and looking at the huge president’s office in front of her, she always felt a sense of unreality.

It used to be a forbidden place for small staff like her, and only high-level people had the right to come here.

And at this moment, she was already a member of the senior management.

“Young madam…” Of course the assistants around Yin Sichen knew that the president was married, so they were more respectful towards Gu Xixi.

Regardless of whether Gu Xixi is suffering or not, it was an indisputable fact that she was pregnant with the fourth generation of the Yin family. The mother was precious to the child, which was valid at any time.

Gu Xixi waved her hand and said, “This is in the company, so don’t call me like that.”

When Gu Xixi stepped into Yin Sichen’s office, Yin Sichen was working hard at the desk.

Gu Xixi hesitated for a while, then walked over and said hello, “President.”

Yin Sichen’s hand suddenly paused , and then he finished writing, throwing the pen in his hand and looking up at Gu Xixi.

Today, Gu Xixi still wears professional attire, but because of her pregnancy, her high heels have been replaced with flat-heeled soft-soled shoes.

A trace of satisfaction flashed over the corner of Yin Sichen’s eyes.

Very good, she knows how to protect children.

“From today, you are the assistant team leader, and you are responsible for the scheduling of all things in the president’s office, can you do it?” Yin Sichen has returned to his high-cold appearance at this time. It was not so easy and simple to be an assistant team leader. 

Isn’t she clamoring to come to work? Let me see how good she is.

“Yes.” Gu Xixi bowed her head and replied.

When Yin Sichen heard Gu Xixi’s seemed a little surprised, so confident?

He picked up a file and threw it in front of Gu Xixi, “Give me a review.”

Gu Xixi reached out and took it, and immediately started working on the table next to him.

Yin sichen just looked at Gu Xixi like that, is this another side of her?

It turned out that she was like this when she was working!

This was her fifth expression besides crying, smiling, angry and desperate?

It turned out that when she worked hard, she was so patience, and her eyes were extremely serious.

At this time, the secretary knocked on the door from outside with coffee and just put the coffee belonging to Gu Xixi on the table. Before Gu Xixi could speak, Yin Sichen had already said, “Take the coffee away, she only drinks The milk must be exclusively for the British royal family. Remember to warm it up before bringing it over.”

The secretary was almost shocked silly!

Did she hear it wrong?

How could the president pay attention to such a small matter? Could it be that the president has been watching… Gu Xixi?

Seeing that the secretary was still in a daze, Yin Sichen narrowed his eyes and said displeasedly, “What’s the matter? Can’t you do such a small thing well? “

The cold sweat on the secretary’s back came out, and she immediately put it away. She said, “Yes, President, I’ll change it right away.”

Gu Xixi just raised his head and glanced at Yin Sichen. He was really good to his child.

When the secretary delivered the milk, Gu Xixi had finished the review and handed his review report to Yin Sichen, “President, the review has been completed.”

Yin Sichen did not go to take the review report in Gu Xixi’s hand, nodded to the secretary and motioned for her to put down the milk before she said to Gu Xixi, “Drink the milk.”

Gu Xi frowned slightly, “President, I don’t like to drink it very much…”

“Do you need me to feed you?” Yin Sichen’s long and narrow eyes pressed slightly, and the aura around him was instantly cold.

“No… I drink.” Gu Xixi gritted her teeth, put the review report in her hand on the table, turned around and took the milk to drink..

“Sit down and drink slowly.” Although Yin Sichen didn’t look at Gu Xixi, the light from his eyes still caught Gu Xixi’s movements.

Gu Xixi gritted her teeth again.

I’ve never come into contact with the top before, but I really don’t know Yin Sichen was so miserable.

“I am a Scorpio.” Yin Sichen picked up Gu Xixi’s review report and said while reading it.

“Puff…cough cough…” Gu Xixi was almost choked to death by a mouthful of milk.

Is he still human? He can guess what she thinks!

“You can choke on drinking milk. It seems that I really overestimate your ability.” In a dull voice, Gu Xixi’s unintelligible emotion was hidden, “What zodiac sign are you?”

“Cancer. “Gu Xixi feels that she will definitely endure internal injuries, why should she explain her zodiac sign as an assistant?

Yin Sichen just turned his head, assistant Xiao A immediately understood, whispered, “The matching index of Scorpio and Cancer is 100%.”

Yin Sichen’s eyes flashed inexplicably with joy, and the speed was very fast. , Almost thought he was dazzled.

Xiao Ah said silently in his heart, “President, your spring has finally arrived!”

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