The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 21 – The Ending of Her First Love

Yin Sichen knew everything was done when he saw the greed in Zhao Zegang’s eyes.

Yin Sichen stopped talking, and stood there quietly.

Gu Xixi couldn’t help it anymore. She rushed over and grabbed Zhao Zegang, “Zegang, let’s go! We leave here, we don’t want his money, we struggle together, we work hard together, we will create more money than he gave sooner or later! “

Zhao Zegang’s sight of money was suddenly blocked by Gu Xixi, who pushed Gu Xixi away without thinking or looking, “Go away! These are all mine! Ha, ha, ha, I Zhao Zegang got rich! I finally have money and a car! “

Gu Xixi was shoved to the side and almost fell to the ground.

Yin Sichen stretched out his hand to help Gu Xixi, but Gu Xixi didn’t even see Yin Sichen at all, but still had to pounce on Zhao Zegang.

Zegang, are you blind? Yin Sichen’s money, we don’t want it! We can make our own money!

Zegang, look at me! Look me in the eye, tell Yin Sichen quickly, you won’t give up on me!

Gu Xixi threw away Yin Sichen’s hand and stumbled at Zhao Zegang: “Zegang, we …”

“You are very annoying!” Zhao Zegang once again cast aside Gu Xixi’s hand and continued.  Holding his money and dreaming of his spring and autumn.

Gu Xixi seemed to have been poured from head to toe with a bucket of ice water.

Is this still the man who kept saying that loving her hurts him?

“Well, Mr. Zhao, it’s time for you to make a choice. My time is limited.” Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi push herself away, and even if she was injured, she would walk towards Zhao Zegang, a vague anger rose in his heart.

Zhao Zegang immediately replied without looking up, “Of course I want money! This woman will be yours! “

Zhao Zegang’s answer made Gu Xixi’s eyes almost black!

No, it’s not like that!

Zegang, you can’t do this to me!

We are so in love, why did you … Just tell me?

What is our past in your heart?

Me, in your heart, you just use money to measure?

“Very well, the money and the car are yours.” Yin Sichen strode forward and pulled Gu Xi away.

Gu Xixi’s lips trembled slightly. She wanted to say something, but at this time she couldn’t say a word.

Zhao Zegang never looked at Gu Xixi again, threw these boxes into this limited edition Bentley, and then nodded and bowed to Yin Sichen’s various thanks. He just didn’t look at Gu Xixi and opened with joy. Departed with his newly owned Bentley.

He used to talk about his character, which turned into a joke at this moment.

Those once sweet words have all gone up in smoke.

As long as he has money, what kind of woman he can’t find?

What is Gu Xixi? There are more beautiful women than her!

Zhao Zegang drove away happily, without even looking back at the woman he had held in the palm of his hand. At this time, she was already full of wounds.

Gu Xixi once again broke away from Yin Sichen’s hand and wanted to rush to catch up with Zhao Zegang.

But before she ran out of the two steps, Zhao Zegang had completely disappeared.

Am I just being given by a man I love?

Gu Xixi felt a sharp pain in her heart. The pores in her body all shrunk. She kept her waist straight and knelt down on the ground.

Up to this moment, she couldn’t believe that everything she saw was true.

She even thought it must be a dream.

Yes, it was just a nightmare.

As long as she was awake from the nightmare, everything would return to be alright. She could be happy and have a sweet life  with Zhao Zegang …

Gu Xixi stretched out her hand and severely pressed the position of her heart, opened her mouth, and vomited for a while, but he couldn’t vomit anything.

It turned out that even vomiting became so difficult when you were desperate.

“No … it’s not like that …”Gu Xixi’s eyes fell on a banknote that was blown away by the wind, and he kept shouting in his heart. Why didn’t this nightmare end? Why ?

Zegang, Zegang, Zhao Zegang!

I hate you!

I hate you so much!

All my beautiful fantasies about love have been completely ruined …

Enough, really enough.

It’s time to wake up.

I should be sober.

The love that I have always thought of myself, but it turned out to be so fragile.

My persistence turned into a poor joke.

Zhao Zegang, I want to thank you for giving me this lesson.

Since your choice is money, go with it!

I am blind and I would firmly believe that you will choose to run away with me!

Zhao Zegang … Take care of yourself.

Lin Xiaoya, who had been hiding in the distance to watch the drama, did not expect such a reversal to happen. She just wanted to rush to find Yin Sichen.

Before she stepped out, two bodyguards in black uniforms stopped Lin Xiaoya at once.

“What are you going to do? I’m Dina, I’m Yin Sichen’s girlfriend, and I’m going to see him! ” Lin Xiaoya will rush toward Yin Sichen.

