Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 5: The Outlaw

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The foot of the Heavenly Mist Mountain.

A black-robed man was carrying a huge box on his back, rushing to the mountain.

Carefully ……

His movements were very light. He didn’t even dare to fly. From time to time, he also glanced behind. He seemed to be in fear of being discovered in general.

“Hahahahahaha, the Eastern State Holy Land is no better than that. I, Zhang San, actually escaped successfully!”

The black-robed man laughed softly. The laughter was filled with arrogance.

His name was Zhang San! This was a name that made the major powers in the Eastern State turn pale!

Within the past three years, he had moved around among the major sects in Eastern State, stealing their secret manuals, and even the only holy land of cultivation in Eastern State had not escaped his vicious attack.

People called him Zhang San The Outlaw!

As a matter of fact, he recently stole the entire books of the Cultivation Holy Land’s Secret hidden Scripture Pavilion, and he also set the entire pavilion on fire, causing countless powerhouses of the Holy Land to chase and kill him.

He could only escape carefully from this chase.

He arrived at the bottom of this Heavenly Mist Mountain, ready to go up to the mountain to lie low.

He quickly rushed upwards.

Suddenly, He felt something and halted. He looked up toward the top of the Heavenly Mist Mountain.

“This is Dao Aura! There are cultivators of the God Transformation Realm at the top of the mountain? Could it be those Holy Land’s dogs catching up? Impossible! First of all, not to mention my aura-concealment ability is excellent, even if those dogs catch up, they will not reveal their Dao Aura, they probably would catch me directly.”

“After careful sensing, this Dao Aura, although very weak, wasn’t far from the majestic Dao Intent of the God Transformation realm.”

Zhang San stared at the top of the mountain with bright eyes. He was an existence at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm and was just short of enlightenment before he could step into the God Transformation realm. Therefore, he was very sensitive to the aura of ‘Dao’.

He could feel that the Dao intent at the top of the mountain was very weak. The one at the top of the mountain was either an existence half-step into the God Transformation Realm or an existence that had just had a breakthrough to the God Transformation Realm not long ago … All in all, he did not have to be afraid.

Zhang San thought and continued to carry the big box to go up.

At this time, a voice came over lightly.

“Fellow Daoist, please leave.”

Zhang San froze and looked up.

A white-robed man stepped on the clouds and landed in front of him, blocking his way, with an ethereal and illusory aura, just like a lofty immortal. At a glance, it seemed like a supreme power was coming.

Zhang San pupils shrink, secretly on guard.

And the person who came was Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan faced Zhang San with his hands behind his back and said indifferently: “This fellow Daoist, further up is the boundary of my sect, please leave.”

Your sect? There was a sect up there? That was wrong! When was there a sect on Heavenly Mist Mountain? How come he didn’t know. Still not right … That was not the point. That Dao intent aura earlier came from this sect’s disciple?

Zhang San did not move on the surface. He put down the big box behind him and slowly spoke.

“May I ask who you might be? And what kind of sect is on the mountain?”

The magic power on his body was secretly mobilized, ready to strike at any time.

The aura on this person in front of him was too out of the ordinary, surprisingly giving him the feeling that he was facing the Lord of the Holy Land. He really did not dare to underestimate this person.

Chu Yuan replied in a light-hearted manner, “The one on the mountain is the Daoless Sect, and I am the Sect Master of Daoless Sect.”

“This sect is just a small sect, you don’t have to think too much. The sect only has me and a disciple in cultivation. We prefer serenity and don’t want to be disturbed. If you have no business, please go down the mountain.”

Only you and a cultivating disciple are in the sect? That Dao intent just now was the aura emitted by your disciple? The disciple was in the God Transformation realm … Then what realm would this sect master be? Above the God Transformation Realm, the Crossing Calamity Realm?

No wonder!

No wonder this guy’s aura was out of this world, I bet he’s an old monster of the Crossing Calamity realm … But this old guy didn’t find out that he was an outlaw.

He could slip away!

A fluke flashed in Zhang San’s eyes as he cupped his hand and said, “Since senior doesn’t want to be disturbed from his serenity, then junior will go first!” After saying that, he turned around and left without the slightest hesitation.

He took a few steps and just as he was about to leap to the sky, a voice faintly sounded from behind him.

“Fellow Daoist, you forgot to take the box.”

Zhang San was startled by this voice, and almost fell down accidentally. He turned around and saw the large box that he had left in place.

He angrily cursed himself inwardly for being careless. He walked over to carry the box and expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you for reminding me, senior. If there is nothing, then junior will leave first.”

However, Chu Yuan spoke up again, “Fellow Daoist, this box of yours is so big, what is inside?”

It was filled with all the secret manuals that he stole from various sects.

Could he say that? If he said that, perhaps the old man would slay the demon and defend the Dao! Absolutely couldn’t say so, he could only continue to lie!

Zhang San tried to keep his facial expression calm and took a deep breath before he said, “Senior, this box is all the things that junior used to make a living. They are all fake cultivation techniques to sell to some mortals who are approaching the end of their lives but have delusions of immortality.”

Fake cultivation techniques? 


Fake was good!

His Daoless Sect’s Dharma Hall was empty, it was even better to buy some fake cultivation techniques to fool the disciple.

Chu Yuan said with interest: “Fake cultivation techniques? Bring it for me to see.”

The heck, why are you interested in fake cultivation techniques? Zhang San inwardly spat but did not dare to do anything, obediently took the big box down.

He pushed both of the box’s clasps to unlock the box. The box was opened.

“Senior, these are fake cultivation techniques, and can not be taken seriously, even if you cultivate 70 or 80 years, you can not practice anything.”

“If senior is short of cultivation techniques, this junior has some here. as long as senior says, then junior will give it to senior.”

While saying so, he was also retreating. He was afraid that Chu Yuan would violently suppress him.

Chu Yuan rolled his eyes and didn’t bother to care about this guy’s nerves. Completely ignoring how he called him senior for no reason.

He walked towards the big box and picked up one of the books.

Heavenly Dao True Body!

The name was quite powerful and dominating, but unfortunately, it was fake.

He opened it and took a look.

The first line amused Chu Yuan.

Presumably, when a cultivator of the God Transformation Realm was enlightened, their mind contemplates the Heavenly Dao, communicates with the Heavenly Dao, and absorbs the power of the Heavenly Dao in their own body, allowing their body to get used to the power of the Heavenly Dao.

When fighting, drew the power of the Heavenly Dao into the body and formed the Heavenly Dao True Body. The more proficient you are, the more enrichment you get!

One would know this was fooling people!

He then looked at the second book ……

The postnatal care of immortal pigs.


Chu Yuan laughed inwardly like a two hundred catties(1) fatty, but he remained calm on the surface.

He put the books down, looked at Zhang San, and said indifferently.

“This seat buys all of these, by the catty, how much is a catty?”

Zhang San: “???”

By the catty?

These are all the secret manuals of the major sects, by the catty?

  1. 1 catty = 500g.

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