The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 20 – The Love That Was Sold

Gu Xixi looked up at Yin Sichen in disbelief. What did he say? Would he let her see Ze Gang?

How did he …

At this moment, a car in the distance quietly drove in and stopped in front of Gu Xixi.

The door opened and a familiar figure appeared in front of Gu Xixi instantly.

Gu Xixi’s eyes widened instantly

It’s Ze Gang, he really came back!

“Ze Gang!” Gu Xixi was simply crying with joy! She wanted to tell Ze Gang that everything was a misunderstanding. She wanted to ask Ze Gang if he wanted to take her away from here!

Gu Xixi was about to rush over and hug Zhao Zegang, but Zhao Zegang shrank and hid back.

It was the first time that Zhao Zegang saw so many bodyguards in black, but also faced Yin Sichen with such a powerful aura for the first time, and immediately became unintelligent.

Gu Xixi was taken aback, is this still her Ze Gang? Yesterday, he was so gentle, telling himself on WeChat about his interesting life abroad, and telling himself how unrestrained he is, why did he become so wretched today?

“Ze Gang…what’s wrong with you? Did Yin Sichen force you?” Gu Xixi took a step forward, and Zhao Zegang took a step back.

“No …” Zhao Zegang’s evasive eyes and afraid to look at Gu Xixi. Where is the Zhao Zegang that Gu Xi once knew?

Gu Xixi turned her head and glared at Yin Sichen, “What are you doing to him!”

Yin Sichen slowly unbuttoned his wrist, the whole person’s momentum had been completely released, and the suppressed Zhao Zegang shrank even more.

He walked slowly towards the two of them, and there was a trace of sarcasm in his narrow eyes, “What can I do? I’m just bringing over the people you want to see for you!”

“What are you … looking for me?” Zhao Zegang winced at this time, his eyes twinkling, and it was incredibly wretched.

Gu Xixi may not understand cars, but Zhao Zegang does.

The car he took just now is definitely worth not less than ten million!

There are so many bodyguards in black, these people are definitely not ordinary people!

“I just want to ask Mr. Zhao how much Gu Xixi is worth in your heart.” Yin Sichen waved, and Xiao Ah immediately handed over a box, directly placed it on the hood of the car where Zhao Zegang had sat on earlier, and directly opened the box in front of Zhao Zegang.

 “You…what nonsense are you talking about? Xixi is in my heart, it has always been priceless…” Zhao Zegang’s words came to a halt when his eyes fell on the box.

“500,000.” Yin Sichen pushed the box forward gently.

“You … I … How can I measure her with money …” Before Zhao Zegang’s words were finished, Xiao Ah pushed a box onto the hood of the car again, opened it and faced Zhao Zegang head-on.

Zhao Zegang swallowed the following words fiercely into his stomach.

“One million.” Yin Sichen’s ironic smile grew wider and wider.

Seeing Zhao Zegang’s expression, Gu Xixi suddenly flashed an ominous premonition in his heart and turned to stare at Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen just glanced at Gu Xixi, and Gu Xixi’s heart trembled fiercely in the mocking eye.

What exactly is he going to do?

Xiao Ah brought the two boxes over again, opened them again, and pushed them in front of Zhao Zegang.

“You don’t like the renminbi? How about the U.S. dollar?” Yin Sichen’s mockery grew stronger and stronger, “This is a total of five million U.S. dollars.”

Zhao Zegang was severely shocked.

Gu Xixi’s ominous hunch suddenly broke out, and she had already guessed something, and she turned to look at Zhao Zegang with a praying look.

No, Zegang, don’t! Don’t do this!

Our love can’t be measured by money!

You told me that our love is priceless! As you said, our future will be very good, and we can create our own wealth with our own hands!

Zhao Zegang’s expression has become a little crazy at this time!

Five million dollars!

Rmb worth 30 million!

He had never seen so much money, no, he never thought about it!

Zhao Zegang unconsciously knelt in front of the box. No, he was kneeling in front of money, kneeling in front of the high above the emperor.

Gu Xi Xi’s face suddenly turned pale.

“Mr. Zhao, I just want to give you a choice.” A wicked smile appeared at the corner of Yin Sichen’s mouth, and the sarcasm and pity in his eyes suddenly magnified, “You can choose to marry the woman standing in front of you in this church and run away. You can also choose to give up this woman and leave with the money. Oh, and the limited edition Bentley can also be given to you.”

Zhao Zegang heard Yin Sichen words and suddenly looked up! His eyes were full of surprises!

Yes, it was a surprise.

 Seeing Zhao Zegang’s eyes, Gu Xixi only felt that her brain was blank.

No, you can’t, Zegang. You can’t have such eyes …

Zhao Zegang’s eyes at this time only saw everything that made him crazy, and he never saw Gu Xixi again.

So much money, limited edition cars, this was his lifelong pursuit!

I got it so easily!

Was this a dream?

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