Before she took a step, two bodyguards in black uniforms stopped Lin Xiaoya at once.

“What are you doing? I’m Dina, I’m Yin Sichen’s girlfriend, I’m going to see him!” Lin Xiaoya wanted to rush towards Yin Sichen.

“Miss Dina, the president told me that since Milan is so good, Miss Dina should not come back. The president has booked a ticket for Miss Dina, please. ” The bodyguard replied blankly.

Lin Xiaoya shook her head in disbelief and yelled, “No! You lied to me! Sichen wouldn’t do this to me! Get out of the way, I’m going to find Sichen to explain! The person who should get married today is me, not Gu Xixi!”

The two bodyguards didn’t mean to get out of the way. Xiao Ah came over and nodded at the two bodyguards. The two bodyguards immediately left the church with Lin Xiaoya and drove her directly to the airport. They took her onto the plane and forced her to leave the country.

After the wedding, Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen returned to the villa where the old madam Yin gave Gu Xixi.

As a wedding room for two people, it had been completely decorated.

Gu Xixi sat blankly in the wedding room, still not recovering from the wedding. This room will be their wedding night’s room, full of simplicity and noble atmosphere.

Gu Xixi came back to her senses when she heard the sound of the water in the bathroom. Then she realized that she was really married, and she really broke everything in the past.

For Gu Xixi, there were not many things to remember in this wedding.

The whole process was muddled and mechanically proceeded.

 At the moment when Zhao Zegang drove away in the car, she knew she should give up.

Maybe marrying Yin Sichen is not a good choice, but it is not necessarily a bad choice, is it?

At least he is the father of the child, and at least the child will not live in a family without feelings when he is born.

 At this time, she had completely recovered. Under the premise that something like that happened at the time, Yin Sichen had completed the wedding with her despite her anger.

Perhaps, he really cared about this child more than anything else?

Xiaoya, I’m sorry, I have to marry Yin Sichen!

Regardless of whether you accidentally picked up the room card you gave me or you gave it wrong intentionally, the trajectory of fate has changed.

 Zhao Zegang and I are completely over. The moment I was taken out by him with five million dollars, two million yuan and a Bentley, my love was dead.

 Since there is no more love, I can never lose this child.

For the sake of children, I must be strong! I must not fall down easily.

For the sake of children, this marriage must be done.

Even if this marriage is just on paper, I don’t care.

For a woman who no longer believes in love, is there any difference with whom to marry?

Gu Xixi sat on the side of her husband thinking about his own thoughts, Yin Sichen walked out of the bathroom and looked up to see what Gu Xixi looked like now.

She did not have the madness and despair during the day, and there was a bit of firmness in her face.

It seems that she finally knew what was best for the child.

 Gu Xixi saw Yin Sichen only come out with a bath towel, and her eyes moved to the side unnaturally.

Although she was married to him now, Gu Xixi was still very uncomfortable sleeping in the same room with a strange man.

Yin Sichen’s eyes flashed, how could he not understand Gu Xixi?

Thinking of how desperate she was crying in the daytime, hell, he actually felt a little bit painful.

“I’m sleeping in the study room tonight, you have been tired all day, let’s rest early.” Not only was Gu Xixi not used to it, he was not used to it either!

Anyway, this marriage only exists for the child, and where to sleep was not so important.

Gu Xixi raised her eyes and looked at Yin Sichen. She was somewhat surprised.

This room was also Yin Sichen’s, and he actually said to give it to her? Also, he doesn’t like her at all, how could he be willing to sleep with her?

 Yin Sichen no longer talked nonsense, opened the door and turned and left.

After Yin Sichen left, Gu Xixi’s nervous nerves were completely relaxed.

This day was finally over.

Waking up early the next morning, after Gu Xixi left the room, he smelled the fragrance of the dining room and Xiao Ah waiting in the living room.

“The young madam is early.” Assistant Xiao Ah greeted politely.

“Morning.” Gu Xixi nodded: “Where is Yin Sichen?”

After Yin Sichen left last night, she slept very hard. This was the first time that she had slept so hard since she went to the wrong room. Even when Yin Sichen who was next door left, she didn’t know.

“The president went to the company very early.” Xiao Ah replied very dutifully, “The chairman instructed the young lady to have a good rest at home. If there is any need, just let me know.”

“Rest? I don’t need to rest!” Gu Xixi frowned. If she was resting at home, she would have no money!

 I still need money to send home, so that my mother will feel better.

The Yin family’s money would not be transferred to her until she has given birth to the child.

It would take a long, long time from now to give labor.

If she couldn’t give her family money during this time, her grandma would definitely torture her mother!

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